He is handsome. Nuff said.


I'll put it this way. You wouldn't want to cross him. He is a cranky person at times, and he hates CHB. However, he is also really funny and cocky, so for example if someone said to him, "What's two plus two?" in a joking tone, he'd say, "It's certainly more than you.". He takes this from his father.


It was a cool Summer night when his father, Marco was on a beach in Italy, where he lived at the time, when he saw a beautiful woman. This woman also was attracted to him. They were truly in love. So, after 9 months, Giovanni was born. However, soon after, his mother had to leave for a 'work job'. Marco was heartbroken

At age 3, Giovanni and Marco moved to Long Island, USA, because at the time, Marco's mother had died, and they had to go to her funeral. Marco decided to stay in Long Island, USA, due to his love of the place, of it's nature and people.

Growing up in Long Island, Giovanni quite liked the scenery, like his father. He was everything in his school, popular, good looking, smart, musical and sports. He got great grades, and was the top of his class. He was a teachers favourite, because of this.

When he was 11, he and his best friend, Lozano were playing by a beach, due to it being the Summer Holidays. Lozano saw an old barn and dared Giovanni to go into it. Giovanni accepted, however, when Giovanni got closer he saw it wasn't a barn. So, to keep the dare up, he pretended it was a barn, and supposdely, 'went into it'. However, when he went in, he was astounded. There was all sorts of people, and he couldn't believe it, nymphs, satyrs, etc. He thought to himself he had fainted, however, the Leader of the Camp came up to him, and said "Welcome." He was frightened to death, and thought he was kidnapped, however, it was all explained to him. He thought it was amazing. Later that evening, Aphrodite claimed him. The mortals thought he went missing, and was dead, and Giovanni meant to keep it that way, because he much preferred this place to his friends and families because it was very exciting. He could make friends here also.

However, after a while, Giovanni thought that the gods were stuck up people, who couldn't care less for their children. He also was furious that his mother never talked to him, and other Gods not talking to their children. One day, a fellow camper of his whispered to him that he was going to the BC, because he didn't agree with the Gods, and invited Giovanni to come with him. This camper already knew where this place was, due to him fighting against them in the past, and saw them. Therefore, he decided to leave and become a member of the Broken Covenant. He wants to be in Veritum Unitem, because he agrees most with their views, every single view of them. He believes that the Godly Parents should fight their own battles.


A sword which he nicknamed 'Maxima', after he got it. He called it Maxima because he liked the sound of it, and it meant maximum, and he was prepared to fight to the maximum.

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