LL Phase Two: Camp Team Three

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Type: Story

Location: Seattle, Washington

Objective: The first team sent to Seattle experienced a set of mysterious explosions throughout the city. Since they left, more occurred, and so it would be the task of this team to uncover the source of these explosions and how they are tied to the rise of Pagos.

Team Members

  1. Zeke Summers/Cosmiggy
  2. Cody Knight/Broken Fire
  3. Lauryn Hudson/Petite'likkle'elf


Cody:Leans beside the camp entrance wearing black hoodie with a designed white shirt inside, sneakers, and Levis jeans with a black and white backpack slung in this right shoulder

Zeke: He shows up. Hey there.

Cody:He see Zeke and smiles Hi! Are you in Team 3?

Zeke: Yep. This is the Seattle Group, right?

Cody: Yeap. We're suppose to be 3 members right?

Zeke: He nods. I wonder where the last member is.

Lauryn: She walks up to them. Er.. hi. Sorry I'm late.

Cody:No probs, I guess we're complete. I'm Cody, how bout you? turns to Lauryn

Lauryn: She bobs her head at them. Lauryn.

Cody: Looks at Zeke So according to my friend, I guess this is Zeke

Lauryn:Oh. So how do we get to Seatle?

'Cody:' Average way seems fine, cab then plane

The rest nods and they travel by bus then buys plane tickets to Seatle and get on the plane until the finally reached Seatle.

Lauryn:We've landed..

Team:Talks about non essential stuff

They grab their stuff and check out of the airport and proceeds to the city via another cab

Lauryn: She checks out her surroundings. I've been here once or twice, but I don't really know my way around most of the places. You guys know where we're going after this, right?

Cody:Not reall,y all I know is that we have to find out whose setting up these explosives the people are talking about

Lauryn: She nods her head and looks at Zeke. Do you know where we have to go?

Cody:he looks around while Lauryn and Zeke are talking to each other

Zeke: Not quite. I just know that we need to uncover the source of the explosions that happened when the first team was sent here before. I don't actually know where to start.

Lauryn: As I remember (insert place) had the biggest explosion so lets go check it out

Cody:I can't argue with that. Let's go

Lauryn: We're taking a cab?

Cody: Guess so. he waves his hand to call a taxi

The team then travels to the place where most explosions where reported.

Cody:I have a feeling we can look better if we splitted up, lets then meet up in three hours on this spot. Sounds cool?

Lauryn:I guess..

The team spolits up, ask mortals for information, and each of them checks out the origin of different explosions---also taking pictures with their gadgets.

After some data gathering, they find that the explosions occurred primarily in apartment complexes downtown. Three bombs exploded total, each about ten minutes apart.

Cody: Well, it seems whoever was setting off the bombs was trying to distract the first team.

Lauryn: Maybe. Or they could just be trying to destroy a large area.

Zeke: Come on guys. Let's check it out. He runs to the location of the explosions.

The team follows Zeke to the location of the explosions. They look around.

Lauryn: Find anything, guys? There's nothing here.

Cody: Nope. What about you, Zeke?

There appears to be nothing in the immediate area, perhaps examining some of the pictures they took would be a good idea.

Lauryn: She looks through a pile of photos quickly, so not really taking anything in.

Cody: Not so fast, you could miss something.

Zeke: Hmm...... He slowly scans the photos.

In one of the pictures, a suspicious small spherical shape can be made out amidst the rubble. It appears to be metallic, and shows no signs of damage, though a tiny red light is shining out from beneath it.

Cody:goes near Zeke to scans the photos with him and notices the picture. He then points out something, Hey look at that!

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