Felix Delacroix
Son of Persephone
Owned by: LegendofFour

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." -Rumi
Felix is currently figuring out how things at camp work.
Being a superstar ever since he was a child, he grew fond of the love of the people but it got way too much to the point that he takes advantage of people because he knows that they love him. He can be very manipulative sometimes and belittle those who he thinks are below him, thinking he's the center of the world--Narcissistic, in a sense. He might also appear to be an annoying pompous to others. Because everything is spoonfed, he can be pretty lazy sometimes and depend on others to provide what he needs and what he wants. He might look kind but he really isn't. It's one of his talents--to hide how he really feels. He can be quite impatient if what he wants is not given right at the moment he asks for it, making him burst into anger sometimes but for the love of fans out there, he keeps his "gentleman" image so he tries to keep it down and just nag the person privately.
Underneath his hateful trait, if he would ever love, he would be loyal. If he could only give, he would be generous. He would be loyal to whoever he considers important and special if only he would be given the chance. Sometimes he would do acts of love and care without him even realizing although he finds expressing his feelings to be the hardest thing to do in the world. It just manifests through his actions.

Love was in the air and Valentine's day was so close that day. Persephone was around and the sight of flower shops made her happy. What she was not expecting was to receive a flower herself. A mimer handed her a rose and did various acts which entertained her a lot. By the time she knew the mimer's identity, she knew the man was something. They dated for a few months until it went too far. We all know what happened next.

After a few months, Persephone returned with a baby boy and they named him Dominic. The goddess left a day after without any goodbyes to her beloved.

One tragic night came when fire started in their home. Unfortunately for Dominic's father, he died of suffocation while the baby was saved by the firemen. As an orphan, he grew up in a foster home, entertaining people by singing, dancing and even acting until one day a director visited the place and discovered his potentials. He then decided to adopt Dominic.

By adopting him, the director didn't really intend to take him in as his son but rather as an object that he could use. The director trained Dominic into being a more effective star until he started showing in some movies and the kid surprisingly attracted a huge audience. He appeared on screen as Felix Delacroix.

He was homeschooled. Due to popularity, he would not be able to have a normal school life if people would keep on looking at him and asking for his autographs. Odd thing was, he had a hard time reading and later, he was diagnosed of dyslexia. Then the doctor also found out he had ADHD. Because of that, his "father" hired someone who could teach him without having to make him read so he could still have something to learn.

The day came when he encountered his first monster attack during a lunch break at the studio when he was thirteen. A hellhound came for him but fortunately for him, a satyr saved him, using his reed pipes to summon grass and constrict the monster. While the hellhound could not do anything as of that moment, the satyr stabbed the monster with a Celestial Bronze dagger and it disintegrated. Not able to take in what just happened, Felix remained speechless and shocked. The satyr had to explain everything from what attacked them and who Felix really was.

After all the explanation, Felix finally knew that he was a demigod right at that moment too, he was claimed by his mother and the satyr told him that his mother was Persephone. The satyr introduced himself as Harry then he told Felix to come with him to camp but he refused because he didn't want to leave his people a.k.a. his fans. He loved the attention and how great they made him feel. Harry had a hard time convincing him to go so he just stayed with him until he finally decided to go to camp.

Telekhines attacked Felix when they were having a photo shoot at the beach. Thankfully, Harry was there to help him fight but he gave Felix his own weapon--a Celestial Bronze broadsword. Felix's demigod instincts kicked in. Together they fought the monsters which pretty much did not give them a hard time since the telekhines were slow on land anyway. He was fourteen back then. Harry also taught him how to handle his weapon more effectively and, in a way, sort of trained him.

After a year, when he was fifteen, two harpies came for him and with a few slashes up in the air, he was able to kill the monsters. A fire-breathing horse attacked him when he was sixteen and it triggered his tornado powers as a child of Persephone although the petals and grass blades weren't enough to kill it. Fortunately, Harry was there and together, they killed the monster.

When Felix was finally seventeen, he decided to go to camp because he got tired of having to fight off monsters. Harry gladly brought him there by train and then rode a cab afterwards. Shockingly, along the way, a giant scorpion tried to stop them but "two is better than one". Harry and Felix worked together. Harry played his reed pipes while Felix struck the scorpion where it really hurts--under its belly. Right after the battle, Harry left Felix at camp and traveled elsewhere to look for more demigods to bring to the safe haven.

Basic Info
Full Name: Felix Delacroix
Titles: Classic Superstar
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood/Persephone's Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood
Current Status: alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: January 25, 1998
Current Age: 17
Species: demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: LegendofFour
Inspiration Behind Creation: N/A
Love Interests Char/Owner:
Active RP's:
Created Page On: 15 February 2015
Page Last Updated On: 2/18/15
3/6/9 Month Powers: LOCKED
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  1. Children of Persephone have the ability to shoot multiple plant thorns from their fingertips, once the thorns touch an opponent's skin they can cause severe skin irritation and a powerful burning sensation for a short time. Much like the infamous North American plant, Stinging Nettles
  2. Children of Persephone can create a small tornado formed of petals and grass blades. As the floral tornado spins faster, the petals and grass blades become hard and strong enough to cut an someone. When the tornado's at it's fastest, the child can launch the blades of grass and the petals at an opponent.


