Camp Team Four - Rio

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  1. Izzy, Jade (Animal Nymph) Pulled for inactivity
  2. Riri, Crystal "Crissy" Vern (Aeolus)
  3. Astrid, Astrid Myx (Nyx)
  4. Ela, Beau Merrick, (Hermes)
  5. Astrid*, Tanner Boehlke (Nemesis)


  1. Flame


Eliminate the Tajeros twins and their criminal empire. Find Andressa Fagundes, if she is still alive.

Important Reminder

How you travel to places is not important, bickering for post after post after post whether or not to take a taxi or an airplane is just going to slow you down and keep you from the good parts.

Also, in order to receive prizes for this mission when this all ends, this mission must come to a satisfactory ending place, that doesn't mean they necessarily "have" to be back at camp, but it should be at a place that Flame and myself feel that it mostly finished, if not all the way. If you must go inactive at any point please let someone know and if possible get someone to post for you. Leaving it up to your teammates to do all the work will be noticed, and if this happens, we reserve the right to hold back prizes from team members who did not seem to hold up their weight in the mission, and were active everywhere else on the wiki.


  • Tanner: He stands at the camp gates shifting uncomfortably thinking to himself 'why am I doing this?'
  • Astrid: she shadow travels by the gates with a small bag Um... hi. I'm Astrid daughter of Nyx
  • Tanner: He looks up at her and waves slowly "Hey, my names Tanner."
  • Beau: He walks up to them. Hey, uh, I guess I'm... not yet late.
  • Crissy: She walks up towards them, her backpack slung over her shoulders Hello, you all are in the group too right?
  • Astrid: she nods Yep, I'm Astrid, daughter of Nyx. Cool to meet you guys.
  • Tanner: He fiddles with a loose string clearly getting bored "I'm Tanner..."
  • Beau: Beau's the name.
  • Crissy: She nods I'm Crissy, pleasure to meet you all.
  • Beau: It's nice to meet you too, he grins. We're waiting for one more, right?
  • Astrid: I think so...
  • Jade: Hi
  • Astrid: "Are you the person we're waitig for?"
  • Tanner: "Well now that we're all here, let's get a move on."
  • Astrid: I'd already called a taxi to come pick us up. It should be waiting for us at the main road. Let's go she begins to head off towards the taxi
  • Crissy: She starts to follow Astrid, quickly checking her bag for something before following though
  • Beau: He intently follows them.

​They arrive to the taxi by the road and all climb in Astrid directs the driver to the air port.

  • Astrid: I hope you all have money for tickets....
  • Beau: I have tons of miles in my account so I won't have to worry about that.
  • Crissy: She nods I've got enough money as well.
  • Tanner: He nods "Ditto."


They arrive at the airport

  • Astrid: I'll go see what is the early flight to rio is. she goes to the ticket counter
  • Tanner: "I'll come with you." he runs after Astrid and stops at the ticket counter
  • Crissy: Along with Beau she waits for them a few feet away, she looks around the airport for any suspicious signs, just to be sure.
  • Astrid: she and tanner walk back to the rest with four tickets We're in luck next flight is in 30 min... I'm surprised though... she looks around as if expecting something
  • Crissy: She raises her eyebrows Guess that's good. Does anyone want anything from that store over there? She points towards it
  • Astrid: Suuure, I'll come with you.
  • Crissy: With Astrid she starts walking towards the store.
  • Tanner: "So...." he sits there awkwardly fidgeting with his hands

There are no suspicious signs at this random shop.

  • Beau: He notices the absence of signs as he follows. This place could be potentially dangerous, guys.
  • Astrid: she nods I agree, the plane should be here in a bit, so let's start heading to the bording area
  • Crissy: Righto.

Time Skip

  • Astrid: Looks like it's time to board the plane, come on guys
  • Crissy: She smiles excitedly and nods I'm going to admit that I've never been to any other countries apart from my own and here. Despite that we have an important mission to complete, I'm pretty excited.
  • Astrid: she laughs Same here

They board the plane and it takes off and lands smoothly. They arrive in rio safe.

  • Astrid: "Finally we're here." she adjusts her bag on her shoulder
  • Beau: He just carries his bag silently.
  • Astrid: she yawns Let's find a place to stay then we can start working on a mission, unless someone has a better plan?
  • Crissy: She stretches from side to side Hmm.. I don't have one at the moment so let's stick with yours.
  • Astrid: she nods and points towards a taxi Look that one is open let's go.
  • Beau: Well, let's go then.


They get in the taxi which drives them to the nearest hotel.

  • Astrid: Not shabby, not shabby at all. I'll go and check us in she walks up to the front desk to check in
  • Crissy: She takes in the sight of the hotel and taps her foot while waiting for Astrid
  • Astrid: she comes back with for key cards  handing one to crissy, tanner, and beau You guys have a room right across from us two it's on the second floor let's go."

