LL Phase Two: BC Team One

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Type: Combat

Location: Ugandan Jungle

Objective: Reports speak of a powerful Demigod worshipped as a god by an isolated tribe deep in the Ugandan jungle, it is unknown whether she has ties to Pagos but information found strongly hints towards it.

Team Members

  1. Elias Drake/Nhlott
  2. Marfa Polzin/Mika Hasn't posted since 9/14
  3. Adeline/Queen
  4. Catherine Grant/Hyu Needs to post


Adeline: Arrives at The Sanctuary in a dark green top and cream pants, carrying cream backpack on her back. She sits and waits for the others to arrive.

Catherine: She shortly arrives after her with a large backpack on her back. She wears a pink sando with a black jacket, black cargo pants and thick shoes. I guess you're one of the members.

Adeline: Stares at her head-to-toe, then smiles. Yeah, I'm Adeline. You?

Eli: He arrives wearing a black jacket with no shirt, black cargo pants, combat boots, and a courier back slung over his back. Hey there, ladies.

Catherine: Hey. Well, I'm Catherine.

Adeline: Beams when she sees Eli. Elias, hi.

Eli: Grins. Hey, Adel. Please, call me Eli.

Marfa: Walks up to them wearing a simple pink T-Shirt, jean shorts, and combat boots and smiles And you must be the rest of the team, sorry I'm late. Couldn't decide which weapon to bring Applies lipstick

Adele: Sneers. I hope you didn't decide to bring lipstick as your weapon then.

Eli: Yea, I refuse to take you seriously like that. I shall feel no remorse should you die.

Catherine: Heh, wherever we're going, I'm sure that lipstick will mean nothing.

Marfa: Smiles Underestimating leads to doom and not all blondes are stupid Flicks her wrist, changing the lipstick into a sword

Adele: Nods. That's better. Turns to the rest of the group. So, I assume we'll go to the Uganda by plane? Shouldn't we get going to the airport?

Catherine: She raises an eyebrow upon seeing the sword. I guess I'm wrong then. She's right, we'd better get a move on.

Eli: Not much of an improvement.....but sure, let's get goin...

Adele: Umm, are we taking a cab, or someone's got a car, or...?

Eli: Allow me. He hails a cab Airport, my good man

Adele: she gets in

They arrive at the airport

Eli: Quick question.....We're all quite heavily armed. How are we gettin through customs?

Adele: Hmm perhaps I could cast a spell to make them not notice the weapons?

Eli: Fair enough.

Adele: As they near the metal detectors, she casts a spell so that no one notices the weapons

They board the plane and fly to Uganda. Sometime later, they arrived on the airport, in Kampala city.

Eli: He exits the airport stretching Well, looks like we got some huntin to do....

Marfa: Smiles So, where do we start?

Adele: Well, we're looking for an isolated tribe lives in a deep jungle. So, any suggestions?

Eli: An Indiana Jones-esque guide with a machete?

Adele: Maybe we can ask the locals? About a tribe who worships a goddess. Most Ugandans are Christian and Muslim, so if one tribe worships a certain goddess, maybe some people would heard of them?

Eli: Assuming they wanna tell us...

Marfa: Raises her eyebrow and smiles I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve that could help out.

Adele: Raises an eyebrow and smiles as well. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Eli: He sighs and bends a nearby sign and sits on it like a bench

Marfa: Smiles, takes Adele's hand, and walks up to a random person

Adele: Good morning, Sir. Can we ask a couple of question?

Catherine: Answer promptly. I don't like keeping ourselves for a long time here.

Random Man: The man is clothed in an old looking suit, with a briefcase at his side. He looks at them, shrugs, and answers in thickly accented English. I suppose so...

Marfa: Beams and gives her most charming smile Great! You wouldn't know about a tribe that worships this goddess... turns to the rest of the group Describe her?

Adele: Word is this isolated tribe lives in a deep jungle, and the goddess protects them from their enemies and monsters. She also lives with them.

Catherine: And we're here to find out if this goddess is real, or so to speak.

Random Man: He smiles and offers his hand. Ah, it seems that you've come to the right person. My name is Nakalinza Gwandoya, and I serve as Principle Secretary of Ugandan Tribes in our government. Given your description, I would assume that you are searching for a tribe calling itself the Maureen. Contact with them is very limited, and I must inform you that tresspassing upon their territory is prohibited by several of our laws since this tribe in particular has a tendancy to shoot first and ask questions later. However, should you be interested in learning the little we do know, I would be more than happy to provide you with one of our splendid three-color tribe tourism brouchures! He removes a brochure from his briefcase, which appears to have been hastily thrown together in Microsoft paint and sports a large coffee stain across its front.

Eli: Looks......promising....

Catherine: You forgot about the goddess herself. Who is she?

Random Man: Frowns I'm afraid that we don't know very much about their deity. The thing that makes her unique is that no other tribe in the jungle has adopted any form of monotheism. Curious, no?

Adele: We're trying to find out more about it. Smiles. Do you know how we can get there?

Random Man: I'm afraid that I cannot tell you, such information is restricted for the safety of the public. As I explained, this tribe shoots first and asks questions later.

Catherine: She whispers to Adele's ear. Well, what should we do now?

Adele: Whispers just loud enough for Catherine and Marfa to hear, Charmspeak him.

Eli: A nice spell wouldn't be misplaced, either. Unless you want me to slowly break his arm til he talks.....

Catherine: I can torture him if you want.

Adele: Whaaat? He's looking for our safety.

