LL Phase Two: Camp Team Five

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Type: Story

Location: Belfast, Ireland

Objective: After discovering a swath of intel, and pursuing several leads, BC Team 6 wasn't able to finish their search. Thus, the members of this mission must start where the others left off. The team will need to examine all information recovered, and then set out to find out exactly how this mystery ends. Although the camp team uncovered little information, what it did uncover may be of great importance when pieced together with what was found by its counterpart team. This piece of information is a fragment, and so it may either be shared between the sides, or traded/kept so that it may be pursued solely by one side. On its own, it is useless, and so both fragments must be held by one or both sides in order for a mission to ensue.

Team Members

  1. Cat Govern/What'sNewOwlz
  2. Carter Frost/RaidenTheNinja
  3. Uriel Cohen/User:Bowenstrife  Pulled/Inactive on the Wiki


  • Uriel: He waits near the camp entrance for the others to arrive. He's wearing a T-shirt, some boots, jeans, and overcoat, and a black backpack.
  • Carter: Carter walks up next to Uriel wearing black combat boots, a red t-shirt, grey jeans, and a black overcoat, as well as a red backpack.
  • Uriel: Hey Carter. I guess we're just waiting for Cat now.
  • Carter: He shakes Uriel's hand while looking around. I guess so.
  • Uriel: He shakes hands back I wonder where she is...
  • Cat: She runs up, her arms full of stuff. Sorry I'm late! I'm Cat!
  • Uriel: He laughs. Good to see you, Cat.
  • Cat: She smiles. Hey Uriel! We're going to Belfast, right?
  • Uriel: He smiles. Yes. Belfast, Ireland. It's the Capital of Northern Ireland. I hope y'all brought some warm clothing.
  • Cat: I grew up there!
  • Uriel: Whoa, really? That's great. Now we won't be totally lost. He chuckles.
  • Cat: Maybe I can find my mum and apologise... She sighs.
  • Carter: He holds out his hand. Pleasure to meet you Miss Cat.
  • Cat: She shakes his hand. Back at cha.
  • Uriel: He smiles. Well, we best be off, yeah?
  • Carter: He grabs both of their hands and Rose Travels to the airport.
  • Cat: She pulls clothes out of her bag before finding what she's looking for. Here are our tickes. She hands one to Carter and one to Uriel.
  • Uriel: He looks at the ticket, his thoughts wandering. Alright, I guess we better get on our way. You know where to go, Cat?
  • Cat: Cat nods. This way! She points to the airport.

The three go inside, get checked by security and all the other things you do before you get on a plane. Finally, the three board their flight.

  • Uriel: He sits in his chair looking uncomfortable. He starts whispering to himself. Everything'll be fine. Nothing to worry about.
  • Cat: You okay? She puts her hand on his.
  • Uriel: He blushes. Well, um, I'm kinda afraid of heights...
  • Carter: Carter is breathing fast and light obviously nervious. He is sitting at a window seat switching from looking outside and looking on the ground.
  • Uriel: H-hey, Carter. Are you alright? You don't look too good, either.
  • Carter: Eh...I've never really um...flew before.
  • Uriel: I did, once. When I came here with dad... Maybe we should just try to sleep. That helped last time.
  • Cat: She sighs and smiles. Look, don't worry! I've been on a plane zillions of times, nothing bad has ever happened! Don't stress - just try and sleep or watch a movie.
  • Carter: He nods his head at Cat and sits back looking out the window closing his eyes.
  • Uriel: He tries to sleep, but can't seem to. He decides to watch the movie.
  • Cat: She watches a movie by herself and smiles at Uriel. You know you're dating that Callista girl...well, is it a serious relationship?
  • Uriel:: W-what do you mean?
  • Cat: Well, I like you. I like, like you.
  • Uriel: Cat I... I'm dating Callista... I can't... He looks at his feet.
  • Cat: I know...I get it. I liked you before Callista did.
  • Uriel: I'm sorry, Cat. Can we still be friends? I don't want to lose you, or Callista.
  • Cat: 'Course silly! I still want you to be my friend.
  • Uriel: He sighs. I'm glad... I think I'm going to try and sleep now. Talk to you in a few hours.
  • Cat: 'Kay.
  • Uriel: He dozes off to sleep.

The plane lands.

  • Cat: She walks off the plane, they get there luggage and stuff, and walk into Belfast. Cat appears to be crying silently. W-we need t-to g-go l-l-look for She sniffs. information about Pagos I think his name was.
  • Uriel: Pagos, huh? Where do we star- He noticed she was crying. Hey, are you okay, Cat?
  • Cat: She smiles and wipes her eyes. J-J-Just it's weird to be back. I have mixed emotions about this place.
  • Uriel: He puts his hand on her shoulder. Hey, everything'll be fine. Just... Keep your chin up.
  • Cat: Thanks. So, where should we look first?
  • Uriel: I'm not sure. You got any ideas?
  • Cat: I don't really know. Maybe the Giant's Ring? She takes out her iPhone and shows Uriel and Carter the picture on a website.
  • Uriel: Rocks? Well, it's a start, I guess.
  • Cat: It's better than nothing. Carter, you're a child of Persephone right? Can you create a travel rose?
  • Carter: Sure.... He makes a Travel Rose and grabs both of their hands taking them to Giant's Ring.

