The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Rian,

Son, I know that you're well-versed in craftsmanship and I'm proud of you for that but I really need your help right now. I guess you've heard of my complex relationship with Aphrodite, and how she always does things with Ares, leaving me alone. Out of loneliness and probably insanity I made a fully programmed humanoid robot (more human, less robot) version of Aphrodite for accompaniment. Anyway, the prototype ended up as a harlot just like my ex-wife and I didn't like that so I just kept her in the forge. The prototype seems and acts really human though she still has a little amount of metal in her, of course. The thing about her is that she has a similar aura with Aphrodite and chances are you'd end up intoxicated by her; however if it's another automaton, the automaton will only end up in self-destruction because any feelings it could feel would destroy them and that's why I chose you. I've kept her turned off in my forge in Orlando for many years and recently, when I was trying to fix her to have better quality, I forgot to turn her off and while I wasn't really keeping an eye on her, she ran away; so, now, I ask you to turn her off and bring her back to me before any trouble occurs. She's blonde, has a European accent and she really likes children. To turn her off, press the red button found on its nape, the only external robotic thing on her. Tracing her somehow, she's weirdly somewhere in the massive Disneyland property in Orlando. Meet me in Disneyland's entrance once you've gotten the prototype.



Four from camp shall forge a bond,

Travel east as the fire's respond,

To the city of beauty and the land of joy,

to the palace of glass, to the goddess alloy,

a woman of bronze not quite the truth

Retrieve the clone and preserve its youth


Rian and three other questors will travel to Disneyland Orlando and find the prototype and turn her off and bring her to Hephaestus. They will receive the type of weapon they use which is made out of the rare alloy of imperial gold, silver and celestial bronze.


  • Camp Entrance
  • JFK International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Disneyland
    • Disney Entrance
    • Hilton Resort (their hotel)
    • Magic Kingdom (the theme park)


  1. Rian Dales, Son of Hephaestus (Ela)
  2. Gabriel Sharpe, Son of Zeus (Hyu)
  3. Kylie Shay, Daughter of Apollo (Demi)
  4. Camille Branwell, Daughter of Boreas (Minx)


Camp Entrance

It's 4:15PM, just 15 minutes before the questors' planned time to meet up.

