Camp Team One - Sydney

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  1. Shadow, Horace Archer (Child of Zeus)
  2. Shady, Heidi (Wine Nymph)
  3. Lott, Azaran Zeladrin (Poseidon) Never posted, pulled form quest due to inactivity
  4. Kevin, Blake Williams (Zeus)
  5. Mael, James Maelstrom (Boreas)


  1. Flame


Convince Tamarisk to stand down, along with her army, or eliminate her.

Important Reminder

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Also, in order to receive prizes for this mission when this all ends, this mission must come to a satisfactory ending place, that doesn't mean they necessarily "have" to be back at camp, but it should be at a place that Flame and myself feel that it mostly finished, if not all the way. If you must go inactive at any point please let someone know and if possible get someone to post for you. Leaving it up to your teammates to do all the work will be noticed, and if this happens, we reserve the right to hold back prizes from team members who did not seem to hold up their weight in the mission, and were active everywhere else on the wiki.


The plane lands at Syndey Kingsford Smith Airport. The demigods get off and heads to Custom and Security. 

Blake: *Steps out of the airport's custom and security, he gets his bag after it is inspected. He waits for the others...* Ahh... Syndey, just the way I remember it! *He gets a flashback of when he came here with his family when he was seven, he looks at the others who are lining up at Custom and Security* Hurry up i'll explain our mission at bit more. 

The demigods gather around Blake once they went through Custom and Security

Blake: According to the demigods to the last trip to Sydney, Pagos found Tamarisk while she was trying to develop ways in which to discover exactly what was happening outside the gods forsaken bunker she was in. The most successful of these she found was a way in which plant-like drones could be created from a Human template and after some time she found a way to lure Humans to the bunker in order to use them as templates, and then release them again into the world. Pagos is interested in both this manner of control, and the way in which I created the drones. She had already explained to Pagos that the control is extremely difficult to implement, and only works within a set area, but Pagos is interested in expanding it anyway. Her army most likely consists of the plant-like droids. We will negotiate with Tamarisk to step down along with her army or else eliminate her.

I also found some information on Tamarisk. Tamarisk knew Lilith in the past and that Lilith once saved her life. She claims that she owes Lilith for this. She was trapped within Wollemi National Park for nearly 300 years. And she has always been curious about the outside world. Recently she unknowingly bound herself to Pagos through an attempt to free herself, and although she gained this freedom she is now effectively a slave of another kind.

Heidi: She giggles. I'm good at negotiating! 

James: Let's hope it doesn't turn into aggressive negations.

Horace: So then what are we doing just standing here? I mean, I hate killing as much as the next guy, but it's to save the world, and plus, I kinda wanna see the sights.

James: Eh, all they have here is an opera that I think we've seen enough times on TV. The sights probably aren't that great.

Horace: That may be true, but then again, should we fail, then I want to die knowing I've died trying to save us all, and that I at least attempted to fulfill my dream of visiting all across the globe and taking photos.

Heidi: That's a nice dream but, don't worry. We won't die yet.

Blake: Trust me, we are not dying! Anyways we are still waiting for Azaran. Where could Tamarisk be? 

Horace: Um, I dunno. If I know anything, then monsters make their lairs near well known places, as to easily catch victims, right?

Blake: What's a place Tamarisk might be in?

Horace: Um... Let me check. *pulls his tablet out from his backpack, and searches* Here, we can try some of these. *shows the group a website he found that has a top-10 list of tourist attractions in Australia*

Blake: I think we should pay a visit to where Tamarisk was trapped, Wollemi National Park. We should also check out the places Horace found *he checks his tablet* Wollemi Park is a bit far from the Airport. 

Horace: Well, what's close? *checks his tablet again, but his head suddenly perks up* Wait, where are we staying, exactly?

Blake: That depends, how much money do we have?

Horace: Um... *looks through his pockets, wallet, and luggage, and pulls out some bills* This is maybe, *counts* about $150 American, plus I have like another hundred in my pouch of emergency money. Anyone else? *looks at the other questors*

James: I didn't bring any. Am I wrong, or is there a bit of urgency in this quest? I don't think we have time to take a snooze.

