1. Althea Bellecourt, daughter of Boreas (User:GirlofDelusion)
  2. Caelo Hendrix, son of Deimos (User:ItsjustJake)
  3. Sheila Carter, daughter of Demeter (User:Sonofapollo)
  4. Liam Ander, son of Prometheus (User:Orbstar)


Find more information about Pagos and Lilith in Sydney, Australia, the place Althea intuitively decided would be vital to the fight against Pagos, and, in addition, would be farthest away from the Broken Covenant joined affairs.



Althea walks up to the Pine Tree, holding her iPad, on it a guide of Sydney.

Liam: Hey, here. ...So, if I got this right, a camper went missing and wants us to go on a possible wild goose chase about some Pagos guy?

Althea: Er, to put it lightly, I'm afraid so. I'm Althea Bellecourt, daughter of Boreas.

Liam: Liam, Liam Anderson, son of Prometheus. Nice to meet you.

Caelo: Caelo steps out of the shadows of the surrounding trees, having been there the entire time. He says nothing at first, staying silent and nodding 'hello' to each member of the team.

Sheila comes running up to the rest of them. Her hair flies all over the place, and on her left hand is a woven basket, covered with a cloth.

Sheila: Pulls the hair out of her face, and beams. Hi guys! Sheila Carter, daughter of Demeter, lovely to meet all of you!

Liam: He nods at Caelo and Sheila with a small smileץNice to meet you too, Sheila, I'm Liam.

Sheila: So. Australia, huh? I've heard its beautiful.. She trails off, attempting to make light conversation

A vehicle pulls up, ready to take the group to the airport.

Althea: That one's for us. Let's go on. Enters the van.

Sheila: puts her basket carefully into the van, before gingerly stepping in

Liam: Climbs in after Sheila.

Caelo: Caelo sighs and steps into the van, muttering about how they could have used a Jeep wrangler instead. He smiles darkly and relaxes in his seat, making himself "at home".

Sheila: So when we reach, does anyone have any ideas on where to start searching?

At that time the van started up and started on its way to the airport.

Althea: I tried surfing the net for any leads on where Lilith may have been in Sydney... anyone else have internet handy?

Liam: I always pack a Mac with me. Searches in his small duffle and pulls out a MacBook Air. What should I search? "What hotel did Lilith stay at"?

Sheila: I seriously doubt she'd stay at a hotel, using her real name.....Perhaps she used an Alias? Even so- it makes it harder for us to track her. I suggest we go to places of interest, ad ask civilians if they've seen her around. We could pretend that we're on some school trip or something, and we've lost a member. That's just my idea, though.

Althea: I seriously doubt that Lilith would walk around without a disguise. And there are tourists everywhere, renewing day by day. So unless Lilith was there then it wouldn't work.As such, it would never work. Speaks up. Maybe we could visit the opera house.

Caelo: This Pagos guy... he's probably got spies all over the place. We'll have to watch out.

Liam: Well, how exactly do you expect us to get into the opera house? Not only do we have to watch out for Pagos, but won't it seem a bit suspicious if a group of teens is snooping around the opera house, with no guardian or legit explanation?

Sheila: Getting in isn't a problem, we just need to book tickets. Goes on her iPhone and taps the screen.How does Phantom of the opera sound?

Caelo: Caelo sighs, rolling his eyes at the thought of going to see an opera.

Althea: Sheila, I have some ties at the opera house, we should be able to enter without tickets... Did we get tickets to Sydney? If you guys would like, I can try to arrange a private jet for us to take instead of a regular one. Should speed things along.

Sheila: Oh, why thanks Althea Smiles. I was worried of spending too much mortal money....My brother would kill me. And good call with the Jet, we can't waste too much time.

