LL Phase Two: BC Team Two


Type: Combat

Location: Bristol, England

Objective: There are reports that Pagos has hired demigods to help develop weapons, not sure entirely on the details of the weapons, but it is believed they are based out of Bristol, England

Team Members

  1. ​Encarna Aragon/GirlofDelusion
  2. Emma Roberts/Kingbirdy
  3. Brutalis/Jake


Emma:she waits around outside HQ, waiting for the others to show up

Encarna: Encarna arrives and studies Emma. Greetings, sister-in-arms.

Emma: Right. So who else are we waiting on?

Encarna: Brutalis, the leader of the Liberi Superum...

Brutalis: Brutalis steps out from a shadow. The wait is over.

Encarna: Can you cut off the dramatic nonsense? At least for a little bit? We're trying to save lives here...

Brutalis: Brutalis smiles and nods. At least this won't get boring.

Encarna: She rolls her eyes. So... do you guys have an issue with taking a stolen private jet to Bristol, or are we all set for how we get there?

Emma: Why in the world would I want to take a plane? she grabs both of them and shadow travels them to Bristol, then nearly passes out before catching herself

Brutalis: Brutalis puts on hand on Emma, helping to steady her. Thank you for that, Emma. Now, how do we find weapons with no leads so far?

Emma: No clue. Either of you two have any powers good at finding weapons?

Encarna: I lived here for about half my life... I think I have a pretty good idea of a place he would use to develop weaponry.

Encarna and the group go in a limousine which Encarna ordered into an abandoned industrial estate.

Encarna: Here we are... this place is completely stranded. No place better to use to develop weaponry secretly in Bristol.

Brutalis: Brutalis opens up the door and steps out, holding it for the other two. This place is rather large. Should we split up to search for the weapons?

Emma: That might make things harder if we find anything. Lets stick together. Now we need to decide if we should go in guns blazing or try and be subtle.

Brutalis: Secrecy would be our best option, until we're sure we're alone. We stay silent until necessary.

no sounds are coming from inside, it appears completely abandoned

Brutalis: Well, it's silent. So I guess we can just go. Brutalis enters the warehouse.

Encarna: She follows Brutalis and looks around.

Brutalis: Brutalis kicks junk around, mindlessy searching. Does anyone have any idea what exactly we're looking for? Size, shape, anything?

Emma: This might not even be the right building. We've got a whole city to search.

Brutalis: Encarna, are you sure this is the right place? Emma is correct; we do have a whole city.

Encarna: First and foremost, we're probably looking into either somewhat hellenicly-involved machinery for weapon developing or some of Pagos' henchmen while they're developing. Now, we still have the entire industrial estate to look into. We would probably be looking into a factory, not a warehouse. You're the one that immediately jumped into the first warehouse in sight.

Brutalis: Brutalis' eyes darken to a blood red. You insolent brat! If you're so smart, then find us the right building! Next time- Brutalis suddenly stops speaking as something catches his eye. The eyes return to a normal state and Brutalis clears his throat. My apologies. Look this way. Brutalis points to a large machine covered by a sheet.

suddenly the sky gets dark and it starts to rain outside

Encarna: She raises an eyebrow at Brutalis for a moment, grinning, but then proceeding to remove the sheet off the machine.

it is a dusty old machine

Encarna: Let's move on, shall we?

Brutalis: Brutalis sighs. Well that was exciting. How are we going to search this entire area? Please tell me one of you has magical searching abilities.

Encarna: I can send out spirits to scout the area along with us... they should be able to lead us to the right building if we enter the wrong one without exposing themselves to the enemy. Besides, I think you may be overreacting just a bit, don't you think? We've only looked into one warehouse and that was set up for failure...

Emma: I can jump us into each building, but it wont be my fault if I land us in the middle of a fight.

Encarna: No need, I can turn us intangible if it's necessary... far more safe.

Brutalis: What if we split up? Emma, you could jump close enough to each building to check it out without getting caught. Encarna, you could do your intangible thing. I could scout the roofs. We meet back up here in twenty minutes.