Heidi: She checks her backpack and pulls out a wad of cash. I have about $200 American.

Horace: Well, yeah there is urgency. But we still have to have a place to stay. It's not like we are gonna go the entire time without sleeping. We're probably gonna be here at least like 3-4 days.

James: Really, guys? Let's just focus on the task at hand, here. The sooner we shut down Tamarisk's operation the sooner we can head back the United States of Not Every Stinking Animal Being Deadly. If it takes too long, we have time to sleep, AND the opportunity to head to a town, then we'll worry about a hotel. In any case, there is no reason to find a hotel before we find Tamarisk. What if she's on the other side of the city and our hotel is over here? Sleeping on the ground would be more convenient than crossing town on foot.

Horace: I get the point. We'll worry about where to crash later. So where to first, whoever is in charge?

James: Well, Blake seems to have the best handle on the situation, but I think we can all agree I have the most charisma Clearly joking.

Horace: Ok then! *turns to Blake* Where to first, leader?

Blake: Okay, let's first head to Wollemi National Park, where Tamarisk was trapped for nearly 300 years that should help us know about her whereabouts.

James: I'll bet she's at P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, but we can check Wollemi first.

Blake: How do you know that? But that's like a 6 hour drive form the airport. But I'll trust you, let's head there first. 

James: Um, it's not a real address.

Horace: P. Sherman... Wasn't that from a movie or something? Anyway, to Wollemi National Park!!!

Heidi: She watches them looking very confused. So are we going to this P. Sherman place that James says isn't real or Wollemi? I am very confused right now.

Horace: Honestly, I as confused as you are.

Blake: I'm joking, but actually 42 Wallaby Way is an address, it's somewhere in Tura Beach, New South Wales, Australia.  So we've decided that we are heading to Wollemi Parks? 

Horace: Well, I guess so. But it's your decision, isn't it? After all, I think we named you leader, right?

Blake: I'll call a taxi, it's gonna be a 2 and a half hours to 3 hours ride. 

Five minutes later

Blake: Everyone get on! He gets on the taxi He tells the driver: We're heading to Wollemi National Park. 

Horace: Wait, but what about Azaran? And are you sure we are all gonna fit in that small cab?

Blake: Well I called a taxi van, it fits six people, perfect.

Horace: Good that! But shouldn't we wait at least a couple more minutes for Azaran to show up?

Heidi: Yeah, let's wait a few more minutes.

A few mintues later...

Blake: Well we've waited for a few mintues, we should get going He gets on the taxi cab.

OOC: Bach told me to skip Lott's part, if he doesn't post he'll be kicked out. So just continue on with the quest. 

Two hours and forty minutes later

Blake: Hands the taxi driver the money Well we're here, let's search for the Bunker Tamarsik was held. Let's split up into two groups. We'll go as Horace and Me, and James, Heidi and Azaran. But we need to figure out a way to contact the others if your group found something. 

OOC: Azaran can be any group since he won't be useful to any group at this point. 

Horace: Same way demigods have been doing if for centuries, bro. Iris Message!

Blake: Okay, wait a sec, i'll Iris Message the others.

A few minutes later

Blake: Team two are on the way to find and perform reconaissance against Tamarisk's army. Team three got delayed at Asterdam and they are heading to Wollemi National Park right now. 

Horace: Great! So what are we waiting for? Lets get started.

James: Right, so how do we find this bunker?

Horace: Um, I dunno. Snoop around? Split up?

Blake: Let's split up into two groups, Me, James, and Azaran, and Horace and Heidi. We'll search in the north and east of the Park adn you guys search in the south and west. We'll me up here and Iris Message if your group found something.

Group One (Blake, James and Azaran)

The group meet up...

James: Well, I guess we'd better get started.

Blake: Let's gather together and think of a plan... We don't have a lot of time, Tamarisk may be attackign with ehr army any time. 

James: OK, then.

Blake: The bunker probably is in a well hidden place, we need to find possible places, we can't afford to spen days looking at every part of the park. 

James: Do you think it will be more visible from the air, or do you think it is underground?

