He's a little bit "wacko" (probably learnt it from his sister), but in a good way. He's the upbeat one in his family. He's almost like the "glue". His sister may be a rebel, but he is completely different. He's the one trying to keep her calm all the time.


Jeanne was the oldest in the Mendes family and when she was three, her little sister, Coraline was born and their father got a promotion in Brazil, where he and his wife were from, so they moved there. After three years, their triplet siblings, Paul, Harold, and Harriet were born. They grew unknown of the Greek world since they were mortals, except for the clear-sighted Coraline and Paul, and they eventually grew up and their lives were different directions. Harold was the rebellious one in the family, after dropping out of high school, he slept around and took drugs. After his siblings, Paul and Harriet graduated, he found a job at a DVD shop where he met (history). After she left, he sobered up and started caring about his life so he started taking care of his new son, Daniel who was born before she left. A year later her got into a relationship with a nice lady. They dated for about a year before Kasey and Leo were born then the lady left. Leo was sort of like the glue in the family, always keeping them together by being upbeat. Leo learned that he was dyslexic and had ADHD. Both him and his sister were teased relentlessly because of it. When they were in 3rd grade, Kasey ran away from home. At first, Leo wasn't really worried; she was that type of girl. But then after 2 days, he got so uptight about it, that he would barely leave his room. Thankfully, the police found her and brought her back after 3 days. She'd changed though. When they were 10, Kasey joined Leo to join the volleyball and soccer team. She'd gotten better grades by the time they moved to high school. She also started skateboarding with him.

Before Leo and Kasey turned 16, Harold took Daniel away. Both were sad, but more Kasey, when this happened. One day after school, Leo and Kasey were hanging out at school when a hellhound attacked them. Kasey grabbed her skateboard and threw it at the hellhound. When it hit the hellhound, Kasey grabed Leo's wrist and ran home as fast as theirr legs could take them but, the hellhound followed them.

Leo didn't know what to do, so he just followed her. But Kasey remembered the fireworks she had in her backpack. (Leo never found out why they were in there.) So while they were running, Kasey reached into her backpack and pulled out the fireworks, then she lit them on fire and threw them at the hellhound. The fireworks got caught in the hellhounds fur and when they went off, the hellhound yelped and gave up. The moment they got home, Harold knew something was wrong. Kasey explained what happened very quickly and Harold knew he also had to take them to Camp Half-Blood. After, Leo and Kasey had packed a small backpack full of things they needed, Harold took them to the airport and they flew to New York where they rented a car and Harold drove them to Camp. A little while after they got to camp they were claimed by their mother.




Name Relation Feelings
Kasey Mendes Twin Sister "I love her."
Daniel Mendes Older Brother "I love him."
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