BC Team One - Sanctuary Defence

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2011-06-30 1127The gathering


  1. Hyu, Cecilia Levine (Phlegethon)
  2. Ruby, Nadia Fuse (Ares)
  3. Mael, Strike (Eos)
  4. IFW, Lýkos Vicentti (Kratos)
  5. Trav, Megara Megalos (Hecate)


  1. Flame


Defend the Sanctuary.

Important Reminder

As you aren't traveling the important thing is to have a game plan of how to defend the Sanctuary, there is only really three ways in. 1. Over the treacherous mountainous terrain the hard way 2. The main entrance or 3. From the air.

Also, in order to receive prizes for this mission when this all ends, this mission must come to a satisfactory ending place, that doesn't mean they necessarily "have" to be back at camp, but it should be at a place that Flame and myself feel that it mostly finished, if not all the way. If you must go inactive at any point please let someone know and if possible get someone to post for you. Leaving it up to your teammates to do all the work will be noticed, and if this happens, we reserve the right to hold back prizes from team members who did not seem to hold up their weight in the mission, and were active everywhere else on the wiki.


Strike: Approaches the group. Salutations. My name is Strike, and I believe we shall be collaborating. This is my first time with this kind of assignment. Is there anything we are defending against in particular?

Megara: I believe we are defending Sanctuary from Pagos's men.

Strike: I see. I'm sure we can handle it. 5 demigods is probably overkill for any task.

Cecilia: She walks towards Strike and Megara, who are already in conversation. Ah, you two must be my co-members?

Strike: Correct. I am Strike; who would you be?

Cecilia: My name is Cecilia. She looks at Megara. And you? Who might you be?

Megara: My name Megara. She smiles. It is a pleasure to meet you Cecilia.

Nadia: She walks towards the group, having overheard them. Hey. I'm Nadia. Daughter of Ares.

Cecilia: She notices her, and looks at her from head to toe then back. Why hello, Nadia. You must be the last member we're waiting for.

Strike: Wait, aren't there supposed to be 5 of us?

Cecilia: She reconsiders the number of members and realizes she had miscounted. Oh, is that so? I guess I have been miscalculated. Then there is one more we have to wait.

Megara: Yep.

Nadia: She taps her fingers against her leg Well, while we wait, should we start coming up with a plan? Do we know how many attackers there are?

Strike: Right, let's take stock of our powers and weapons, then pair up accordingly. I am a son of Eos. My powers include usage of light as a beam weapon, flares, etc. I have a crossbow.

Cecilia: I mainly use the element of fire, though I can incorporate my swordsmanship skills with that.

Nadia: She nods And like I said, my parent's Ares. So pretty much any weapon will work to my advantage.

Cecilia: Okay then. We'll work up on how we can use our abilities to the fullest. She looks at Megara. And you? What can you do?

Megara: I am exceptionally gifted in casting spells, and using  in a battle, and I also skilled in using a sword and staff in battle.

Strike: Hmm, so we have light, fire, blades, and magic at our disposal. We should make sure light and fire, that would be Cecilia and I, are in separate groups, because both attack by heat, and we want to avoid redundancy.

Lykos: Drops down from the ceiling, and lands on his feet, his Cestus and Shield armed at the ready. *grins, showing  his fangs* Lykos Vicentti, reporting for duty. Wasup?

Strike: We were just taking stock of powers. Lykos, would you mind briefly edifying us as to yours?

Lykos: Well, I'm a son of Kratos. My powers boost my strength and the force of my blows. I can create shockwaves by clapping my hands together, and also enhance my allies strength and force as well. *embarrassingly rubs his head* And…I'm also a werewolf, but I don't know how to actually do that yet.

Strike: So mostly you have enhanced strength? In that case we should make sure you are in a group separate from Nadia. We can't afford to double up on similar powers.

Megara: Agreed, our power should complement each other to ensure victory against Pagos' men.

Lykos: Whatever you say. *stretches, then pops his knuckles and back* Point Me.

Cecilia: She sighs lightly. Now then, let us apply what we have learned from ourselves so far into the situation we are facing.

Megara: Megara gives Cecilia her undivided attention.

Lykos: Raises eyebrow at Cecilia, before speaking. Since we seemed to have double the amount of almost the same firepower, we should split up into two teams, one of three and another of two. The one of two will need to be the two most powerful of us. Looks around as the walls shake and screaming can be heard outside. We don't have much time. I recommend I go with Team 2, no disrespect. We need at least one strength guy or gal on that team.

Cecilia: She looks at Nadia, then at Lykos. I will recommend one of those two. But in my opinion, the Kratos one should fit it.

Megara: If Lykos is going to be one of the two people, then either you or Strike will have to join him.

Lykos: Nods his head. Fire or Light, I'll need some source to help me see. Turns to stare at Cecilia and Strike. Who wants to hang with me during this fight?

Strike: Contemplates for a moment. I doubt I'm one of the strongest. Cecilia, you go with Lykos; I'll stick with Megara and Nadia.

Lykos: Turns to Cecilia. It appears we're going to be a team. I'm ready whenever you are, which should probably be now. Because, you know, the Sanctuary might fall on our heads. The building shakes. Point Proven. Turns to Strike and the others. Good luck, your going to need it. Now don't you die on us, you hear?

Strike: Turns to his teammates. OK, we've spent too long talking. Let's head for the mountainous terrain, because it's a larger area and there are more of us.

Nadia: She nods then turns to Lykos Good luck to you, too.

Lykos: Nods and grins. Me and Fire Girl here will work our way through the ruins. I saw some foes doing something in there while I was sneaking on the roof. About to grab Cecilia's arm, then decides against it. Let's go!

Megara: Wait, maybe it isn't a good idea for you to go the ruins, considering your power may end up destroying the structure and getting both you and Cecilia killed in the process.

Lykos: Right, good point. Let's head towards the pond area, then.

Prime Pillar and Entrance

Prime Pillar and Entrance

Mountainous Terrain and Pond

Mountainous Terrain and Pond

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