After a while, they reach the airport. An employee of Althea's jet leads them to the Jet through an exclusive path. The jet appears very luxurious, with silver walls with alice blue patterns. The whole jet appears to be colored in the same manner. The jet has a very comfortable setting, consisting of a lounge area with plush couches, LED televisions, coffee tables and a hot tub, a sleeping area with wide chairs that also turn into beds (with each seat its own mini television), an eating area, and finally a luxorious bathroom at the end. Butlers seem to be at very corner, coming in and out of the spacy employee area in the front of the plane.

Althea: She sits down on one of the chairs and motions them to have a seat as well. I'm glad we didn't have to go through the obnoxious public security paths. By the way, if any one of you would like something from the duty free, just give one of the employees a product number, it's on me. I'm glad they didn't bring one of the larger planes over. The smaller the aircraft, the faster we get there.

Sheila: Her eyes widen and puts her basket next to her seat. I agree, pulls up the cover of the basket to reveal two twin axes and some other things. If the security found these, we'd be....well, in jail. This is a very nice herself I wonder what the big ones are like....

Althea: We should probably take some things with us... After sending me to camp, my mother made sure that wherever I am, I would have the proper equipment. She walks over to the end of the sleeping area, steps one time with her left foot, twice with her right and three times with her left over the spot of floor.

The floor in front of her opens to reveal large amounts of ambrosia, nectar, medical help supplies, and most impressively, weapons made of every material useful for demigods. There are also a few mortal weapons with the bunch.

Sheila: I have these Shows her basket, which contains small golden eggs. These eggs have ambrosia, laid by the chicken I was gifted from my mother, Demeter. I have loads of these in my basket, incase we need some. They look like normal eggs to mortals, so it's perfect.

Liam: Whoa.... He looks around the jet, then at the weapons, picking up a sword, tossing it from hand to hand, then putting it down and doing the same with another one. This is way better than what's my definition of an, I suppose we should start mapping out where we'll search in the opera house, right?

Caelo: I'm all set with weapons. He shows everyone his array of sword and knives, carefully hidden or tucked away. He removes his leather jacket, then leans back, reclining his seat. So how long till Sydney? I'm starved.

Althea: Once the plane sets out, we'll have about 22 hours until we get there. As for food, once they tell us we can get up after we rise, you could eat all you'd like at the eating area or just ask the butlers to bring something over.

A butler comes over and tells Althea in perfect French to tell the rest to sit down, and she translates it to the rest. As they do, the plane sets out for Sydney. After 25 minutes or so, another butler comes and tells them they can now get up and do as they wish through the same proccess. They then pass the 22 hour flight, doing all they please to to do. Once they land, they again pass through a secluded passage, from which they get their duty free purchases and their luggage. A limousine driver with a sign reading "Mademoiselle Bellecourt" waits for them outside the passport.

Althea: She motions the group to follow her towards the driver. Salut, Alexandre! Ça fait longtemps qu'on ne s'est pas vu. S'il vous plaît nous emmener à l'opéra?

The driver, apparently named Alexandre, nods and then leads them to a large white limousine.

Althea: Gets inside and sits down.

Caelo: Caelo scoffs throughout the whole process while glaring at mortal, scaring the hell out of them. He chuckles as he joins Althea in the limo. To... the opera house. Yay.

Sheila: Oh don't sound so bleak about it, Caelo, we're gonna be on the lookout for clues. The opera itself is just an excuse to get into it.

Liam: And besides, it's not everyday you get to see an opera in Sydney, at the Sydney Opera House.

Althea: Caelo, I'd rather you not do that. Alexandre is our favourite driver, and a good friend of the family's. He's actually the son of two demigods, though he's powerless.

Caelo: Caelo smiles. Althea, isn't that what makes thing interesting? But, if you want... Caelo sighs... I'll leave him alone. So uh... where is this place?

Althea: We're almost there. It's actually right by the shore.

A few minutes later, the limousine stops by the opera house.

