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We will be taking three leaders from each side.

  1. Zoun, Head of Liberatio Generis (User:Kingbirdy)
  2. Evangeline, leader of Ortu Justitiae (User:Queen.Bee)
  3. Hunter Justit, Head Counsellor of Themis' Cabin (User:Black Wolf of blood)
  4. Vanessa Chase, head counsellor of Eurus' Cabin (User:KittyInASheepsClothes)
  5. Kathryn Taylor, Head counsellor of Iris' Cabin (User:BloomOfFairyTail)


This will be the place for the BC/camp cross meeting. It is faction leaders and counsellors only who should be discussing their sides' stances on the Lilith's Letter situation.


Vanessa: Stares at the three BC leaders, mentally assessing them before seeming to decide on something. I think we should begin with introductions. I am Vanessa, counsellor of Eurus cabin.

Axel: He smirked and watched the demigod that spoke. Hmmm the counselor for the god of the East wind's cabin from that pathetic camp. I am Axel, Leader of the Liberi Superum.

Vanessa: Rolls her eyes. If we are pathetic, who are you to lose your manners in a polite meeting? if we are going to do this, do it good. Don't lose your tongue....

Hunter: Hunter, Head Counsellor of Themis' Cabin. Pleased His voice is dripping with sarcasm to meet you.

Axel: The winds start to swirl around Axel. You do not know what I have gone through throughout the millennium child. But for the sake of stopping whatever this supposed threat is I will hold my tongue.

Vanessa: Claps her hands. Awesome! So, let's continue introductions.

Zoun: Axel, please calm yourself. he turns to the campers I am Zoun. While I realize that we are at odds with each other, mutual destruction seems to be a more pressing threat. With that in mind, should we get started?

Evangeline: Rolls her eyes at Axel, then turns to the rest of the members. Yes, let's get started.

Vanessa: Nods. So, how much does the Broken Covernant know of or have heard of the threat?

Zoun: Well, we received a letter, which indicated that you received an identical copy. he produces the letter for them to look over

Vanessa: Does a quick skim over it. Yeah, we did.

Hunter: He smirks, So, what did you decide so far?

Vanessa: Nods in agreement to Hunter's question.

Zoun: We've decided to send out several teams to investigate Pagos.

Kathryn: That means we had basically the same idea.

Vanessa: You say you have sent out teams, where to, may I ask?

Zoun: Well, from what our reports indicate, the same places you have: Cairo, Rio, Seattle, Belfast, Guangzhou, and Sydney.

Vanessa: Yes, correct. You say your teams have been sent, all of them or are you still awaiting the signal to finalize it? Like, waiting for a certain time to send them out officially. I for one, know all our teams are already out but have not heard anything from the teams that they have seen Broken Covenant people around.

Zoun: They've been sent out. Though keep in mind, these are major cities with populations well over a million, the odds are against them to ever run into each other.

Vanessa: Nods. Tr-ue. Have you got any feedback from them so far?

Evangeline: Not yet, but I expect we'll hear from them in a couple of days. If there's nothing to report, why bother reporting.

Vanessa: Looks at her in respect. Logical words, y'got there.

Hunter: He has been sitting, not really bothering to follow the conversation, Let's just hope it truly was Lilith who sent those letters. For all we know, it could just as well have been Pagos who sent them, and left the clues.

Zoun: I was under the impression that Lilith had left camp, and that you had found more information in her room.

Hunter: He nods She did, and we did. However, no one knew she had left until after it happened, and the clues could have been left by Pagos.

Evangeline: I'd be really worried about securities if I were you. If Pagos could get into Camp so easily, then I don't want any alliances with Camp, pausing for a moment, if 'this' could be considered an alliance.

Vanessa: Raises her eyebrow. Let's consider this a civil meeting until later notice, and get back on rack. In our Camp Counsellor Meeting, I believe we came to the conclusion that we truly believed it was Lilith who left the letter. Based on my knowledge of her, I'd have to agree.

Zoun: Considering that we have already dispached the teams, I think it would be best to assume that it is true, for now. Also keep in mind, Evangeline, that their defenses have been broken before, by us, as I recall, But now isn't the time to stir up old grievances.

Kat: Well, yes our security has been broken by you, more than once if what I hear is right, but honestly, I don't think this matters right now. I don't know Lilith, but I don't see why Pagos would go through this much work to find out things about him when we passed all this years without hearing about him. I think Lilith sent those letters, so could we move to our next topic, or whatever?

Evangeline: Very well, then.

Zoun: I think perhaps we should adjourn, until we receive information back from the teams. Then we can decide as a group where to go from there.