Encarna: What if we need backup and can't return, caught up in a fight? Within twenty minutes, they can stop the operation and live. I dislike the strategy, given we're so few.

Brutalis: Brutalis nods. Actually, Emma, can you just jump us to the highest point around here? We can all scout the area from there, look for anything that might lead us to the right place.

Emma: Fine. she travels them to the top of a 5 story factory Here's your rooftop. Lets get looking. she walks to the edge of the roof, only to notice a skylight. She peeks in and sees a hive of activity I think I found something!

Man: Ahem, yea I'd say you found something

they are surrounded by 9 demigods that have popped up around them

Man2: What exactly are you guys doing up here? Lost are we?

Man3: Well, I'd suggest you find your way out of here....preferably on foot.....that is, unless you would prefer to do so in a body bag

Brutalis: Brutalis steps forward. That's no way to talk to a couple of ladies... unless you have a problem with me?

Emma: This just got interesting. She spins and throws a knife of shadows at the nearest man

Encarna: She facepalms and shakes her head.

Man: uses telekenesis and forces the knife to veer off course, missing him Really? We have you outnumbered 3 to 1, with a shit ton more reinforcments below, and you're going to throw the first punch, are you sure that's a wise idea?

Brutalis: Brutalis stomps down, creating a hole where his foot was. I can snap all of you necks with one swing.These ladies are trained killers. I think we have the advantage. Brutalis makes fists.

Man 3: He begins to laugh while stepping forward towards Brutalis. He is a mountain of a man. 6'10, wearing nice casual wear, he appears out of place with the thugs he is with. He tosses aside his jacket, and rolls up the sleeves of his dress shirt revealing two bandages on his arms. His hair is medium length and his has a neat trimmed mustache. His gleaming white teeth are shown as he laughs, and his eyes seems to glow a piercing red as he rips off the bandages to reveal two deep gash-like puncture wounds on both arms that begin to bleed profusely as soon as the bandages are ripped off. As he walks towards Brutalis, the blood that drips on the roof begin to corrode it on contact. As he becomes face to face with the demigod, he suddenly stops laughing and punches him in the throat, sweeps his legs before he can react, and before he can fall, he catches him by his shirt and throws him through the skylight into the building. He then turns to the others......As you can see, you have no such advantage, and I hope you are smarter than your.....friend there......

Man: walks up and places a hand on "man 3's" shoulder and whispers into his ear quickly then turns looks at the intruders Look, I don't care who you lot are, but unless you are gods, which I highly doubt, you don't have a chance against our numbers, sure we may lose a few, but we are willing to die for the cause, can you three say the same?

Encarna: Gladly willing... death isn't the end, not to mention that my cause is priority. That's beside the point, however. I'm not exactly in a hurry to care for the fool who you just dropped into the skylight, but my superiors would have at my head if I didn't. May I?

Man 3: Only in chains or in a bag...

Brutalis: Brutalis drops down and falls a few floors before catching a ledge. He grabs hold and swiftly yanks himself up. He brushes all the dirt off of him and smiles. He leaps up to join the group. No matter what anyone else says, I know the Broken Covenant is a family. We are the family to those who have none. I will defend my comrades in that manner. Brutalis reaches under his cloak and pulls out Mortem. He grants his teammates temporary strength and anger towards their enemies.

Man: Well if this is how you want it instead, I guess it'll be a bag

Man 3: Turns to Brutalis I thought I put you in time out? No matter.... He knees him in the groin and before he can fall, he catches him by the ankle and spins, ending by throwing him off of the building and nearly two blocks away

'Man': So how long do you want to play with the food before we go through with our orders? he asks Man 3 as he looks over Emma and Encarna

Man 3: As long as they'll last, though I doubt it'll be very long. And I've told you, call me Sokal...

Encarna: Her eye twitches as they refer to them as food and she watches Brutalis act mindlessly. She is near her breaking point, but manages to holster herself.