Althea: Before we go in to the opera, we should change into formal clothing, due to the opera's dress code. I've brought us all tuxedos and dresses, as well as jewelry and accessories so we can blend in. My friend August can bring us to the dressing rooms, usually intended for the actors, but as they're already dressed, she'll let it slip. Her father owns the opera house. She's actually a daughter of Apollo's. She brings Caelo and Liam proper and luxurious tuxedos, and Sheila a beautiful green dress. Each are accompanied by various accessories. She brings a light blue dress for herself. The employees will help you fit if you have any trouble.

As they walk towards the opera house entrance, and a tall, dark skinned girl, with hazel eyes and long hair in dreadlocks greets them. She's dressed in a black dress and golden jewelry and shoes.

August: Althea! She runs towards her and hugs her tightly.

Althea: She hugs August back. I missed you so much, August! Guys, this is August. August, meet she starts pointing at them, saying their names, Sheila, Caelo and Liam. They're demigods from camp.

August: Nice to meet you all! In about 30 minutes, Macbeth is coming on. We should probably get started. August leads them through a side entrance and into a corridor with several room with doors that have stars on them. She leads them into the rooms, and once they get out, they find Althea and August chatting, Althea already dressed.

Caelo: Caelo walks rather stiffly, grumbling about wearing formal attire. He laughs as he looks at the rest of the group. So guys, what's the plan? We obviously can't just plop ourselves down and watch the play. We need to look around; therefore, we need excuses to get up and move.

August: Althea and I thought differently. The VIP seating high up gives you a perspective of the entire hall. Although the Concert Hall is not the only hall we have, it would be the best place to hide any clues or not stand out in a vast crowd. If you don't find anything up there, then searching would do, but I think you should try looking for things from there first. Additionally, the seating is equipped with binoculars, which would be highly useful.

Althea: The only issue with that is that I would have to give a speech as a guest of honor... but I'm not too concerned.

Liam: He shifts, slightly uncomfortably, in his suit. Well, if you have to stand out, the rest of us should lie extra low, right?

Althea: Well, it'd definitely help if you didn't draw too much attention, yes.

Sheila: This is good. Now remember guys, we need to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious, or anyone who may know Lilith or Pagos.

Caelo: Caelo disappears into the crowd, reappearing on the balcony. He sits and watches the crowd from above, looking for anyone or anything suspicious.

Althea: She walks onto stage, holding a piece of paper, and starts speeching by introducing herself and her mother, and goes on with thanks.

Caelo: Motioning to the rest of the group, Caelo points at a few people, targeting them. One girl is located in the orchestra, weearing a long, black dress; one man is behind the curtain, watching the speech from a different angle; the third one, a woman, is sitting in the front row, wearing a red dress. Their fears are much different than everyone else's. Be ready to spring into action; we don't want Althea slaughtered by one of his agents on stage...

Sheila: Pulls out a tiny silver crossbow from what seems like nowhere.Red dress looks suspicious.....but the creepy curtain dude could be also be an assassin.

Althea: As she finishes her speech, getting off the stage and heading towards the balcony, she glares at the group and sends gusts of extremely cold, icy wind at them, notioning them there's no harm in the people they have very boldly targeted, pulling the attention of many.

Caelo: Caelo reaches over and slaps Shiela's hand. Shiela, we can't target innocents. We don't even know if they're with pagos. I just saw that their fears were much different than everyone elses. They could just be regular people with abnormal fears. All I want is for everyone to be on their guard. Put that away, and let Althea finish.

Althea: She sits down by Caelo. Already finished. She pauses, and then starts to rage.What are you two DOING?! You almost scared off audience members! The three you stared at are completely fine. One is a veteran orchestra member, the other a security guard, and the third is a frequent of the opera. August was SHAKING in fear. We could've been evacuated by law enforcement. I said lay low! Don't make any insane assumptions.

Sheila: Are.You.That.BIG.An.Idiot? August was only shaking because she can actually see through the mist! Did that not cross your mind? No mortal can see the crossbow, it's covered by the mist! And also, if you're so worried about us getting caught, why the f*ck did you blow a huge gust of wind? Surely that's MORE obvious?

