Iryl is a thief, she lies and doesn't trust anyone. She's a bit secretive and doesn't like to talk to people much, she won't stutter but she won't speak so much and only say a few words. Although she does enjoy dancing around a bonfire like she did when she was younger, she also enjoys running or walking in the beach. She's a tomboy and isn't afraid of doing things even if it includes killing someone.


Iryl stands 5'4" with an athletic body, brown eyes and dark brown hair with a few light brown streaks in it. She likes wearing casual clothes and has a body built for a fighter, she wears vintage mixed with casual sometimes though, her weight is 101lbs. and appears with a sad face usually.


In the 1870s Issac Lavigne was a gypsy who stole things for his family but enjoyed dancing around the bonfire at night with his family, he soon met Persephone disgused as a girl named Clara who was a rich person. The two fell in love but Issac's family didn't like them seeing each other so they met each other secretly every night when Issac lied about stealing things. A few months past and Issac's sister found out that they were dating, he told her not to tell anyone and she promised. A day later Clara told him that she was pregnant and that she wouldn't be able to see him anymore, he asked her if there was anyway to keep Iryl in a safe enviorement and she ended up giving her to a rich couple named Alyza and Thomas Travers. Clara left a note to Issac telling him that Iryl was a demigod and that she herself was a goddess.

A few years past and Iryl turned ten years old, she met a boy named Shay Ackerman. The two became best friends and always met each other everyday, they were also next door neighbours. They're parents were close friends too and they told both of them not do go into the forest, they asked 'Why?' and they replied 'Because gypsies are there and they will steal your things.' But they went into the forest secretly and Iryl bumped into a boy named Jamie Finch, the two introduced each other and Jamie told her to just call him Finch since everyone else does. It was love at first sight for Iryl and Finch, she told this to Shay and he said 'Can I meet him?' so the next day the two went into the forest again and met Finch. The three became good friends and almost met each other everyday. Finch walked up to Issac and since the two were close he told her about Iryl, he instantly knew that it was his daughter. He was worried and he told Finch about how Iryl was his daughter.

One day when she turned fourteen a monster chased her into the forest, she started running as fast as she could until there was a dead end. She closed her eyes but when she woke up her father was there with a sword, Issac could see through the mist and Ananke gave him a sword incase he saw a monster. Iryl thanked him and the two went to where the gypsy caravans were parked, she met Finch and the two danced around the bonfire and soon the two went to a beach near the forest. She confessed to him and the two started dating secretly, she told this to Shay but he looked at her miserably and didn't say anything but went back to his house.

When she turned sixteen her parents told her that they arranged a marrige that Shay and herself would be marrying each other when they were eighteen. Iryl froze and went to her room, she creeped out at night to see Finch. She saw Shay stabbing Finch with a knife, her eyes widened and tears started to form. She went up to Shay and started shouting at him saying one word 'Why?' Shay looked at her confessed to her, but it was no time for confessions to Iryl. She got the knife and was about to stab herself but Shay grabbed the knife and stabbed himself, she went to her house and the next day people started to investagate about what happened that night.

Iryl was miserable person after that and they found out that Shay killed himself and Finch, she never talked and kept screaming in the night because she had nightmares that Shay was going to kill her. She missed Finch and soon she wanted to committ sucide, she was just about to jump off a cliff until her father saw her and stopped her. He told her everything, that she was a demigod and that she was his child. Iryl said that she wanted to start over, have a new life die and go to the future. So she jumped off the cliff and died.

As years past Persephone saw how miserable she was and felt sorry for her. She turned her into a pomegranate tree nymph and sent her to camp.


  1. They have the ability to turn into the tree that their life force is attached to
  2. They have the ability to transform people a tree of their choosing; this effect does not last long, they have the most power over the type of tree that their life force is connected to
  1. They can manipulate the trees to form a barrier that can shield them for a short time from attack
  2. They can create a flurry of leaves, to blind an attacker, the longer they keep up the flurry of leaves, the more energy it drains
  1. They have the innate ability to talk trees to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death, they have the most power over the type of tree that their life force is connected to
  2. They Can create trees from nothing, the larger the tree the more drain on the user, they have the strongest control over the type of tree that their life force is connected to
  3. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  4. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  5. Their life force is attached to a tree, the further they go from it, the weaker they get, eventually if they go too far they'll die, in some cases, depending on the size of their life source, it can be potted for transport to a new location
  6. Depending on the type of tree their life force is attached to, they retain minor characteristics of the flower.
  7. For trees that also flower, they sometimes have some of the traits/powers of a flower nymph
  1. They usually smell of whatever tree they are attached to


Name Relation Feelings
Issac Lavigne Father I miss him...
Persephone Mother Thank you...I respect her
Shay Ackerman Former Best Friend ...
Jamie Finch Ex-Boyfrined I miss him a lot...
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