Crossover Team Two - Stuttgart

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  1. Hydro, Thomas Richards (Camp - Aeolus)
  2. Unu, Mirabella Duncun (Camp - Apate)
  3. IFW, Caos Gray (Camp - Eris) (Hydro is rp'ing Caos)
  4. Ela, Ada Halvorsen (BC - Iris)
  5. Trav, Lexi Edison (Neutral - Phlegethon)


  1. Flame


Reunite the Schwarzsturm, or destroy it at its core.

Important Reminder

As this is a crossover team, it is presumed that they would first meet up on neutral territory before travelling, such as the nearby town.

How you travel to places is not important, bickering for post after post after post whether or not to take a taxi or an airplane is just going to slow you down and keep you from the good parts.

Also, in order to receive prizes for this mission when this all ends, this mission must come to a satisfactory ending place, that doesn't mean they necessarily "have" to be back at camp, but it should be at a place that Flame and myself feel that it mostly finished, if not all the way. If you must go inactive at any point please let someone know and if possible get someone to post for you. Leaving it up to your teammates to do all the work will be noticed, and if this happens, we reserve the right to hold back prizes from team members who did not seem to hold up their weight in the mission, and were active everywhere else on the wiki.


Mirabella: She waits and taps her foot impatiently, waiting for the others.

Thomas: He flies down next to her Hey Kid!

Mirabella: She looks up to him, glaring "Call me kid one more time, Grandpa, and I will whip your behind faster than a lion could take a bite our of an elephant. And, trust me, I know how fast."

Thomas: Yeah whatever! he smiles and looks around for the others

Lexi: Lexi comes from around the corner,  she instantly spots Mirabelle, and Thomas  and walks up to them. Are you guys the one I am suppose to meet for the mission for Germany?

Mirabella: "Possibly."

Lexi: Possibly?

Gideon Kaltstahl and Leonhardt Amsel arrive, smartly dressed in their black dress-uniforms, and look at the assembled group somewhat disparagingly.

Leonhardt: To Gideon: So this is them, is it?

Gideon: Yes, but hopefully not all of them... perhaps the others will be more impressive.

Ada: She arrives alone carrying a backpack, with almost everyone unfamiliar and she supposes everyone's from camp. So, this is the team? She says excitedly.

Thomas: He turns to Gideon Hey what's that supposed to mean?!

Gideon: Looks at Thomas. Oh, I was simply expecting more from an organization that teaches children to be soldiers. Where is the discipline?

Lexi: Lexi somewhat recognizes Ada,  and realzies these are the people she is suppose to be meeting. She turns to see the growing tention between Gideon and Thomas. Look normally I would love to see this escalade into a  pointless fight, Shes says in heavily sacastic tone, while  looking at Thomas and Gideon.  but we shouldn't we focus our engery towards our  enemy instead of each other.

Caos: Looks bored as hell as he walks towards the group. Hey, I'm Caos, whatever, wasup? Let's get this over with *begins to whistle*

Mirabella: She turns to Caos and glares "Shut up, your whistling is annoying."

Thomas: He glares at Gideon Punkass..... he walks up to Caos and Mirabella Hey are'nt you two from the Broken Truce Mission?

Mirabella: She nods with a little roll of her eyes "Duh."

Lexi: She glares at Mirabella Actually  she from the Broken Convenant, Lexi says motioning towards Ada  while I am neigher associated with the camp or BC. She pauses At least not any more.

Thomas: That must be lonely.....

Mirabella: "If you are at neither Camp or BC, why are you on this Mission?"

Caos: turns to Mira I'll whistle as much as i want! he whistles louder as Thomas slaps him on the back

Thomas: Wasup?

Caos: Hey man! Broken Truce was a breeze man...

Thomas: But were'nt you beaten? 

Caos: He makes a >.<  face Shut up dude!

Mirabella: "Shut up, I repeat, Caos. And, you couldn't even beat your opponent?" 

Caos: Shut it brat! I had to fight some bitch with freaky magic powers! She had fireballs, telekinesis AND she turned into a lioness! I still messed her up pretty good. Who did you have to fight? Some blind dude? Thomas chuckles

Mirabella: "No, some dude, son of Oceanus or what ever. And, I'm warning you, call me a name or insult me once more, I ain't gonna take too kindly to you."

Caos: Yeah yeah whatever pipsqueak

Mirabella: She glares, and pulls her whip out, attempting to lash him with it.

