LL Phase Two: BC Team Three

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Type: Story

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

Objective: Camp received reports from a satyr recently that, someone has been recuriting in Camps name, getting to campers before they get to camp, a member of the BC confirmed that they also received a report similar to this. It seems to be happening around New Brunswick Canada, probably operating out of Saint John, as that is the biggest city and the easiest to blend in. That area is the most common stopping spot for demigods coming in from other countries.

Team Members

  1. Brendan Krueger/BachLynn23
  2. Alexis Benedict/GirlofDelusion
  3. Aria Amethyst/Minxie


Alexis: She stands outside the Prime Pillar, as planned, and awaits her team mates to join her.

Brendan: Walks up Hey, you one of the others going to Canada?

Alexis: She nods. Yes, I'm Alexis, nice to meet you. She reaches her arm out for a hand shake.

Brendan: shakes her hand I'm Brendan, I don't think we've met before, I've only been here a couple of months

Alexis: I don't think we've might either. I've been a while, but the last month or so I've been away on personal business around the same area as where we're heading now, so when I heard I can help out I immediately joined in.

Brendan: nods Cool, I've been to Canda but not extensively or anything, but I don't know, just a feeling like, I need to go on this one, can't explain it

Alexis: I can definitely relate... she looks around for a moment. What's holding our other team member up?

Aria: She runs up to the two out of breath Sorry, I got distracted. She glances at her surroundings Everything's so pretty.

Brendan: raises an eye brow Really? Hadn't noticed, so now that we are all here, how are we getting here? Plane, train, automobile?

Alexis: She looks Aria up and down quickly, but looks back at Brendan to address his question. You name it. I'm fine with anything, really, I'm not exactly the spoiled type. I can also provide us with 'tickets' if there's a need for them. She winks.

Aria: She smiles at Alexis Airplane sounds fine

Brendan: Sounds good to me, driving would take us well over 16 hours so

Alexis: Very well.

The group walks out to human territory in order to get a cab. They head down to the local airport and find a flight. Alexis has already approached a ticketing clerk and convinced him (using an illusion of quite a big monetary compensation) to arrange tickets for the best available seats on the flight going out to Saint John.

Alexis: I hope you'll be fine with first class. Come on.

With the tickets, they board the plane and take their seats.

Alexis: She taps Aria's shoulder with her finger. So, I haven't quite caught your name, sweetheart. I'm Alexis, by the way, and the he's Brendan.

Brendan: gets comfortable Yea Alexis is right, haven't gotten your name yet, pretty sure we haven't met yet

Aria: Oh, sorry! I'm I'm Aria. Pleasure to meet the both of you?

Alexis: My pleasure as well. I would also like to request that we settle our differences in ideology and put them behind for the sake of all of us. Sounds fair?

Aria: A well proposal Nods in agreement

Brendan: shrugs As long as you guys are against the gods, all the semantics of separate idealogies for each faction concerns me rather little, as long as the end game involves the gods getting what they deserve

Alexis: She nods in agreement.

Aria: She nods at both of them reassuringly So, we're off then, right?

Brendan: Pretty sure the plane already took off while we were talking

Alexis: It must be the effects of being the child of an air goddess and an earth goddess... feel the same on and above the ground.

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A few hours later they land in Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Brendan: gets off the plane

Alexis: She follows Brendan. Okay, now we'll just have to hurry through customs. We shouldn't waste any time. She convinces the people waiting that they are with a family member, waiting for them at the head of the line and creates an illusion of filled paperwork and approved passports, allowing them through to baggage claim and then outside the airport quickly.

Aria: Turns to Alexis while walking Excellent work

Alexis: She smiles. Why, thanks.

Brendan: So, we're in the right country and city the satyr mentioned in the intel, question is, where to next

Aria: We could patrol the city, see if we run into the guy. Better yet, we could attract him ourselves

Brendan: Good call, maybe if we play it up like we were on our way here to go to camp from Europe, and the satyr we were with ditched us Brendan heads away from the airport. Hmmm perhaps if we go a little ways away and cause some trouble, get maybe a monster to find us, use our powers?

Aria: Nods in agreement

Brendan: Ooo I wanna turn someone into an animal, that would be fun, maybe a rabbit, or a skunk

Alexis: We can send up a flare. She takes a cell phone and laptop out of her pack.