Blake: Okay I guess me and you can check in the air and Heidi you look around on land. 

James: Floats upwards on an air current. Sure thing, but uh, Heidi isn't in our group.

Blake: Uh I mean Azaran... Can't think straight... Hovers in the air

James: Right. So, let's start combing the area.

Blake: I'll call a flock of eagles to search around too. 

James: A flock of eagles, huh? How inconspicuous. No one will notice that. 

Blake: You got a better idea?

James: No, I'm just saying that a flock of eagles will attract an ungodly amount of publicity. Unless you want every mortal in Sydney to flock, no pun intended, to this area to gawk, I suggest we try searching on our own.

Blake: Okay, let's search on our own. 

James: Flies off to search.

Blake: Flies off in another direction.

A while later, Blake is at the east end of the Park. He spots a figure, he thinks that it's odd since nobody goes to this part of the park. He flies towards the figure and then lands to watch the figure from behind nearby tree. Come to realize it, it fits the description of Tamarisk according to the demigods who went to Sydney for a past quest regarding Tamarisk. He slowly sneaks behind him but his foot snapped a twig, Tamarisk saw him and she disappeared into the trees...

Blake: He heads to a nearby stream before Iris Messaging James... James, it's me Blake, I think I saw Tamarisk, she's disappeared in the trees. But on the bright side, I found her bunker. I'll send an eagle to shwo you the way to the bunker, I head in and explore it. We'll tell the others later. 

James: Heads to the bunker.

They both head into the Bunker

Group Two (Horace and Heidi)

The group meet up...

Heidi: She changes her ring into her spear. So where should we check first?

Horace: They said something about a bunker, right? So why don't we do some recon? Eyes her spear But I don't really think we need weapons yet.

Heidi: She raises her eyebrow then grins. Dude, I'm planning to use it as a walking stick for a bit! I rarely use weapons agaisnt people.

Horace: Oh, I guess that makes sense. Lets get going!

Heidi: She skips ahead, looking around at everything trying to find a bunker.

Horace: He runs ahead, and ducks behind a rock, then looks, and keeps going.

Heidi: She pauses and raises her eyebrow at Horace, tilting her head slightly. Are you alright?

Horace: He turns around and faces Heidi I dunno, I'm just attempting to be stealthy, but it's frankly not working well.

Heidi: She giggles. How about you stay on the ground and look out from here while I climb a tree and see what I can see.

Horace: He gives her a thumbs-up Good that. He starts moving again

Heidi: She easily scales a nearby tree and looks around from her high vantage point.

Horace: He looks up and gestures, meaning, "See anything?"

The trees in this part of the forest make looking down through the canopy difficult, but a great deal of movement can clearly be seen about two hundred meters ahead.

Horace: Hey, Heidi!! Look over there! points to where the movement is coming from What do you think it is? Can you see anything?

Heidi: She looks over where he's pointing and notices the movement. Yeah! I see something!

Horace: C'mom, lets go check it out! Starts running toward the direction

Tamarisk's Bunker

Blake: Wow, this place is full of trees, and plants.

The Bunker appears much as it did when last visited, with various types of flora covering aging equipment, concrete, and crates. Yet, the vines and other plantlife seem stronger and more alive since last time, now covering many of the  cracks in the ceiling, and allowing only a few cursory beams of light shine down and illuminate the passages below. The entrance tunnel stretches onward into the darkness, and a silence permeates the air, broken only by the faint sounds of moving air.

Blake: Okay, I contacted the people on the last quest to Sydney, they sent me some intel they got last time.

Horace: There is a rustling in the nearby trees, then Horace appears, and quickly jogs up to them Hey! So this is the bunker?

Blake: He hears somoe noise from outside the bunker Hey Horace, yep, this is Tamarisk's Bunker, so where's Heidi?

Horace: She'll come out of those trees in a few seconds. Don't worry, I didn't lose her.

James: I see that the foliage up there is blocking the most of the sunlight. It looks like Tamarisk is in more trouble than we thought; if she's not careful she'll smother herself.

Heidi: A few moments later, she lands on the ground in front of them and grins. Never underestamate someone who's evil.

