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Felix is lighthearted and enjoys being around lots of friends. He is fun and inventive, always thinking up new ways to have fun. His sense of adventure is only reinforced by his natural curiosity. Although he comes from a wealthy family and went to a fancy private school, Felix is never rude towards anyone when he meets them, no matter where they came from, how they looked, or how they behaved. This is due to how his family taught him manners. They believed to gain respect, one must act with respect.


Kitty Young was the daughter of a well respected scientist and inventor, and she inherited her father’s mind. Being the daughter of a wealthy weapons inventor, she had all that she could ever need to make her own inventions, and she did. Her adventurous and inventive mind is what initially drew Hephaestus’ attention, and the fact that she was a beautiful young woman and a virgin, only encouraged his feelings.

Hephaestus first approached Kitty at an auction for one of her newest inventions, a phone that took the appearance of a watch. Upon first meeting him she was not impressed with his romantic advances, something that only made him want her more, but over a few weeks, Hephaestus won her heart with a sweet and loving attitude towards her.

After she became pregnant and Hephaestus left her, Kitty was heartbroken and fell into a short depression. This incurred the pity of the god and he sent her a letter giving a fake excuse to why he had to leave, along with a rather ominous and mysterious warning about their son.

Felix was born on the hottest month of the year: July, the 16th of July to be exact. He was able to live quite comfortably in his early life,though at the age of 6 he was diagnosed with ADHD. Felix went to a fancy private school in New York at the age of 8, where he unknowingly met a satyr whose cover was a teacher at this particular school. The reason for meeting a satyr so early in his life was because Hephaestus still deeply loved Kitty and wanted their child to be extra safe. This satyr befriended Felix and kept a close eye on him. At 10 Felix began showing the family genes, though at a greater level. He was smarter and more inventive than his mother, something of which she and her father were greatly pleased with, but he also had an unhealthy taste for adventure. He began running off frequently to explore the city and meet new people.

At 12 he had his first monster attack. It was during one of his explorations in the city that a he was attacked by telekhines. He happened to be exploring the sewers at the time he stumbled across a group of 3 telekhines. The shock of seeing these horrid creatures alone could’ve killed him, but when they waddled towards him on their flippered feet, he began to laugh. The insulted telekhines grew angry and dived into a nearby pool of water. Still a bit confused as to who or what those strange creatures were, he walked to the pool and peered in. Suddenly one of them launched at him from the water and tried to pierce him with a spear, but Felix quickly moved to the side. Then another reached out, grabbing his foot and pulling him into the water where they began drowning him. Felix struggled to get free, but had no chance against them. Luckily for him though, the satyr got there and began playing his pipes, which summoned an angry water nymph, whose territory had become the sewers. This nymph saved Felix and tossed the telekhines out. After a couple flirts with the water nymph, the satyr took Felix away. The satyr, who said his name was Forrest, told Felix that he was a demigod, and that he needed to go to CHB. Felix, refused, saying all he wanted to do now was go home, so Forrest escorted him. Once home, Forrest tried to convince Felix's mother to send him to a "boarding school." She declined, saying that anything a boarding school could teach him, she and her father could teach him better. A fairly over-confident thing to say, but that's the kind of person she was.

A year later he was attacked again, this time by a giant scorpion. Forrest was again watching over him and used his magic to trap the monster long enough for them to escape. After Felix refused a second time to go to CHB, Forrest called for help. He knew he couldn’t keep protecting this untrained demigod for long.

A week after his 14th birthday, Felix was again attacked. Two harpies had started chasing him through the streets, but this time, instead of being saved by Forrest, a trained demigod leaped to his rescue. It was a 17 year old son of Zeus who saved him.

The son of Zeus killed both harpies with ease, and did so in the most impressive way possible, as to incur the admiration of the younger demigod so he’d be more willing to go to camp. This tact did win Felix’s admiration, but he still refused to go to camp. He cared too much for his family to leave them.

A month had passed after Felix's 15th birthday and was hopeful that no monsters would attack him, no such luck, as 2 hellhounds chased him around Central Park. Again he was saved by the son of Zeus, whose name was Richard, Rick for short. Again Rick asked Felix to go to camp with him, where he could learn to fight like him, but again Felix refused, though the idea of learning to fight like that did appeal to him. So thinking it better than letting him go without training, Rick agreed to teach him. They met at an old boxing training room every day at 5:00 for intense training.

