Hana Selpurci

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Model: Park Sora

Physical Description

Combat & Abilities

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General & Misc Info
Ahhh-ahh! I'm so sorry! You were right! I am not the box of tomatoes fairies at all! It was all lies, lies, LIES! Please don't shoot me! I'm too young to die, and what if I don't die and but am just mortally wounded and forced to lie there in misery in a pool of my own blood?! Please, I'll do anything--well, I mean within reason-- I don't want to diiiiiiie!

–Italy, Hetalia

General Personality

Current Events

General Information

Habits & Traits

Germany! Germany! Germany is a really, really nice place. Even though I'm your prisoner you give me food, and it doesn't suck like English food. Sausages with cheeses always taste so good. It'd be heaven for a dog. Yeah that's Germany. Tell me, how is it you Germans are so robust. You're crushing me with your intimidation. My fragility causes me to openly weep out of fear. Your women terrify me. Is it the norm to drink a barrel of beer and then bust it on somebody's head? Please don't come to my place in large mobs; German tourists are scary. Even the girls that are from Germany are more rugged than I am. Yahoo!

–Italy, Hetalia

Occupation & Self-Perception

Germany, Germany, a stranger said he would take me to a taste dinner so I went to go get the pasta, but it turned out he only had hamburgers the whole time!

–Italy, Hetalia

Favourites & Attitude

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