Joseph König

Godly Parent:


Joseph König



Mortal Parent:

Elisabeth König




about 6 feet tall, narrow face, black greasy hair, averagely-muscled body. He often wears a lab coat if he's out on the field to heal his allies, but will wear a t-shirt and shorts if he's just hanging around at camp




Joseph is like your everyday mad doctor. He has a pretty maniacal mind, but he's also very intellegent. He's very good at making plans and solving problems. He is pretty average in combat, but has a pretty good shot with his crossbow, though his true specialty is healing over harming. Some think he's just a crazy medic, but under his skin, he's a passionate man hoping to make his medical skills heal the world.


Elisabeth König was a simple woman in her early life. She began her career as a nurse at Saint Adalgar Hospital in Berlin, usually assisting surgeons by supplying them with the needed tools during operations. She eventually returned to medical school to learn more about surgery, and soon become a top-notch student. She would ace every test and master each simulator the professors at the academy could throw at her. After starting with simple operations such as removing scars and replacing hips, she worked her way up to becoming a locally famous brain and heart surgeon. While she made a good amount of money as a surgeon, she had a love for simple jobs involving children. As a side job, she was a local violin teacher, and would teach children ages 10-18 everything she knew of the string instrument. Being a medical wonder and a pretty good violinist, this soon caught the eye of Apollo. One day at Saint Adalgar, a new surgeon showed up to work on a heart transplant operation with Elisabeth. This surgeon was none other than Apollo. Being told that the new surgeon was still pretty new, Elisabeth was to help guide him on the operation. As they cut open the skin and re-arranged the arteries, Elisabeth and Apollo found love in each other's hearts while they worked on someone else's heart (gross, right? But hey, I guess love can be found anywhere, even in a smelly, blood-filled hospital room). They soon began to date, usually watching old movies together at the theaters. After the night of their 3rd date, Apollo decided it was time to reveal himself as the God of the sun, music, and healing. Elisabeth was shocked and afraid, but she kept calm and carefully listened to Apollo explain. Not long after, Elisabeth soon found herself with a child. She gave birth to Joseph in the same hospital room that Apollo and her had met, working on a man's heart transplant.

Joseph was born as a smart kid. In 5th grade, he began to show his bright ideas as he aced every quiz, test, and homework assignment that he found on his desk. The teachers adored him and saw him as a strong brain in the school, but the kids teased him. Joseph had no friends, except for one: Agidius. Like many demigod's friends, Agidus was actually a satyr guardian undercover as a normal everyday student.  He would always keep his eye on Joseph to make sure he was safe, and to help him get to Camp Half-Blood when he needed to. By high school, Joseph was showing a huge interest in medical science. He was never grossed out by disections, even when the other students in the class would go outside of the room and do an alternate assignment from not being able to handle the "gross" job of studying the inside of a frog or a lamb's heart. One day, his high school class took a field trip to Saint Adalgar Hospital to watch an actual operation take place, and Joseph's mother would be one of the surgeons preforming it. The opertaion was a heart transplant, and most of the students were grossed out. Viewing it was optional, but Joseph's science teacher, Mr. Aldrick, would give a hard assignment to those who didn't watch. Most of the girls left before they even went into the viewing room, while msot of the guys and a few of the girls interested stuck around. However, they didn't stay for long, as even viewing a man's chest being cut open from behind a glass window was still a disturbing sight. Soon, Joseph, Agidius, and Mr. Aldrick were the only ones in the viewing room. Joseph was practically hypnotyzed and astonished by the operation, but Agidius looked away, not because of the grusome heart transplant going on, but because he was glancing at Mr. Aldrick. Something was not right about him. Mr. Aldrick was known as one of the toughest and meanest teachers in the school. He hated most of his students because they were horrible at science, but he also showed natural aggression to Joseph, despite him being his best student in the class. Mr. Aldrick had to be a monster.

