Elysium is a brave, respectful, loyal, funny, and adventurous. She is very sporty and enjoys to read, even though it is difficult. She loves the outdoors and adores nature. She tends to be peaceful, but isn't afraid to swing a sword in order to defend herself and her loved ones. Her fatal flaw is her adventurous trait because it also makes her curious and daring to do things that may be dangerous.


Abigail Nightshade was a young woman in her early 20s(over 21). One day, she was at the bar drinking a few drinks and getting drunk when a man approached her and started to flirt with her. After a few minutes of talking and flirting, the man kissed her and being drunk, she kissed back. Then it turned into a makeout session, and well, I think you can guess the rest.

Nine months later, Elysium was born, but Abigail did not want nor was prepared to raise a child on her own, so she decided to put her up for adoption.

Damian Pride, a young, clear sighted man in his early 30s, saw Elysium on the adoption list and had a feeling that Elysium was something special, so he took her in and raised her as her child. Damian couldn't help but smile when Elysium showed up at his door with the adoption lady. He almost immediately fell in love with her as she looked at him and laughed when he slipped on the tile floor. He named her Elysium because of her cheerfullness and loving character.

He hired tutors for her and wanted the best for her, so he took her to amusement parks and different events like plays, baseball games, dances, and a lot more other places. When she was ten, he began to teach her how to defend herself and how to use a gun and sword. He thought that by teaching her those things, he wouldn't have to worry as much when she wanted to go out by herself. When she was nine, he taught her what to do if she ever got lost, and he also taught her survival skills like how to light a fire, how to tell what food is edible, ect.

Her father also gave her a bronze sword that he had found on his bed one morning with a note that said For Elysium -her father. When Elysium was 11, her father died in a severe car accident. She was also in her first monster attack with a hellhound. When the hellhound charged at her, she used her instincts and stabbed the hellhound with the sword, it whimpered and when she hit it a second time, it dissolved. She saw a goat man in the distance who seemed to be watching her.

Three days later, there was another attack, this time by a harpy. This time, the goat man played a set of pipe reeds and vines wrapped around the harpy's legs and pulled it down. Then, Elysium stabbed it with the sword and it dissolved. The goat man started to explain to her about the Greek mythologies and how they were real. He explained how he was her protector and about camp. She nodded and said that she believed him, but didn't mention the dream about her father telling her about this. She followed him to the big hill that was apparently called Half-Blood Hill because of a girl named Thalia sacrificing herself about a decade or two back. On the way there however, one of the furies attacked with two hellhounds. The goat man played his pipes again, this time the hellhounds got buried under tree roots and the fury was pulled down. The goat man ordered her to run passed the big tree, and Elysium did. She looked back and saw that the fury had escaped and killed the goat man. Elysium crossed the border and was claimed by Zeus.



  1. Children of Zeus have the ability to create small bolts of lightning that can be directed to strike near them; doing so drains them a moderate amount.
  2. Children of Zeus have the ability to flow an electrical current into any sort of metal weaponry which will shock anyone it strikes; the current can only be maintained while they are holding the weapon.


  1. Children of Zeus can send an electric current through their body which gives them the ability to move extremely fast for a short time; however, they cannot have a weapon drawn so the speed is purely for evasion.
  2. Children of Zeus have the ability to emanate a field of electrical energy which stuns anyone nearby them for a short time; while maintaining the field, they cannot move.


  1. Children of Zeus are innately resistant to both electricity and lightning.


  1. Children of Zeus have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them.
  2. Children of Zeus have the ability to call upon the winds to speed their movements or attacks; this can also be used oppositely to slow the movements or attacks of others.
  3. Children of Zeus are able to call to their aid a flock of birds, that will then help to either defend or attack, but only for a short time.
  4. Children of Zeus are able to cause a booming thunder to sound, that stuns an enemy for a few seconds.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Zeus can summon a weather front to an area for a short time, it can only be one type of weather at a time, whether it's a thunderstorm/rainstorm, snowstorm, hailstorm, sleet/ice storm or a wind storm, and only lasts for a short time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Zeus have the ability to create a large lightning storm which will begin to randomly strike the nearby area with large bolts of lightning, with no regard to friend or foe; doing so drains the child of Zeus extremely.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Zeus are able to transform into an eagle, as an eagle they are able to fly faster longer without tiring, but the longer they sustain this form, the more time they need to rest between transformations.


  1. Children of Zeus generally make strong leaders.
  2. Children of Zeus are generally good at predicting the weather, as Zeus was also the god of weather.
  3. Children of Zeus are rarely afraid of heights.
  4. In some cases children of Zeus are prone to being claustrophobic, as they generally prefer open spaces.


Name Relation Feelings
Damian Pride Adoptive Father Close and Loving
Zeus Father Unknown
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