Essence is a quiet girl. She hates loud noises. She doesn’t have many friends but, the ones she has she’ll stand up for them and fight for them. She tries to hide her feelings and her trust inside of herself. She is also a very good actress and loves playing music


Rodin met Nyx at one his movie premiere on night. They spent a few weeks together. After a while Nyx left telling Rodin she had to leave. On May 13th, 1998 a small black bundle of blankets showed up on Rodin’s front porch with a small note and inside of the bundle was small baby girl. Rodin fell in love with the little child and named her Essence. Essence lived with her father at their house near Hollywood. At the age of three, she starred in her first movie with her father as a spy’s daughter. When she was five, she starred in her second movie but, this time without her dad and she was a ghost. Essence loved acting so she came up with a stage name. That name was Echo. When she was seven, she starred in her third movie with her dad. On her eight birthday, Rodin took Essence to her friend’s house for the day. At the end of the day around midnight her father picked her up and on the way back to their home Essence figured out her father was very drunk. She was scared but, she didn’t say anything about it. About half way home Rodin rammed into a large black hummer and Essence blacked out. When she woke up she was in a hospital with a broken leg and a sprained wrist. Soon after the doctor told her that her father had died in the accident. Essence was devastated. Once she was admitted out of the hospital, she was sent to an orphanage in Maine. After she moved there she started being quiet. She stayed there until she turned thirteen and a hellhound attacked her and one of the other kids turned out to be a satyr helped her killed the hellhound and quickly took her to camp.



Name Relation Feelings
Nyx Mother So far, I have no feelings for her since I do not know her.
Rodin Knight Father He was a great dad but, I have to let my feelings for him go because of his death.
Pietro Valenti Friend He's my first friend here at camp. It makes me feel happy.
Lauryn Hudson Best Friend She's been my best friend since I was eight. I love her like a sister.



Comanche was a thirteenth birthday present from Nyx. When Essence arrived at camp, Comanche was waiting at the entrance of camp with a note from her mother. Nyx knew that Essence had always dreamed of having a pegasus of her own.


Essence tamed him on a quest, and decided to keep him.

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