Man: Sounds good sokal, though this one here, she doesn't seem to happy right now, kinda hot though, he talks directly to Encarna Ya know love you could always join the winning side

Encarna: Enough with the flirting, I'm taken by a man far more worthy of my affection than you will ever be.

a women appears on the roof top with another 2 male demigods, the girl laughs when she sees familiar faces

Anamika: Ooo what have we here, familiar faces, just came to check up on the situation boys, seems you're having all the fun up here

Encarna: She raises an eyebrow as she sees Anamika.

Brutalis: Brutalis lands on a roof far away, rolling to a stop. He stands and jumps across building after building to join the group again. We have more company, I see?

Sokal: Walks up to Brutalis and places a drop of his blood on his head as he whispers with power in his words Sleeeeeep Before he can react, Brutalis falls catatonic.

Brutalis: Brutalis' muscles tense up as he falls back. Since he was standing near the ledge, he begins to fall off the building. As he falls, he gives an extremely discreet wink to his comrades before falling stories and smacking the ground. He lies there, unmoving.

Anamika looks over the edge and writes/reads a rope to wrap around Brutalis's wrists, then looks at Sokal Sokal go down there and get him, we'll lead these two down, and John, go tell Kenzie what's going on so she's ready to put plan B into action

Encarna: She glares at Anamika, partially confused as to why she is allied with Pagos.

Brutalis: Just before Sokal begins to come down. Brutalis' eyes open wide and he rolls off the side, hiding unseen in a shadow.

Emma: she traps Anamika in ropes of darkness, before slamming a massive fist of shadows into her, thowing her off the building If you boys want to fight, then lets fight. She summons what is not much more than a rope with a weight on one end, before quickly starting to spin, causing the rope to fly around at chest level to the men, with the weight pulling the rope taught and long enough that they could not step back out of its range

Brutalis: Brutalis wastes no time, rounding the corner and silently smashing a guard with two palms to his ears. As he falls, Brutalis kicks and snaps his neck. He hides, looking for more sentries.

Anamika: dodges the attack, quickly looks to Sokar Stay if you want, we're falling back to plan B, nothing can get into enemy hands at any lengths she disappears leaving Sokar and 12 guys to do what they want

meantwhile downstairs Kenzie and Anamika set the explosives and the group that were downstairs in the factory/warehouse shadow/light/etc travels away leaving the building to explode/self destruct in 3 minutes a loud beeping can be heard on the roof

Man: Well as much as Id love to stay and fight, I'd rather not end up in tiny bits raining down all over Bristol he shadow travels away

11 men and Sokar remain along with Encarna and Emma on the roof, and Brutalis down below

Encarna: She takes Emma by her hand, turning them both intangible. She takes them down below, through the building, to the first floor. She passes through the wall quickly and turns tangible again, running with Emma as fast as she can towards Brutalis. Quickly, before you are blown into a million pieces by your own foolishness!

Sokal: Steps between them Tread elsewhere, ladies. He and I have unfinished business. Speaking of which He looks at his watch, then kicks Brutalis in the gut and tosses him into the building I have business elsewhere, as well. He places his hand on the shoulder of the other men and shadow travels away

Brutalis: Brutalis stands, brushing the dirt off. So now what? The building's going to explode, destroying everything. We'll have no leads, no weaponry to study, and a failure to report. Now that the goons are gone, can you stop the bomb? We have a couple of minutes.

The building explodes, leveling a majority of the city block as well.

Encarna: Your senseless brutality brought us to this, you foolish brat! Now, I'm going to suffer the consequences from those above me because of you! Emma, you let me down as well. She sighs and tries to calm herself down, taking a deep breath.

An iris message from Marina appears in front of Encarna. They discuss her team's emergency in Germany.

Encarna: Hmm... perhaps not. Marina's team is in need of dire help, so you two will be picking up the slack. I'll join a team in which I will actually be able to collect intel. Enjoy.

A limousine appears to take Encarna to the airport. She boards it and leaves Brutalis and Emma alone.

Brutalis: Brutalis coughs. A bomb? Really? I was going to take out all the guards and hunt inside while you stalled them. But noooooo, you had to attack. Brutalis eyes the rubble. There's nothing useful here. We failed.

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