LL Phase Two: Crossover Team Five

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Type: Combat/Story

Location: Guangzhou, China

Objective: This team wandered into a trap set by Sayuri's agents. Before the mortals could successfully arrest or eliminate the demigods, an unknown individual cut them down one by one and vanished as quickly as he appeared. It will be the task of whoever undertakes this mission to track down the killer, uncover his identity, and discover motives. Camp members in Guangzhou uncovered both valuable intel, and an interesting item. The intel mainly concerns the abilities of Pagos, though the item itself may lead to a mission itself. Item Found: Mysterious Cylinder - This item will need further examination before anything can be made of it.

Team Members

  1. Bianca Jenson/Jake (BC)
  2. Laureline Floraison/Queen (Camp)
  3. Isaiah Davis/Lott (BC)
  4. Holly Xu/Travel (Camp) Pulled for Not posting in over 2 weeks
  5. Alexis Benedict/Nocty (BC) Bach is rp'ing
  6. Aria Amethyst/Minx (BC)



Laurel: Walks up to the Camp Entrance with her wolf, Galliano, in lime green shirt, black jeans, and carrying a red tote bag. She sits on the ground, waiting for Holly.

Holly run from the entrance to meet Laureline while she was carrying a messanger bag.

Holly: Sorry I am late, I was just finishing dropping Athei off with a friend so that she can watch over her while I am away.

Laurel: Hi Holly. It's okay, I like to be early anyway. Now, I got the plane tickets, but we need to get to JFK first. Do you mind travelling with travel roses?

Holly: No i don't mind, if it gets us their faster than I am all for it.

Laurel: Smiles. Great. I would make the travel roses take us to Guangzhou, but that's too tiring. Anyway, creates two travel roses and hands one of them to Holly. here. Come on.

The questers travel-roses away to JFK airport.

Holly: Where are we?

Laurel: The airport. Oh, I hope you don't mind I'm bringing Galliano. Gestures to her wolf. Don't worry, he's safe.

Holly: I don't mind, I just wish I knew we were allowed to brings animals since I would have brought Athei.

Laurel: Awww, it's okay. I'm sure she'll be safer in Camp. Come on, we're supposed to meet the BC guys on the plane. Walks over to the boarding gate, and spots Isaiah and Bianca.

Holly: Okay. Holly follows Laurel.


Isaiah paces the exit of the airport

Bianca sits nearby, watching him and dodling in her notebook. Pacing won't help, you know.

Isaiah: Well it's this or chew cud.....

Bianca: Remind me: What are we waiting for? Bianca spots the Campers. Oh. Them. Right. She gets up and stands next to Isaiah.


Laurel and Holly walks over to Bianca and Isaiah.

Laurel: Nods, Bianca, Isaiah. I'm Laurel, motions towards Holly this is Holly. Shall we go now?

Holly waves at them.

Bianca: Bianca stays quiet and nods.

Isaiah: Sure, let's go.

Holly: Lead the way.

The questers board the plane and after 15 hours, they land on New Baiyun Airport. Soon after, they reached Guangzhou.

Laurel: Well, we're here. By the way, this is the item that our intel discovered on the last mission. Produces the black cylinder. Have any idea what is this?

Holly looks curiously at the black cylinder.

Holly: Laurel did the people at camp conduct any test on it?

Laurel: Not as far as I know. Or maybe it's just a plain cylinder, but why they made it seem important? Shakes the cylinder.

As she shakes it, the cylinder begins to hum, and its appearance begins to shift erratically; from mundane everyday objects like TV remotes and phones, to random forms like strangely twisted pieces of metal and stone to branches off of trees.

Isaiah: Yea, let's NOT shake it again....

The cylinder stops shifting and reverts to its original form, but not before a shadow breaks itself free from the object, manifests itself as a dark multi-limbed creature, and darts down a nearby alley.

Laurel: Her eyes widen in surprise. Whoa, what the hell was that? Looks around the other questers. Should we, umm, chase it, or...?

