Kathie's Room


There's a huge sigh that says


Peolpe allowed in her room

Nobody so for..

What looks like/Where's it's located

It's located near the nymph santury.

Rock posters full the walls. Her bed is messy. A few pictures of reindeer full the walls. Her stereo is up all the way. She is probably on the her bed singing horribly.

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Kat -Reindeer Nymph/Animal Nymph
-Creation of Artemis, Guardian of Reindeer Age= Immortal Height= 4'8"
Sexuality= Pansexual Relationship Status:=Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= Greek
Species= Reindeer Nymph Main Weapon= None

 – "I do think I have a rebellious, metal-loving rock chick inside of me."

"Get the f*ck out my room." She says really annoyed and slams the door in your face.
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