  1. Children of Persephone have the ability to create a protective dome of flowers and vines around them, roughly two to three times the size of the user, as a shield, although will instantly begin to die after a short time. During the fall/winter, they can create a protective dome of durable skulls instead which will crumble to dust after a short time.


  1. (Spring/Summer Only) They are able to communicate with and command animals. (Fall/Winter Only) They can communicate with the dead.
  2. Children of Persephone have the innate ability to talk flowers to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death.
  3. Children of Persephone always surrounded by an aura that normally causes plants to grow where they have walked. They can shut it off for a long time if they wish.
  4. Children of Persephone are innately stronger during the Spring and Summer months due to the happiness of their mother.


  1. In the spring/summer months they can create travel roses. Roses that allow the user to teleport from that rose to another one. In the fall/winter months they can shadow travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow. The further the distance traveled, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Persephone can turn inanimate objects into a flowers for a short time, this can be used for a multitude of purposes. The larger the object the more draining it is. Only one object may be turned into a flower at a time and it turns back to normal after a short time. The item is immune to further use of the curse for a moderate time.
  3. Children of Persephone can create a dense fog of powerful pollen which causes the opponent to be temporarily blinded and cough madly for a short time.
  4. Children of Persephone have the ability to create ropes of vines and flowers from nothing. They only last for a moderate time before dying and fading away into nothing. Vines and flowers can able be telekinetically moved by the user.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Persephone can manipulate and control the solar energy absorbed by plants. They can fire energy beams that burn upon touch, emit protective veils around their bodies,create light sources and even infuse the energy into weapons. Increasing it’s strength and damage capacity for a short time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. In spring and summer months, children of Persephone can summon up to 3 large mutant flowers that fight for and serve the user. It could only be up to 2 or 3 the size of the user, possess fangs and release a pollen just like Supplementary 3. When the flowers are cut or burned, they can quickly regenerate. After a moderate time, the flowers die and fade into nothing.
  1. In fall and winter months, children of Persephone are able to summon skeletal/zombie humanoids/animals to do their bidding, the more animals summoned and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained. Any armor/weaponry the undead possess also makes the summoning more draining. Which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner; the longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. In spring and summer months, children of Persephone can transform their bodies structure to match that of a plant’s for a short time. The user will be a humanoid plant, the type of plant will be completely up to their choice. As long as it’s not poisonous or carnivorous. In this form, the user is immune to pain and can quickly regenerate from any injury, their existing chlorokinetic abilties are stronger as well. Once the transformation ends, the user will be extremely drained. Unable to move and could possibly faint.
  1. While in fall and winter months, they are able to use many recent deaths to empower themselves for a short time, making them stronger and quicker. The user is immune to all attacks and receives a boost in their existing abilities over necromancy. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Persephone retain a youthful appearance for longer than most, this starts around the age of 12
  2. Children of Persephone are generally happier in the spring and summer months, and more solemn/melancholy in the fall and winter months.
  3. In the Fall/Winter Months only they are able to travel into the Underworld freely, as their mother resides there
  4. Children of Persephone typically have great love and knowledge of flowers, causing them to make great florists.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills:
Preferred Weapon: CB Broadsword
Quests/Missions Led: none
Quests/Missions Been On: none

"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." -Napoleon Hill
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: Felix Delacroix/Bedroom
Pets: none

Likes: being praised, admired, and complimented
Dislikes: admiring people, seafood (allergic)
Colour: pink
Music: Michael Jackson hits
Quote: "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." -Elbert Hubbard
Drink: just water and energy drinks
Movie: his own films
Sport: Archery
Other Favs:
Appearance & More Images
Model: Octave Marchina
Gender: male
Eye Colour: hazel
Hair Colour: brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Ethnicity: Canadian
Shoe Size:
Blood Type:
Distinguishing Marks:
Body Style: lean
One Word to Describe:
Best Physical Trait:
Worst Physical Trait:
Mental/Emotional State:
Things to Change:
Mental/Emotional disorders:
Medical Problems/Ailments:

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Persephone
Father: Unknown
Creator: N/A
Half-Siblings: Children of Persephone
Full-Siblings: none
Other Relatives: Director (stepfather - name not mentioned)
Home: Los Angeles, California
Earliest Memory:
Best Memory:
Schooling: home school
First Kiss: none (all those kissing scenes were FAKE!)
First Love: none
First Sex: none
Other Firsts:

General Info
Nicknames: Domdom
Native Language: English
Character Flaw:
Fears/Phobias: getting turned down by directors
Personal Motto:
Things He Won't Do:
Most Admires: himself
Most Influenced By: his stepdad
Moral Compass:
Most Important Person Before: the people back at the foster home
Most Important Person Now: none
Reacts to Crises:
Faces Their Problems:
Reacts to Change:
Dream Job: be the greatest actor of all time
Current Job: camper
"Nothing will work unless you do." -Maya Angelou
Bad Habits:
Sleeping Habits:
Special Talents: singing, dancing, acting
Social Skills:
Other Info
Most at Ease When?:
Main Priorities:
Past Failures:
Biggest Accomplishment:
Darkest Secret?:
Secret Known by Anyone?:
Personal Tragedy:
One Wish:
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated?
Relates to Others?
Perceived by Strangers:
Perceived by Lover:
Perceived by Friends:
Perceived by Family:
First Impression:
Family/Friends Like Most?
Family/Friends Like Least?

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