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Helena is rather shy when first met, but will break out of her shell with time. She loves the outdoors and playing sports.


Sam Moretz met Tyche when he was at a multi-sports tournament. He had just completed one event and went to change for his next game when he ran into her. He looked her in the eyes and instantly fell in love with her. He was so distracted thinking of her that he took a hard hit and shattered his leg in the game. Much to his great joy, Tyche came to visit him in the hospital afterwards.

They dated for some time afterward, but thinking that they were rushing the relationship, Sam broke up with her. However, it was already too late. Tyche was pregnant. Tyche told Sam about the baby and that she was a goddess, but Sam didn't believe her. In his confusion state of mind he began doing drugs and alcohol, trying to wrap his head around the situation.

Tyche didn't know what to do with the baby, who was not yet named at that point, so she gave her to a satyress named Julie. Julie didn't know what to do with her either, because she had duties to attend to, but you just don't turn down a goddess. She named her Helena and found a home for the baby with a friend of hers, a demi-god named George. He was a son of Nike, who had left camp.

George had a daughter of his own, a six year old named Nina. Helena grew up with George and Nina, but Nina was mean to Helena. Helena told George and he put a stop to it, or so he thought. However, Nina just started abusing Helena when her father wasn't looking.

Helena grew up with sports. It was her passion. She did gymnastics and skateboarding. Many of the boys at her school were jealous because she was better than them. She never hurt herself skateboarding of doing gymanstics, so people always told her she had extremely good luck. She was never bullied at school and found ways to get along with just about everyone.

When Helena was 10 years old, her birth father came looking for her. He told her that he was sorry for everything he had done, and he wanted her to come live with him. Helena loved her "uncle" George and loved living with him, even though she hated her "cousin" Nina. Her father offered a compromise by buying a house a few blocks away, so she could go to the same school and still see her uncle George. She accepted and loved how things worked out.

At the age of 15 she got into a complicated relationship with a boy named Dan. Despite his promises of loyalty, Helena found out he had cheated on her and gotten another girl pregnant. Dan aggressively pursued Helena to try to get her back. He did not stop until Sam spotted them and came to his daughter's aid. Sam pummeled Dan into the dirt easily and turned to take his daughter inside when they heard Dan scream.

Sam and Helena turned around and Dan was wrestling a blood crazed centaur. Helena screamed and Sam jumped in front of her protectively. Suddenly, Julie showed up with another satyr and they beat the rogue creature into the fence. Julie stuck a sword through its chest and then jumped back as it dissolved into a putrid smelling dust.

Sam told Helena that she was a demi-god and Julie helped confirm the story. Now aware of her true identity, Sam knew just how much danger his daughter was in, so he made the tough decision to send her off to camp, just as he had done in his youth, to learn how to survive her new reality. Sam gave Helena two celestial bronze daggars from her mother before Julie led her away to her new life..



Name Relation Feelings
Sam Moretz Father loves him and has forgiven him of his dreadful past.
Tyche Mother

Never met her.

Starr Acquaintance Seems nice, Helped fight a hellhound together.
Homer Megalos Boyfriend? We barely went out once before he had to go save his sister. I like him a lot though, so of course I have to help him out.
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