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Broken covenant
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Evelyn is cold and doesn't trust people. She is sometimes short-tempered. She may hate the immortals and mostly her father Apollo, but she loves music and has pure musical talent. She isn't friendly at all and doesn't make friends easily. She is a smart young woman. She acts like she doesn't care, but inside she is still a hurt girl, who misses her mother.


Evelyn has straight, red-brown hair. Her eyes are hazel and have an almond shape. They are always cold, with no spark of happiness in them. She stands at 5'9" and is well built.


December 1993, New York. Alexis Parker, was at the cinema, with a group of good friends. Her friend Sasha meets her with a man named Seth. The two fell in love and after a week started dating. Alexis' family was wealthy, but old-fashioned, they didn't approve her choice. So she ran away.

A month after she became pregnant. Seth stayed with her and supported her. On 22 November 1994 Alexis gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She named her Evelyn. A day after, Seth was gone. Alexis never had worked in her life and without Seth she couldn't make it. She decided to go back to her parents. They welcomed her back and somehow didn't get mad about Evelyn.

The girl had a very beautiful childhood. Sometime when she was fourteen, her mother met a George and they got married. It was then when Seth returned and told her the truth, that he was Apollo the god of sun and music. He told her that he still loved her, but he couldn't stay. He also said that he didn't want her to be with another man. Alexis refused to listen and asked him to stop bothering her. Apollo went mad. He cursed Alexis and she lost her mind. She killed George and even tried to kill Evelyn, but a woman named Cassandra, saved her. Then Alexis killed herself.

Cassandra turned out to be a Centauride. She toled her about her father and taught her how to defeat herself. Evelyn learned how to use a bow with arrows and a dagger. Cassandra tried to tell her about Camp Half-Blood, but the girl didn't even want to hear about it. A few years passed and she heard about Broken Covenant and more specifically, about Opus Superum. She learned about their beliefs and decided to join them.



  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to conjure weapons out of pure light which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Apollo have the ability to focus an intense beam of light which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to create a protective dome of solid light around them which will defend them from attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Apollo have the ability to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds.


  1. Children of Apollo are innately proficient archers.
  2. Children of Apollo innately heal faster than the average human.
  3. Children of Apollo feel stronger during the day, empowered by the sun.
  4. Children of Apollo become slightly empowered when they are protecting those younger than them, as their father is the god of protection of the young


  1. Children of Apollo are able to use their voices to sing or simply yell at such a high pitch that it temporarily deafens anyone nearby, but it has the disadvantage of not differentiating between enemy or friends, the longer the pitch is maintained, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Apollo can teleport themselves by merging their body with sound waves and travelling along them. Which could be called "sound-travel". To do so, there must be source of sound at where they're leaving and going to. Like someone's singing or any device that plays music. The user must be able to hear the source of sound they're traveling to. The further traveled, the more energy drained.
  3. Children of Apollo have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to concept of a flare, which will alight an area or blind enemies for a short time.
  4. Children of Apollo can curse someone to sing loudly for a fair amount of time, the target can fight and operate while singing. But they cannot hide and could suffer from a sore throat over time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apollo have a degree of control over diseases and plagues, but not to the extent that they can cause death. They also have control over infections, but not to the extent that they can cause death. They can cause a person to temporarily break out in hives, rashes, and boils. They can also cause a person to feel overcome with flu-like symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion, congestion, sore throat, etc for a short amount of time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apollo can create massive waves of heat and radiation, hindering others around him, but rendering him/her unable to move. The more heat generated, the harder it is for the user to recuperate after this power is used. If weakened enough, (s)he will have a hard time moving and staying conscious.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a purely plasmic state for a short time and while in this state, the user is granted flight, immune to all attacks, receive a boost in their already existing photokinetic abilities and anything they touch is intensely burned; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained, nauseated and immobile for a long time.


  1. Most children of Apollo are experts at basketball and other missile weapons or games.
  2. Since Apollo is the God of Music, his children are natural musicians and singers. Able to master any instrument instantly and learn any song with ease.
  3. Since Apollo is god of prophecy and oracles, his children are innately better at interpreting prophecies than others.
  4. Children of Apollo can grow up to become great doctors in any field of medicine.
  5. As Apollo is the god of protection of the young, his children are often inclined to protect and defend those younger than them.
  6. Children of Apollo are usually in better moods during the day and enjoy waking up early.


Name Relation Feelings
Alexis Smith Mother Loves her, misses her
Apollo Father Hates him, for ruining her life
Cassandra the Centauride Mentor Loves her for saving her and teaching her all
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