Lake Nymph
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Water nymph
This user's character is a Water Nymph.

Lake Nymph
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born July 3, 1829
Family Poseidon (Father),
Status Immortal, Alive;Single
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'1"
Affiliation The Lake, Poseidon's Cabin
Weapons Water
Home The Lake
Quests None


Lacus was a demigod years ago, he attended camp half blood and was the son of Posidon, his name was Henry Brelton. He was born in the Victorian Era and was from a rich family. But he drowned in Camp Halfblood Lake.</span>

He was reborn 172 years ago by the god Poseidon who saved him from drowning in the lake. Poseidon created him for he saw such a loss of life in this lake and he wished it no more. Lacus was created on the 5th of April 1840

He hate's this job but although this he has saved many Demigod's since the day of his creation. Some of the demigod's he has saved are Ailred Wolfskill Son of Athena and many others.

He lives in a small cave at the bottom of the lake. He he enjoys reading, painting and sketching. He has a very strange tendency to twitch when he says the word 'because' and 'save'.


Wise and wet in personality he dislike's most Camper's and there bathing in his lake. He is very intellegant but only shares info with his closest friends or someone who can beat him in a riddle contest. He prefers to be alone and hate's being with people.










He's great, the creator of my rebirth


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