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Rory Cumberbatch was an English comedian, fresh out of University. He did a few shows in pubs and private shows. His main job though was a bartender at the main pub he played in, and he lived in one of the small apartments above the pub. It was a bedroom with a small kitchen and TV. The bathroom was shared with the other residents. He didn't get much money from his job, but he was doing what he loved. One day, whilst doing one of his shows in the pub he lived in, a beautiful woman with black hair went up to him after the show. She told him he name was Victoria, and that she was visiting from America. They got drunk and hooked up for one night. When he woke up, 'Victoria' was gone. There was a note on the bedside table.

Dear Rory,

I'm sorry for lying to you. But I didn't want you to think I was crazy. I'm not really called Victoria Greene, but Thalia. I'm a Greek Muse, and I'm going to have your daughters. I can never see our daughters after they're born, but who knows. Maybe one day our paths will meet again.


Rory folded the paper and put it in a box where he kept the items that meant most to him. A few months later, there was a knock on the door, and a big basket with two little girls tucked up in a blue blanket was there. He looked down the hall, but no one was to be seen. He picked it up, and there was a small slip of paper that simply said 'Glinda Grace and Leona Eliza Cumberbatch'. Rory knew they were his daughters, and he was going to care for them. He bought two cribs to use for them until he could afford a proper flat big enough. He started to get loads of money for his shows, and when Glinda and Leona were two, he bought an apartment.

Life was fairly normal for them. Rory didn't hide the fact that they were demigods from them. What use would that be? So he told them as soon as they turned six. They understood, if a little confused by such odd information. They weren't very popular at school. Glinda asked a lot of questions and worried about things that were likely to never happen. When they were nine, they were diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADD (rather than ADHD), and Glinda was told she had borderline Asperger's Syndrome.

When they were 13, Rory hadn't sent them to Camp yet, as he didn't want to loose them. This was a mistake, as they were attacked by three hellhounds. With no training, they were instantly killed. When they arrived in the underworld, Thalia knew they were in the underworld. She asked Apollo, a friend of hers to talk to Hades. Apollo talked to Hades, and was allowed to revive them as music nymphs. He sent another nymph to take them to camp.


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