Brendan: Ok, you get on the internet and shit and looks around and turns a random mortal into a bunny I'll use my powers

Aria: Changes into a wolf

Alexis: She grits her teeth as Brendan turns the random mortal into an animal but tries to avoid it, accessing local sites and phone numbers that would pull anyone looking out towards them.

Aria: Begins howl to attract attention

3 empousa come around the corner hissing, 2 come from behind the demigods

Brendan: Oh this should be fun

Alexis: She quickly hurries her equipment into her bag, her eyes widened by frenzy for battle. She grins as she draws her throwing knives so quickly, they seem to appear from nowhere. She turns around to the sound of the hissing behind her and throws them in the direction of their stomachs, proceeding to illude the empousai into thinking the demigods are gone.

Brendan: turns one of the empousa into a pig

The empousai that Alexis threw knives at explode into golden dust. The empousa turned into a pig is startled and runs away a short distance, slowly realizing that they can shapeshift. The empousa slowly shifts back.

Alexis: She uses this to her advantage before she can turn back, throwing the knife into her.

The empousa turns into gold dust mid-shift and the three knives return magically to Alexis' sheath, as they have been enchanted to.

Brendan: draws his sword and prepares to attack another empousa

Aria: Shifts back What did I miss

the other 3 empousai start to turn but soon see through the deception and move to attack the demigods

Man: a man pops out of an alley on the other side of the empousai and slashes at one with his sword

another empousa disintegrates, leaving 2

Alexis: She throws her knives at the remaining empousai, her knives returning to her. She deludes the man into thinking the demigods are staying silent. If this is the guy... what's the plan? Do we pretend to be lost demigods all the way, until he takes us to what we want, or confront him half way and interrogate? We can also just assault him and pick up anything he has on him, but that's not very safe. I'd go with the first.

Brendan: Yea let's just play along, no matter what happens, if we get separated, we meet back here in 24 hours

Aria: Sounds fun

Man: So are you guys just going to stand there or?

Alexis: The illusion is cast off. S-sorry... just a bit dazed... I haven't fought monsters very often, but it's like I was born to fight them...

Man: looks them up and down Well you don't exactly look that young, so I'd suspect you've fought them before?

Alexis: Looks can be deceiving. She grins for a moment, amused by the word play, but her expression returns to fear quickly and she is sure to cover up her tracks using her innate gifts. Though, seriously, my reflexes have pushed me to hide it out instead of directly confronting all these oddballs. They don't exactly seem to notice me.

Man: raises an eyebrow Really, interesting, so what are you guys doing here?l

Brendan: On on our way to New York

Alexis: Yeah, I'm from Northern Ireland, Brendan here is English and Aria is from the states. We crossed paths when a goat-man, apparently something called a satyr, found us all in London. I was there on a holiday with my da, but I lost track of 'im while we were touring the city and ran into the satyr. Eventually, we grouped up and took off to the airport to fly on to a place called Long Island in the states, where others like us stay, but a vicious pack of bird-women attacked us and our guide was killed. We decided to go on alone, since we need refuge, and we're here on a layover... do you happen to be from Long Island?

Aria: Smiles Your assistance would be greatly appreciated

Man Well I don't know about getting you to New York, but I can get you a safe place to stay, if you'd like to follow me?

Aria: Looks to Brendan and Alexis before answering

Alexis: That would be more than appreciated. After all, we came here with absolutely no coin... we didn't think we would need any.

Brendan: nods in agreement

Man: looks them each over one last time Ok follow me, OH, he smiles my name's Chad, just follow me he leads them to an suv down a side street It's about 20 minutes away, so pile in

Brendan: he gets in the suv

Alexis: She follows suit.

Aria: Does the same

the man heads for the ocean and pulls up to a brick building he parks the suv.

Man: Here we are, owners are demigods, older couple, so we use this to help out anyone who gets lost on their way to camp

Alexis: Did you say "camp"? I thought the place in Long Island was a place to permanently stay in...

Chad: Some stay there year round, but others only seasonal, it's to train demigods to live on their own eventually

Aria: Tries to obscure her sarcasm Sounds nice

Brendan: So do demigods have to go there?

Chad: gets out of the car and leads them through the side alley to the back of the pub, which appears like there's a whole area/court yard behind it, with 3 to 5 story buildings all around it, obscuring the view from the street Not if they don't want to, some we've found have stayed here with us, others have moved on to this group that calls themselves the Broken Covenant, it all depends

Aria: So I've heard

Alexis: Do we have anything to be worried about? What reason would anyone have to turn away from safety? She makes sure to cloud her sarcasm in her voice and magically alike.

