Name:Jacob Clark


God Parent:Hecate

Age: 13

Mortal Parent:Peter Clark

Appearance:Jacob is always seen wearing his signature high-top sneakers,jeans,and a plain white t shirt.He has dirty blone hair,light hazel eyes and is tall and slim

Personality: Jacob is very quiet and often isnt the type of persont o start a conversation.He is also very calm and often suprises people when he loses cool.Jacob is often seen wandering around camp,having is nose in a strange book of his,with a bunch of ancient symbols written on it.

History: Jacob's father,Peter,was a normal tax accountant,who lived in a small apartment in New York.On his way to work,he had met this beautiful woman while he was at the subway station."It was wonderful and strange at the same time,"He used to say when describing how he felt when meeting her.Shortly after that,they started hanging out almost every day at a cafe near the subway station.Peter knew there was something different about this woman.

It wasn't long until Peter had fallen deeply in love with this woman.However one night,Hecate had disappeared leaving Peter confused and desperate to find her.He looked for weeks to find her ,but never found any trace of her.He had given up on ever seeing her again.

A few months after that,when Peter had went outside on his porch to get the paper,he had found a young infant boy in a  wicket basket by his doorstep.There was a letter from Hecate tucked in the baby's blanket.He brought the child inside and then opened up the letter.It explained everything,why she left,who she actually was,who the baby was.Peter looked up from the letter and kissed his young son on the forehead

. Throughout his childhood,Jacob had been bullied a lot at school.Strange things always seemed to happen around him.Once in 6th grade,he had gotten mad at somebody for stomping on his book,and then suddenly,Jacob had slightly floated towards the book,allowing him to pick it up and run for it..Besides that,he had also been bullied because of his Dyslexia and his ADHD.This had been a huge problem for him,as he loved to read.He always had trouble in class,paying attention.He often read letters wrong and wrote them backwards.He also got in trouble a lot because he wasn't paying attention,getting lost in his own thoughts.

He had never felt like he belonged or was normal.He didn't have any friends  and has grown very anti-social and  quiet.Jacob had always been close to his father as he was the only person that didn't tease or bully him, but Jacob always felt like his father was hiding something from him about his mother.Everytime she mentioned her,he always just changed the subject,hoping Jacob wouldn't try to get it out of him.

One day,Jacob was doing what he normally does while at recess,reading a book while sitting on the benches in the school's courtyard.However,without warning,he was slammed into the hard stone wall.He felt reallyn dizzy once he got back up.He gaped at what he saw next.An angry,large dog was charging at him with incredible speed,growling viciously.Jacob started running for his life,terrified.Was this all a dream?

Jacob new he couldn't out run this strange dog forever.He had think quick.Suddenly,he saw it.There were a row of lockers in the hallway that he could hide in until the dog passed.when the giant dog wasn't looking,he ran into a random locker and closed the door.Luckily,the dog ran straight past it,not knowing that it had already passed Jacob.he then slowly walked out of the locker,checking to see if the dog was anywhere around the halls.He then sneaked into a random classroom and hid under the teacher's desk.He shivering all over,what was going on?All of sudden he felt somebody grab onto his shirt.

In fear,he yelled to the person."Let go of me!"  He turned his head to see who it was ,and was suprised to see that it was his English teacher,Mr.Larsa.what was she doing?do she have anything to with all the large dog?He had tried to wiggle out of her grasp,but she had suprisingly strong arms.Why was this all happening?Strange and unexplainable things have happened to him before,but nothing had straneg as this.He was shivering and sweating and passed out.

Jacob had woken up on forest floor,seeing Mr.Larsa with  goat hooves,staring over him.He shot up and backed away from her."What's happening?" he asked her still shiveringCould he trust her?Could he trust anyone?For the third time today he had wondered what was going on.why was this all happening to him and nobody else?.Mr.Larsa handed Jacob a sword and a couple of throwing daggers,which he tucked in his belt,still wondering if he should trust her.Mr.Larsa then explained everything,who he was,what he could do,why his mother left,what she was.This was almost too much information for him.He was surprised,but he found himself believeing her.It all made sense.That's why strange things always happened to him.That's why that strange dog was chasing after him Mr.Larsa then took him to Camp Half-Blood,where he was claimed Hecate's son shortly after.

Weapons:Jacob has a sword and celestial bronze throwing daggers tucked in a belt he wears.

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