Hot-headed, rude, sarcasic, and funny. He almost like his mum, but a bit different.


Mortimus and Harley never knew their mother; all they had was pictures of the scars and bruises they had when they were first adopted. If you asked them how an eight year old boy and a six year old one survived on the streets, they would shrug, say the had no idea, and try to explain that a huge chunk of their memory was blank. Nada.

There was this clear-sighted daughter of Mnemosyne named Tiana Davis who, after seeing how a lot of demigods' histories were like before Camp, had a mission to adopt as many orphaned demigods as possible. She got her friend, a satyress, to accompany and, in a year, found five demigods; Deiondra (a daughter of Dionysus), Pyron (a son of Hephaestus), Mortimus (a son of Hades), Harley (a son of Hermes), and Jalus (a son of Zephyrus).

Although she had big plans and good intentions, Tiana soon found a problem; money. Having a job as a librarian didn't pay her much and they were forced to move to a small house in a bad neighborhood, which they only got because the landowner had pity. Although they barely got by, the family was happy and content.

Unfortuanely, winter soon came and brought cold into the household. Although freezing, they decided not to risk using the gas for it had a lot problems. One day, it hit below 0 Fahrenheit and they were forced to turn up the heat. Sadly, there was a gas leak and the entire family died in their sleep.

Their parents, having pity for them, decided to bring them back as nymphs and spirits in return for not being able to help them earlier. They sent the children to camp, where they currently reside.



  1. They can empathize with people and animals, sensing their emotions, needs and wants
  2. They have an empathetic connection with nature, allowing them to sense any disturbance within the immediate area
  3. They do not need a drachma to send an iris message
  4. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  5. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.


  1. They are able to read a person's body language and anticipate an opponent's movements, it is not always accurate
  2. They are gifted with intense speed, making them nearly twice as fast as they normally would be, though they cannot fly, they can hover/glide (aids in delivering messages)


  1. They can speak, write, and communicate in any language, even languages that have never been heard before, sign language, lip-reading, illegible words, secret codes and backwards speech


Name Relation Feelings
Tiana Mum Oh how I love her so.
Deiondra Sibling The same with my mum, I care deeply for her.
Barak Sibling With my mum and Deiondra
Mortimus Sibling The same! Haha!
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