Isaiah: Yes. He shifts into minotaur form and chases after it full-speed.

Laurel: Fine. Follows Isaiah.

Holly: Wait for me. Holly follows after them, and after a few minutes catches up to Laurel. I am guessing this didn't happen at camp.

Bianca: Bianca writes 'Follow' in her notebook and her body is whisked towards the creature.

The alley is cramped and dark, allowing for only two demigods to pass abreadth. The shadow creature is barely discernable against the dark background but can be seen hanging; suspended between the upper walls by its many legs. It looks at them, lashes its tail menacingly, and emits a low growl.

Laurel: I definitely don't like this... Shoots rose thorns from her hand at the shadow creature.

Bianca: Bianca writes 'Light' in her notebook, and it starts to glow. She shines it on the dark creature.

Isaiah: Yea, Laurel, you touch nothing from here on out....

Laurel: What is it?

Bianca: It's... a monster. I've never heard of anything like it.

Laurel: wrinkles her nose at it and prepares to try and restrain it with vines if it moves towards them

Isaiah: It smells horrid....So, you think it'll take a shot at us?

The creature allows both the thorns and the light to pass through it harmlessly, and then flings itself at the group with its claws extended.

Holly creates a dome of water around the group in order to block the creatures attack.

Bianca: Bianca quickly scribbles 'Freeze' in her journal, focusing the word on the creature.

Before the creature even strikes the dome, it disperses into a fine mist, which then coalesces and is absorbed back into the cylindrical object. The object hums for a moment, and then falls silent.

Holly: That was awesome!

Bianca: Bianca raises an eyebrow. Not exactly the word I would use... Bianca draws a quick sketch of the creature before closing the journal.

Holly: Holly jumps up and down And whatever that thing was so cool, and looks the cylindrical is back. Holly then pick it up.

Laurel: What is it?

Holly: It the same cylinder thing that it was before, but at least we know what it does. Question is who create it?

Laurel: Frowns. My guess is someone with shadow/darkness powers. But what was the purpose? To keep monsters inside? Takes the cylinder from Holly. We need to test it, a shake releases a monster, what about a twist? Releases ivy from her hands to twist the cylinder.

A great roaring fills the air, as if an enormous angry crowd had just been transplanted into the midst of the city. Along with the cheers come the smells of a burning city and around them, the neighboring buildings begin to break out into flames and appear dangerously damaged. Trash and rubble cover the ground of the alleyway, appearing as if they had been there all along, and the roaring; still distant on the air, seems to be drawing closer.

Holly: Okay maybe shaking it wasn't the best idea Laurel.

Bianca: Bianca sighs and takes out the journal again, writing a series of words, hoping that one will work. 'Silence, stop, revert, return, disappear, begone, leave, halt.

Nothing happens and the sound continues to grow in volume and intensity.

Holly: Holly covers her ears Laurel close the stupid cylinder.

Laurel: Holly, it doesn't have any openings! Should I twist it again?

Isaiah: (Through gritted teeth) This is why we don't play with scary black objects...

Holly: Yes twist it in the opposite direction Laurel.

Bianca: Hurry, maybe?

Laurel: Nods and twist in in the opposite direction.

Nothing changes, and the sound grows closer as the horizon above the buildings begins to glow an intense firey yellow-orange.

Laurel: Mon Dieu, should we get out of here? I can provide travel roses. I mean, I'm up to stay and fight, IF we know what are we fighting. Paces around and accidentally drops the cylinder to the ground. Oh, I'm not touching that thing anymore.

The fire, the flames, and the noise vanish to be replaced with the same alleyway they previously occupied. The cylinder starts shifting appearances again as it lies on the ground.

Holly: Holly grabs the cylinder Maybe we should learn more about this, before we touch it again. She then put it away.

Laurel: Okay, I'm glad we didn't just destroy a city. Points to the cylinder, That could be useful as a distraction, by the way. Oh, and the other team mentioned there was some kind of dark shape, like a cloud, in the sky when they were here, just saying.