Althea: Big? Only you guys felt it. Otherwise I wouldn't blow it. You make a good point about the mist, but there's no telling what they WOULD see... it needs to still fit the happening, remember? They could see it as a gun or another deadly ranged weapon.

Caelo: Caelo chuckles, mimicing Althea. "What are you two DOING?! You almost scared off audience members!" He laughs harder. Althea, calm the Hades down. My laughing is attracting more attention than anything else before. No one noticed my discreet pointing whatsoever. The crossbow was still on Sheila's lap, unseen over the balcony's fancy-shcmany crown moldings and railings. And you, my friend, didn't do anything but draw more attention to us with those god-awful glares you gave us. Now calm down, you're making a scene.

Liam: Sitting in the back, Liam stays quiet. Then, his eyes cloud slightly, and he points to a person sitting in the middle, who seems like he should be unsuspicious, except for the fact that rather than a playbill he holds a book, with some strange form of Ancient Greek mixed with a modern language on it, too far away to read. He sees just a second ahead, as a son of Prometheus, and says, He's a target...I'm sure of it.

Sheila: Ignoring the fracas, she turns to see the "suspect" Are you sure? What's that on his hand?

Caelo: I dunno, but time to find out. Caelo swings from the balcony, unnotices by the moving crowds of people leaving. He lands in a balled up, extra curtain. He gets up, brushes himself off, and walks over to the man. Excuse me sir, but would you like any assistance?

Man: Startled Hello young man, what exactly do you think I need assistance with?

Althea: She crouches down to 'disappear' and rests her head on her hand, shaking her head and sighing heavily.

Caelo: Sir, I am employed here. It is my job to help you with whatever you require. Maybe you needed directions to an event, or a drink, or a brochure written in something other than ancient Greek?

Man: Haha, ancient Greek! I'm surprised you noticed it! Most don't know the difference you know, modern and ancient Greek appear so similar to the untrained eye. Though, I assume you are not overly fluent? This is no brochure, just a few sheets of the latest work I'm translating. Oh, where are my manners? Offers his hand Martin Sheffield, pleased to meet you sir!

Liam: He stares at the man, wary. Then he slaps Caelo's hand out of the way, seemingly random, and smiles at him. Ah, you see, my friend here has a virus—wouldn't want you to get sick, sir.

Martin: Slightly confused. I see... well I'd better be on my way... I do hope you two aren't the ones spraying that random greek graffitti all over downtown... if it's even greek at all... for some reason I seem unable to make head or tail of it... Walks past Liam and towards the exit.

August: Speaking through the hall speaker. We're sorry for the short interruption. Some small difficulties have occurred. We will continue the show, starting from the beginning of the current scene. You may all take your seats.

Althea: Motions them back towards the balcony eagerly using hand signals.

Liam: He climbs back up to the balcony, thoughtful. I'm telling you guys, there was something about him...sorry, I wasn't thinking back there.

Martin:Continues towards the exit.

Althea: She nearly freezes Martin in his tracks with icy cold wind. If she finds anything strange in this hall, August will tell us. I think we should leave with Martin to see what he's on about.

Martin stops, looks around incredulously for the source of the freezing wind, apparently determines that it must've been the large vent to his left, and proceeds on his way towards the exit.

Caelo: Caelo silently slips behind him, whipsering to the group, Greek graffiti? Does that sound... strange... to anyone else?

Althea: Yes it does. That's why I- as she turns her head towards the door where she held Martin back, she sees he's leaving. She then quickly flies down to the door out of the hall and follows Martin.

Caelo: Caelo walks alongside Althea without speaking another word for a bit, then speaks up again. This man... he's afraid of his ex-wife, his mother's death of cancer, gang violence, and...something else, it seems. Let's put a little more distance between us and him... we're going to get caught.

