Jade Harrison
Daughter of Athena
Owned by: MissAthens
Jade is fiercely loyal. She is very smart and clever, and is also very confident in herself. But don't make her an enemy, because Jade is a very strong believer in revenge and seeks out anyone who does her wrong. She can also be brutally honest, thanks to how she lived in foster homes since she was nine. She is not dyslexic, but is extremely ADD and ADHD. She is moderately athletic, but lives for reading. Her favorite author is Charles Dickens and her favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

Alfred Harrison met Jade's mother at a writing workshop in Omaha, Nebraska. He was an aspiring writer, who found her as beautiful, wickedly smart, and mystifying, and she respected him and loved him deeply for his intelligence and kindness. They fell in love and about half a year later, Jade's mother decided to unify her and Alfred's mind, and so Jade was born. Having to leave soon after, she left Alfred and the baby with a note- "Darling, I must leave you, but I show to you the fruit of my affection." Alfred never learned that she was a Greek goddess, but he always knew that she was something special.

Alfred felt very sad about Jade's mom leaving him, and fell into a depression that only his daughter could fill. From being very little, she would help with meals and chores when her father became sad, and she also tried to cheer him up. Her father was most happy with little self-made picture books that Jade would make about the adventures of a man and his daughter living in a world of monsters. Alfred turned his daughter's idea into his own, writing a bitter novel about lost love which instantly became a best-seller when Jade was nine.

Caught up in his new-found fame, Jade's father began to neglect his daughter affection. Jade became vengeful towards her father and how much she adored and cared for Alfred turned 180 degrees. They grew apart. Jade filled the gap with reading. Her teachers began to witness her feats of great intelligence. Jade also began to fill in the footsteps of her Greek side and started to become interested in strategy, dominating every chess or checkers game, and making elaborate "World War 3" battle plans.

When Jade was 11 1/2, her father got Jade a nanny, who turned out to be a harpy that attacked Jade the first day they were left alone together. The harpy ran at the demigod who ducked and ran into her room and retrieved a baseball bat. She hid in her room and concocted a plan. After ten or so minutes the harpy broke through the window and flew at Jade, scarring her on the stomach before she punched the harpy back and batted it in the wing. The monster shrieked and fell to the floor. Jade threw a blanket on it, and before it could claw itself out, she threw it is the closet. locking it behind the creature. Jade realized that the harpy would not be contained forever, and that she was becoming a danger to her father, and ran away.

Jade was found by the authorities, and her father was deemed unworthy of being Jade's guardian. So she started to bounce around in foster homes, following the depressing path that took so many. Eventually, she stopped in one in Albany, New York, where she stayed for a full year. Her only friend was Devon, who got to the home the same time and her. But then Jade started to attract monsters, quite unconsciously so. She was unaware that the flock of birds that attacked her at church when she were twelve was actually Stymphalian birds. They tracked her and and her friend until she rang all the bells of the church and scared them away. She was twelve and was becoming a beacon for monsters. But then worse threats came later.

A chimera attacked her and Devon, charging towards the both of them one day while they were in the backyard. Devon then rushed into the house and came back with a 2.5 foot sword that he gave Jade, who felt her battle instincts surface. She cut off the goat head and the chimera started on an blind, angry rampage, destroying their home. Devon instructed Jade how to finish the chimera, and she did so. This happened at age 13, and afterwards, Devon revealed to Jade that he was a satyr and she was a demigod and that she must travel to Camp Half-Blood.

Jade was not anxious to start her journey, and thought that if she stayed with the mortals, the monsters would forget about her, despite Devon's nagging. Her satyr friend never had a heart enough to force Jade to the camp. They were both relocated to a new foster home, and eight months later, Devon was killed by a hellhound that Jade had attracted before she could stop it. Destructed from the pain of losing a friend and seeking revenge, Jade spent another six months hunting down and killing several hellhounds.

It had never occurred to her to journey to Camp. Afterwards she ran into the Hunters of Artemis, who were stunned and disappointed to find that she was not already claimed. Jade, driven by her liking of the fearless women warriors, hitchhiked to New York City where she was stunned to find that her father was there releasing publicity for a new book- one about an estranged daughter. She showed up to his hotel room and talked to him about her mother. He told her that he didn't know much about Jade's mother, but Alfred knew that this was above him and he wished Jade the best. Jade then took a taxi to the outside woods around Camp Half-Blood, and hiked the rest of the way towards her destiny. She was 14 1/2.

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