Holly: No! Holly yelled as her happy exterior turned dark and angry. Until we learn more about this we will not use it no matter what the circumstances may be.

Laurel: Frowns. Fine, let's learn about this thing. What else do you want to do to it? We've tried shake and twist so far.

Holly: We need to know it's purpose, and who created it? Because shaking and twisting the darn thing is getting us no where.

Isaiah: Yo! Calm your ass down! He snatches the cylinder and shoves it in his backpack We're not worrying about it now. Let's focus on the mission as it stands.

Holly: Which is?

Isaiah: Good to know you don't pay attention..... To find and get intel on the guy that killed all those mortals on the last mission

Bianca: Do we have any leads, any clues?

Holly: And where did he kill them?

Isaiah: Somewhere here in Guangzhou. Holly, if I may ask, do you even know you're a demigod?

Holly: Holly ignored Isaiah question Moving on, I was thinking if we had to find this guy maybe we can go back to place where he killed the mortals and search for clues there.

Isaiah: Given the weight of the forces we're up against, I hardly think "They always return to the scene of the crime" applies here...

Holly: Well no one returns to the scene of the crime, at least no one with half a brain. I was thinking that maybe there is something in thoughs locations that can give us a clue to who are we dealing with or gather any evidence that can lead to the answer of that question.

Isaiah: Perhaps I'm crazy, but traditionally, guys who appear out of nowhere, kill a bunch of people and suddenly disappear tend to not leave clues....

Holly: Fine how were these people killed, or what type of weapons were used to end there lives?

Laurel: There were a bunch of armed people, and a single guy slain them. We think it was Pagos himself, because he could control blood. But the mortal girl, Sayuri, might know more about this.

Holly: There an awesome place to start, is this Sayuri still alive Laurel, or is she one of the victims?

Bianca: Bianca is still giggling from Isaiah's comment to Holly. Sayuri is still alive.

Holly: Alright, let go find her and see what she knows.

Isaiah: I don't know....What if your shoe comes untied? Can we spare the time to teach you how?

Bianca: Bianca snickers again. Let's go...

Holly: Holly looks at Isaiah straight in the eyes. You know I would love to hear more about your view point, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass. She turns and begins to walk away quickly into a random direction.

Laurel: Holly, where are you going? Turns to the Isaiah and Bianca, They last team brought Sayuri to Camp. But she's in China, some... unfinished business, I guess. She will meet us here in Guangzhou, to investigate more about the massacre.

Isaiah: Excellent comeback. Just as transparent and idiotic as its speaker.....So,there some agreed upon rendezvous point?

Holly walks into a shop, and walks out five minutes later.

Laurel: Yeah, umm, checks her Blackberry, Golden Dragon Restaurant, that's over there, points to a restaurant and calls to Holly, Holly, we're going over there. Come on!

The questers walk to the restaurant, there they spot Sayuri waiting, leaning on one of the pillar.

Isaiah: So, I take it you're the one we need to talk to?

Laurel: Sayuri, nods. We met briefly at Camp, I'm Laurel, a friend of Rose.

Bianca: Bianca looks down at her shoes, never making eye contact. I'm... Bianca.

Isaiah: I'm.....unimportant. However, your info is.

Holly rolls her eyes, and looks a bit annoyed by Isaiah.

Bianca readies her pen so that she can write down anything important Sayuri says.

Sayuri: Nods to the group. You are more or less what I expected, though it's diffuclt for me to judge your capabilities from a single look. If you live up to my expectations, this should be a cakewalk and we can get this bloody affair wrapped up quickly. Let me make it clear before we begin that whatever you may think of me as a mortal is entirely irrelevant, and I can walk away from this mission just as easily as I can put a bullet between your eyes. Her hand drifts towards the holstered pistol at her side. We're essentially dealing with a mystery, and unfortunately since I wasn't present at the time of the massacre, we have only second hand evidence to drive our investigation. Eight of my men were cut down last time you demigods sent a group through here, and currently all of those involved can be considered suspect. Yes, including those you sent. Although their account makes sense given the scene of the crime, we have only their testimony to work with so they could have committed the crime and looked to excuse themselves. What's left of the scene has been removed, so if you have any questions about what happened there that I can answer, ask and I'll do all in my ability to answer you.