Eli: Or safety isn't the current issue. Completing our objective is. So unless one of you is about to sweet-talk and or put a spell on him, he's about to get quite the interrogation.....

Catherine: Well, Eli, I'm up for anything... excruciating.

Marfa: Rolls her eyes, smiles charmingly, and forces veracity into her words We can deal with the tribe, now, would you please tell us where the tribe is?

Random Man: Looks confused for a moment, but then appears to recognize the group as someone else. Ah, Lakstikala, I didn't realize you and your friends here had clearance to do that sort of thing, but clearly you do. Here, I'll mark it on your map. Marks the tribe's position on the map.

Adele: Well, isn't that easier... Thank you, Mr. Gwandoya. Now, if you'll excuse us.

The group leaves him and goes to a small corner to discuss.

Catherine: I'd say we better scan the area before making any move on the tribe.

Eli: Why? The demi's the issue, not so much the tribe

Adele: Yeah, a bunch of unintelligent mortals armed with weapons made out of woods shouldn't be a big threat for us, right?

Eli: Exactly. And anyone worshiping a demigod can't be bright or competent enough to pose a true threat.

Catherine: Hmm... if you say so. Well, what's the plan now?

Adele: Get a ride to get us to the tribe?

Catherine: I don't think that'll work. I mean, a tribe in the middle of the jungle.

Eli: Yea. I mean, it's not like we have a nearly limitless supply of magic or charmspeaking at our disposal......oh wait....

Catherine: She looks at Marfa.

Adele: Why don't we just rent a car? Or preferably, a helicopter. I can magically create fake money. We just need to find the right person.

Eli He sighs Adel, you're cute and all, and I like you, really I do, but so help me if you don't do some kind of hocus pocus to make us appear on this point on the map, I swear I'm gonna break your arms......

Catherine: You know what, at least think of something realistic for once. Getting stupid ideas won't get us anywhere. I'd say we take it on by foot.

They begin a long walk, eventually getting to the general area marked on the map.

The group finds itself on the outskirts of a small village, consisting primarily of wooden huts and tents, with a small wall separating it from the dense jungle. From what the group can see, no one is in sight.

Adele: She says a spell that will force anyone/anything hidden come out.

Catherine: Whispers to Adele. What're you doing!? Someone might notice us.

Eli: Puts a hand on Catherine's shoulder Let her be...

The ground and bushes shift as the entirety of the jungles' wildlife emerges. An entire colony of ants streams to the surface, followed by spiders, beatles, worms, and all manner of insects; covering the ground like a living chitinous carpet. A flurry of flying insects surrounds them, creating an enormous biting cloud. Rodents and other small animals appear from the brush and rush around the feet of the group, clearly confused, while a flurry of small birds descends from the treetops to join the insects. A medium sized scavanging animal drags a rotting carcass into view, and continues gnawing on it hungrily, scattering blood and putrid flesh about the clearing; followed in a moment by a small pack of wild dogs that were stalking it. Finally an enormous jungle elephant crashes through the trees and lowers its head curiously before letting out an annoyed roar and charging off.

Nothing happens in the village.

Catherine: What the-!? She brings out her whip. Look at what you did!

Eli: If I may ask, how long have you been unable to chill the f*ck out?

Catherine: Like I care what you say! She turns back to the trouble they're facing. So, now what? I guess we don't have a choice.

Eli: He sighs Hold onto a tree or something.... He claps his hands, creating a shockwave around him

Catherine: Too late, she stumbles down but stands up upon falling. Ugh. At least say it a lot earlier. She lashes her whip against the incoming creatures.

The animals, frightened by the shockwave and the whip, quickly vanish again into the trees.

Adele: Sorry, sorry! I should've focused on 'anyone', not 'anything'. But at least we know no one's hiding to shoot us with arrows, maybe.

Catherine: Sighs. At the very least. Well, we'd better move on before more of those things come up. Fastens back her whip.

Adele: Weird...where's everyone?

Catherine: It is either were still not there or they sensed us and better thought of waiting for the right time to ambush us.

Adele: Wanna check out the houses? Starts walking closer into the village, heading to the nearest house.

Catherine: I'll go with you, just in case. Just don't make a sound. She quietly follows her to the house.

The deep thud of an enormous drum echoes throughout the village, seemingly emanating from the direction of the villages' main entrance.

Adele: whispers, What the hell is that??? Chants a spell that make her and Catherine invisible.

Eli: Class act, ladies....

Catherine: It somehow sounds like drums or something with membranes. Should we check it out?

An exotic procession enters the open space at the middle of the village. It appears to be formed around a pair of small jungle elephants, the former bearing a small robed woman wearing ornate head-gear, and the latter carrying an enormous drum along with those playing it. The rest of the group consists of near a hundred tribesmen wielding a variety of weapons and dragging behind them the body of an enormous panther; its heart pierced by a slowly melting shard of ice.

Eli: So I take it this is Queen Bitch?

Catherine: More or less yeah. And I guess that big cat is their dinner.

The woman dismounts, jumping down, and walks over to the panther. She says something to the rest of the group and retires to the largest hut in the village while her followers gather around the animal's corpse.

Catherine: Do you think we should see that leader-like woman or those people around the big cat?

Eventually, they decide to sneak into the hut with the leader of the tribe under the spell of invisibility, but the spell wears off a little sooner than expected, and all hell breaks loose, the tribe attacking the group. The queen exits her hut once hearing the noise, and escapes without the tribespeople noticing, leaving a trail of ice on the ground behind her. After a while of continued fighting, the group manages to flee the jungle and head out to the Sanctuary.

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