Agidius told Joseph that they should leave the viewing room, but Joseph said if they didn't stay they would get the extra assignment and Joseph didn't want to miss the operation's ending. Agidius decided that Joseph couldn't be convinced, so they stayed for the rest of the operation, but Agidius kept a good eye on Mr. Aldrick. He was really starting to get nervous when he saw Mr. Aldrick constantly glare at them with delight and a stare that almost made his eyes look like electricity. Finally, the operation was over, and the surgeon's including Joseph's mom were cleaning up and sending the patient back to his room. Joseph and Agidius were leaving the viewing room when Mr. Aldrick stopped them. He said he would show his 2 "favorite" students a special part of the hospital only people who viewed the operation would get to see. Joseph didn't feel anything wrong, but Agidius knew Mr. Aldrick was probably going to try and kill them. Agidius played along and went with Joseph and Mr. Aldrick. Mr. Aldrick took Joseph and Agidius to a dark, empty surgery room. Joseph asked Mr. Aldrick if he could turn on the lights. Mr. Aldrick cackled and said "Sure thing, pal." The room began to light up, but the actual lights weren't on. The light was unatural and was like a flurry of static flashes. Joseph and Agidius both looked at Mr. Aldrick shocked. Mr. Aldrick was changing: his skin turned a dark grey and it began to move like furious storm clouds. His eyes glowed yellow with electricity. Lighting bolts shot all around his body. The room began to get cold and windy, as if a hurricane was taking place inside the room. Mr. Aldrick was a storm spirit. Joseph was dazed with shock, looking at his science teacher with horror. Agidius quickly grabbed Joseph's arm and rushed with him out of the room. They ran fast through the halls of the hospital, but Mr. Aldrick followed them fast due to his ability to hover and soar through mid-air. Luckly, Joseph and Agidius were able to turn swiftly around a corner and into a room so that Mr. Aldrick lost them. When they went out of the room, they ran into Elisabeth, Joseph's mom. She was going to ask how the operation was, but Agidius quickly tells her that Joseph needs to get to camp. Joseph thought that their science teacher chasing them as an electric beast would be the wrong time to go camping, but he didn't understand what Agidius meant. Joseph, Agidius, and Elisabeth quickly get out of the hospital to get back to Joseph's home. A violent storm begins to rumble in their area from Mr. Aldrick summoning it with his abilities. Joseph's Mom quickly drives home with them, having to swiftly turn around lighting strikes every few minutes. When they get home, they can hear a lot of wind and lightning heading toward their direction, meaning Mr. Aldrick has found them. Joseph's mom quickly grabs something from the basement: a golden crossbow. She gives Joseph the crossbow, along with some celestial bronze crossbow bolts saying "It was your father's goodbye present...." Joseph and Agidius go out on the front lawn to face Mr. Aldrick while Elisabeth hides inside. Mr. Aldrick soars towards them from the sky. Joseph fires his crossbow, but Mr. Aldrick fades and the bolt passes right through them. As Joseph reloads, he yells at Agidius asking why it didn't work. Agidius quickly says that Mr. Aldrick can fade to dodge celestial bronze, so Joseph has to hit him while he's open. Mr. Aldrick sends a small bolt of lightning that hits Joseph. Joseph falls on his back, and he's on the ground, seemingly blacked out. Mr. Aldrick laughs and starts to hover towards Agidius. Agidius begins to run, as he has no weapon to fight back. Agidius trips on a rock without looking, and Mr. Aldrick is about to electrocute him. Joseph luckly gets up and sees Mr. Aldrick about to kill his friend. He quickly picks up the crossbow, loads it, takes aim, and fires at Mr. Aldrick. Mr Aldrick., completely unaware of the bolt, doesn't fade this time and the bolt strikes him in the back of his head. The storm spirit falls on the ground and fades away in a black cloud. The storm fades away and it is sunny once more. Joseph helps Agidius up. They head back to the house, and Joseph's mom explains to him that he is a demigod. Agidius takes off his disguise to reveal he's a satyr guardian. Joseph's mom explains he must go to Camp Half-blood, the only safe place for demigods. Agidius contacts the camp by an Iris message he conjured with some sink water and a flashlight. He tells the camp to send a chariot to Joseph's address in Berlin, Germany. After about 2 hours, the chariot arrives with a demigod driving it. Joseph and Agidius wave goodbye to Elisabeth, and the chariot flies into the sky. After a long trip, they make it to Camp Half-blood, and Joseph's new life as a demigod begins.


Gold crossbow with celestial bronze crossbow bolts

Joseph's Crossbow
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