Bianca: We uh... we may hate the gods, but we don't have the authority to cutting down humans left and right. If it was us, it wasn't authorized. How were they killed exaclty? Any marks left on the bodies or the like?

Laurel: Produces the cylinder. you have any idea what this thing is?

Holly: How long did it take for the victims to be killed? What evidence did you collect from the scene?

Bianca: Bianca writes down all the questions on a sheet of paper, rips it out, and hands it to Sayuri. Sorry... we're anxious... and we know almost nothing.

Sayuri: Takes the cylinder in her gloved hand and looks it over, before nodding. We found this just before the previous team from Camp left... I can't tell you what it is, but one of my men was found dead nearby so you may want to keep a close eye on it. As for your other questions, the men's wounds were precice; most of them slashes or stabs to the torso with some kind of bladed weapon or device. Since we don't know exactly what did kill them, claws or teeth can't be ruled out either. Most reports from the scene are fairly confused, but it seems that the culprit eliminated them very quickly without them even noticing the source of the attacks. The only evidence from the scene was the victims' bodies.

Holly:That is odd.

Laurel: So whatever it was moved so fast, that your men were unable to fight back, nods. Then it can't be teeth, bite marks look very different from slash or stab wounds. We did some experiment on that thing, points to the cylinder. It was quite interesting. Shaking it would produce a kind of shadowy creature.Twisting it would create an... extraordinary illusion.

Sayuri: Gives the cylinder another glance and nods. So, it creates illusions then... could this really be what killed my men, though? How can an illusion interact with actual reality? They must be separate, unless there is something we still don't know about.

Isaiah: Perhaps someone who really knows what it is and what they're doing with it used it to a more lethal means...

Sayuri: So, you are assuming that it can do more than just conjure illusions?

Laurel: The monster was pretty real to me.

Isaiah: I mean, I didn't know it could conjure illusions until I saw it, so I'm in no real position to underestimate it...

Holly: Well we know that when we shake it that shadow creature appears, and when you twist it that is when the illusion of burning city appears. Eigher way by itself I don't see how it can be used against anybody, unless someone else is involved or they started to mess with it.

Bianca: What if... what if those weren't illusions? What if the cylinder can actually alter reality, even if only for a short period of time? At this point, I um... I have two theories. The first was that reality was altered, and something came out of the cylinder to attack them. The second... an illusion so strong was created that they attacked and killed each other.

Laurel: So you're saying it's a device to keep monsters inside? Like Aladdin's lamp?

Holly: Maybe not like aladdin lamp, but the concept is similar minus the three wishes thing.

Laurel: That goes without saying, Holly.

Bianca: Either monsters, or illusions powerful enough to make people believe they are real.

Sayuri: I think the important thing is to distinguish between whether what you witnessed was an illusion or reality. Did you actually come into physical contact with any element of the illusion? I'd assume that you'd notice if your hand went through a wall or something.

Laurel: Well, we didn't touch anything, but after we dropped the cylinder everything was normal. I mean, in the illusion the city was burn, then everything went back to normal, no signs of burnt buildings. So, it must be an illusion.

Bianca nods in agreement.

Sayuri: Well, for all we know it could have taken you forward in time, or even to an alternate reality in which the city is burning. I'd suggest that we experiment with it. Whether or not this thing will aid in our current task, we could have something of great value right here.

Bianca: Bianca gulps and looks at Isaiah. You have it, right?

Isaiah: Yea. Hands it to Sayuri.

Sayuri: Takes it, slightly puzzled. And... what do you want me to do with this?

Holly: Well you said you wanted to experiment with it.

Bianca: And, well... we have less experience.

Sayuri: I suggested that we experiment with it, as a group. I'm only a mortal, it's more dangerous for me to be handling this thing than it is for you.