  • Rian: He is near the camp entrance and is much engaged on fixing his things in this massive black box (that is half his height and is four times as big as half his body) which contains his luggage, tool kit, and raw materials for weapons.
  • Gab: He walks along the path towards the camp entrance, fixing his backpack, bonnet, and studs. As he closes the zipper and slings it over his shoulder, he spots Rian and his massive box; he runs for him, waving his hand. Hey. Leader on the quest?
  • Rian: He notices him, and turns to wave back. Yup. I'm Rian Dales, son of Hephaestus, and you're... early.
  • Gab: He lowers his hand; he can't keep his eyes peeled off his massive black box. Technically, I haven't slept since 3 am. I thought of taking a nap for the afternoon, then realized I'm going a quest so... yeah. But don't worry 'bout me, I won't faint or anything.
  • Rian: It's alright. You've got lots of time to sleep later, we'll be on the plane for two hours and we'll be in Orlando at night so the first thing to do is sleep. He taps the box and closes it as he regards Gab's gaze on it, And if you're wondering about this box, I invented it and it shrinks to fit in your palm like a Rubik's cube though I'm still working on variations that fit in my pocket. He climbs and sits on the box. Your name's Gabriel, am I right?
  • Gab: He nods, looking away from the box to show he understands now. Yeah, but if the name Gabriel is too mainstream or a drag, call me Gab or Gabe. He scratches his head. I... forgot your name, actually.
  • Rian: Though I am sure I've told you just a few seconds ago, it's Rian. He beams.
  • Gab: He facepalms while adjusting his bonnet. Oh right. That box must have messed up mind.
  • Kylie: She arrives at the camp entrance exactly five minutes after Gab does, a backpack slung behind one shoulder and her quiver slung on the other. She's fiddling with the string of her bow and looks up only when she's just a few feet away. She gives a curt nod to Rian and Gab. Hi!
  • Gab: He turns around upon Kylie's greeting. He waves once. Oh, hey. Obviously, you're on of the questors so... yeah. I'm Gab.
  • Rian: He nods with a slight smile. Hey, Kylie. It's nice to see you again.
  • Kylie: She grins at Rian. Ditto to you. She looks at Gab. Nice  to meet you as well. In case you didn't catch my name earlier, it's Kylie.
  • Gab: He silently promises to himself that he won't make the same stupid mistake with Rian again. Yeah, I got your name... Kylie.
  • CamilleShe approaches the duo in a half-angered, half-bouncy manner; she's clearly not thrilled about going on the quest, but her attire eminates pure joy. Her dress bouncing flamboyantly as the wind playfully blew at it, her hair whipping back and forth in pale, golden strands. She stands before the two, her expression a tight line. She nods at both of them, her lips curving upwards into an apprehensive smile.
  • Rian: Hey. He was about to introduce himself when he accidentally presses the button that shrinks the box he sat on into the size of the Rubik's cube.
  • CamilleShe quirks an eyebrow, and backs away in an offended manner 
  • Rian: Sorry about that. He stands and picks up the box. I'm Rian and you must be...?
  • CamilleShe lifts her chin defiantly, her icy blue eyes gaves off a contumatious glitter of a winke Camille Branwell. 
  • Rian: He smiles at her awkwardly. Well, it's nice to meet you, Camille, uh, let's have the further introductions inside the camp van. He pauses. I'm driving. He takes out the keys from his pocket, opens the door and sits in the driver's seat. Hop in.
  • Gab: He gets in and sits beside Rian. He stares at the AC and touches it. Hey, uh, mind if I turn the AC higher? It's kinda hot.
  • Camille: She turns, already in the vehicle, to face Rian, awaiting a reply. 
  • Kylie: She gets in, seating herself behind Gab. Having been used to the heat already, she tunes out their conversation.
  • Rian: Yeah, go on, Gab. He starts the engine.
  • Gab: Oh, great. He adjusts the AC and after a while, the vehicle became colder. Ah, that's the stuff.

Ride to Airport

  • Rian: So, let us get to know each other on the way. He says, focusing on the road.
  • Kylie: She shifts positions in order to be able to look at everyone. She waits for someone to start. 
  • Gab: The urge is killing him, just to finish himself first. Well, I'm total gamer who never did anything else besides stare at the computer and kill time. Oh, and I have French blood in my veins cuz I came from Paris. So I can speak Français.
  • Kylie: I guess I'm next. She takes a deep breath. Let's see... There's not much to say about myself. I was born and raised in New York. I love to, uh, read and sing... She tries to think of something else but comes up blank. Meh, that's all I've got. 
  • Rian: He speaks, but doesn't look at them because he's driving. Well, I was born in Delaware, and I grew up there. I was into weapons and inventions, like this box. He holds up the box on his lap. People call me weird because of these. He puts it back down again. What about you, Camille?
  • Camille: After looking around wonderously for quite a while, Rian's call for her startles her a bit. She rapidly turns to face him, having heard bits and pieces of the conversation, she assumes he was asking about her past. Her lips turn into a tight, pink line. Oh, well, my mother's dead, my uncle died, and my aunt was done with me. 
  • Gab: He doesn't understand much of what she means about her aunt. He can't resist the urge to ask her. He doesn't call it prying, but to clear things up. He slowly glances at Camille. Wait, uh, what do you mean your aunt's done with you? Did she...?
  • Rian: He looks at Camille by the rear-view mirror for a moment waiting for her response to Gab
  • Camille: She disowned me, told me to get out.
  • Kylie: She shifts a bit uncomfotably in her seat. It's not much... but you have your half-siblings at camp now.
  • Gab: He nods. Yeah, she's right. I mean, your half-siblings must be way better than them.
  • The rest of the ride to the airport was silent and even in the airplane ride.

