Shy but bubbly once befriended


Adrian met Athena at a hospital, where he works as a surgeon. The goddess was captivated by Adrian and eventually, they had a child together. (Or a brain child in Athena's case) Bringing the baby over to Adrian, the goddess reveals her identity, and told Adrian that the child might be exposed to danger in the future, and to prevent that, Adrian must bring the child to camp when she comes of age. Adrian takes the child from the goddess's arms and names her.

At kindergarten, the teachers notice that Kimberly has a certain difficulty to read and can't seem to stay still. Adrian takes Kimberly to the doctor and she is diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. In elementary school, Kimberly makes a few friends, but is still often teased because of her eye color (because not many people those kids know has the same color so they find it funny. And coz kids are like that). In seventh grade, she is attacked by a small hellhound, and she gets saved by another demigod, who was chasing the hellhound. She recognizes him as a classmate, and he convinces her to let him come over to her house after school.

After telling Adrian that Kimberly might be a demigod, Adrian realizes that it was time to bring Kimberly to camp. With a heavy heart, he drives her, and the other demigod to Camp Half-Blood, and drops her off with a final hug, making her promise to come back home when she can defend herself from the dangers of her world. Stepping into camp, she gets claimed by her godly parent, and is brought over to the big house. She is placed into her cabin after watching the orientation film, and greeted by her siblings.



Name Relation Feelings
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