Bianca: Bianca takes it back and gulps. Fine. Is everyone ready?

Isaiah: Wait. Break it down, here. What exactly are we going to be doing with it? Cuz if we're just gonna play with it til something happens, I'm not so sure.

Bianca: Well we have to find out what this is, and what it does. We really should know. So we've shaken and twisted it... what it we tapped it? We could drop it, knock on it, throw it... maybe it's like that golden egg in Harry Potter, and it will sing if we put in underwater...

Laurel: That thing is more related to shadow or darkness than to water, just saying. But Bianca's right. This thing might help us in the future. Like, if we find a way to control that shadow monster. Or if we're ever in trouble, we could use the illusion as a distraction.

Isaiah: Perhaps it can create other kinds of illusions?

Bianca: Well, we can't know until we try it out. Practice makes perfect? Bianca laughs nervously.

Sayuri: Slightly bothered. From what you described to me of you previous experiment, a simple reversal of the previous control eliminated the problem. Surely the same principle would apply to whatever you choose to do to it? Someone do something or I will! Probably endangering the lot of us in the process!

Laurel: Bianca, just do it already, gives her encouraging smile.

Holly: Bianca just throw it against the wall and see what happens.

Isaiah: Sighs and holds his hand out to Bianca If you would be so kind? I have an idea.

Bianca: Bianca stays quiet and nods, handing it to him, shying away from further contact. Have at it.

Isaiah: He nods as he takes it and pulls either end, twisting slightly as he pictures a circle of flames in his mind.

The cylinder hums and shifts appearances yet again. A circle of flames, radiating heat and light as any fire might, surrounds his body.

Isaiah: And if what I think is correct....He puts his hand into the flames.

The flames create a strong burning sensation, as fire would be expected to, but no burns appear on his skin.

Bianca: Incredible... can you feel any pain?

Isaiah: I knew it........ Heat, but no real burns.

Bianca: That's amazing... Will it always conjure whatever we imagine?

Laurel: Stares in awe. But... I wasn't imagining monsters or a destroyed city...

Bianca: Well of course not. It's conjures the image. You're not imagining it.

Holly: Why is it conjuring though images to us?

Isaiah: Don't know, but this thing's stayin with me. He twists it the other way and as the flames disappear, he puts it back in his backpack.

Holly: Don't put away just yet, can you hand it over so I can take a closer look on at it?

Bianca: Good luck finding anything new on it, Holly. We do need to figure out how we can use this to our advantage though... and I think I have an idea.

Holly: Actually I wanted to see if there was a tag number or something written on it that we can trace. She pauses What is your idea.?

Bianca: What if we ask it to show us the scene? We could identify the killer, maybe find out where he went. She looks to Isaiah. Well? isn't it worth a shot?

Sayuri: You can try, but I don't think it's a recording device. What I don't understand is why one of my men had this by him anyway, especially when he was lying dead or dying.

Holly: It could be that he found it, or someone gave it to him.

Sayuri: He was a soldier, not some kind of irresponsible child. He would have reported this, but he didn't.

Holly: Where their any security camera where they were found?

Laurel: Maybe your man was actually his man. And he was sent to...I don't know, bring destruction from within, but proved to be a liability, which is why he was killed?

Sayuri: Fighting to keep her emotions in check. I knew each and every one of my team by name, face, and number. We trained and fought together for years, and we saved eachothers' lives countless times. He joined me because his wife was murdered before his very eyes, because he saw a vengeful monster commit the act. The pain and fury in his heart was like that of no other, and among all of my men he was always the most convinced of our cause. I buried Zhang yesterday, and you are telling me that he was disloyal? I'm sorry, but I cannot accept that.

Holly:Okay he wasn't disloyal, but did he have any enemy that may have wanted him dead.

Isaiah: Or maybe it was planted there to cause this exact argument you're having.....

Holly: We are not arguing... we are discussing.

Laurel: I'm sorry, it's just, whoever's behind this may be very good at manipulation.

