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Child of Lelantos
Member of Ortu Justitiae
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Basic Info
Full Name Jacqueline Sparrow
Born 1990
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Species Demigod
Status Alive


Many, many years ago a woman named Jeanne Sparrow was a mortal with the sight, the only daughter of a Huntsman during the Middle Ages. She used to see weird monsters going around the forest at night but they never noticed her and she didn’t want to be considered crazy so she kept quiet about them. The Huntsman, not having a son to teach the family skills and no hopes of getting another heir since his wife had passed away he decided to teach them to Jeanne. She was talented and mastered them fast. Unfortunately, her father died when she was 18 when he was out hunting.

She didn’t know what happened since she had stayed at home making dinner but when he didn’t come back after 2 weeks, she was convinced he had left her since she wasn’t the son he wanted. Artemis found the little house they had inside the forest and saw the girl alone, mourning the absence of her father.

Artemis was baffled from seeing how the girl was left there with no one to rely on and offered the girl a chance to join the Hunt. Jeanne said yes and passed a long time serving Artemis. She was skilled and didn’t even blink when Artemis sent her off to rough missions. She gained her trust and became the goddess’ best friend. She had been offered the Liteunant spot countless times but she said no every time. She was fine with being a normal huntress.

When in a mission for Artemis, she met Lelantos. The god made something weird stir in her, something she had never before felt but she shrugged it off and finished her work. The god had felt the same about her, but opposite of her, the god decided to follow his instincts.

He didn’t care about the fact that Jeanne was a huntress, in fact, it only made him want her more. He started stalking her and every time she left for a solo mission he tried to charm her. Jeanne was having a hard time ignoring the god, her feelings were getting the best of her but she sticked to her pride and denied any affections she had for the god.

Artemis was getting suspicious of Jeanne and confronted her after a few months. Jeanne told her everything. She told her about Lelantos stalking her, about the weird feeling she had whenever she was near him and how she wanted to be with him for some unknown reason.

To say Artemis was furious was a way to put it nicely. She was disgusted to see her best friend love a man, specially a god and immediately kicked her out of the Huntresses. Jeanne was confused, Artemis had just kicked her out for something she didn’t understand but when she realized what had happened, depression hit her. She was stuck in the modern world when she never wanted to get involved with it and had no one to rely on again.

Lelantos found that was the perfect moment to soothe her and gain her trust. Desperate as she was, Jeanne accepted her feelings for him. They got together but when she got pregnant, he left. Jeanne was now going crazy.

Everyone she loved and cared for had left her with nothing and she was paranoid, thinking it was all her fault. When Jacqueline was born, she never let her go anywhere far from her. She didn’t want her leaving her and monitored her 24/7. Jacque didn’t care about it much but when she was about 9 she was starting to feel suffocated. She couldn’t even go to school, her mother home-schooled her. She taught her everything her father and Artemis had taught her but Jacque wanted to learn the same things the other kids did.

Whenever she was out in the playground (with her mom watching from a safe distance) the other kids always asked her where she studied and what she knew. Her notion of history was twisted since everything she knew was her mother’s point of view of the last centuries and the stories Artemis had told her mother. She wasn’t good with English and science, only knowing the basics and which animals were best to kill, etc., etc. Her geography was also weak since her mother only knew the inside of the deep forests in Maine. She was bullied by the other kids, all of them calling her dumb because she didn’t know anything they did. Her mother didn’t notice and Jacque didn’t talk about it. She didn’t want her mother fussing or killing the kids so she kept quiet about it.

Her mother trained her so she could fight monsters herself since she had lost her unnatural strength of being a Huntress. She still knew how to fight and how to hunt and taught all of that to Jacqueline, not caring about the girl’s complaints. When they were both fighting a hellhound that tried attacking them, her mother hurt her legs. She wasn’t able to walk anymore and her paranoia only got worse. She made Jacque take care of her and kept the keys for all doors in the house with herself not wanting to let Jacque out.

Jacqueline wasn’t stupid and she was full of her mother not letting her socialize but bore with it since she had nowhere to go. When she was 15, she started stealing the keys at night and going out to the town. Like that, she met plenty of guys that fell to her feet but she wasn’t interested in any of them.