Caos: He creates a shield of stun energy. The whip slams on it and energy knock it back at Mirabella. Thomas sees this and quickly pulls her out the way

Mirabella: She growls and quickly swings her foot back, going to hit Thomas in his babymaker "I am not a little wimp like your friend over there! I've been attacked by a lion, and tamed that same lion. I ain't no wimp."

Thomas: He's kicked and falls to the ground, kneeling in pain I save you from taking a whip to the face and this is the thanks i get? he groans in pain as Caos laughs.

Gideon: Turns back to Leon. What did I tell you? No discipline.

Leonhardt: Nods. I suppose we'll give them another minute...

Mirabella: She glares at Gideon "Listen here, Mister. I have plenty of discipline. I just happen to think this group of people are complete idiots who do not deserve respect."

Thomas and Caos: Thomas slowly gets up  Shut it you lil twerp!!!!!!

Ada: She watches them, quite amused of their uncivilized actions.

Lexi: Lexi looks at Gideon, and Leonhardt. Did anyone from the Schwarzsturm use the vile of Pago's blood?

Leonhardt: To Lexi: Obviously. Pagos approached us with an offer many could not reject, an offer eclipsing even the greatest of our prior discoveries. Gideon and I saw it for what it truly was, and dependancy, no matter the power it provides, is the greatest of weaknesses. That is the reason for the division, and the reason why we are standing here today.

Gideon: To Mirabella. Miss Mirabella, it seems to me that you misunderstand the practical application of discipline. On the individual level it is meaningless. You may obey to the letter, but that is not discipline, that is obedience. You may fight most effectively, but that is not discipline, it is skill. You may die for the cause, but that is not discipline, that is martyrdom. To be disciplined, you must apply each of these not only to yourself, but to your entire team. Right now, you are showing none of those qualities, I would suggest that you immediately start doing so.

Caos: Pwned!

Thomas: What's the Schwarzsturm?

Mirabella: "I don't have a team. You are all just a bunch of people I have to work with. A team to me, means a bond is between them. I do not wish to bond with any of you people, as of current, I hate you all. So, I will have discipline, when I have a team."

Gideon: If you are not a part of this team, then you should leave.

Leonhardt: To Thomas: This ought to explain, but you should really know already. Hands Thomas the mission briefing.

Lexi: He right,  the only way we can succeed is by working together, because if  not we will be doomed for failure. Realistically the Schwarzsturm are organize, strong, discipline, and  probably already know we are coming. Why don't we put our feeling to the side and start concentrating on the mission?

Thomas: He reads the briefing Meh i can handle these guys. Some help would be nice i guess.

Caos: Pfft! These guys are lame, you guys better stay out of the way

Ada: Let's just work together and stop complaining, it slows things down.

Caos: Yeah Yeah whatever toots, let's get this show on the road.

Mirabella: She looks at Lexi "Fine, but only if those guys," She points at Thomas and Caos "Stop being so full of themselves. After all, being too Self-centered and Prideful will be their downfall, among other points, and I don't want to get brought down with them."

Caos: Remembers the way he's acting, and frowns. Sorry, I shouldn't be two times the dick I'm being right now. I don't usually hang out with people, okay. So I apologize Mira. However, if you want me to shut up at least say it in a nice way.

Gideon: Everyone will work together, or we will all die together. It is that simple. Now I would suggest we procure some transport. The Schwarzsturm makes its home beneath the city, and so we will need to gain entrance once we arrive. Leonhardt, if you would?

Leon: Nods, pulls some keys out of his pocket and disappears for a moment, returning a minute or so later with an unmarked van.

Gideon: Opens the door, and signals for the others to enter. We have already booked flight tickets to Stuttgart, so we don't want to miss the plane.

The van takes the team to JFK International Airport, from where they take the 8 hour flight to Stuttgart. Once baggage has been collected, and the group is properly assembled, they meet nearby to discuss how to proceed.

Lexi: She sits down in a bench as she wait for the other to arrive from the baggage claim.

Mirabella: She walks towards her, carrying her bag

Ada: She grabs her bag and follows.

Thomas: He walks up to the rest of the group with his backpack. Man that flight was great! really felt cozy up in the air! so come on let's get a move on! i wanna fight some mercs!

Caos: He walks with him with his duffel bag. yeah let's kick some ass!

