Hope Lehane

Child of Eros
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This character is not currently at camp, they are running away from camp, going back to California.

Hm… Why does a brat like you want to hear my story? Is it any of your business? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So shoo, I have better things to do.

Argh, if I tell you will you go away? You better keep that promise or I’m kicking you away from me.

Basically, my dear father Eros liked having drunk nights around my town. In one of those nights, he met my mom. Yeah, well they got together in the bathroom and all that crap and since I’m here you can guess what happened.

The bad thing is that my mother’s boyfriend (yeah, she was dating when that drunk night happened) found out and got really depressed. So he went to his own drunk night and met my father’s wife, Psyche. And so, they both had their little escapade. Awesome, right? Yeah, not really. Turns out my mom got back together with her boyfriend and married. Well, you know that she was pregnant of me but it turns out, Psyche also got pregnant. So, a few days after I got back, my mom finds a nice surprise waiting at their doorstep.

It was my “sister”, Miranda Lehane. Mother was furious at that, but let that brat live with us since it was her cheating that made that happen. Of course, she made sure to make Hope pay for being alive and when I was old enough, I helped her.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 1995
Family Eros (father)
Faith Lehane (mother)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5'6"
Affiliation CHB (kinda forced though)
Weapons ~
Home Seattle
Quests ~

When we were 15, she got a really hot boyfriend. Seriously, that was not fair. She’s the freak! The consolation prize and she got the hottest boy in the school as her boyfriend. I did what I had to do after that. I seduced him and we ended up on my sisters’ bed. She caught us and got reeeally mad. I don’t even know why, she should know she didn’t deserve him. But anyway, we started fighting and we were almost at each other’s throat until her father got and held her back. She ran away from home after that and went to a “friend’s” house.

She was never really Miranda’s friend, she was always sucking up for me since I was the “Queen Bee” of our school and wanted to please me so she could become popular. Miranda was so naïve that she actually believed the girl when she said that she was her best friend. I don’t know what happened next, but the girl told me that Miranda wasn’t at her house anymore. I was glad when that happened since there was no one else to fight me or complain about how mean I am and etc.

I passed the next two years peacefully at home without that brat wasting food and money and my life was perfect. Until that weird kid entered the school. Yeah, well he was hot so of course I went to talk to him. Things happened and I was soon in the back of the school.

Then his teeth (which were too white for a human in my opinion) shined even more and his body turned intangible. I let out a scream when he went through me and he smiled even more saying that I was a really weak demigod.

“The heck are you, freak?!” I screamed and tried to get as far away as possible from him, but I was held against a wall. He made a hand tangible and put it on my neck, choking me. He grinned and said “A venti darling. Don’t worry, my wonderful smile will be the last thing you see before you land in the Underworld” I could barely breathe when there was a loud music and all of the sudden, roots grabbed onto the guy’s feet.

He cursed and let me go and I fell to the ground struggling to breathe. I looked up, but my vision was blurry, the only thing I saw were hooves and something that seemed like a storm clashing. When I could breathe again, I saw that it was one of the losers that actually liked Miranda and the guy had furry legs. Yeah, I was pretty sure near death experiences made people hallucinate.

When the goat-loser-guy took a lightning to his head, I got up and kicked the storm-monster-whatever-guy where it hurts. I think my kick got through ‘cause he doubled over and cursed with a little girls voice. While he was tangible and moaning in pain, I pretty much kicked him in the head (I used to have nice kick-boxing lessons) and with a nice ‘crack’ his neck bent in a weird position.

I kicked the loser in the gut and he woke up. He coughed a lot, but noticed it was me. He looked behind me and I saw that the guy’s neck was going back to place with another ‘crack’ and he was standing up. “Get up loser!! Kill that thing! You’re the hero aren’t you?! The losers are always the heroes!” He couldn’t move well, so I picked the pipes he was playing earlier and played a really crappy song.

Seems like nature doesn’t like my great music skills cause the trees pretty much went wild. They attacked everyone there, me, the loser and the freaky-choker-guy. The freaky guy was screaming like a little girl again and disappeared in flash of light (some people love flashy escapes). The goat-loser took the pipes from my hand and played a calmer tune that made the trees stop looking like they were going to murder me and my music skills. The guy the cursed at me and kept shouting about never ever touching a satyr’s pipes or else bad things like that would happen. He then calmed down and explained to me all that stupid crap about the gods and sh*t. He dragged me to Camp without even letting me pack all of my shoes (they were Vivienne Westwood’s!) and really, I am pissed off at all of this. My normal life was much better than all of this.



B*tchy, spoiled, spiteful, vain and thinks she’s better than most people



Blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin






Name Relation Feelings
Eros Father He's not my father, just a sperm donator
Faith Lehane Mother Eh, I love her I think
Miranda Lehane "Sister" B*tch. I hate her.
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