Jared is extremely nice and wants to be everyones friend, but he is stupid at most times, but there are times where he surprises everyone around him with some sort of intellectual statement.


Jared was born to Amanda Young and Aeolus, he is about five minutes older than his sister Amy. His mother being able to see through the mist, grew worried and asked her friend who was a child of Hecate to cast an enchantment that would protect her children until she decided to tell them about their heritage. He grew up in Pennsylvania, he played all sorts of sports growing up, his best being baseball, but upon entering high school Jared became very interested in photography and got a job at the local newspaper, soon after he got a job as a small time model. When he turned eighteen, Jared moved to Los Angeles and got a job posing for romance novel covers. On June 18 he went to New York with his mother to visit Amy, upon having lunch Amanda told her twins the truth and then a man tried to kill Amy and a satyr posing as a waiter saved them and took them to Camp Half-Blood


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Name Relation Feelings
Amy Young Brother Loves her very much but finds her annoying and self-centered at times, would take a bullet for her.

Cassiopeia Black

Nice friendly girl, may grow into something more Taking her to the dance

Physical Appearance

Jared is extremely good looking, he has to be it is part of his job. He is tall and muscular, from playing sports. He is extremely stupid and has had many girlfriends but if the tried to take advantage of him Amy would scare them away. He is currently single.
Costume for Jared

Jared's Costume

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