Chad: shrugs I don't know, everyone has their own reasons, but for me personally I grew up in Canada and didn't really want to move to Long Island, I spent a couple of summers there, oh, 6 years ago now, but I wanted to be closer to home so

A slender girl with gray-ish tinted skin and long hair walks up to Chad, looking drunk and kisses him

Girl: Mmmm...So, who do we have here?

Chad: kisses back Some demigods I found on their way to camp, they need a place to stay, is Q around?

Alexis: Q? Is that a James Bond reference?

Chad: laughs No, that's a name of another demigod here, a child of Circe

Brendan: Oh, cool, I think Circe might be my god parent, at least I think that's the name my dad said trying to act like he hasn't been officially claimed yet

Alexis: I wish I had even a trail on who mine might be...

Chad: Sometimes you can tell based on powers, or at least a general idea, sometimes the god parents claim people before they get to camp, it really varies, so obviously we're in the courtyard behind the pub, which your more than welcome to visit, anything you want, on the house, that building to the left there, off limits, the one straight ahead of us we've converted into a dorm of sorts, plenty of spare bunks for you to stay the night, showers, beds, blankets, anything you need

Alexis: One question... may I ask?

Chad: ask away

Aria: Turns to Alexis, waiting for her question

Brendan: NO idea what she's asking about but I'm starving, so if it's alright with you I'm going to go see what's to eat at that pub

Alexis: I was going to ask if he would have any issues with me drinking a beer or two, despite my age...

Chad: Well the drinking age is 18 in Canada anyway, but as it's owned by demigods, they don't really care

Brendan: he heads into the pub and looks at the menu

Alexis: She orders a Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel, which she enjoyed on her most recent visit to Saint John.

Brendan: Orders a beer and looks around after ordering the potato skins and chicken wings

suddenly a guy walks in who looks remarkably like Brendan

Q: sits next to Chad and nods over at the newcomers guests?

Alexis: Yeah, we are. Got stuck here on our way to... camp, is it?

Q: Yea that's one popular destination for demigods, but the beer tastes better in Canada so he grins I stuck around here instead. so do any of you know your god parents yet? like for real, Q could be Brendan's twin they look so much alike, except Brendan hasn't shaved in a few days

Alexis: She looks back and forth between Q and Brendan, puzzled. Yeah, I love the beer here... Brendan here thinks his mother might be a goddess of magic named Circe, but I'm pretty clueless about who mine is. Aria isn't sure either, as far as I know.

Brendan: doesn't really pay too much attention to Q but dives into his potato skins, after eating a few he stops OH yea, my dad said something about Circe being my mom

Chad: nods

Q: orders a beer Mine's Circe, I guess that'd make us half-brothers

Girl: Well, isn't that just uncanny?

Q and Brendan said in unison, unplanned, obviously: Uncanny? They give each other an odd look

Girl: Giggles I rest my case

Alexis: She doesn't seem amused, and eyes them warily.

Aria: She wavers at the question of her mother, then laughs at Q and Brendan's simultaneous reply

Girl: Her eyes sparkle as she noticed Aria's hesitation. Perhaps you do have an inkling towards your godparent?

Alexis: She adds a magical volume to her words, just in case her innate lying abilities won't manage. She whispers to the girl. Aria is still very sensitive about the topic. See, she was very close to her parents, so finding out at least one of them isn't actually her parent... well, it's left her very vulnerable, as contrary as it may seem. She winks discretely at Aria, letting her know she took care of it, taking a swig of her beer.

Brendan: finishes his beer and orders another still not noticing that him and Q look a like

Q: orders another beer as well also not noticing how much alike they look

Chad: looks at Brendan and back at Q am I the only one noticing....he motions towards Q and Brendan

Alexis: I'm afraid not, no...

Brendan: What?

Alexis: She whispers to Brendan. Well, aside from your, ah, stubble... you and Q look identical.

Brendan and Q: they look at each other like in one of those comedy sketches

Brendan: That's impossible

Q: just stares as it starts to hit him it IS like looking in a mirror just before shaving

Brendan: stares in disbelief I mean, it's gotta be impossible right? I'd know if....I mean...

