Lana is a hot-head. She has a very low temperament for people who are rude,annoying, or clueless. In some cases she can be understanding and kind, but will sometimes pop up to yell at couples at the Brook or people just standing around, and pets playing in her Brook. (It's hers! No matter anyone says, it's hers!)


Lana's history is very complicated. Her mother was a hunter of Artemis, and a demigod child of Pandia. One day, she was raped by an unknown man, and became pregnant with Lana. Her mother desperately didn't want to leave the hunt, and it hadn't been her choice to have sex and she wasn't in love, so she made a deal that she would give the child up for adoption as soon as it was born, as long as Artemis promised between her an Pandia, they would make sure the child found a home and was watched out for.

So, Lana grew in up in a nice, normal home with two adoptive parents.

When she was 16, Lana was turned in a Naiad after almost dying in a car wreck that killed her foster parents Liz and Beth, and her other adopted sibling, Deliah. Pandia took pity as her grandchild lay dying and turned her into a Naiad with some help from Poseidon.  
Lana 22

Lana waking up a Nymph

After words, Artemis kept asking if she wanted to join the hunt was because her mother was a well respected/great huntress that died in battle (like a boss), and Artemis felt that she would also be a great huntress and was annoyed with Pandia for making her a fresh water nymph so she can't travel far.

But really  Pandia was trying to protect her granddaughter from the same people that hurt  her mother, but no one knows that. So Pandia put a curse that if she strayed too far from her brook for too long, her hair would turn white, as a reminder that she could never join the hunt, and leave the safety of camp for long.((Thanks  Bach!))


Water Nymph Powers:

  • Water Nymphs can dissolve into water.
  • Breathe and withstand immense pressure underwater
  • Hydrokinetic, can move water with her mind Telepathic connection with all sea creatures, especially dolphins, and some mammals
  • Has high resistance to fire or burns Know exact coordinates and locations of things underwater
  • Water travel
  • Can summon dolphins underwater
  • Can soothe wounds and calm people with a few words
  • When she sings with joy, everyone’s spirit lifts
  • When they sing with force, anyone who can here could be lured to their death
  • Know exact coordinates and locations of things underwater
  • Can inspire men, and has some prophetic or oracular powers, can also heal demigods wounds as long as they aren't too near death.


Name Relation Feelings
Pandia Grandmother Never met her, so I have no idea
Delia  Mother  Never met her, so I have no idea
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