This user's character is a Nymph.


People tell me I am mysterious yet loving and dreamy. I have a passion for archery but I often find myself daydreaming and wandering off


I am often told of the day I was created. Athena made me. She created me to be a hunter for Artemis, because one of her huntress' had been killed and Athena was returning the favor for something she had done for her. It was a beautiful day in Olympus, a perfect day to be born. I like to refer my day of creation to birth. I was still young when I was sent off for training. Artemis was there for my training, and more nymphs made me feel comfortable. One day, Artemis gave me a beautiful bow and 15 arrows as an award for an archery test i aced. Both Artemis and Athena agreed that I was ready, so I was sent out on a mission looking for a missing demigod, child of Eros with some other nymphs and demigods. I was severely wounded and sent back to Olympus. Artemis regretted sending me out and I was terribly ashamed. Everyone made me stay inside mostly after my recovery. Every so often they let me take walks outside, but they said I should wait to start my training back up. One day I was walking in the garden admiring the pretty white daisies when I heard a scream from the woods. I knew I shouldn't, but I remembered the missing Eros girl, so I grabbed my bow and quiver of arrows and headed out to the woods. I saw something, it looked like a big dog, wrestling with something. As I got closer, I was astonished to realize it was a human, no wait, a demigod! I hurried toward it. I hadn't completed my training, but I was still a good shot. I took a deep breath and shot. The arrow curved right. I got ready to shoot another arrow, but I gasped as the wind carried the arrow back on track. It was headed straight for the neck of the beast! I cheered to my self as the monster collapsed off the body. I ran to the girl, lying in a pile of leaves, quickly loosing blood. The girl was gasping and sputtering, causing the blood to run more freely out of her body. She would surely be dead in five minutes if she didn't calm down. I kept telling her to calm down, but I soon had to use a trick Athena taught me. she was soon calm. I also remembered overhearing someone teaching how to call the allegiance of an owl. I called, and soon after, an owl swooped down. I gave it the message of help, and soon, help arrived. Athena was angry with me, but she was also very happy with me for saving the girl. I was told the girl would live, but she would need months of treatment to get to that point. Eros awarded me with a charm of a bow and arrow. I was also made full nymph. I was overjoyed! Athena then sent me to live at a place for demigods. I had heard that there were nymphs there. I asked why, and I was told they didn't want me getting hurt or attacked again.


Name Relation Feelings
Athena Creator Trusts her and loves her like a mother
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