LL Phase Two: Camp Team Four

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Type: Story

Location: Black-Forest, Germany

Objective: Information regarding a possible agent of Pagos has been uncovered, suggesting that he has employed an individual using blood-based powers. Intel was discovered near Germany's Black Forest.

Team Members

  1. Ember Glass/Broken Fire
  2. Kamilla Sankt/Little Unusual Me  Pulled for not posting in almost 3 weeks
  3. Lucinda Brown/What'sNewOwlz


  • Ember: She waits by sitting on the nearby bench by the camp entrance and double checks her supplies. She is wearing a purple t-shirt, purple and black sneakers, and skinny jeans with a black hoodie tied round her waist.
  • Kamilla: She walks up to her and waves at her, smiling, with a backpack on her back. Hello!
  • Ember: She looks at her and smiles, offering her a seat beside her on the bench. Hey! You must be Kamilla from Team Four, right?
  • Kamilla: She sits beside her. Ja. And you must be, uh, Ember, correct?
  • Ember: She stops unpacking her bag. Yep! How'd ya know?
  • Kamilla: She shrugs a bit. I had guessed. Izn't zere supposed to be another member of zis team?
  • Ember: She checks her iPhone notes. Yea. Her name is Lucinda Brown, a daughter of Hecate
  • Kamilla: Vell, I vonder vere she is.
  • Lucinda: She comes running. Sorry I'm late! I lost my phone!
  • Ember: She smiles. It's alright, technology is priceless. Everybody set? How 'bout we get started to Germany now?
  • Lucinda: Yep, what are we using to get there? Oh, I'm Lucinda by the way, you can call me Luc.
  • Ember: Daughter of Hecate, right? She gives a confident smile. A friend of mine has a private jet in New York, I could ask his butler to fly us but we'll have to wait an hour or so; or do you want the normal airport or boat route?
  • Lucinda: That's right. She gets a bag out of her pocket. Candy? Oh, and boat route?
  • Kamilla: Vell, it's nice to meet you, Luc. I'm Kamilla. And, I'm fine vith zee airport or boat route.
  • Ember: No thanks Luc. So, where are which port are we heading to?
  • Lucinda: The closest one.
  • Kamilla: Vhich one vould zat be?
  • Ember: Manhattan Terminal isn't far from here. I guess we could buy tickets and take the fastest boat.
  • Kamilla: She n'ds in agreement. Let we go zat way!
  • Ember: It's impossible to walk there and not all of us can fly or teleport; so...bus? Taxi?
  • Kamilla: She stares a bit blankly at Ember. Bus? Taxi? Vat forms of moving are zey?
  • Ember: Land transportation. I don't expect us to walk
  • Kamilla: Oh, ja. I get it now.
  • Lucinda: Shall I call the minicab firm?
  • Ember: She nods. Yea, we don't wanna waste any more time
  • Kamilla: So, let us go!

The cab arrives and takes them to the Manhattan Terminal.

  • Lucinda: Where to now?
  • Ember: Takes a brochure with the place, studies it and starts with the poking of the map. So we go buy tickets there and ask for the port number of the boat. She extends her hand. Can I have your passports so we can buy the tickets?
  • Lucinda: She searches her bag and finds it. She then hands it over. Here you are.
  • Ember: She takes their passports, buys the tickets and comes back. Let's go to the port and get this over with.

They arrive in Germany and take a cab to Blackforest.

  • Lucinda: Here we are, what are we meant to look for?
  • Kamilla: Vas it not an agent of Pagos?
  • Lucinda: Yea, I think so. Ember?
  • Ember: Same. We need to find more clues though.
  • Kamilla: So, let ve go into zee forest. Vorwärts!
  • Ember: She tries to understand what she said. Sure? She looks around.' 'This is it, who wants to see some blood bending?
  • Kamilla: Vat is zis 'blood-bending'?
  • Ember: Weren't we given info and a few reports about this?
  • Lucinda: Yea, it's on my phone. She opens the notes.
  • Ember: She eagerly looks at Luc.
  • Kamilla: She also looks over at Luc, waiting patiently.
  • Lucinda: Here we are. She hands Ember her phone.
  • Kamilla: Vat does it say?
  • Lucinda: It says about they found information about an agent of Pagos who might be using blood-based powers.
  • Ember: She hands the phone back to Luc.
  • Kamilla: Oh. She nods in understanding. Shall vee go walk ze forest trails now, looking for zee clues?
  • Ember: No choice is there, you coming, Luc?
  • Lucinda: She smiles and pockets her phone.
  • Kamilla: Also smiles Let ve go now, zen!

The follow the first trail.

  • Lucinda: Keep your eye out for anything...suspicious.
  • Kamilla: She nods and scans the woods.
  • Lucinda: She looks around and hears a noise. W-What was that?
  • Kamilla: Vell, I could tell you from a project I did a year ago, the vild life here is normal vild life, like most European forests but, there's also ozer animals. Like, cattle, horses, a giant earthwarm and zee Vestern Capercaillie. It could also be an agent of Pagos or Lilith or a monster!
  • Lucinda: She takes it all in, listening intently. Uh-huh, uh-huh. We should look.
  • Kamilla: She nods and turns toward where the noise came from.
  • Lucinda: She walks forward and shifts some sticks.
  • Ember: She looks around while cautiously moving behind them.
  • Lucinda: She hears another noise and jumps a mile. It's coming from over there. She points south.
  • Ember: She runs behind her. Wait up!
  • Kamilla: She runs up behind them. Let's go check it out!
  • Lucinda: She takes a stick and pokes at the pile of leaves the noise came from.

They find a small mouse, hiding beneath the leaves. As they do, they hear a much louder noise further into the forest; like the sound of breaking sticks and branches.

