Finley Scott
Lieutenant of Eros' Cabin
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""I'm your Lolita, la femme Nikita, when we're together, you'll love me forever! You're my possession, I'm your obsession...don't tell me never, I'll love you forever!"
Finley Scott spends her life doing everything she shouldn't, from smoking to playing with guys (and girls) more than she probably should, as well as an oncoming drinking problem. Flirting with death as well as people doesn't seem to be a problem for her and her reckless nature, she's the party animal at every party but also the person who gets kicked out of the bar because they're too drunk. Finley can be a bit of a bitch, but she loves company really and often craves it. She's not often empathetic for others' feelings because she does things for her own pleasure and can be very, very selfish and/or vindictive. In relationships she can be a bit of a control freak, she's always been this way and it might have sourced from the death of her best friend.

Caitriona Scott was a beautiful maiden, daughter of an influential landowner in the midst of the Romantic period in the 1850s. Naturally, in these times everything was about the love, and Oliver Scott Sr. was giving everything he had to get his daughter a rich boy's hand in marriage; for a girl like Caitriona, this was not exactly a hard feat. Caitriona, however, did not want to get married to a rich boy - true love was what she wanted, but wasn't necessarily what she got in the grand scheme of things.

Ridley was a handsome young man from down in southern England - not rich like her father wanted, but she personally didn't really care for money. She quickly fell for him, and ended up comparing each and every suitor her father proposed to her to him, and none of them made the mark.

Ridley (Eros) grew tired of waiting and used the charm-touch as he had with so many more, admiring her beauty; she gave up entirely on her father's proposals and began courting Ridley - or rather, Ridley courted her. Caitriona fell pregnant with Ridley's child, a girl, and his 'trip' up north seemed to come to an end, and he disappeared.

Caitriona fell sick with a deadly illness which took her life and ultimately that of her unborn child; Eros, because she had been so beautiful and he grieved the loss of his child, made Caitriona into a fire nymph, and requested that Hades place the soul of his child back into Caitriona. Hades reluctantly complied, but only after a certain time had passed - seeing Eros' sadness and having already owed the god a favour or two, he made the compromise.

150 years after her original death, Hades returned the soul of Eros' child to Caitriona. Nine months after the event, she gave birth to Finley Adelpha Scott, demigod daughter of Eros.

Finley's childhood was normal for a modern age child - she went to school, she saw her friends, nothing really of note. Adventurous, she often went out to play from a young age, when she shouldn't.

At age 13, Finley was attacked by a harpy. Finley screamed and ran, and her jacket was torn off of her. A passerby, a demigod son of Apollo, gave her a celestial bronze sword. Finley was burnt and wounded, but the son of Apollo healed her wounds as she stared dumbfoundedly at the sword. The son of Apollo turned an hourglass on the hilt twice and it became a charm bracelet with a hourglass charm on it - if she wanted to unsheath it she could just do the same.

At age 14, when her and her best friend Olivia had gone to the cinema late at night, on the way back they were attacked by a fire breathing horse. The harpy barely paid note to the mortal child until it noticed Finley's fierce defense of her, and it killed her. Finley, enraged and broken by the murder of her best friend, speared it through with the sword. Shaken, Finley returned home to Caitriona, explaining to her what had happened with Olivia. Caitriona saw the risk but wanted to wait one more to see if it was a fluke.

It wasn't; she was alone this time. She was severely injured by the second harpy, and barely made it home. The son of Apollo turned up again, turning out to be a descendant of Caitriona's brother, Oliver Scott Jr, and healed the injuries for a second time. As a nymph, Caitriona could accompany her daughter to camp, where she was claimed by Eros.

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Full Name: Finley Scott
Titles: Flirting With Fire
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Born or Created On: 1800 (originally)
Current Age: 15
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Scottish
Sexuality: Pansexual
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Owned By: MetroMara
Inspiration Behind Creation: Lolita, by the Veronicas
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"Wild and exciting I'm breaking you down, you're making a comeback, I'm taking your crown!"
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Quote: "Wild and exciting I'm breaking you down, you're making a comeback, I'm taking your crown..."
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"I won't tell if you won’t and I will if you want, nothing is sacred, don't care if it's wrong,"
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