They all take the elevator upstairs and make their way to their rooms until they notice someone standing at the other end of the hallway.

  • Tanner: When he sees the figure at the end of the hall he pays it little to no attention
  • Astrid: "Our rooms are all the way at the end of the hall." she also pays no attention to the person at the end of the hall
  • Beau: Great. He sighs exhaustedly.
  • Crissy: Unlike the others, she's aware of the person at the hall's end and looks at him/her suspiciously before looking back at the others
  • Tanner: he notices Crissy's look What is it?
  • Crissy: She looks at the person again before looking back at him ... Who's that guy? She gestures towards the person at the end of the hallway again
  • Beau: I don't know...
  • Astrid: she looks him up and down I don't know, but he looks suspicious... I'll go check him out... she cloaks herself in shadows so she is not visible and begins walking towards him
  • Crissy: She watches Astrid walk towards that someone Um.. is it wrong that I feel like knocking all the air out of him before it's too late?
  • Beau: That's a morbid feeling, but it's plausible anyhow considering that he's "creepy". He does air quotation marks.
  • Tanner: he  squints and mumbles to himself "I wish I could get a good look at his face from herre.... Maybe Astrid will be able to, where ever she is
  • Crissy: She's almost like Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak.She chuckles
  • Astrid: she appears next to crissy and sighs I can't get a good look at his face... do you think we should attack? I can sense the mist around him or it or whatever the hell you wanna call it...
  • Tanner: he jumps in surprise by her sudden appearance Um...
  • Beau: Well, he says not exactly surprised, what if the guy's not really a part of this thing? Though we shouldn't let the opportunity pass either if he was...
  • Astrid: she conjures a bow and arrow from shadows "I agree"

The man is watching them out of the corner of his eye, and seems totally unaware of the cloaked person near him. He seems to make up his mind and makes his way towards them at a casual pace, adjusting the tie on his expensive suit as he does so.

  • Beau: Uh, I think he's approaching us. He nudges Tanner.
  • Crissy: She looks at the man, sort of scanning him scientifically. Someone's fancy.

The man continues at a steady pace and, as he passes them, says quietly:

  • Man: Follow me, please.

He moves past them and continues down the hall; opening a door at its other end and proceeding through, and leaving it slightly open behind him.

  • Tanner: he shrugs at beau and begins to follow the man into the room, but extremely slow
  • Astrid: she turns the bow into a sword and pulls tanner back while opening the door a bit wider . She takes a small step forward so that she is in the entryway. That's rude you didn't even tell us your name.
  • Crissy: She slides her hands in her pockets to make sure her shurikens are there and looks at Astrid.
  • Tanner: he takes a step behind astrid
  • Astrid: She puts her hand up a bit indicating for Crissy to wait a sec

As Astrid steps into the entrance way, everything changes. The walls and ceiling of the hallway melt away; replaced by thick jungle and sheer cliffs. Somehow, they appear to be on a tall hill overlooking the city; far away from its center, but positioned so as to give a wide view of the sprawling Favelas against the cliffs. On all other sides, the jungle looms; broken only momentarily by the ruins of an old 16th century chapel around which a temporary encampment seems to have been set. Radio equipment, weapons, and crates containing unknown items are stacked around, many seating unkempt looking men and women staring at the group. A table sits out near the cliff edge against which the suited man leans, a scantily clad woman next to him, and across which papers are scattered. These and the jungle leaves, rustled by the sea breeze, are the only things moving and silence otherwise permeates the camp; its occupants either waiting for some discrete move, or waiting for one from the group.

  • Beau: Well...
  • Astrid: her sword not dissapearing she takes a hesitant small step forward.

The men and women around them tense up, preparing for an attack, but the suited man and his companion seem entirely unaffected; continuing to look on with what now might be considered wry amusement.

  • Crissy: She looks around at them, then at the suited man and his companion. There are many questions she thinks of asking. Mainly who are these people, where are they and why are they here? But instead she steps in front and greets them. Olá senhor e senhora.
  • Tanner: he had been holding his breath and released it in a sighs tapping astrid so she could make the sword dissapear
  • Astrid: sword dissapears and she whispers to Crissy Thank god you speak portugues
  • Crissy: She gives Astrid a quick smile before turning back to the main people or so Eu sou de Crystal, e eles são meus amigos.
  • Beau: Well...

After a significant pause, the suited man speaks, still leaning against the table.

