Her father was a special ops soldier in the army, and a strict, brutal one as well. This behavior was carried over to parenting, and Florianne was forced to train hours a day in fighting, excersice, and handling weapons from an early age. By 12 she was able to effectively take down and neutralize a person twice her size. By 15, she was able to fire a gun and hit a target from far away. Her parent also wanted Florianne to join the army program at school, and be in the army. Since the parent would beat Florianne horribly if she ever spoke against him, she agreed. But in the program, she met and fell in love with another student, a boy named Jacob. Her parent didn't approve of the relationship, thinking Jacob as weak, and forbid her from seeing him. Florianne secretly did anyway, for a month or so. But her parent found out, and not only beat Florianne savagely, he also kept her in "house arrest". The parent wouldn't let her out for anything at all, and she was stuck in her room, which had been stripped clean of everything Florianne had. Eventually, the rage that was building inside Florianne, and had been building for years, finally burst. Breaking out from her room, she confronted her parent, who had just gotten back from practicing at the local police station. The parent had foolishly left their gun on the table, loaded, and in her rage she killed her parent by shooting him with the same shotgun. Running away from the house, she crossed paths with Jacob, who was looking for her. Jacob was really a satyr, and had been searching for Florianne to take her to CHB. Telling him of what happened, Jacob ran with Florianne all the way to CHB, with both police and monsters on their tail. Finally, near CHB, Jacob was shot by a policeman, and Florianne was forced to flee to CHB alone, while a dying Jacob held off the police and monsters long enough for Florianne to make it safely.

Her family is a bit unique. Her father is the brother of Tony Kurogane, Asher's father. So Florianne is his cousin.


She is 6'1", has light blue eyes, and light pink hair.


Florianne is kind and friendly, as well as a bit shy. She is fun to be around, but if angered she gets extremely mad. She will literally kick your ass if she's mad. She also a bit aloof when meeting new people.

Weapons and Powers

The only weapon Florianne has is a sword. However, she is extremely skilled in the use of firearms and pretty good with a sword, especially a katana


Sakura in red bikini by Yuka 90

Florianne's Bikini

FF XIII lightning fan art full by Dsabotender

Florianne's costume for the dance

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