Orlando International Airport to Hilton Resort

They arrive in Orlando at around 9pm. A man holds out a sign with Rian's name. The team follows Rian as he approaches this man and shows his ID. The man leads them to a limousine.

  • Rian: That's our ride.
  • Kylie: She looks at the limousine and mutters to herself. What is it with quests and limousines?  
  • Rian: No idea, but ride in. He opens the door for them.
  • Gab: I don't mind any other way; but hey, this is the first time I'll ride a limo. He enters the limousine and sits near the window and relaxes.
  • Kylie: She just shrugs and gets in after Gab.
  • CamilleFollows the others and hops in the car.
  • Rian: He gets in and closes the door and starts discussing the plans.

Day 1

In the previous ride, Rian only discussed their plans which is unspecifically to go around the theme park and find the prototype. Their itinerary for the day consists of the themes Mainstreet, USA, Frontierland and Adventureland. They are woken up by Rian's tweaked alarm clock that yells 'mayday' just when Rian comes back from buying their tickets.

  • Rian: Wake up all! I have already bought our 3-day tickets!
  • Gab: He rises up from sleep like a robot, with his hair shooting in all directions. Uh...
  • Kylie: Thanks to Rian's alarm clock shouting "Mayday", she thought they were in danger and immediately sprang up. Seeing that everything was fine, she stood there feeling awkward.  You should really change that alarm, Rian.
  • Rian: I guess so... he gets quite distracted, but wake up and take a bath. Disneyland is waiting or at least, the prototype is.
  • CamilleShe walks out of the bathroom, already dressed in a loose blue t-shirt, and frilly skirt. Her hair's increased in volume Morning, guys.
  • Kylie: Morning. She gets some clean clothes and heads for the bathroom. If any of you will need me in the next ten or so minutes, you know where I'll be.
  • Rian: Gab, you go ahead and wait after Kylie, I'll just be fixing the alarm clock. He gestures to Camille then to the remote control placed on a sidetable, You can watch something on the television while we wait.
  • Kylie: After ten minutes, she walks out of the bathroom wearing navy blue jeans and a simple white shirt, a towel wrapped around her shoulders. Next.
  • Gab: And that would be me. He slowly gets in the bathroom and after like fifteen to twenty minutes, he dresses up in a simple maroon shirt, dark navy jeans, his casual shoes, and his bonnet. That went faster than I thought.
  • CamilleQuirks an eyebrow Looking good
  • Rian: Well, I guess we're all ready to go.

Mainstreet, USA

  • Rian: So, we're looking for a charming blonde girl, with a European accent and a red button on her nape. She likes kids too, so we're looking at the rides' queues.
  • Kylie: Will we go as one group or separate? 
  • Rian: I think, it would be best to divide. He pauses as an idea comes right into his mind. Oh, what about you, he refers to Kylie, and I go to Adventureland. Then, Gab and Camille will be looking for her here in Mainstreet. By then, we'll have more places to go to in a day Then, we'll meet up in Frontierland's The Golden Horseshoe Cafe at 1 o' clock sharp?
  • Kylie: She smiles. Sounds like a great plan to me.
  • Gab: He nods. I'm fine with anything, as long as we find this charming blondie.
  • Rian: He chuckles. See you later, Gab. He turns to Kylie. Kylie, vamonos.
  • As the two leaves for Adventureland, Gab turns to Camille.
  • Gab: Well, are we ready?
  • Camille: 'Course. She turns and scans the area quickly, her gaze grazing pass a multitudinous variety of people. She sighs deeply, Will we be a while?
  • Gab: With the fact that this charming blondie looks very human and the possibility that she's in this sea of humans, I'd say yeah.
  • They enter a cafe with a number of blonde people inside.
  • Gab: He takes a glance on each blonde he could find. About half of the blondes are female, with the rest otherwise. Okay, how to find a red button with their hair over their napes?
  • A lady near the counter by the counter talking to the bartender, with her blonde hair in a ponytail showing her nape that contains a red button, and she is about to leave the vicinity through the back door.


