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Both upbeat and off the beat, Erin is not afraid to be herself. She will actively defend her individuallity, as well as others', as she views it as one of the most important things you can have in life. However, this take on life makes Erin especially sour towards the idea of teams, political parties, and/or group t-shirts.

Her biggest fear is that one day she might give in to mainstream society, and become one more uniform face in a crowd of uniformity.

Erin loves indie rock, is a lesbian, and has a mild form of claustrophobia.


Maria Ellen Garcia was a scientist at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. Most days she wasn't even a scientist, but instead a tour guide for all the families that visted the Observatory. She longed a part of NASA, where she would be able to shirk the responsibility of being a tour guide and become an astronomer 24/7. But NASA had rejected her three years prior, and Maria had no delusion in her head that they'd change their mind, especially with new applications coming into the esteemed space progream every day. So Maria accepted her mostly-tour guide but sometimes-scientist job with a tight smile, and tried to appreciate the time that she did have to look at the stars.

It was one night that she'd gotten stuck with cleaning duty that everything had changed. A man was found using one of the telescopes after guest hours; Astraeus, the titan of the stars, though Maria hadn't known that. She had thought he was some tourist that hadn't left yet. So she shooed him away. But the next night, he was there again. And the next night, as well. Eventually Maria formed a friendship with the titan that just kept coming back, which eventually bloomed into love. The last time she ever saw Astraeus was a few weeks before Erin was born.

With Astraeus gone, Erin became her mother's sole joy, aside from the stars. Erin had a very close relationship with her mother. In the days of her childhood, Erin and her mom would sit out in front of the Observatory and look out at the stars, talking about how school was going, or about Erin's dad. Maria never mentioned his name, though she often called him an astronaut, telling Erin wild stories about his travels to Jupiter or Mars. Whenever Erin got sad about her father being gone, or unsure if he was even alive, her mom would always tell her that he'd be home as soon as he found the perfect moonrock to bring home as a souvineir.

The moonrock never came. 

As Erin grew older, she began to notice something following her. She'd catch glimpses of ghosts or large dark hounds that would be gone as soon as she blinked. Her first monster attack occured when she was 12; a drakon scouted her out as she was leaving school and chased after her. She was able to escape the monster, but not without getting a glob of acid on her left arm. She was able to keep it from eating all the way through her skin, but the incident caused a large patch of blotchy skin on her arm, as well as a sensitivity to brusing in that area.

The incident unnerved her mother, and Maria chose to move around the country in order to keep monsters from catching Erin's scent. First they moved to Seattle, but after only 3 months of being there, Erin was attacked by a Gorgon. This was the first time she ever used her powers; she instinctively floated the monster clear off the ground in her panic. After that incident, her mother told Erin about her father being a god. However, Astraeus had never told them about Camp Half-Blood, so the two continued to avoid monsters in the mortal world.

With Seattle off the list, they moved to Minneapolis. They were able to live for a little over a year there before another Gorgon found Erin. While escaping, Erin ran across the street, the Gorgon following her...the monster had unlucky timing, and was hit by a car.

Erin's mom came up with a new plan; move all the time and hopefully the monsters wouldn't find them. So they began to travel the united states, evading monsters and, to be honest, having a fun time with it. It wasn't so bad being on the run; when not getting into the occasional encounter with a hellhound or some other monster, Erin and her mother got to see what seemed like everywhere, from the Grand Canyon to Niagra Falls. But this was very expensive, and unless they wanted to start stealing, they couldn't keep it up. So eventually, when Erin was 16, they settled down in Bridgeport, Conneticut, and hoped for the best.

They lucked out. Brian Grey, a legacy of Dionysus, befriended Maria after a few weeks of them being in Bridgeport and helped to point them in the direction of Camp Halfblood. He gave Erin a greek xiphos and (attempted) to show her how to use it, so that she could defend herself against monsters. Erin was not very good with the sword, though, so she ended up just getting a compound bow from walmart, a weapon she was able to manage slightly better.

After a few months of procrastinating leaving her mother, the daughter of Astraeus took a bus to New York while her mother remained in Conneticut with Brian. A harpy almost got her while she was getting lunch in New York, but she was able to defeat it using the little skill she got from Brian's sword lessons, as well as her powers over gravity, which had developed nicely over the years. A nearby satyr noticed the commotion, and was able to escort her the rest of the way to camp.


