Shes a basic nerd, humiliated after what happened with Boreas. She basically just wants the gods out of power of demigods, spirits and nymphs.


Boreas was talking with Aeolus about creating a new nymph. They agreed to help each other create a nymph that was stronger than all. But what they got, was not what they expected. They got me, a puny little nymph with powers of reading, writing, listening and sword fight. They hated this. Boreas didn't want me and he kicked me out of his palace. I walked around the woods for a while until I met a demigod Summer Daily. She was close to getting killed, but then I told her my story and she fully believed me. But then, John Daisy, came and Summer ran away. John asked me my name, and I suddenly remembered, Boreas didn't name me, so I made up a name. Kassi. I told him I was a wind nymph that was thrown out of Boreas' castle. John asked me if I wanted to join the broken convent, I said yes, though I didn't know what it was.



Name Relation Feelings
Boreas Creator Bitch.
John Friend Hes cool
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