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This character is a child of Ariadne.


Kass is a fun-loving thirteen year old. She is extremely energetic and outgoing. Kass has a very loving nature and loves every animal. She has a great sense of humor and can make friends easily. Kass has an undying love for her family and would die for them. She has the ability to see the good in people but is very naïve. Kass is also scared very easily and is prone to have nightmares.


Jason and Kass's mum met at Stanford University during a lector in Jason's Ancient History class. They were learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, which Jason noticed Kass's mum took a particular interest in. When the day was over, the two officially met at a party. Jason asked Kass's mum why she loved Greek Mythology though Kass's mum didn't answer. The two of them build a strong friendship and realized they had a lot of classes together. Eventually friendship led to romance and the two started dating. After a week, Jason had graduated from University with a degree in History. Kass's mum attended the graduation and told Jason she was pregnant. Jason was happy with the news and the two hugged tightly.

Two months after Kass's mum had told Jason she was pregnant, the two of them got into an argument about Kass as her mum revealed that she would have to leave Jason and their child but didn't say anything else. Jason repeatedly asked Kass's mum why and eventually revealed she was the Greek Goddess (Kass's mum's name) and that their child was a demigod. Jason stormed away from Kass's mum and ended their relationship. Kass's mum went after him and asked about their child but Jason answered, saying that he didn't care what happened to it.

Three months later, a healthy baby girl was left on Jason's doorstep. Jason looked around but found nothing but the girl, wrapped in a warm blanket, and a small note. "Our daughter, her name is Kassiani." Jason lifted his daughter in his arms and lost all the anger he had three months ago. Jason decided to move in with his parents in their family home in Richmond, Virginia.

Kass grew up happily with her dad and grandparents and at an early age develop a love for animals. Jason always noticed a strong resemblance between Kass and her mum. He never had the courage, or will, to tell Kass that she was a demigod. When Kass started school, she easily made friends and was a popular kid like Jason.

When Kass was six, Jason met a woman named Olivia, who was a daughter of Apollo and was a healer at Camp Half-Blood. Jason fell in love with Olivia who returned Jason's feelings. Jason introduced Olivia to his family and Olivia and Kass quickly formed a mother/daughter bond. Olivia fell in love with a mortal life like the one being with Jason offered her and decided to leave Camp though took all her weapons like her bow and arrows and CB throwing knives, dagger and sword.

Eight months later Olivia and Jason got married and Jason moved out of his parents home and Jason, Olivia and Kass moved into a comfortable family home in Lawrence, Kansas. Olivia hid the weapons in the basement, incase of a monster attack. Jason did eventually tell Olivia about Kass and Olivia herself confessed that she was a demigod daughter of Apollo. Jason asked Olivia why she didn't tell him and she admitted that she was too scared to.

Jason started to allow himself to travel for work as he knew Olivia would be more than capable of taking care of Kass. Olivia tried to train Kass incase of a monster attack, and because Jason had asked her to. Olivia made Kass study Greek Mythology and learn how to fight with a bow and arrows and throwing knifes. Whenever Jason came home from work, Olivia and Kass would celebrate and listen to his stories. Kass would then normally ask Jason to read her favorite tale from Greek Mythology.

A few days before Kass's twelfth birthday, Jason and Olivia realized that Kass had extreme difficulties with reading properly and also that she just could not stay still for more than a minute. Olivia and Jason took Kass to the doctors to see if anything was wrong with her and the doctors revealed that Kass suffers from ADHD and dyslexia, adding a bit of evidence to Olivia's theory that Kass was a demi-god. The trio went home and Olivia revealed that she also suffered from those things. That night Olivia told Kass that the fates were cruel but that life gives them what they can handle, but then they have to handle it.

When Kass was twelve years old, as a birthday and cheer-up present, Olivia and Jason got Kass a puppy Labrador. Olivia explained that the Labrador's name was Naerys and that she was found alone and abandoned by her family. Over the year, Kass and Naerys formed an extremely close bond, and, unknown by anyone and empathy link.

When Kass was thirteen, she was walking home from school though decided to play in the park for a bit. While playing, Kass heard a growl from behind her and spun around to see a huge, angry hellhound who attacked Kass. Kass, unable to defend herself was wounded badly when Olivia, worried because Kass hadn't come home yet, found her. Olivia killed the hellhound with her CB sword. Olivia was able to heal Kass easily, though it did take a few hours for Kass to fully heal, and explained that she used to be a healer at a place called Camp Half-Blood. Olivia muttered that she was being an idiot for not doing anything sooner.