A faint rustling and creaking, almost like leaves and tree branches moving in the wind, can be heard echoing down the tunnel, but the air is mostly still.

Blake: Well, that's everyone. So let's head down the tunnel. 

James: Man, I love tunnels. They're perfect for channeling wind through. Of course, I can't do that since you guys are here and I don't want to freeze you.

Horace: James, I would seriously kill to see you do that. But for now, lets focus on the mission.

Blake: Cool, let's get going then.

James: Lead the way.

They walk through the tunnel until they emerge in the other side...

Horace: gasps Woah, this place looks awesome...

James: Eh, I've seen better. 3 stars.

Blake: Okay guys, let's just look around the bunker and see if there's any lead to Tamarisk's whereabouts. 

James: Or we could wait near the entrance to catch Tamarisk when she enters or exits.

Blake: Looks around Well, let's wait... Well this Bunker is pretty big, there are a lot tunnels, i wouldn't be surprise if there's a other exits. 

James: That's a good point, but the more exits the bunker has the harder it is to hide. It probably doesn't have many.

Blake: Good point, but there may also be decoy exits that leads to dead ends and such, or underground exits that lead to the outskirt of the park. 

James: Decoy exits? What, pray tell, is the purpose of a decoy exit?

Blake: I don't know, since Tamarisk was captured here for 100 years, she knows this place very well, the decoys may be used trap people and use them as templates for her plant droids.

James: ...The point is Tamarisk will have to enter or leave the bunker at some point. She won't use a decoy exit, even if those do exist.

Blake: Since Tamarisk is a plant nymph, she must have a life force, if our negotiation doesn't work, then we can destroy her life force, with Tamarisk dead, her army can be easily get rid of.

James: Finding the source would be a good idea, but how can we do it in all this foliage? It could be anything!

Blake: Thinks for a sec If she is able to travel around, her life force must be small enough to bring in a pot. It has got to be here somewhere... But there's trees and plants everywhere, where could it be?

Heidi: Well, first we have to figure out what kind of plant she's connected to, then it will be easier to find.

James: I hope it's a bonsai. That would just be really cool.

Blake: I think a Cherry Blossom Flower would be cool, but where will we find info on what type of Nymph Tamarisk is, it 's not like it will pop up on google when you search: "What is the life force of Tamarisk?"

Horace: Yeah, I really doubt it. But, I just thought of something. Where would she put her life force while she was stuck in the bunker. There could be like a garden inside. Which is why I say we should split up again. One group go inside, the other group stay outside.

James: Good idea! I mean, who needs to be genre savvy, right? Also, it would be foolish of her to leave it outside where a varmint could easily get it, and I wouldn't put it in a garden either. If I were a plant nymph, I would I hide my source somewhere among all this greenery, not in an obvious location.

Horace: Right, right. I still say we should split up. What dyou say, Blake? Seeing as we did make you the leader if this quest...

Blake: Yeah sure, i'll stay inside, who's coming with me? We should first focus on finding a negotiating with Tamarisk, defeating her is our last resort. 

James: Well, if we have to split the party I'll go with you. After all, we're more likely to run into Tamarisk and if things get violent I have an advantage against plant nymphs.

Blake: Then Horace and Heidi will go outside then. 

Blake and James

Blake: Hey James, let's look around. He checks behind the greeneries scattered all around this room, looking around the trees, and between the plants. He spots a plant-zombie like hand object sticking out from behind a tree, he walks up to it and sees that it is a moss covered plant zombie creature, vines wrapped around it Yo James, come check this out! 

James: What is it?

Blake: I think this is one of Tamarisk's plant-droids. 

James: I thought those were made from people.

Blake: Yeah they are, but they are part droid too... you know they are "plant-droid" And last time i checked, droid is a robot. 

James: Shrugs. I just assumed they were poorly named. So what we have here is a botanical battalion of cyborgs?

Blake:  I've got no idea, but anything can happen when you are fighting Pagos and his people. 

James: Right, so the real question is what do we do now?

Blake: Tamarisk got to be in here somewhere, so I guess we look for her?

James: Or we could make her come to us. I have an idea, but it's risky.