After almost a year of her flings with guys she barely knew, she met Liam Taylor. At first, he was just another fling to her. But he sparked her interest when he tried to actually get to know her. She refused to say anything about herself, instead asked about him. They talked and had a few drinks the whole night and Jacqueline finally found someone interesting.

The next day, when she was sneaking out of the house, a monster attacked. A chimera had appeared in town and she was wondering what the heck it was doing there. Not stopping to think, she grabbed her bow and arrows and fought it. She was losing, even with all her training she was a bit weak from drinking too much the other night.

Then, Liam came to save her. He summoned flames and fought the monster with skill that Jacque had only seen in her mother. Only, some flames were getting out of control. When the chimera died, Jacque noticed that the fire had spread to her house.

Panic rushed through her veins when she tried extinguishing it to no avail. Liam was weak from summoning too much flames and lost control over them leaving the house to burn. Jacque called frantically to 911 but when the firefighters came, the fire had already reached the second floor. Jacque couldn’t move her mother, her legs made her unable to walk.

In the end, the firefighters dragged her out of the burning house and tried to save her mother. Unfortunately, Jeanne died on her way to the hospital having inhaled too much smoke. She had a weak health ever since Artemis kicked her out of the Huntresses since she was meant to have been alive almost 500 years before and she couldn’t bear the fire.

Jacque received the news from the coroner. It seemed that her mother was already dying from cancer but since she never went to the doctor, she had never known about it. Shocked about the news, Liam came to only make it worse. He said that he was a child of Hephaestus and that he needed to take Jacque to camp. She didn’t want to leave, but there was nothing left to her in this town so she went with him.

Camp was even worse than having her mother fuss about Jacque going 10 meters away from her. She was thrown in the Hermes Cabin since there were only 12 cabins and it was cramped. She usually went to hide in the forest but not even the nymphs wanted to be near her.

She was 18 when the Hunter’s came to visit camp. To put it shortly, it was hell on earth. Artemis came to deliver them and saw Jacque. Since Jacque was “the spitting image of Jeanne”, Artemis recognized her immediately. She mistook her for Jeanne and started screaming and saying that a mortal shouldn’t be inside camp. When Jacque told her that Jeanne was dead and that she was her daughter, Artemis got even angrier.

They both started arguing and the Hunters were ready to fight against her if needed. The campers didn’t want to stick their nose in it, no one really like Jacque anyway. Liam was the only one who cared more or less about her and tried calming her down. She screamed at him too and said she was leaving. When he didn’t do anything, her heart broke.

Secretly, she had a crush on him. She never said anything because no one wanted to be related to the freak of the camp and she didn’t want to make Liam go through shit, but when he didn’t do anything to stop her from going, her anger turned into hate.

She ran away from camp and ended up wandering aimlessly around the country. She travelled through many towns, finding jobs here and there but left quickly. She got the feeling that there was someone on her track and she didn’t want to be found. When the people that were tracking her finally cornered her, she noticed that they were the kids that had left camp when she was still there.

They were also considered freaks for not being the kids of the Olympians and told her about the Broken Covenant. It was a place where no one would think she was a cast-out because of her parent and she was glad. She held a deep hate for her father, Artemis and all campers and Hunters and this was the perfect place for her.

She joined and decided that she would only give up on her hatred after all gods were taken down from their thrones and the campers killed along with the Hunters and she’d do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Background Info
Hometown Portland, Maine
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Family Info
Father Lelantos
Half-Siblings on Godly Parent side

Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5'7
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Her only weapons are a hunting knife made of Celestial Bronze and bo staff made of Aetherian Stone that separates in three pieces that she hides under her skirt so she can use it quickly if needed

General Personality

Jacque is not exactly what you would call a kind person. She's blunt and straight to the point, not liking when people go around, never saying what they're thinking. She isn't used to being quiet and normally says whatever she's thinking without second-thought. She's reckless and gets in trouble often for talking but always walks out of it with grace and a smile

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