They arrive at Giant's Ring.

  • Cat: Where should we begin? Oh, I forgot to say, I have some information the last team recovered. She takes out her iPhone. Here. She loads her notes and passes the phone the Uriel.
  • Carter: He stands beside Uriel not speaking but is obviously reading Cat's notes.
  • Uriel: He reads through the intel carefully. I'm thinking that this girl, Galadriana, has some importance to this. Her parents died in a bombing, which makes me think that the Shankill Butchers had some involvement. Leckley living near them also makes me inclined to believe they were assosciated with the gang in some way. Leckley's death seems more than a mere accident as well. Does this seem about right so far?
  • Cat: Yea, I think so. Maybe we should give their old homes a visit? That could lead to some more information.
  • Uriel: I would think that that's the next best move. He looks at Carter, who seems tired. Should we get a cab instead of using Rose Travel?
  • Cat: Without waiting for a reply, she whips out her iPhone and calls a cab. Hello? Can I get a cab please? We're Giant's Ring, Belfast. There is three of us. Uh-huh. 5 minutes? Thanks. She hangs up. Great, maybe we should spend the five minutes looking for any suspicious round here.
  • Uriel: Alright, I'll check near the rock... tomb... thing. He runs over to the pile and starts inspecting
  • Cat: Cat starts to takes some pictures of the rocks with her iPhone to add to her notes.

Five minutes pass, and the cab turns up and starts to drive to the street where the people used to live.

  • Cat: So, Uriel, did you find anything suspicious?
  • Uriel: Nothing in particular. They seemed like normal rocks to me. He shrugs. Now, we might have a problem convincing the woman here to let us in.
  • Cat: Leave that to me.

They arrive at the street and get out of the cab.

  • Cab Driver: Ten pounds, twenty-five pence if you please.
  • Cat: She gets her purse out of her bag and pays.
  • Cab Driver: Thanks.

The cab drives off leaving the three at the end of the women's street.

  • Uriel: Oh, what're you planning on doing? He smirks at her as they walk towards the door.
  • Cat: She rolls her eyes and smears some mud on her face. P-P-Please miss. I'm so c-c-cold. Mighn't I come in to w-w-warm up just for a second? She smirks.
  • Uriel: He refrains from laughing and tries to play along. P-please m-ma'am? W-we've got not place to g-go. He says, looking as innocent as possible.
  • Cat: She snickers and smears some mud on Uriel and Carter's faces. Now look innocent.
  • Carter: He shrugs and pulls his hood over his head trying to seem cold.
  • Cat: She steps forward and knocks on the door.

A little old lady comes to the door, and opens it gingerly.

  • Old Lady: How can I help you?
  • Uriel: He looks at her, putting on the most innocent face he can. M-ma'am, my f-friends and I are s-s-so cold. M-may we please c-come inside to warm up f-for awhile? J-just so we c-can warm up a b-bit.
  • Cat: Please madame...j-j-just for a minute or two? She starts to tear up.
  • Carter: He says nothing but shivers and is looking at the ground.
  • Old Lady: Your clothes look warm enough... can't you just walk home? Or are you lost?
  • Cat: Lost, ma'am.
  • Old Lady: I see, well, you can use my phone to call your parents. I'm no use when it comes to directions. She opens the door fully to allow them inside.
  • Uriel: T-thank you, ma'am. He gives Cat a quick glance and then heads inside.
  • Cat: Please may I use your bathroom miss? She glances at Uriel and mouths 'I have a plan'.
  • Uriel: He nods and points to his cell-phone in his pocket.
  • Old Lady: She nods in response to Cat's question.
  • Carter: M-May I use it after h-her?
  • Cat: She runs to the bathroom and texts Uriel: "Ask her about...what we need to ask her."
  • Uriel: He takes out his phone, which was on silent, and checks it while he has his back turned to the woman So, miss... How long've you lived here?
  • Cat: She texts: "Find out as much as possible."
  • Uriel: With his back turned still, he reads the text and then slips it back into his pocket.
  • Carter: He sees the text and remains silent.
  • Cat: She texts: "What you got?"
  • Old Lady: I moved in a few years back, I had a larger house not far from here but it simply got too hard to manage. This one is a much better size, don't you think?
  • Cat: She strolls into the room, back room the bathroom. May I use the phone now?
  • Uriel: It is quite nice. Anything interesting happen around here?
  • Old Lady: She points Cat towards the phone, and turns back to Uriel. Well, that would depend upon what you mean by interesting.
  • Cat: She gets up and pretends to call her 'parents'. Hello?
  • Uriel: Well, you know, I just thought you might have some stories to tell. I love stories. He glances over at Cat quickly and then turns his attention back to the woman.
  • Cat: She meets Uriel's eye then turns back. Hello? Mum, are you there?
  • Old Lady: Stories? Well... yes I do have stories but I don't think you'd find many of them to your tastes... what kind of stories do you like?
  • Uriel: Has anything, I don't know, strange happened recently? Or since you've moved in? I'm into the weird and supernatural, but also news or things like that.
  • Old Lady: Well, you know, they say that this house is haunted, and that the Ghosts killed the previous owner. I don't believe those stories, though I will admit that I've... felt things... sometimes. But I'm sure that's just my old bones reacting to the weather, nothing supernatural. She chuckles.
  • Uriel: He gives a quick glance to both of his friends. Oh really? Do you know who the previous owner was? And what do you mean by, "felt things"? Like, a presence or something?
  • Cat: Hi, mum, d'ya think you could pick me...She bites her lip as she thinks.
  • Old Lady: Well, the house gets cold sometimes... even when it's warm outside...
  • Uriel: Well, that's certainly strange... What about the owner? I know you said you don't believe ghosts did it or anything, but do you know anything else?
  • Old Lady: Chuckles You must understand, I'm not originally from around here, I never knew the man. My neighbors say that he was a bit on the quiet side though.
  • Uriel: Ah, I see. Excuse me, ma'am. He gets up and walks towards the restroom, gesturing for Carter to follow.
  • Cat: What did you find out?
  • Uriel: I'm not sure what to make of it, but she did say something interesting. She said that there were rumors that the previous owner was killed by a Ghost. That and she sometimes feels some sort of presence, "the house gets cold sometimes." is how she described it. What do you guys think?
  • Carter: Could be something...
  • Uriel: Well, lets not waste too much time pondering on it. I think we've done all we can here. Where should we go next, Cat?
  • Cat: I think we should find out as much as possible...