Blake: What is it? I'm willing to take a risk. 

James: Plants have to be kept within a certain temperature range, correct? Frost is bad for them. I could get quite a chilly wind going through here, enough to be a hazard to plant life. This would leave Tamarisk no choice to but to search for the source, namely us. However, she will probably bring some plant-droids with her. My powers are perfect for disabling plant-droids, but that may make us seem like aggressors.

Blake: Great idea, also I wouldn't mind shocking a few plant-droids. Alright time to bring the temperature down.

James: Alright, I apologize for the chill in advance. James takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. The air begins to gently circulate as the temperature drops. The wind begins to pick up speed and flakes begin to form. Frost begins to cover the nearby plants. Finally, James pulls back his arm and thrusts it forward; the wind tears through the passage, howling in the tunnels ahead. Speaking loudly over the wind, This should only take few moments!

The plants and vines along the passage are quickly frozen solid, however, no immediate response from Tamarisk or her minions is noticable.

Blake: Hmm... no response? He walks around, and he sees a passage covered with collapsed debris, there is a gap and he could see a tunnel behind the debris leading to some sort of chamber. He grabs a boulder and moves it aside, after moving away some boulders, there was a hole that was big enough for him to crawl through. He walks through the tunnel until they emerge in a illuminated chamber. The space was filled with layers of earth and plants; creeping in form the hole in the ceiling. In which sunlight from above lighted the ground. Much of the hole is iflled with athe trunk of an enormous tree, the branches spread high up into the canopy and the roots sprawled ont he ground. The rest of the entrance to this room was blocked by a collapsed of some sort. The only way in was the hole in the ceiling and another passageway. He sees Heidi and Horace and alone, near the trunk of the tree was Tamarisk. 

James: Somewhat drained from creating the wind, he follows Blake.

Heidi and Horace

Horace: C'mon Heidi! Lets go look around! Gestures to the surrounding doliage And stay on your guard!

Heidi: Got cha! She begins walking slowly through the foliage, everyonce and awhile, pushing aside plants with the end of her spear. Hey Horace! I got an idea!

Horace: turns his head slightly Really? Hit me.

Something emerges, seemingly, as if from the wall; pushing its way through some of the thick vines coating the sides of the tunnel. The thing appears to be a "plant zombie": a vaguely human form consisting entirely of plant matter; its muscles twisted cords of vine, its claws sharp thorn, and its eyes no more than two empty holes in the front of its head. Its face turns to look at them, and it stops, unmoving.

Heidi: Uh.... let's save my amazingly awesome idea for later and try to take out the plant creature.

Horace: nods then quickly takes out his bow, and draws Ive been waiting for somehting like this to happen for a while now.

Heidi: She points her spear at it. Just try not to hurt the plants!

It continues to stand, unmoving.

Horace: Also stands unmoving, but finally turns to look at Heidi Why are we just standing here? It's not doing anything! Lets just keep going, it doesn't seem to pose a threat.

Heidi: She looks nervous as she studies the plant creature. I dunno.... but, since it seems like we have to, I'll try and make sure it doesnt do anything we dont want it to. She begins to grow grapevines up and around the zombie plant.

With surprising strength and agility, the thing uses its razor sharp thorn-claws to cut aside the vines, and begins to awkwardly amble up the passage away from them.

Horace: stares dumbly That's it? It just leaves!! I told you it didn't pose a threat! Lets just keep going now, shall we?

Heidi: She watches the thing then begins jumping up and down and chases after it.

Horace: stares in horror WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!??!?!?!? Are you trying to get us killed???!?!?!?!?!

The thing isn't moving particularly fast, and Heidi catches up with it quickly.

Horace: Heidi, don't do something that will endanger us all! Just leave it alone!!!!

Heidi: I think it's leading us to something! Maybe even the evil lady's life force!

Horace: stands there for a second, then quickly races after her That's not a bad idea, but you're sure about this??

Heidi: It's better to take the risk than lose a chance like this.

Horace: finally catches up to Heidi and slows down to a brisk walk Alright, I'm trusting you.