Aria: Smiles at Alexis, and whispers Thanks. Pauses, then goes back to Q and Brendan Not totally impossible. You could more than likely be twins or related, maybe even just look-a-likes

Brendan: Yea but I mean I'd know if I had a twin brother

Q: Well......he starts to actually look a bit unnerved by it I ummm was in an orphanage so

Alexis: Everything is not what it seems... she grins, not afraid to show her amusement.

Girl Her eyes glow as she speaks to Alexis Bullshit. She looks to Aria You know something...

Brendan: Perhaps it's you guys that know more than you seem, you are the ones that led us here, how should we know you weren't waiting for us, expecting us

Aria: Looks back at the girl Do I?

Girl: Grins at Brendan You don't.Isn't it funny? Turns back to Aria. Yes, you do....and you couldn't hide it to save your life.

Chad: they all seem to know more than they let on, the question is what

Q: Well I most certainly know nothing about a twin suddenly he stops talking, remembering something Pagos said in his presence, but it was cryptic and vague at the time, and he didn't really pay attention, but now, having heard Pagos mumble something about "the set" suddenly starts to feel all too real

Aria: Well, if I may ask a question, who is this girl?

Chad: my girl friend

Alexis: Know more than we let on? She puts a large amount of force into her words, luring Q, Chad and his girlfriend to come to agreement with her. That's nonsense. Nothing for you to be worried about.

Chad: Perhaps I should have mentioned who my god parent is, my mother's Themis he gives Alexis a sly grin

Alexis: She blinks innocently, her gut telling her he's lying, too stunned to try and use her powers to figure things out. I'm not very knowledgeable in the Greek pantheon. Who is Themis?

Girl She grins as her eyes glow again Not gonna work, pumpkin. Something here smells RATHER foul, and it's coming from you three

Brendan: Well i doubt you guys are all sunshine and daisies

Aria: I would say the same about you guys, but I don't wanna waste my breath

Alexis: She murmurs something about humor.

Chad: Well, I guess none of us are ready to show our hands yet, though a game of strip poker later sounds he grins and looks over at his girl friend

Rivers: Later, babe.

Alexis: She looks around the pub, looking for anything suspicious, though doesn't move from her seat, only looking into the details of things around her. She finishes up her beer. Another beer, please?

the bartender gives Alexis another beer

Chad: Well I'm going to call it a night, I showed you where the dorms are, make yourselves at home, at least for now he looks at Rivers and motions for her to come with him

Aria: Turns to the others Should we go?

Brendan: it's late, probably mildly safer if we stay here, we'll figure out what we want to do tomorrow, maybe get plane tickets and head to New York he tries to keep up the charades they are in fact headed to camp

Aria: Sounds good.

Brendan: yawns and gets up to head towards where they indicated there were sleeping accommodations

Alexis: Finishing her beer, she follows Brendan. She whispers to him, making sure they're not overheard. Shall I create an illusion of us sleeping while we check out the place?

Brendan: nods

Chad: gets up and heads towards the door If you guys need anything, my room is on the first floor he looks over at Q'and motions for him to follow

Q: finishes his beer and heads out the door with Chad

Aria: Whispers excitedly This should be fun

Brendan: finds a fairly secluded room in the building with the sleeping accommodations and mouths the words to Aria and Alexis we'll wait till dark, then investigate the other building

Aria: Nods reassuringly and gives a thumbs up

Alexis: Winks at Brendan.

Brendan: looks at his watch and holds up 4 fingers to indicate 4 hours and points to the room they are in indicating to meet there in 4 hours

Aria: Mouths Sounds good

Brendan: yawns ok guys, I'm going to get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning he heads upstairs and finds an empty room on the 2nd floor, 2 doors down on the right

Alexis: She motions for Aria to follow, heading to an empty room, located a floor above Brendan's room.

4 hours pass

Alexis: She walks down to the room they decided to meet in, making sure to conceal the sound of her footsteps and leaving behind an illusion of her sleeping. She makes sure an illusion would replace the awakened Aria and Brendan once they join her, also concealing their footsteps.

Brendan: finds Alexis in the room when he walks in

Aria: In a hush voice Okay, lets get this started

Brendan: peers out to the courtyard to see if he can see any guards

Alexis: Looks clear. She makes sure to cloud them and their activity from the sight of others, concealing their voices as well. Shall we search the pub first?