The two Schwarzsturm officers walk up, straighten their uniforms, and make towards an exit marked with a "U-Bahn" sign; each acknowledging the group with a small nod.

Gideon: Come, the subway entrance is just here. 

They descend the first flight of stairs and turn right, to face the wall, and press a spot where a piece of tile seems to be missing. A door opens, Gideon enters, and Leon beckons for the others to follow. None of the mortals seem to notice and continue on their daily activities.

Lexi: Lexi follows Gideon and Leon through the door. So where exactly are we going?

Caos: What she said.

Gideon: Into the place I have called home for over a century...

The door leads into a long tunnel with a slight downard slope. Only the entrance they just used and an extremely dim light at the other end of the tunnel provide any respite from the darkness.

Lexi: Wow is this place dark. Did you guys bring a flash light, or  should I start using alterate source of light?

Ada: I brought my S3, and it has a flashlight app.

Mirabella: She nods at Ada "I don't like this place."

Thomas:  bah don't be scared, it's fine

Caos: Ah, shut up Thomas. Your trying to hide your terror. S'nickers.

The tunnel opens into a room decorated in the late Victorian style. Perhaps at one point some form of study, elaborate bookshelves line the walls, and a painting of Otto Von Bismarck hangs over the mantle of a grand fireplace. A mahogany table sits towards the middle of the room, the large chair behind it facing the room's only other entrance, and a pile of papers  cover the left side of the desk; the right side holding a pen and bottle of liquor.  A fine layer of dust and cobwebs covers the room, all of this lit by the dim light of a musty lamp in one corner. There are no windows. Clearly, this place has not seen activity in some time.

Gideon: Pauses for a moment, as if reminiscing, and then draws a map from the pocket of his uniform. He turns to the others. Please give Leonhardt and myself a moment to review the layout of the Schwarzfestung, many areas have been abandoned as our numbers dwindled. It has been a long time... feel free to look around.

Mirabella: She slowly walks into the room, looking around. She sneezes a bit due to the dust "Gosh, I hate this place, it's so, boring and old-fashioned."

Caos: I like it, actually. Always liked old buildings, and the dark. Whoa, Otto Von Bismarck himself. Salutes, then flips the painting offTurns to Mirabella. C'mon, there has to be something in this room you like. And don't give me a lame answer either.

Mirabella: "I like, uhm, uh. Nope. Not a thing in this room I like. This, is my disaster room."

Thomas: He sits on the large chair whatever this place looks great!

Gideon: Turns. "Disaster room" is quite accurate. This was once the office of Hauptmann Viktor Schroding, as a Feuerbegabte, he had a habit of exploding things at inappropriate times. This did not serve him well in a Petrochemical factory.

Leonhardt: Nods. Fortunately, I am more careful.

Thomas: cool....

Mirabella: She straightens up, a smile on her face "Things exploded in this room? That just made it 10 times cooler!"

Gideon: Rolls up the map. So, we have two choices of direction through which to get to our objective. I do not know your talents and capabilities, so I would like to bring your opinions into account. We can either go through the great hall, which is a large open space, or further offices and barracks similar to this one, which are small and enclosed. Where are you most effective?

Mirabella: Shrugs "I perform just as well in small spaces as I am in open spaces."

Ada: I'd say I'm better off in a large space.

Caos: My powers work in both small and open spaces. Why don't we split up, makes things easier. A group attacks from the hall, drawing forces and creating chaos. Another group attacks from the offices and barracks, destabilizing the enemies by making more chaos. Grins a possibly insane, and slightly disturbing grin. Ah, I love the smell of upcoming anarchy in the air. Or is that cotton candy?

Lexi:   For the record I believe I am most effective to  in large open spaces, since there is less chance of me burning someone by accident. She laughs nervously.

Thomas: I'm an Aeolus kid, I need space to let loose with my powers

Mirabella: She looks at them "So, we have Ada, Lexi and Thomas for the Open Spaces, and Caos and I for the Enclosed ones? Great."

Lexi: Looks like it.

Caos: Shrugs. I'm okay with that. I could use a hand, even if it's you. Looks at Mira. So, is this going to work? Grins.

Mirabella: She glares at Caos "Do not down-talk to me, Grandpa. And, sadly, it'll have to if we want to win."