The thing continues on at a steady pace, ignoring them entirely. Soon the passage they're following opens out into a larger cavern; the massive concave space most likely once a command center of some sort. Unlike the entrance, whatever equipment or items that once filled this space have been removed and replaced with a layer of earth and verdant plant growth; creeping in from a large hole in the ceiling through which rays of light illuminate the ground below. While ample light floods into the chamber, much of the hole itself is filled by the trunk of an enormous tree with its branches clearly high above in the forest canopy and its roots sprawled across the floor. The other entrance to the room has been covered by what appears to be a collapse of some sort; making their current way in the only one visible, aside from the obvious hole in the ceiling. Tamarisk stands, alone, near the trunk of the tree.

Heidi: She stops when she sees Tamarisk, surprised.

Horace: whispers in Heidi's ear Dyou wanna call the others, or should I just start the negotiations?

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Tamarisk's Bunker: Command Center

James: Oh good, the team is back together without anyone even having to rescue anyone else.

Blake: Whispers So which one one you are a good negotiator?

James: Whispers That depends. If she's agreeable, then great, but if not I have the one of the best powers for threatening plants, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Horace: whispers to them I could try, if you wanted me to. I mean, ive been good enough with solving fights back at camp. We can use James as our threat, should she choose no to cooperate.

James: Go ahead.

Heidi: Whispers. While you guys a narotiating, maybe I could try my amazing awesome idea?

James: Shrugs If you think it will help.

Tamarisk speaks loudly enough for her words to cross the room without turning to face them.'

Tamarisk: I can hear you, you know. All we need are mouths, words, and intelligence enough to use them so that we can all walk away from here alive. Any ideas you have, no matter how cunning, will not be necessary.

Heidi: She watches Tamarisk. Just.... Just watch my back, okay? She backs away from the guys a bit and closes her eyes begining to make a empathetic or telepathic connection with the plants throughout the room.

Her attempts are strongly resisted, giving her only the smallest control.

Tamarisk: I wouldn't do that.

Horace: Heidi, for once, listen to the bad guy. I seriously don't think you should be doing this.

Heidi: She ignores them, trying harder to make a connection moving her hands to her head.

Her concentration is to no avail.

Tamarisk: Please, don't bother. Pagos's blood flows in my veins, and my individual power far eclipses your own. If you are only here for a fight, that is exactly what I'll give you. Perhaps I'll have an easier time negotiating with the other groups you sent here anyway. 

James: Frowns, Other groups?

Horace: quickly whispers in James' ear I think she means the other questors that were sent to Sydney to try and destroy Tamarisks forces.

James: What happened to them?

Tamarisk: They're perfectly fine, for now. I'd prefer not to have to kill anyone.

James: Wait, so are you holding them hostage?

Tamarisk: No, but I could if I wanted to. 

She finally turns around and faces them, lowering her hand, and reavealing that she had held her hand against the enormous tree up until this point. She appears no different than she had on any previous quests.

Horace: So that's her life source! So what's our game plan, guys? She just threatened to kidnap the other questors, and we've finally found her life source.

James: The plan remains the same. Raises his voice to speak to Tamarisk. Tamarisk! I want you to consider what you're doing. You are creating an army for Pagos, the enemy of Camp Half Blood. If you continue to do this, we will be forced to retaliate in the interest of self preservation, something I'm sure you cannot begrudge us. If this conflict does come to pass, we will have no choice but to destroy you, and we have the power; Camp Half Blood has a history of annihilating even the most potent of foes. If you back down now, I can assure you that no harm will come to you.

That said, we didn't come here to intimidate you into submission; I have other reasons for you to terminate this operation. Tamarisk, you were once a being who sought freedom, correct? You follow Pagos because he gave you that freedom, or at least seemed to. But tell me this Tamarisk, what have you done since then? Enslaved countless souls with your floral mind control. Set the drones free, Tamarisk; you of all people must know the value of freedom. How can you withhold it from so many?