Brendan: shakes his head I say we head straight to the building they said was off limits

Aria: This should be fun Smiles mischievously

Brendan: he makes his way across the seeingly desserted courtyard, taking note of a light still on in the bar, but with Alexis's illusion stuff no one seems to notice them, he carefully checks the front door of the "off limits" building and finds it locked

Alexis: She steps up to Brendan and shows a set of tension wrenches and lock picks. She analyzes the lock, picks up her tools and begins to unlock the door.

Brendan: grins I need to have you around more often.

Alexis: She shrugs. So many years of living off the wealth of others force you to acquire somre basic skills like this. She gets on her feet, wipes the dirt off her pants and opens the door, stepping in through the doorway.

Brendan: steps into what appears to be the back entrance to some kind of old office building that's mostly deserted there's no one or lights on the first floor, a cooridor straight ahead, an old rickety elevator to the right that has an out of service sign on it and a vacant receptionist office to the left

Alexis: Hmm... she takes a flashlight so she can see better in the dark and enters the receptionist office, rummaging through the drawers

Brendan: motions that he's going to check for stairs as the building is 5 stories and from the looks of it probably has a basement

at the end of the corridor there's a few more vacant offices and an old stairwell leading up or down

Alexis: Found anything, Brendan? Seems to be nothing of interest here.

Brendan: walks back towards her Stairs, up or down, you pick

Alexis: Let's try going up. She heads down the corridor with Brendan, going up the stairs.

Brendan: follows her up the stairs, there's 4 more floors above them

Aria: Lets try the fourth floor. It seems somewhat probable that there's something we would find

Alexis: Off we go, then...

They climb to the fourth floor.

Brendan: just seems like a bunch of empty and abandoned offices

Alexis: Let's check out the other floors, making our way into the basement...

Brendan: sounds good

They take the stairs to the third floor.

Brendan: looks around finds nothing except a cool looking dagger he ganks

They go down to the second floor.

Brendan: again, nothing

They take off to the last floor above the ground floor.

there is a piece of paper on the ground, on it is written:

The two that were once lost, must be reunited as one
With their powers combined, the war may be won

there is more, but the paper had gotten wet and the rest of the prophecy is smudged and the ink has become un-readable

Alexis: Oh, prophecies... due to her powers, riddles tend to come her way, so she tries to figure out what it could possibly mean. She has a hunch, but decides not to say anything just yet.

Brendan: shrugs and doesn't give it much thought

Alexis: Off to the cellar, then...

They take off to the cellar.

they hear voices from one end of the cellar, Brendan motions to the others to spot where they can listen but not be heard, there's an open area where they are with a stack of crates which is probably beer and alcohol for the bar, from there, there's a short hallway with a few rooms leading off, and at the end there's what from where they are, appears to be the edge of some type of cage/prisonbars and people are talking, the demigods appear to be talking to someone in the cage, one is holding a black cylinder

Brendan whispers let's see what's going on before doing anything, we might learn more this way

Rivers: Twirling the cylinder in her hands Oh, come onnnnnn. You know you want to tell us what we wanna know.

Chad: you should know the drill by now, we twist the canister and you tell us what you see, simple as that he twists a canister and to anyone looking should see the Minotaur poised to strike, but Chad, Rivers and Q don't seem phased at its presence Soooo what do you see?

Girl: sounds like she's being hurt and is in pain fine fine just stop, I don't see anything I still just see that stupid canister

Q: so what does that mean?

Chad: It means that it's not powerful enough to mannipulate the mists to anyone who's an oracle or has powers against being deceived he speaks to a 4th person not seen Get a message to Kenzie, this batch this oracle wannabe still doesn't see what she's supposed to see he twists the cylender and the Minotaur disappears

Aria: Winces

Brendan: watches with interest

Chad: Ok let's leave her to her scraps and get some sleep it sounds like they've left thru another means, possibly a direct exit to the outside

Brendan: motions to the others to get closer to see who the girl is

Alexis: She follows Brendan and whispers, clouding her voice from the girl. I didn't see anything either... what did you two see?

Brendan: shrugs I saw them interrogating someone in that cage, and what looked like a Minotaur that just disappeared into nothing like it was never there, they didn't even seem phased by it he gets closer and sees a girl in rags eating with her hands from a plate they left for her Don't panic he reveals herself to her We can help you

Girl: scrambles back against the other side of the cage/prison Wh...wh...who are you?

Alexis: We're demigods, and we're guessing you are too. We can help you out. What did those three want with you?

Girl: shakes her head I'm ...I'm not a demigod, I'm mortal, but I see things....know things sometimes and I don't understand why, but....................