Althea: I'm willing to risk it. I'm not losing any leads. She storms out the opera house after Martin and once she's in sight, she starts walking slowly and calmly. She then approaches Martin in a very friendly approach. I heard you were deciphering some ancient Greek texts. Care for some help?

Martin: Surprised Oh, uh, hello... who are you?

Althea: Oh, I should've known... no one listens to the opening speeches. Althea Bellecourt, daughter of Celine Bellecourt, yes, the historian... I work with her on most, if not all of her projects, and lately we've been looking into Classical Antiquity, which has required me deep and thorough research of the ancient Greek language, so I would love to help with your translation project if you need it.

Martin: I see, well, although I appreciate the offer, I am quite capable of completing the translation on my own. I didn't earn my master's degree for nothing you know. He pauses for a moment though I suppose there IS one thing...

Althea: Go on...

Martin: Well, some strange Greek writing has appeared in a number of places throughout the city and for some reason I'm unable to read it. I can tell it's Greek, and most certainly ancient Greek, but whenever I look at it directly... I simply can't read it...

Althea: Very odd... well, I would certainly be able to help. Maybe if you lead us to some of these locations I can decipher the writing. Well, my friends and I have a limousine handy, we can use it to travel around. Would that be fine with you?

Martin: Yes, I suppose so.

Althea: Excuse me for one moment, I'll call them over. Althea hurries back into the operahouse, and as the show is over, she signals her friends getting out of the balcony to come with her.

As they follow her, she also tells Caelo to come with them. Then they go with Martin over to the limousine, who directs the driver to the first site of the graffiti, which is on the wall by the entrance to a park in the midst of the city. The park is a very popular attraction of the city.

Martin: See how it's been clearly painted on there, and with fine paint? I think most people who go by it think it's public art of some kind. The only reason I gave it a second glance was because I recognized that it was Greek and wondered what it was doing there. At first, after giving up trying to translate it, I simply went hom and forgot. Yet, the next day, I saw a few more scattered throughout the city...

Althea: She stares confused at the wall and reads the writing out loud.

It reads: "Movie A G H 34.756, -13.443 Tractor K L M Segata W N P -33.197, 150.485 Sanshiro I H O"

Liam: He sits stiffly in the limo, staring out the window intently. That's so weird...Sanshiro? Isn't that something in.....Japanese?

Caelo: Directions. It's directions, of some sort. Latitude and longitude, maybe? Caelo pulls out an iPod Touch. I'm surprised I even get to use this thing finally. He inputs the numbers. The first set is somewhere in the middle of the ocean...the second set it here, in Australia. Near something named... Glen Davis? It's right by Wollemi National Park. But I have no idea what the words and letter stand for.

Althea: They're called coordinates... Segatra Sanshiro is a character from an old Sega game, so those two words are always together in a sentence... and I would think any factors between them would be the ones that matter. The rest are irrelevant. I looked up the coordinates too, it seems to be the center of Wollemi National Park. We still need to figure WNP out, but that's pretty simple now that you know it's in the park. Martin, would that coincidentally be the next location of the graffiti?

Martin: I've never been over to the National Park, all of the graffiti I've seen has been in the city, and in highly visible areas. I'm really quite surprised none of it has been painted over yet...

Caelo: Martin, is there any other nearby graffiti we could see? We're sort of... puzzle fanatics, you might say. And we love ancient cultures, so this seems to be a perfect learning experience in the making.

Martin: Raises an eyebrow Suit yourselves... you should find another a few blocks down that way; across from that office building there. He points to a large building in the distance. I'd best be on my way, I suppose I can give you my number should you happen to need me again for this... sort of thing. Writes his number down on a spare piece of paper, hands it to them, and walks down the street in the opposite direction.

Althea: She pockets the note. Do we head straight to the park or try and see the rest of the writings?

Caelo: Follow the trail of graffiti, I say. I could create a picture when drawn on a map, or lead us on a hunt... or even a wild goose chase for that matter...

Sheila: Do we have time to follow graffiti? What if it's fruitless? I say try the park.