The temperature in the room begins to drop rapidly, and the old lady gives a short cry and runs out of the room.

  • Uriel: What was that? He runs back into the living room to see what happened.
  • Cat: Are you okay? She puts her arm round the old lady.

The temperature continues to plummet, and ice begins to form along the edges of the windows as their breath becomes visible in the cold air.

  • Cat: She looks at the ice forming and shakes her head. This isn't normal. We need to get out of here, now. She leads the old lady to the front door.
  • Carter: You two go I'm gonna stay here. He rests his hand on his dagger's handle as he begins to walk around the room.
  • Uriel: Right. Stay close, Cat. He takes out his wand and cautioustly heads towards the source of the cold air.
  • Cat: She nods.

The cold air has no particular source, and seems to simply permeate the room as it continues to drop to levels far below freezing. The outside of the house appears perfectly normal.

  • Cat: She looks at Uriel. Uriel, let's just leave, you me and Carter and the old lady.

Upstairs, the creaking of a floorboard is clearly audible, as if someone or something had stepped upon it while moving around.

  • Cat: Did you hear that? Let's check it out.
  • Uriel: He no'ds in agreement and takes out his wand just in case and moves towards the direction of the noise.
  • Cat: She follows Uriel.
  • Carter: He walks upstairs and looks around for the source of the creaking floorboard.
  • Uriel: follows Carter up the stairs and whispers you see anything?
  • Carter: Oh hey, some acknowledgment of my existence. He looks around and continues up. Not yet.
  • Cat: She follows the two.
  • Uriel: Maybe we should split up, we can cover more ground that way and find out were the noise came from
  • Cat: Good idea, but what if one of us gets attacked?
  • Carter: Just shout and we'll come running to help.

As the reach the top of the stairs, sudden movement can be heard behind the closed door ahead of them, and the distinct sound of a window opening follows soon after.

  • Carter: He runs without waiting for anyone and busts through the door.
  • Cat: She turns to the old lady. Wait there. She then runs after Carter.
  • Carter: He slowly walks into the room with his dagger at ready.

It is just as cold upstairs as it was downstairs, and a window on the opposite wall is wide open as the curtains blow inward wildly as warmer air displaces its colder counterpart. The window itself is open just wide enough for someone to exit through it, though the room appears otherwise undisturbed.

  • Cat:? She walks to the window and looks out.

A person can be seen just getting to the bottom of the wall below her, who then turns and runs down the space between houses and towards the street. It appears to be a female with short brown hair and fairly normal clothing.

  • Cat:? She shouts.? Hey missus!

The person turns to look back for a moment, almost revealing her face, but then continues running; making it to the street and turning right to run in front of the house they are already in.

  • Carter: He runs down the stairwell and runs out the front door trying to see if he can find out where the woman ran.
  • Cat: She follows him.

The woman passes right in front of them, but doesn't stop.

  • Carter: He runs behind the woman and attempts to tackle her.
  • Cat: She runs to the side of the woman.

Carter successfully tackles her.

  • Cat: She shouts. Help!

The woman immediately gets up, shaking Carter off, and runs off. From a distance, she freezes their feet to the ground to buy herself time, and flees. After the ice melts, they try searching the streets of Belfast for her, to no avail. They decide to return to Camp Half-Blood. The image of the woman escaped their minds, aside from the mysterious woman's most remarkable features: her silver diadem, her blonde hair, and vials of blood worn on a bandolier. This information was passed on to Alexander the Great.

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