Tamarisk:' I am creating an army for Pagos because, unless he miraculously dies, he could kill me if I don't. If I back down, you may not harm me, but Pagos undoubtedly will. Your camp is threatened, yes, but the history you refer to is nothing more than exactly that: history. Percy Jackson and his companions are long gone, and I have no reason to believe that any of you are worthy of succeeding him. Fighting you, here and now, would be an act of self preservation for me, just as your same goals lead you into the same conflict. If that is the case, we are at an impasse, so what can you show me that will allow neither of us to come to harm? As for my creations, you are incorrect to attribute them with souls, they contain no such thing, and as such there is no reason for me to 'free' anything because nothing is enslaved to begin with.

James: I'm sorry to hear that. It seems conflict is inevitable. Snow begins to swirl around James. I'll give you one final warning. You say that the camp's exploits are a thing of the past; you mention Percy Jackson. Well, just between you and me, I've heard a few things about Percy. I know that he defeated Kronos. Our camp may not have Percy Jackson, but now it has well over 20 children of Poseidon, not to mention hordes of other demigods. Do you really think Pagos stands a chance?

Horace: looks between James and Tamarisk, and lightning crackles at his fingertips Tamarisk, I know you feel that combat is unavoidable, but please just hear me out for a minute. If you agree to stand down, maybe we can work together to stop Pagos! That way there is no conflict between us, Pagos can be stopped once and for all, and you can be freed! How's that sound?

Tamarisk: Sadly. That sounds excellent, except for the part where Pagos kills me. You don't seem to understand. If he learns that I have turned against him, he will kill me! The blood he gave me, the blood now within me, is as much his weapon as my own. I could help you, but only if Pagos knew nothing of my treachery, and if your allies are defeated I do not see that happening.

James: Man, Pagos must be type O if he's just handing out blood like that. In any case, you are correct; this can't end well. I really don't want to kill anyone, but nature spirits just reincarnate as something else, right? The vortex of snow surrounding James picks up speed. I'm truly sorry about this Tamarisk, but it looks like the fates are against you. Do you think a few drops of second-hand, diluted sky-god blood makes you a formidable opponent? Well I have some bad news; I have 3 whole quarts of straight north-wind-god blood! Looks like a late freeze is about to ruin this year's Tamarisk crop! James lashes out with his arm, creating a focused blast of arctic wind aim directly at Tamarisk, hoping it will freeze her.

Horace: JAMES!!! Don't! He puts out his hand as if to try to stop James, but know he is too late, and static and lightning crackles around him.

Not expecting James' sudden attack, Tamarisk hastily throws up a barrier of vines, but his powerful blast streaks past them and slams into his target; freezing her in place.

James: Grinning If you can't take the cold, get out of the meat-locker. Then he lets out a sigh. What now? I guess someone should finish her off...

Horace: he looks around at the others, then sighs Im gonna hate myself for doing this, but oh well. A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. rubs his hands together, lightning swirling and crackling around him, then he shoots his hand out, and the lightning strikes Tamarisk's body

Tamarisk is, presumably, dead.

James: His shoulders sag and he looks tired. Clearly his earlier bravado was a show to intimidate Tamarisk. I really didn't want this to happen... There was no other way...

Horace: he goes and pats James on the back Dont worry dude, I know how you feel. At least how Pagos is weakened, right?

James: Clears his throat and steps away. Of course. It was necessary. So... now we head back?

Horace: We could, or maybe we could go see some sights? Please? I mentioned a few hours ago that my dream was to travel the world and take pictures, right?

Blake: Well it's not our fault that negotiation didn't work. It either she dies or the world suffers. 

An unusal sound begins to echo around them, muffled, but growing in intensity by the minute; a scrabbling scratching sound, paired with the unmistakable rumble of moving earth. Sections of the wall and flooring begin to expand, and then explode outwards, releasing dozens of plant creatures that quickly swarm towards the group; significantly faster and more coordinated now that they appear to be motivated by a collective anger.

Horace: Ahh... Now this is the kind of fight I've been waiting for! Quikly unslings his bow,makes out an arrow, and draws, waiting for the plant creatures to make the first move

Blake: Ha! Finally some fighting, this is what I've been waiting for this whole time! He charges an electrical field around him, while he waits for further movement made by the plant droids. 

James: Blast... I'm running low on energy... He readies his swords anyway.

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