Olivia drove Kass home and told Kass to pack her bags. Kass, though confused, agreed. The two of them packed Kass's backpack in Olivia's car before Kass finally asked Olivia what was going on. Olivia said she was an idiot for not doing anything sooner. She explained that Kass was going to a camp because she was endanger. Olivia continued saying that all the stories from Greek Mythology are true. Kass originally though her step-mother had goon crazy though Olivia turned of all the lights and created a light source out of pure energy. Olivia asked Kass if she still thought Olivia was crazy to which Kass shook her head.

After a day drive, they finally arrived at Long Island. Olivia had explained that she and Jason had known for a very long time that Kass was a demi-god and that Kass's mum is a goddess. Kass had asked who though Olivia confessed that neither she nor Jason knew. Olivia had also revealed that they had been attacked frequently while in Kansas. Kass asked why she was never told that or that Olivia and Kass were demi-gods. Olivia explained that she didn't want to endanger Kass anymore than necessary until she was ready to go to Camp because a demi-gods scent grows stronger when they know and more monsters will try to attack them. Olivia pulled over for a quick stretch of her legs though Kass used this opportunity to escape, leaving Naerys and Olivia behind, though did take her bow and arrows.

When Olivia returned to the car, she realized that Kass had left. She got her bow and arrows and instructed Naerys to lead the way to where Kass is. Kass was walking down a road, in the opposite direction of Camp. Eventually, Kass started feeling hot and turned around to see a Fire-Breathing Horse. Kass tried to run as fast as possible though remembered her training and shot an arrow at the monster, making it stager a bit. A CB knife hit the monster straight after. Kass took the opportunity of the monster's distraction to fire another arrow at it, killing the Fire-Breathing Horse. Kass saw Olivia walking over towards the monster, which had, as far as Kass could see, disappeared. Olivia picked up her knife while Naerys ran towards Kass from behind Olivia and licked Kass's face.

The three of them continued their journey to Camp on foot. Olivia asked Kass if Kass had figured out who Olivia's God father is. Kass realized that the most obvious answer was Apollo which, when Kass asked, Olivia said was correct. Eventually they reached Camp Half-Blood and Olivia told Kass that she can still remember all the locations around Camp and all her best times with her friends. Kass asked if it was a nice place and Olivia revealed that Camp was where she grew up. Olivia said that Kass had to go alone to Camp which upset Kass though she didn't show it. Naerys tried to cheer Kass up and Olivia gave Kass some weapons to protect herself, CB throwing knives and bow and arrows as Olivia pointed out that aim and long-ranged battle is how Kass fights the best. After Kass hugged Olivia and Naerys, she crossed the border and entered Camp Half-Blood.


Kass has Labrador called Naerys who lives with her in Ariadne's Cabin.




  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to cause someone to believe that they are trapped inside a labyrinth, disrupting their senses into seeing anything else for a short time. While under its effect, they become more vulnerable to attacks.
  2. Children of Ariadne, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to create 1 to 3 lesser monsters (those classified as “easy” in the Monster Encyclopedia) nearby them within it; these monsters, however, will not be controlled and will attack anyone they see.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a large portion of a labyrinth wall to protect themselves until it corrodes after a short time. The walls can be created at all directions to create an absolute defense, but drains more energy from the user. Conversely, this can be used to imprison enemies.
  2. Children of Ariadne can cause a person to feel/be lost, as if they don’t know how to reach their desired destination and wander off aimlessly which may induce distress, confusion and loss of concentration, for a short time. The effect can be used on a larger number of people, but drains more energy.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to find their way through/around any sort of puzzle, maze or obstacle without any aid, as if they have a psychic compass within them. They are also able to perceive any kind of hidden obstruction, trap or dead-end within a 10 meter radius around them.
  2. Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to see in multiple directions at once, allowing their senses of sight to become more finely attuned to their surroundings.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a real labyrinth which traps anyone inside it for a short time. The user has total control over the creation, such as altering and closing its walls or even expand the maze at any time. However, a larger maze will consume more energy from the user. The maze has a roof over it and cannot be teleported out of.
  2. Children of Ariadne can conjure a very durable wool string that can be used to navigate around a place, mislead or ensnare victims, bind or strangle enemies, hold or suspense things firmly, weave fine cloth or in any way possible. The longer the string, the more energy it drains. The string can also be conjured from the ground or from any surface.
  3. Children of Ariadne can increase or decrease a person's passions, whether the purpose is to weaken one’s will to fight, or to motivate them to do a certain hobby or to love, etc. The longer this state is maintained, the more energy is drained from the user.
  4. Children of Ariadne are able to teleport themselves through the mazes they created. The further the distance traveled, the more energy drained.


  1. Children of Ariadne have an excellent sense of direction, and are able to navigate and locate any location with ease, rarely getting lost.
  2. Children of Ariadne are typically willing to help others, even to strangers.


Name Relation Feelings
Ariadne Mother Uhh
Jason Father Love him
Olivia Step-Mother Love her
Ariadne's Cabin Half-Siblings Okay...Haven't really met them
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