  • Kamilla: Vell, zis iss a cute mouse. She picks it up, then hears the other noise. Zat does not sound well.
  • Lucinda: Nuh-uh. Let's follow it.

The three follow the sound, until they hear it again.

  • Lucinda: It was coming from about here.
  • Kamilla: Still holding the mouse Vell maybe if vee vait, it vill come.
  • Ember: looks around and nods do Kam
  • Kamilla: Vat do you zink it is?

A low growl emanates from the bushes to their left.

  • Kamilla: Squeaks a bit and transforms her locket into her shield and sword, putting the mouse in her pocket.
  • Lucinda: She approaches the area.
  • Kamilla: She follows closely behind.

As Lucinda approaches the bushes, another growl, louder this time, can be heard from behind them.

  • Lucinda: She spins round.
  • Kamilla: She spins and Points her sword toward the noise.

A group of four wolves spring from the bushes, one from the location of the original growling noise, another from the second, and another two appear to the groups' left. Their eyes glow an odd red, and each leaps at a member of the group with its fangs bared.

  • Lucinda: She draws her sword and slashes at one of the wolves.
  • Kamilla: She begins to flail wildly with the sword, though missing the other girls.

Lucinda's blade cuts deep into the shoulder of one of the wolves, knocking it to the ground from where it tries to pull itself away. Kamilla grazes another, causing it to back up and re-assess its attack. The two remaining wolves attack while the others are recovering.

  • Lucinda: She jabs at the remaning wolves and then runs over and aims a slice to the wolf on the ground.
  • Kamilla: She tries to cut the remaining wolves with her sword.
  • Lucinda: She beckons Kamilla. We need a plan.

The wolves leap about wildly, making themselves hard to hit, but Lucinda's blade strikes cleanly through the neck of the one lying on the ground and kills it instantly. Kamilla's blade strikes another, badly wounding it, but not outright killing it.

  • Lucinda: She attempts to strike the wounded one.
  • Ember: Summons a blade of swift wind to slice the wolf's neck.

Both of their attacks strike home, killing another two wolves, while the last runs off into the forest.

  • Lucinda: Well done you two! Now what?
  • Ember: Well, lets look around more or chase that wolf?
  • Lucinda: She thinks for a minute. Let's look around, and if we run into the wolf, kill it.
  • Ember: Sounds legit enough. walks ahead of them. Lets go?
  • Kamilla: Nods a bit and follows.
  • Lucinda: She follows Ember and Kamilla.

Nothing of note appears along their path.

  • Ember: sits on a stump out of exhaustion Nothing seems to be here sighs
  • Lucinda: She looks around one last time. Nope. But we gotta stay positive!
  • Ember: sighs Fine...
  • Lucinda: She looks at Ember and Kamilla. Wanna carry on walking this way or turn back?
  • Ember: stands up I say we go looks at Kam How bout you?
  • Kamilla: Agreed vith Ember. Takes the mouse out of her pocket Vat about vou, Mr. Mouze?
  • Lucinda: She laughs. This way then!

They eventually come across a trail created by the blood from the final fleeing wolf.

  • Lucinda: Her eyes go wide. Guys! Look at this!
  • Kamilla: Shall ve follow it?
  • Ember: No harm in doing so she walks following the path
  • Lucinda: She follows Ember, scanning for anything of note.
  • Kamilla: Follows Lucinda.

The trail leads to a small clearing, occupied by the wounded wolf and two others that appear to be licking its wounds. Their eyes no longer appear red.

  • Lucinda:? She hesitantly approaches the wolf.

The two wolves at its side turn to face her and growl, but do not attack.

  • Lucinda:? She walks forward a bit.? N-N-Nice wolfies...

The growling gets louder.

  • Lucinda: She starts to back off. Sh, it's okay, we won't hurt you.

Something moves in the bushes to their left, and the wolves' eyes begin to glow red again.

  • Ember: her weapon appears Let's have our fun, shall we?

An odd man emerges from the bushes, a wolfish grin marring his features and his eyes glowing red. He appears to be wearing part of a stuffed Wolf head as a hat, his face is covered by several decorative tattoos, and his tattered clothing may well be of traditional Japanese origin.

  • Odd Man: Yes, yes, I like fun...
  • Lucinda: What the f*ck? Who're you?
  • Odd Man: Cackles insanely and roars. Why, I'm the Big Bad Wolf!
  • Lucinda: Isn't that nice? Now really, who the hell are you?
  • Big Bad Wolf: Stares at her. Didn't I just SAY?
  • Lucinda: Big Bad Wolf is not a name.
  • Ember: rolls eyes Oh~Im so terrified like the three lil' pigs smirks
  • Lucinda: She suppresses a giggle.
  • Ember: smirks I'm sure I'm not in a fairytale to believe you're the "Big Bad Wolf." Let's me start a point: We don't have all the time in the world, so just tell us who you really are.
  • Lucinda: Please.
  • Big Bad Wolf: Ooooooh, but I DO have all the time in the world. NOW I do! He stops suddenly, mid-sentence, and then, as if starting an entirely different conversation, he whispers: There is always a little truth behind every fairytale... no matter how tall. He bears his teeth, the cainines of which appear to be especially long.
  • Ember: looks at him head to foot The truth would be?

His wolfish grin grows wider, and he continues to stare.

  • Lucinda: She backs up. Ember?
  • Ember: stays put This is getting quite interesting she smiles Care to show us your wolf-y attributes?  
  • Big Bad Wolf: Suddely alert and suspicious. Why are you here?  What do you want from me?
  • Ember: We're going around to do some research for school about the wildlife here
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