Caos: Don't downtalk? That's all I do. Turns his head to the side, and winks a joking wink no one but Mirabella can see. And Grandpa? Where the hell did you come up with that? *kicks Thomas discreetly*

Mirabella: "Just shut your trap before I make you." She turns away and mutters "Do I really have to work with someone as pathetic as him?"

Lexi: This isn't going to work, you two can even be the same room without insulting each other. She sigh I'll go in enclosed space as well, I just have to be careful with how much fire I use.

Mirabella: She glares "I don't need a babysitter or a chaperone!"

Caos: Someone who can't understand a joke will never compherend life. And those who call others pathetic are pathetic. So, yeah I'm pathetic. Turns to Lexi. It'll be fine. Our arguing will makes us so pissed off at each other we can direct our anger at the enemies.

Mirabella: She, however, glares at Caos and storms out of the room, unable to take his stupidity.

Caos: Great. Turns to the others. I'll handle it, seriously. Runs out of the room and chases Mira down the hall into another room. Hey, Mira wait up!

Lexi: She sighs, and shakes her head from side to side.

Gideon: Gott verdammt! Lexi, Thomas, you are with Leonhardt. Turns directly towards Leon. Herr Amsel, wissen sie, was zu tun ist.

Leon: Nods. Come, you two, we are taking the Great Hall. He approaches a bookcase on the far wall and takes a specific book off of the shelf. The shelf rotates and reveals an entranceway, which Leon quickly enters.

Gideon: Angrily strides after Mirabella and Caos, his hand on the hilt of his blade.

Lexi: Lexi hesitates for a second, before following Leon into the hidden entranceway.

Ada: She follows Lexi.

Caos follows Mira down a corridor and eventually runs ahead of her, almost sliding across the floor as he stands in front of her.

Caos: What in the hell is wrong with you?! Seriously? Sees Gideon running over, and holds up his hand, signalling him to stop.

Gideon: Stops.

Mirabella: She, however, steps around him, continuing to glare "I am going through the enclosed spaces, like we're supposed to. Duh."

Caos: Blinks as he begins following Mira. Um, say wha? You were totally not about to do that. You were living, weren't you? Tell me the truth.

Mirabella: She however, ignores him

Caos: Groans, and shrugs his shoulders This is the reason why I don't hang out with people... Leads the way into the enclosed spaces.

Caos walks into the room, and grins. The place is dark, eerie, and all of the old equipment and furniture has been covered in cobwebs.' He walks forward and touches an antique chair, and a large coating of dust sticks to his finger.

Caos: Breathes in the centuries. I love old places.

Mirabella: She groans a bit, walking into the room as well "I hate them."

Caos: Good for you. You win the internet. Finds an old fashion cane and twirls it like he's on broadway.

Mirabella: She rolls her eyes and slightly pushes him "Come on, boy. We should get moving. We are on a mission, after all."

Caos: Yeah yeah whatever girl *He continues walking ahead*

Mirabella: She sighs and follows after him 

Caos: *He walks a dusty old desk, shrugs as he kicks it to the ground* Yo Gideon! let's try and get out of here! This is a good place to get the jump on someone!

Gideon: Grins. That is entirely what I was hoping for.

As he speaks, four men materialize out of the darkness; whether by a power or simple stealth unclear. They wear Schwarzsturm uniform, and immediately attack; leaping at the three of them.

Gideon: Be sure to leave one of these idioten alive! He whirls and impales a man on his now drawn sword, forcing him to the ground before spinning to counter another one of the men.

Mirabella: Her eyes slightly widen but, she takes out her whip, and, goes to slash at one of the guy's arm, trying to think of what power she should use against her enemies.

Caos: *He merely smirks as he induces a state of confusion on the last SS member. quickly pulling out his sickle and tries to slash at his left knee.*

Gideon battles his opponent in a test of swordsmanship, his blade nothing less than an extension of his body, while Mirabella's opponent dodges her attack and makes a thrust for her chest; his blade lit by a light and fire likely indicating him to be a son of Apollo. The third man, fighting Caos, seems confused for a moment, but as Caos' blade closes in for his left knee he snaps back into reality and dodges; spinning to bring his blade toward his enemy's head.

Caos: Woah! *He jumps back as he narrowly avoids the blade. He tightens his grip on his sickle, while he sees a large rock by his feet. He quicky picks it up with his open hand. And dashes towards the merc. Tossing the rock towards his forehead. While moving to his left and swinging at the SS member's left hip.*

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