She is bubbly and loveable, friendly. She is funny and very artistic; musical. Very outgoing and makes friends easily. She has fun doing anything. Intelligent and excels in school easier than most kids.


Her father, Joe Freeman met Gwen's mother, Athena, at a weapon shop. They discussed weapons, daggers, sowrds, etc. and they grew to like each other. They soon had a little girl named Gwen by having through the union of Athena and her partner. Gwen was given to Joe since a demigod could not be raised on Olympus.

Joe was a good father but often did not have a lot of time for Gwen and was not home very often. He then got married to a woman named, Alicia Stacy, and they had 3 other children together. They were all boys. Alicia wasn't nice to Gwen. Gwen, being a demigod, had dyslexia and ADHD and that made school harder then ever for her. She would have trouble reading and her father was not there to help her. Neither was Alicia because she didn't care about Gwen at all. Sometimes Gwen thought it was just her and her little betta fish name Brandon against the world.

Sometimes, Gwen would see things that no one could explain. Like once, when she was 8 years old, at school, she saw a big bird with the head of a human. A harpy. Gwen didn't know what it was so she went to tell the teacher. The teacher replied with a sweet voice, "Sweetie it's just a normal bird." The mist was in place and the teacher could not tell it was a monster.

Alicia made Gwen do all the chores when she got to be old enough. She had to pick up after the boys and clean. Gwen had barely an free time at all. Gwen tried to tell her father, when he was home, how mean Alicia was but her wouldn't believe her. This went on for about 2 years and then Gwen was fed up.

That was when Gwen decided to leave. That night she packed herself a bag. She left a note for her father and snuck out of the house.

By the third night away from home, Gwen was utterly exhausted. She kept having a feeling someone or something was watching her. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was following her. Gwen sat down to rest on the ground of an alley way. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The next thing she new was a kid, who looked about the same age as her, woke her up from her sleep. The boy introduced himself as Parker. Litle did Gwen know he was a saytr. Gwen asked him if he knew any where safe to go. Parker could tell that this girl was a demigod. She was only 13, but her scent was strong enough to tell a monster where she was. She soon would have monsters attacking her. The saytr replied that he knew somewhere safe that she could go and he was on his way there too. Gwen followed him and he gave her a pocket knife. It wasn't the best weapon to use in any case of a monster attack but it would have to do until they found something better. For about 2 weeks they traveled to Camp.  THen, right on the border of camp, monster; a hell hound to be exact, attacked them. Sadly, Parker didn't make it but Gwen did. She ran into the camp terrified for her friend, for she did not know that Parker was a goat-man.

In the camp, Gwen met all kinds of nice people who seemed to suffer the same problems as her. She soon learned that the Greek gods were real and her friend, who had sacrificed her life for her, was a mythical creature called a saytr. It was a lot to take in but she learned how to fight and lead a demigod life.


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Name: Gwen Freeman

Age: 13

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena

Mortal Parent: Joe Freeman

Appearance: Blonde hair with green-gray eyes and glasses; sometimes wears contacts

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