4 Months before his 16th birthday, he and Rick were attacked by 3 hellhounds. 2 went for Rick while the 3rd launched at Felix. This wouldn't have been a problem, if that one wasn't the size of a large truck. Felix spent the first few moments evading the monsters attacks before actually swinging at it. He managed to cut it's legs a couple times but he couldn't get close enough to kill it. After a few minutes of this, Rick had finished the two he was dealing with and made a flying charge at the side of the 3rd. He slammed into its body with the point of his sword first and it fell over. Being such a big monster Rick had to stab it an extra few times before it turned to dust. Felix complained about not having a ranged weapon to use, as close quarters obviously wasn't his forte.

Once, after his 16th birthday and while he was training with Rick they were attacked by a kere. The kere launched itself at Rick first, who was able to summon winds and fly out of the way, but then it turned to Felix and attacked. Acting quickly, Felix swiped at it and managed to cut its hand. As it hissed in pain Rick flew down and stabbed it in the back. After this incident Rick asked Felix yet again, if he would finally come to CHB. Felix refused, but for the last time.

Felix returned home and immediately set to work building himself a state-of-the-art crossbow. Complete with a scope and a makeshift magazine for CB arrows, which Rick had given him, that would fall in place after drawing the bow back. This design was based off of the ancient Chinese crossbow. This project took him 2 months to complete and after finishing his crossbow, Felix began building himself a pair of mechanical wings to allow him flight. Something of which he was able to do due to the massive amount of wealth his mother had gained and since his grandfather encouraged, and even offered to helped him invent these wings, his mother allowed him the materials to do so.

Meanwhile he didn't stop training. Rick had set up a few makeshift targets with the help of Forrest so Felix could train with his knew crossbow. He learned fast and before long had mastered his crossbow. Just in time as well, because half a year before his 17th birthday, they were attacked by a cyclops. Felix was firing at some moving targets that he built when the cyclops burst into the room. As most monsters did, it attacked Rick first, who easily dodged it. Felix fired a few of his arrows into it, which only angered it. As it charged at Felix, Rick flew by and cut its back in an attempt to regain its focus, and he did. It charged him again, but this time he yelled for Felix to shoot it's head, which he tried, but the monster was moving a little too fast for him to shoot. Forrest was on his way to pay them a visit when he saw what was going on, so he used his magic and slowed the monster down, allowing Felix to fire the arrow clean through the monster's head, and it became dust.

It took one long year to do it, but he, with design help from his grandfather, managed to build his mechanical wings, and he couldn’t wait to show them to Rick. He met him at the usual time and showed him the wings. Rick wasn’t impressed however, until he knew they could work. Eager to show that the could, Felix put the wings on. They had a span of 6ft. long and weighed 120 pounds, which is why he carried them in a large box with wheels. The weight made it hard for him to stand, but after he turned them on and started flying, he felt light as a feather. Impressed, Rick told Felix to see if he could follow him on those wings. Confident he could, Felix agreed and followed Rick as he flew out of the building. Rick knew they couldn’t be seen, however, so he told Felix to stay close to roof tops where people on the ground couldn’t see him. Unknown to Felix, this flight would kill his best friend.

While flying, 2 Keres attacked. The monsters were aiming for Rick, but as they passed Felix, they broke his wings and he fell onto a nearby rooftop. Rick noticed and instantly reversed his direction and flew back towards Felix, and the keres. Rick attempted to fly past the monsters, but they caught him and started ripping him apart with their claws. Rick managed to kill one, but he was too wounded to finish the fight. He fell from exhaustion onto the same roof as Felix. Felix was in shock. His best friend and greatest role-model had just been killed. He would’ve died right then and there as the last kere charged, except Forrest got there in time and magically stopped the monster. It only lasted for a few seconds, but that’s all Felix needed. He grabbed his crossbow, loaded it with a CB arrow, then shot it through the eye and into the brain. The monster let out a terrifying shreek before exploding into gold dust.

Felix rushed to Rick’s side, who was still alive, if only barely. He asked Forrest if he could be healed. Forrest tried, but Rick was just too wounded to live. Just before he died, Rick asked Felix if he would finally go to camp. Felix finally agreed. Forrest took him to CHB before he could be attacked again. He is currently at Camp now.


Hephaestus powers.


  • Chinese Crossbow. Design that inspired The Arrow "magazine" on Felix's Crossbow
  • Felix's Crossbow. (Without Arrow Mag.)
  • Felix's Mechanical wings.

Felix made a specialized crossbow, adding to it a scope, flashlight, and arrow mag. The arrow mag was inspired by an ancient chinese crossbow. He is also currently working on fixing his mechanical wings,


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