JP is tall and well muscled, having played linebacker since he was big enough to hold a football. He is very outgoing though, and is usually found with a smile on his face. Having spent most of his time in Texas, he is most comfortable in blue jeans, boots, and often a cowboy hat as well.


JP is a bit of a rule-breaker. Never anything that would intentionally hurt anyone, but he does feel that playing by the rules limits how much a person can really grow and learn. He loves flashy things, especially fireworks. He is outgoing and makes friends easily, as long as they don't mind him getting them into trouble now and then.


Sarah Phoenix was not your typical girl growing up. Her dad and uncles were all automotive mechanics by day and semi-pro hot rod drag racers at night. It was only natural that she joined them in the family past time. She never did get a hunger for driving, but she proved to be a very creative mechanic and quickly gained a reputation as someone to turn to when a car was in need of special treatment.

She had plenty of boys interested in her, but she always turned them away, hoping for something better. That was until she met a mysterious man at an auto show who just took her breath away. The mystery man praised her and charmed her right out of her clothes and into a one night stand. He tried to tell her of his divine origins, but she knew a cop out when she heard one and left the encounter in tears.

She discovered she was pregnant soon after and her family started to fall apart from the strain of their little angel being violated. Her dad was so upset, he got into a wreck in his next race and died from his wounds. Her uncles started a manhunt for the jerk and two of them ended up going to prison for assaulting a man who they thought was the father. The one uncle, Bill, who stayed out of jail helped care for Sarah and her newborn son, Jesse.

As Jesse grew, his family tried to get him into everything a proper boy should do. He was enrolled in football, where he received high praise for his skills. He also was a natural at auto repair, just like his mom. His problems with academics though put him in contact with the bad kids at school on a regular basis and he discovered a flare for blowing up toilets and mailboxes with fireworks soon after. After more than a few run-ins with the law, he mom started to worry about his future and the real possibility that he might end up in prison at some point.

When a package arrived for him on his 16th birthday, his mom almost threw it out when she saw it was from his father. But she loved her son too much to do so without his approval. They opened the box together and read the letter. His father apologized for not being there over the years, but assured them both that he had been keeping tabs on him and was distressed as well at where things were headed.

He offered an alternative solution, a summer camp. He promised it would bring a little discipline into his life and also give Jesse a chance to find out more about his father's family. The note included a small GPS with a destination point set somewhere in New York.

After a lot of discussion, Jesse and his family agreed giving it a try might be worthwhile. And if it didn't work out, the door would always be open for him back home. He loaded up some supplies into his old Pontiac Firebird that he had rebuilt with his mom and hit the road, wondering what life had in store for him next.



Children of Hephaestus have the ability to see each specific weakness in another person’s armor and are proficient at striking them in order to do the most efficient amount of damage.


Children of Hephaestus can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.

Children of Hephaestus are able to create a wall of stone, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, to temporarily blunt attacks


Children of Hephaestus are innately extremely resistant to heat and fire.

Children of Hephaestus are innately stronger and faster than others.

Children of Hephaestus are innately able to use any enchanted materials for use in weapons or armor; however, they are not as proficient with it as someone who would naturally be able to use them.

Supplementary Children of Hephaestus have the ability to release heat from their hands in order to cauterize an open wound.

Children of Hephaestus are able to create a smoke screen that suffocates and hinders enemies for a short time, using it to either escape or do one sneak attack

3 Months After Character is Made

Children of Hephaestus have the ability to control a single mechanical object with their mind; doing so, however, immobilizes the child of Hephaestus until control is broken. This only works on objects mechanically controlled, not objects controlled by magic.

6 Months After Character is Made

Children of Hephaestus have the ability to create and control fire; however, it is extremely chaotic and will burn anything near it no matter the intention of the child of Hephaestus.

9 Months After Character is Made

Children of Hephaestus are able to bring to life a sculputure to fight for them for a short time, while the sculpture is fighting for them, they are weakened and unable to attack themselves


They are great mechanics. Are able to make all sorts of machines, including automatons. Are excellent sculptors, stonemasons, architects, builders, carpenters and wood-workers They are able to create transforming weaponry. They are excellent at creating weapons and armor of all natures. They are adept at the forge and metal working They make great fire fighters and volcanologists


Name Relation Feelings
Sarah Phoenix Mother I love her with all my heart.
Bill Phoenix Great Uncle Closest thing I had to a dad, growing up.
Hephaestus Father Never met him, but he seems to want to mend things, so I will give him a shot.


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