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LL Phase Two: Camp Team One

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Type: Combat

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Objective: Fadel Hassan left this team a mysterious message, the contents of which are still unknown. Trading for this item is risky, because it may lead anywhere and the objectives it contains are unknown.

Team Members

  1. Fred Rhodes/Averagekid
  2. Tori Mist/ShadowGoddess
  3. Derek McKinney/Cosmiggy
  4. Iko Devian/Kingbirdy


Iko: he waits by a van near the exit to camp

Freddie: He jogs over to him. Hey, I'm not late right?

Tori: Walks up. Hey guys.

Iko: No, we're still waiting on one last guy.

Derek: He walks toward them. Hi guys. Sorry if I'm late.

Iko: Nah, you're fine. Let's get loaded up. My balloon got a bit destroyed last time, so we're just taking a plane.

Tori: I'm fine with that. Climbs into the van and sits in the back.

Freddie: Same here. We're going to Cairo correct? Says as he gets on the van and sits behind the shotgun seat.

Tori: Yeah, we're going to Cairo. My hometown.

Freddie: His eyes widen slightly at home town, but shakes it off Alright then, I was just checking...

Derek: He climbs into the van and sits next to Tori.

they drive to the airport

Iko: Everybody out, let's go, we've got a plane to catch!

Tori: Jumps out and heads inside of the airport.

they board their plane and fly to cairo

Iko: Well, here we are. Welcome to Cairo.

Tori: Home sweet home.

Freddie: So, what do we do now?

Iko: Well, we've got this message from Hassan, might as well read it, I guess, now that we're here in Cairo.

Tori: Well, lets hear it.

The message reads as follows:

Sometimes the subtleties of fate place those who might otherwise be allies on opposing sides. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. I have no interest in killing you, and hopefully you aren't too interested in killing me either. My interests lie solely in testing my skills and asserting my superiority, something I see as being a great deal easier under my new employment. However, nothing in the agreement necessitates killing, only prevention. So, I offer you a deal: We meet on even terms at the Circus tent at midnight. Myself and some allies versus your group. The victor spares their opponent and gives them whatever they desire, that is within their power. Should you agree, meet me there at the assigned time. Should you not, we may have to meet on far less amiable terms.

~ Hassan

Iko: So, do you think we should do it? Either we're walking into a fair fight, or we're walking into a massive trap.

Freddie: Maybe we should... do we have any other options besides this?

Iko: Not really. I'm up for it. So that's 2 for, what do the rest of you have to say?

Tori: I think it sounds like the better choice. So yeah.

Iko: Then lets go pick a fight.

they show up at the tent at midnight

Freddie: He checks his watch, making sure that it's midnight. Hm, looks like they're running a bit late...

Derek: He stood next to Freddie. Yep... I guess so.

Fadel enters the tent from the opposite side, carrying a large sack full of what appears to be weapons, armor, and a random assortment of spare parts. He spots them, waves nonchalantly, and begins depositing the sack's contents in a pile next to him.

Iko: What's that? Your backup?

Tori: I don't like the looks of this.

Derek: He touches the hilt of his sword just in case anything goes wrong. He stood behind the others.

Freddie: He glances around the tent, looking for any signs of anyone to pop up from the outside.

Fadel: Are you ready for this? Does a theatrical clap, and the parts he deposited on the ground begin to lift up into the air, circle eachother, and form into two automatons; their pieces suspended by magical energy.

Freddie: Oh dear... he gets his sword out and quickly gets into a defensive stance. Any plans, guys?

Iko: I'm gonna give him a dose of his own medicine. he takes control of one of the automatons, and sets it to attack the other

Tori: Looks over at Freddie while she puts out her bow and arrows. Oh dear? Really? Thats the best you coud come up with? She charges Fadel and begins firing arrows at him.

Derek: He rushes behind Fadel and draws his sword. He does a quick slash, aimed for Fadel's hamstring.

Freddie: Eh, it's a habit of mine... He runs and he starts to charge Fadel from the right, aiming to swing his sword at his arm.

Iko's powers have no effect, since the Auomatons are magical entities as opposed to being of mechanical origin. Fadel dodges the arrows with seemingly inhuman speed, parries Derek's attack before it even arrives, and flicks away Freddie's blade as if it were a mere afterthought.

Tori: She tosses her bow over her shoulder since its worthless in this fight and charges Fadel, barehanded.

Fadel lets her come at him, while his automatons float behind him; awaiting a move from the other combatants.

Tori: Once she gets close to him, she lunges at him.

Derek: He takes on of the automatons. He thinks of a way to deactivate it and charges at it with his sword. He would attempt a strike, aimed for it's chest.

Freddie: Deciding that it would be useless to attack the automatons, he swings his sword to attack Fadel once more, assuming that he is the source of the magic controlling the automatons.

Fadel allows Tori's lunge to fly past him and delivers a hard blow to her side with the pommel of his weapon. Fadel moves to intercept Freddie's blade with lightning speed and attempts to knock it from his fingers. The left Automaton ignores Derek's attack as it simply clangs against its breastplate. It then brings up one of its Axes to strike down at his extended arm. The right Automaton moves to attack Derek.

Iko: They may be magic, but lets see if they can stop this. he lights a fire on each of the automaton's weapons, rising it to temperatures hot enough to melt metal And now for you Fadel. He swings his arms, and two blades come to life in his hands, one dark as midnight, the other brightest silver. Tapping his belt, armor springs into place on his body, with a polished chunk of Aetherian Stone in the center. He braces his feet and slams the hilt of his sword into the stone, sending out a consussive wave at Fadel.

Derek: Derek sees, the right Automaton coming for him. He quickly dodge rolls to his side to avoid the attack.

The weapons held by the Automatons melt in their hands, leaving them with sticks of half-slagged metal. Even so, they fight on with these, and one moves to attack Freddie and Derek each. Fadel jumps to the side of Iko's concussive wave with astonishing speed and charges forward to bring his own blade to bear.

Iko: he blocks Fadel's sword to the outside with Soulfang, and cuts in with Bodybender.

Fadel recovers with staggering speed, and suddenly his blade is cleanly blocking Bodybenders' strike.

Iko: He raises a wall behind Fadel so that he cannot retreat, and again hits against his chest to create a concussive wave, then creates a smokescreen which allows his previously concealed automaton to dive in and claw at him with its talons of Lethenian Copper.

Fadel: Confidently. A good plan, but as always, just a little too slow. He sprints to the left in order to avoid the concussive wave and finds himself outside the smokescreen, waiting for Iko's next attack.