Rian and Kylie arrive in Adventureland and finds significantly more blondes in the line for Jungle Cruise.

  • Kylie: Well, I did not expect all these blondes...
  • Rian: Let's get closer to the line.
  • Kylie: She nods and briskly walks closer to the growing line, keeping her eyes open for their target. I don't see anyone with a big red button at the back of their neck...
  • Rian: Hm... I don't see most of the backs of their necks.
  • Kylie: She smiles a bit in amusement to what Rian said but doesn't say anything as she tries to see every blonde in the vicinity. She makes a e.e face. Why are there so many people with blonde hair?
  • Rian: I haven't seen so much in one place since today. He sighs.
  • Kylie: She eyes the lines. It's not necessary for us to go on the rides is it?
  • Rian: It's not necessary, he smirks, unless you want to.
  • Kylie: She grins. Maybe after we find our blonde taget then? It'd be much better if we have Gab and Camille with us.
  • Rian: Yeah, sure. He suddenly feels the need to pee. Hey, can I go to the John's for a moment?\
  • Kylie: She looks at him in amusement. Sure sure. I'll be here.
  • Rian: He heads to the bathroom which is close to where he and Kylie are standing and does what he's supposed to do in the bathroom. He hears the sound of big birds, flapping wings, and takes a look outside and sees 5 stymphalian birds stooping in his direction. Kylie! Kylie!
  • Kylie: Hearing the panic in Rian's voice, she looks at him and almost immediately sees the birds.  Holy Olympus. She steps out of the line she was in and conjures her bow and arrows, hoping the Mist would disguise it as something else. She notches and arrow and attempts to shoot at the bird nearest to Rian.
  • The stymphalian bird dodges this attack by moving farther from Rian and flies to Kylie's direction.
  • Rian: He takes out one of his drumsticks which turn into a sword and tries to slice through a bird on his left.
  • He misses at this attempt when another bird perches onto his back pushing him.
  • Rian: Damn! He turns around to hit the bird that pushed him.
  • He successfully injures this bird which is left on the ground.
  • Kylie: She gets flustered by the bird's sudden change of direction. She fumbles for an arrow and manages to notch it in. Her aim isn't all that great however and misses the bird by a handful of inches.
  • Rian: Oh God, what's with these birds!? He exclaims as he witnesses Kylie's attacks pauses to think for a while, Hey, Kylie! Don't you have the power to sing too some high pitch? I mean, it would affect me I guess, but we could leave that out for safety.
  • Kylie: She keeps shooting at the birds, glancing at the mortals. Some were beginning to take notice of her. What about the mortas, Rian?
  • Rian: What about let's move to the back of that storage building? These birds are going to chase us anyway. He points to a big shop twenty feet away.
  • Kylie: She nods, showing she understood. She shoots one last arrow at the birds before running towards the shop, ignoring the stares of the mortals.
  • The mortals don't notice where they went and several birds have followed Kylie.
  • Rian: He follows her and they reach their destination. Ready? He covers his ears.
  • Kylie: Seeing Rian cover his ears, she takes in a deep breath before singing a high pitch. She maintains it for a few seconds at most, hopiong it would be enough to take down the stymphalian birds.
  • The birds immediately fly away. Rian and Kylie wait for a few seconds to see if they are coming back, but they don't.
  • Rian: Good job, though I feel a little bit deaf. He taps the right side of his head violently.
  • Kylie: She smiles apologetically. Sorry. Give it a few minutes though. As long as your ear isn't bleeding,  everything should be alright.
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