Irissa is quite kind but she has a deep fear of being anywhere near a place without colours so she hates the look of just grey or white or black by itself. She can be quite mean or rude to people if she doesn't get what she wants but she still likes to be generous at times.


Irissa Drakos was born in Athens, Greece to Iris and Alexander Drakos on the 26th of September 1997. 

Iris had disguised herself as a young woman called Laverne from France and she had gone to Greece for a holiday. While she was at a bar she met Alexander Drakos, a businessman who had instantly fallen in love with her. Iris was charmed by him and they started meeting each other regularly at the bar. Alexander had asked her to go steady with him and she agreed so they dated for one month before she finally slept with him. A month or two later, Iris saw that she was pregnant with Alexander's child and that had been one of the happiest days of Alexander's life. Iris then revealed herself to Alexander and told him she had to go back to Olympus and she would give the child to Alexander after it had been born.  He understood fully but did not know why she had to leave him to care for Irissa. A baby girl had been born and Iris had named her 'Irissa' after herself. She sent one of her other demi-god children to give Irissa to Alexander on his doorstep and Iris left a gift for Irissa so Irissa would know that her mother loved her and it was a pendant with a rainbow on it.

As a child, Irissa had loved art and drawing and whenever she drew she used a wide variety of colours like the rainbow and her father was proud of her work. When she went to school however, she was an outcast. The other children called her a 'weirdo' for getting angry for no reason then being scared and she got in trouble regularly for being rude to other children. In a sense, Irissa had a troubled childhood with very few friends and a disappointed father but she still had good things that happened to her such as winning an art competition for children. 

During the night, Irissa had many dreams of rainbows but normally she would have nightmares where everything around her had been drained of its colour and hideous monsters in white had come to take her away. Alexander had gotten worried of how terrible Irissa felt night after night and he had gone to take her to a child therapist to speak to Irissa about her problems. It took months before the therapist had gotten a clue of why she has such horrible nightmares and that is because she has a deep-rooted fear of no colours and as well as that, she had Multiple Personality Disorder. It had been the first time that anyone had heard of such a fear but it was true so Alexander had made her room bright and colourful and had rid her room of any grey or white spots unless they were in a picture or painting.

Irissa was twelve when she experienced her first ever monster attack. She was at the park with her best friend, Aaron, and a harpy came and attacked them. Irissa was defenseless and Aaron had helped her defeat it, revealing he was a satyr in the process. Aaron had told Irissa of Camp Half-Blood and she wanted to go so Alexander let Aaron take Irissa there so she could be safe. 

Once Aaron and Irissa left Irissa's home, Aaron had brought her to another school where another demigod had joined them. Aaron had taught them both how to fight monsters and he had given Irissa a dagger to protect herself. Once they almost reached Camp Half-Blood, the trio were attacked by a basilisk and so the two demigods had used some of their powers to fight the basilisk but Irissa had been drained of most of her powers so the other demigod had to carry her to camp while Aaron sacrificed himself to save them both and let them escape.


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