Caelo: Maybe... but I just can't help but feel like we're missing something by avoiding the trail. Whoever left these clues obviously meant them to be obscure, so why would they place them in the most public and obvious place possible? I know the graffiti points us to that, but what if it's a trap? I say we find other graffiti, and put the puzzles pieces together from there...

Althea: I have to agree with Caelo... Liam, what do you think?

Liam: It's got to be either a trap or someone who really wants to be found, I agree. And yeah, my gut's telling me there's something missing. Sometimes the best hiding spot is in plain sight, right?

Althea: Off we go, then.

They walk over to the location Martin gave them, finding more writing.

Althea: She reads once more the writing aloud.

It reads: "Action D B J 65.056, 19.093 Space A F K Uni W N P -33.197, 150.485 On I H O"

Sheila: Well, it seems to follow the same pattern as the other one. I mean, words where there were words, co-ordinates where there were co-ordinates. Hmmmmm, those last co-ordinates, are they exactly the same as the other one?

Caelo: They are. He scowls. The last time, it said "Sanshiro" right after it. Now, it says "on" and then "H O". Anyone have any ideas? Shold we continue to follow the first coordinate? Caelo pauses for a moment, hands on his head. Maybe... if we keep following the first coordinates, the repetetive second coordinates will make a phrase. A password, or something. Fo far, we have... "Sanshiro On". We also have "Movie Action" for the first coordinates. At least that phrase seems promising.

Shelia: She snorts.Yeah, that and "Space Tractor" in the middle! I think this is a clear sign that we need to find the rest of the notes. We can't try and work out the code until we have all the pieces.

Caelo: We move on then. Caelo takes a step forward, checking his iPod. The newest location given to us, 65.056, 19.093, is in... Sweden? Look, I'm not going to friggin' Sweden for this bullsh*t. No thanks.

Althea: I think the last bit of letters must mean something. It appears in both writings. "I H O"...

Caelo: Add a 'P' to the end of that sequence and we got ourselves breakfast.

Althea: I deeply appreciate how seriously you're taking this... any ideas, Sheila or Liam? I have none.

Liam: Has been silent for a while. I have no clue.....

Althea: I suggest we go to the national park. We might find out there. What do you guys say?

Caelo: I agree. There's nothing more for us to find here. Caelo walks by Althea and pushes her a little, whispering: Lighten up a little.

Althea: How can I when I'm aware that when we come back we'll have to form an alliance with some eccentric rebels?

Caelo. Caelo stop, turns around, and puts his hands on Althea's shoulder. Calm down. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Besides don't you have more important things to worry about... Caelo looks into Althea's eyes, searching for her fear... like Serenity?

Althea: She glares and returns to the group.

Sheila: I agree with National Park. Let's go, we've wasted enough time already.

The group get back into the limousine and they take off for Wollemi National Park. They then arrive.

Althea: Looks like we're here.

They can see a fairly typical National Park entrance with a large map of the park off to one side.

Caelo: Caelo walks over to the map, inspecting it for a moment.

Althea: She joins him and examines the map.

The map shows the entire park, with various paths and landmarks marked on it, as well as a small area towards the center colored in red and labeled "Do Not Enter".

Althea: Looks like we got something. Follow me. She takes a picture of the map on her iPad and follows the route to the small area marked in red on the map.

The group walks to the area and finds a clearing containing what looks like an old and abandoned military bunker.

Althea: We should start searching... I'll go in. Caelo, please join me... you guys can examine the exterior.

She and Caelo walk into the bunker.

Sheila: Skirts the outside, looking for windows or backdoors.

As the bunker is of military origin, it contains no windows or backdoors, as these would provide obvious targets for enemy soldiers.

Quite some time later, Caelo and Althea emerge from the bunker, after their experience with Pagos, Tamarisk and the Broken Covenant members Rolland and Catarina. They take another private jet to New York and get back to camp.

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