Powers Erin has atm

  • can conjure miniature stars, which can be used either as a source of light or to blind enemies
  • can manipulate gravity, making people or objects float/stick to the ground for a limited period of time
  • adapts to different planetary environments, within reason (less susceptible to heat or cold, but not immune)
  • stronger at night
  • innate knowledge of the stars, constellations, and astrology

Full list of powers an Astraeus kid can have (including 3/6/9 powers)

  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to conjure weapons out of plasma which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Astraeus have the ability to focus an intense beam of plasma which will burn anything it touches.
  3. Children of Astraeus have the ability to summon a cluster of miniature stars directly in front of them which can be used to block incoming attacks; the stars, however, dissipate quickly.
  4. Children of Astraeus generate an orbit around themselves for a short time, all attacks and people near the user get caught in the orbit, causing them to fly around, unable to attack the user. The user cannot move while the orbit is active.
  5. Children of Astraeus are innately stronger during the night.
  6. Children of Astraeus have the innate ability to see in all directions at once during the night.
  7. Children of Astraeus can innately adapt to most natural planetary environments within reason, meaning they're less likely to die of heat stroke and hypothermia.
  8. Children of Astraeus have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to concept of a flare, which will alight an area or blind an enemy for a short time.
  9. Children of Astraeus can manipulate the force of gravity of the planet and change the direction and force of it. They can cause items to float or stick to the ground for a short time or cause them to fly into a certain direction. Once the curse wears off, the item is immune to further use of it for a moderate time.
  10. Children of Astraeus have the ability to use the gravity pull of the planet to slow down enemies for a short time, giving them a high chance to avoid an opponent’s attack or prevent an opponent from avoiding one of the user’s attacks.
  11. Children of Astraeus can limit gravity’s effect on their own bodies, causing them to float up and fly. The longer they fly the more it drains them.
  12. Children of Astraeus have the ability to conjure a small supernova, which will burn at anything in its wake on a 10m radius, as well as producing a loud booming sound coming from the explosion. It cannot differ friend from foe and will affect anyone or anything nearby.
  13. Children of Astraeus have the power to cause up to three constellations to appear in their physical forms to fight alongside them. Each constellation will appear as an enlarged version of the thing it is based on except for human based constellations such as Orion which will be the size of a human. Constellations will dissipate after a short time, leaving the user moderately drained. Ex: If the user summons the Cancer constellation, it will be a giant crab that cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
  14. Children of Astraeus have the ability to change the surface and mass of their bodies to reflect the surface and mass of a planet in the solar system of their choice for a short time. For example, if the user wishes to turn their body into flames, they would adopt the surface of Mercury. No matter which planet they choose to assimilate with, they will be extremely drained after the transformation and they can only use the power once per fight. They may switch planets while in this state. Ex: The user is reflecting Earth to reach an opponent and then reflects Mercury to attack them. Once in this state, they lose access to their other powers. Excluding those that are passive.
    1. As Mercury, the user’s body would be continually be on fire without injuring the user. In this state it is extremely difficult for enemies to look upon the user as the fire burns so bright it would blind them or severely damage their eyesight.
    2. As Venus, the user becomes surrounded with thick, toxic clouds that obscure them from view. As the clouds are toxic anyone who tries to touch them will be poisoned and become sick and nauseous. However, if they manage to get through the clouds they will be burned by the lava state of the user’s body, as Venus is an extremely hot planet.
    3. As Earth, the user’s body becomes gravelly and made of dirt, and the user may leave trails of gravel and dirt behind them as they walk. However, in this state the user has the ability to merge with the earth and travel wherever they please.
    4. As Mars, the user’s body becomes coated in fine red dust that falls off as they move. The surface of their body is cut by fine veins of water that can be used to shoot at people in sharp streams.
    5. As Jupiter, the user becomes intangible and they float about half a foot from the ground, as Jupiter is a gas giant planet. They also become extremely cold and toxic as Jupiter is surrounded by ammonia clouds.
    6. As Saturn, the user is granted the ability to fly, as the planet is another gas giant. The appearance of the user is blurry and hard to make out the features of.
    7. As Uranus, the user gains blue skin, and their appearance is also blurred similarly to if they assimilated to Saturn. As Uranus is classified as an ice planet, the user has the ability to freeze anything they come in contact and they can move quickly as there are extremely fast winds on Uranus.
  15. Children of Astraeus often wield innate knowledge of constellations, space and other planets in the solar system.
  16. Children of Astraeus can tell the time, date and their location simply by looking at the sky.
  17. Children of Astraeus typically dream of becoming astronauts, to explore the stars and other planets.


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