  • Manuel Fagundes You will find that we speak English well enough, girl. My name is Manuel Fagundes, welcome to the remains of the Twisted Serpents, there is much to do.
  • Crissy: She turns a bit red in embarrassment Sorry. And what do you mean, there is much to do?
  • Astrid: she raises an eyebrow guys are the, for lack of a better word, good guys?
  • Tanner: he heeves a sigh of reliefe
  • Beau: He raises a brow, expecting an answer to his companions' questions.
  • Manuel Fagundes: A look of outrage flashes across his face. Good guys? I think I should be asking you that question instead! You come here, you make a promise, you f*ck up and abandon us. You come here again, and this time you ignore us. Now you come a third time, we have lost everything, and we have to personally take you from your fancy hotel just to get you to do what you said you would do over a year ago! If I had any other options, I would kill you where you stand.
  • Tanner: he gulps A-are you sure you have the right people... cause i've never met any of you before. '
  • Manuel Fagundes: Oh, you have the right people, and you may never have seen me before but I have seen  your people before. The others from this camp of yours, whatever it is, made a promise and it's your time to pay for their mistakes. Do campers pay their debts, miss Crystal and friends?
  • Astrid: she steps forward clenching her jaw and taking a deep breath. She makes sure to choose her words wisely before she speaks. Yes, we pay our debts... depending on how you want us to repay them. Now please answer these two questions:What debt are we paying... and who or what are the Twisted Serpents?
  • Crissy: She looks at Astrid cautiously then at Manuel, both wanting and not wanting to see where this would go.
  • Tanner: he bites his nail waiting to hear Manuel's response
  • Manuel Fagundes: He still appears significantly disgruntled. You are paying the debt of fellow campers when they left us to die a year ago. They said they would help us in our time of need, they said there would be an exchange of this for information, and the bastardos ran! As for us... we are the Twisted Serpents, we fight the Tajeros who are your enemies. This is all you need to know.
  • Crissy: The Tajeros? She wonders to herself, and wonders whoever the Tajeros are have done. Then she finds herself nodding. Alright then. She looks at her companions, Astrid mainly, with a look as if asking them, well?
  • Astrid: after taking a moment to think things through she gives a small nod As long as it's okay with the others... I say let's work together, as long as we have the same goal to defeat the same enemy... I guess
  • Tanner: he simply nods in agreement
  • Beau: Mhm. He says maintaining his lips in a tight line.
  • Crissy: She looks back at Manuel. That would be settled then, sir.
  • Manuel: He appears pleased, and takes his weight off of the table to stand, beckoning them over to it and turning to face it himself. He clears a few papers and reveals a large map detailing the city. We have two tasks ahead of us, rescuing my sister, and defeating the Tajeros themselves. First we must focus on the first task, so that they can never hold Andressa for ransom again and so that she is in no danger for the battle to come. The second task, we will discuss once it arrives.

He points to a medium sized prison outside the city.

  • Manuel: This is where they hold Andressa, it is guarded, both by mortals and those with powers. Normally, we would stand no chance, but with you here we can make this happen. The Twisted Serpents will attack the entrance to serve as a distraction while your team sneaks into the back, rescues Andressa, and escapes as quickly as possible. I do not know which cell they are keeping her in, so you will need to check cell by cell. Any objections?
  • Crissy: She looks over the map again, and shakes her head. None. She looks at the rest again then looks back.
  • Beau: Got none.
  • Tanner: he shrugs Same
  • Astrid: None either
  • Manuel: He looks over them for a moment. Then we should get going, if you cannot find your way, simply ask for Arica Prison. We begin at 6:45.

With that, the environment around them melts away, replaced again by the hallway they had seemingly left, and the empty room through the door.

  • Crissy: She shakes her head and adjusts her glasses. Well, we'll be heading there later then. We should go rest now with the time we have. She looks again at the hallway, still expecting the earlier environment somehow.
  • Astrid: She nods in agreement "Yeah, we better rest and prepare for this evening. Who knows what could happen?" 
  • Beau: He prods.
  • Crissy: Hm. She walks into their room, before that finding her bag and carrying it in. She turns to them and smiles a little. I'll be taking a nap if anyone needs me.
  • Tanner: He nods, slightly fiddling with the edge of his shirt, and goes to go into his room "Yeah, I'll just be in here." 
  • Astrid: she also grabs her bags and follows behind Crissy

sometime later evening arrives

  • Astrid: Hey Crissy, come on it's time. she gets out of her bed and begins to prepare for the jail break. She puts on her necklace that turns into two different types of whips. She has on steel toe combat boots and she sticks two small knives in them .
  • Crissy: She groans as she wakes up from her nap and gets up. I'm up. She gets out of her bed and gets ready, soon slipping her shurikens into the sleeve of her jacket that she puts on.
  • Astrid:  I'll go get the guys   she leaves the room and goes immediately to the boys door and bangs on it loudly Wake Up! she speaks in a sing songy voice.
  • Tanner: he walks sleepily to the door and cracks it open whispering Alright, we'll be out in a minute... he walks away leaving the door cracked and gets dressed. He straps his dagger to his arm which he covers with a light jacket , he also carries a celestial bronze sword, which looks like a pencil in mist form.
  • Crissy: She stretches from one side to the other and goes to wait by the door for Astrid.
  • Astrid: she opens the hotel room door and calls out Hurry up Beau!
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