Felicity loves taking care of people, wether they are friend or a stranger. She is very loving and caring as well as sweet and kind. Felicity enjoys meeting new people and learning about other places.


 Casina was a young and beautiful girl and the only company she had at the moment was her father. Casina’s father disapproved of her not wanting to be married unless it was true love but he could not say no to his little angel. Casina was washing her clothes in the sea near her house she had always dreamed of buying a ship and sailing out as far as the boat could go, but that could never happen, she was a lady and women were considered bad luck on ships. While Casina was washing her and her father’s clothes one day she saw a man emerge from the water. Despite him coming out of nowhere from the water was strange enough but Casina knew very well that all the boys near her were off fighting for Rome. Casina walked over to the man and asked him his name, he told her it was Marinus. Casina did not know how to talk to this man since the only man she had ever talked to was her father.  Casina told him her name and they slowly started to talk about themselves, they talked for most of the night then Casina remembered that she had to get back to her father. Casina ran away from the boy. 

At home, Casina was distracted about this boy that she met that she didn’t hear anything her father said to her and that same night Marinus knocks on the door of Casina’s house and Casina’s father opens the door and greets the boy and Marinus tells Casina’s father that he is a Legate in the Roman army and he is on leave for a month and also tells him that Casina was the most radiant thing he had ever set eyes on. Casina’s father was gladden to hear this news and asked Marinus if he wanted to marry her and Marinus said he would. Casina’s father invited him to sleep in the guest room and Casina’s father and Marinus stay up drinking and telling stories while Casina sits in the corner just listening then they all finally go to bed and during the night Marinus sneaks into Casina’s room and started to rub her ear lob sexually and then when she woke up she could not resist and they started to have sex with each other and this repeated the next few nights and then after a month with Casina Marinus leaves but never married Casina but made great relation with her and her father.

Casina found out she was pregnant a week later and then nine months passed and she gave birth with her father standing by her side, holding her hand and smiling. The baby was a girl and Casina decided to name her Posthabita. After the baby was born, Casina’s father told Casina about a man in Rome that paid a great price for her to be his wife and Casina’s father pleaded with her to take the deal, claiming that she was too old to still be living with her father and needed to find new things in the world besides him. After a month, Casina was having trouble raising her baby on her own and agreed to marry the man. Casina’s father was overjoyed by her decision and immediately took her to the man’s house in Rome. The man’s name was Brutus he was very rich.

Brutus was born to Octavia and Hades.  Octavia was a simple person in a town Rome had taken over; she also paid her tax to the Romans and did not ask for an explanation on the extra tax. One day, a new Roman solider who she had never seen before came to her door and asked for her tax. While she was fishing through her money for the right amount she asked the solider a few questions about himself. When the solider had gotten his money he walked away and that night he had come back again, this time demanding that he stay a night in the house. There was nothing Octavia could do she had to let the solider stay with her so she cooked him a meal and she finally asked him his name and he told her it was Maximus. While, she cooked him food she asked more questions about himself and she then developed an infatuation for him, but she knew it could never happen.  Octavia gives Maximus his food in her best wine she has and Maximus now asks her questions while getting drunk on wine and then he forces Octavia to have sex with her and she enjoys it and they have sex for the next week, following the same routine and then at the end of the week Maximus just disappeared.   Octavia heard that he was hanged for not collecting taxes from people and Octavia in filled with grief because she knew it was her fault that, that happened. Octavia then found out she was pregnant and when she gave birth she name the child Brutus.  Brutus grew up to be very wise and rich through hard work.

Brutus and Casina had two wonderful years together.  Where Casina was treated like a slave to Brutus.  One day in the third year of their marriage Brutus started hearing rumors that Casina was having sex with another man and got very angry with her about this rumor and marched into the house and Brutus slammed her head to the ground until she was out cold, Brutus had taken mercy on her and dug a hole in the back of their house and threw her body into the hole and then put the dirt back over the hole leaving Casina there to die. Posthabita was five when this happened but was out getting water when it happened.

When Posthabita was 7, Brutus hired a woman to be like a mother to Posthabita and her and Posthabita met at the river everyday and Posthabita loved the time she spent with this lady and the woman taught her many lessons about the gods and then when Posthabita was 10 the woman, who was actually a satyr and she discovered that Posthabita was showing signs of being a demigod. The woman taught Posthabita to pocess her powers as a daughter of Poesidon and told her about Camp and Poshabita told her that she could not go to Camp because she had to stay loyal to Brutus. The woman agreed and when Posthabita was 13 the woman was knitting while Posthabita talked to her and a fire breathing horse attacks them and the woman tells Posthabita that she has to fight the horse on her own and Posthabita conjures up a spear from the water and threw it at the horse and it was killed. The woman honored Posthabita for killing her first monster and then when the woman tells Brutus that Posthabita had killed her first monster and when Brutus realizes that the woman told Posthabita about Camp Brutus comes extremely angry with the maiden and beheads her with his sword. The body is then taken pity on and made into a tree outside of Brutus' house so he would always remember what he did to the satyr. When Posthabita asked Brutus where the woman was Brutus told her that she was missing. Posthabita never found out the truth.   

When she was 17 Posthabita found Julius, a baby that was abandoned by his mother screaming and thinks the baby is cute and feels sorry for him because he has no one and grabs him from the basket and settles Julius down with a beautiful song and grabs some plants from the side of the river, making sure they are good to eat and then feeds them to Julius.  Julius eats them graciously and quickly and Posthabita then plays with Julius for a few minutes and then she hears her father yelling for her and runs away and before leaving she promises to Julius that she will come back as soon as possible.  

When Posthabita gets back to her house her father asks where the water is that he sent her out to get and Posthabita realizes that she had forgotten about the water when she saw Julius. She admits to her father that she forgot to get the water and her father slaps her across the face, leaving a bruise and brings Posthabita to her knees in pain.  Posthabita is crying now and her father could careless and the father orders her to go make dinner. Posthabita goes to make the dinner, with tears in her eyes and cutting off pieces of the food for Julius.  Posthabita sits down and eats with her father while the slaves pour them water and their dinner is a quiet one and there is no talking amongst the table. Then, after her father and her are done with their dinner Posthabita asks to be excused from the house and her father agrees but gives her a basket of clothing to get cleaned while down by the river.

She walks down to the river and she finds Julius still there and feeds Julius the food and starts to talk to him telling him that her name is Posthabita and how her mother died. When Posthabita had told the whole story of how her mother died to Julius she was in tears and Julius just laughed and when Posthabita saw his laughter it cheered her up and she started playing with Julius again. Her father then came down to the river wondering what was taking Posthabita so long and sees her with Julius, laughing and playing with him and he assumes that the baby is hers and he becomes enraged and runs at her with a sword in his hand and before Posthabita can see that he is there he stabs her in the back with a sword and Posthabita falls to the ground dead. The father was about to do the same to Julius but he could not do it because the baby reminded him of his son that died in the Romans war. The father took pity on the baby and bought a coffin for both of them to share and put them both in the coffin and put the cover over the coffin and set them adrift in the sea.

For the next few days, they were adrift in the ocean and the only person protecting them was Poseidon, who was protecting his little girl.  They then had a little luck come their way when their coffin was caught by a fisherman and he found Julius inside and took him out and not wanting his boat to have bad luck threw Posthabita’s body into the water and when her body touched the water she turned into a sea nymph and swam in the water with her new body.  Which she was grateful for and Poseidon told her what had happened to her and about the rest of her life and leads her to where Camp Half Blood was at the time and has lived there ever since. 


Name Relation Feelings
Poesidon Father Grateful
Casina Mother


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