Alexis: to her teammates Hmph, she must possess one of the minor oracular spirits, seeing as Camp has the big, glorious three... she turns to the girl Okay, dear, it doesn't matter much, we're all on your side here. She shoots a quick look at Aria and Brendan. How about I first get you out of here, and then you could explain everything to us... she starts using her tools to get the girl out of the cell, picking the lock and setting her free.

Girl: she gets up tentatively, not sure if it's a trap or who to trust, but if it means getting out of the cage she's all for it

Brendan: motions for them to be quiet and whispers I think I.......

Chad: bursts in HAHA what have we here, looks like we have some snoops, Pagos warned us there might be some, and you guys seemed awful hinky from the start

Aria: Grits her teeth and turns to her team mates, then whispers Illusion?

Alexis: She mouths. Supposed to be still working, must have other means of viewing us.

Rivers: Yea, that's not gonna work, girlie.

Chad: How about y'all just march yourselfs into that cage, it would be sooo much less work on our part

Girl: her eyes suddenly go white for a second, literally like her eyes rollback in her head, then she grabs Alexis and whispers in her ear "ghanzou, ghanzou, they need the information I carry, it is most vital and most urgent"

Alexis: Yeah, about that... I'll pass. She quickly raises her throwing knives and proceeds to throw them in the direction of Chad, aiming for his chest.

Rivers: She reaches out and catches two of the knives by the blades. As she clutches them, the blades of the knives turn to ice. As blood drips from the new wounds in her hands, the droplets of blood hit the floor and freeze as they pool. She then exhales and a cold gust blows the remaining knives away from him. You ABSOLUTELY sure that's how you wanna play this?

Chad: glances back at Q and whispers to Rivers about needing Brendan alive

Brendan: or you guys could get into the prison/cage and then tell us why you have the girl

Alexis: She watches as things progress, feeling completely lost without the use of her powers.

Aria: Gapes in awe, then fixes her facial expression into a somewhat bold state I'm pretty sure. Looks to her teamates Any objections??

Q: turns the girl into a bunny

Girl: is a bunny

Brendan: attempts to turn Q into a pig

Q: resists

Rivers: She whistles and an Ice golem that reaches for Brendan

Alexis: She picks up the bunny, places it hurrily into her pack, leaving the flap half-open to provide air for her. Alexis then proceeds to throw her throwing knives (which were summoned back to her) at the ice golem, only for the knives to slip off. BRENDAN! Hang in there! Sensing that Chad is an asset, she summons her throwing knives back to her, runs for Chad and aims to stab him in the chest.

Brendan: is grabbed and tries to get free

Chad: manages to turn so that the knife instead goes into his shoulder, he attempts to fling her off him

Q: attempts to turn Brendan into a turtle

Brendan: resists

Aria: Fires an arrow at Q, to stop him from turning Brendan into an animal

Q: is too focused on Brendan to notice the arrow and it hits his shoulder, he turns and attempts to throw a small fire ball at Aria

Brendan: fires a fireball at Q

Alexis: Resisting Chad's attempt, she tries to force him onto the ground, putting pressure on his injured shoulder.

Rivers: She creates an ice knife and cuts her own arm. As it begins to bleed, the blood shoots out and splits into several tendrils that grab Alexis and begins to pull her off of Chad

Chad: attempts to kick Alexis in the gut

Q: dodges the fireball that Q sends and throws one back

Alexis: She is pulled off Chad, but resists the attempt to kick her in the gut. She tries to shift the appearance of everyone's weapons into action figures, but she is exhausted.

Brendan: turns to Alexis while throwing a couple of more fireballs at Q, getting himself to the point of exhaustion Just get out, get the girl to safety, I'll try and.............

Q: Before Brendan can finish, Q uses the fact that Brendan is weakened and distracted to turn him into a turtle, then moves to grab him muttering to himself what a way to meet your twin brother for the first time

Chad: covers Q while he gets Brendan by creating a golem out of pyschic energies, roughly twice his size, to move to attack the girls, while Rivers blasts them with various ice powers

Alexis: She grabs Aria's hand, makes sure the girl (as a bunny) is safe and runs away, managing to leave the faint illusion of Aria and Alexis dying, along with the girl as they escape.

they take Brendan to another special cage, in another building

OOC I believe Aria/Minx and Alexis/Del will be crossing over to another LL now, I need to confirm with flame and then I'll let you know

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