Sayuri: Maybe, but we don't have anything here to suggest that. All we know is that Zhang had the item near him when he died, and that his wounds were identical to those found on my other men.

Laurel: Look, maybe we can go to the crime scene, the place where Zhang was murdered, and you guys found the cylinder.

Sayuri: That seems like the best idea to me, we can't do much in front of this old restaurant. I can take us, unless you have a better suggestion.

Laurel: No, please. Let's just get there?

Bianca: Bianca looks around at the attention the group has drawn to itself. Yes, let's go, as in quickly. Bianca stands to leave.

Holly: Holly stand up and walks outside.

Isaiah: He pats his backpack before slinging it over his shoulder So, where to, exactly?

Sayuri: Laurel suggested that we go to the alley where Zhang was found dead, though our alternate option would be to visit the other area where my men were massacred and your allies escaped. I'll take us to the first place, and we can decide where to proceed from there.

They soon arrive at the scene of the crime, just as night begins to fall, and light between the alley walls quickly grows scarce. The alley itself is fairly typical, running between two medium sized Chinese shops; one resembling a general store, and the other selling a variety of cheap clothing. Nothing of note can be immediately seen within the alley, but a closer inspection might reveal more results. As Zhang's body was removed before it could be discovered by the authorities, it is not cordoned off or otherwise monitored.

Bianca: I think I can help. Bianca feels the ground, finally feeling the right area. This is where he was. Give me one sec. Bianca closes her eyes. He body briefly flashes as she travels back in time and reappears. As she returns, she falls on her side, weak. Guys, I got some info. She draws a quick sketch of Zhang, who looks remarkably like the pale man with the sunken face from the Ghangzhou mission. Bianca looks up at the group. This, eerily enough, is...was... Zhang. He was in this alley, running from something I couldn't see. He was freaking out...he looked genuinely scared. Suddenly, a dark, human shaped thing detached itself from the darkness around Zhang... and then it killed him. Zhang's legs were kicked out just before it stabbed him in the neck. As it was leaving, this dark shape drops the same cylinder we have. It picked up the cylinder and twisted it a few times, muttering some curses- in a female voice. That's when a minotaur comes charging in. The dark shape drops the cylinder and flees into the darkness... and that's all I had time to see. Bianca is out of breath from both her journey and her story.

Sayuri: I... it's good to know how he died, even if he couldn't go down fighting... we have to find the identity of this attacker!

Holly: Bianca at what direction was he coming from?

Isaiah: He glances at Sayuri Why do I get the feeling I'm not the only one who doesn't believe that?

Sayuri: The only one who doesn't belive what?

Bianca: Bianca throws him a look, suddenly getting defensive. Look, do YOU wanna travel back in time and see it for yourself? Bianca shows Sayuri the sketch. Sayuri, I've never met this man before. Isn't this what he looked like? I mean, how else would I know that? And he ran in from this side, by the way.

Laurel: Wait, why would the dark 'thing' flee from a Minotaur? It would only make sense if this 'thing' is a demigod. A female one, maybe...daughter of Nyx?

Isaiah: Please, you know just as well as I do that you could be pulling this info right outta your ass.

Bianca: Bianca quickly writes, 'Silence Isaiah' in her book and Isaiah is turned mute momentarily. Give me a truth serum, have me tested. Or you could believe me. I have nothing to gain, and no benefits from lying. Do you have a better explanation for this mess? Bianca remembers he is silenced and cannot answer. It doesn't matter anyways. I saw what I saw. The past does not lie.

Isaiah: He takes her journal and rips it up I'd advise you not to f*ck with me again, or it's your throat.....

Sayuri: Angrily We are finding and killing whatever it was that killed Zhang. You are quickly becoming an obstacle, Isaiah, and I am not known to sidestep obstacles. I am known to destroy them.

Bianca: Bianca's journal repairs itself before flashing and disappearing back into her ring. Nice try, tough guy. She faces the rest of the group. We need to know a few things. One: Who is the shadow? Two: Why it's cylinder was important? Three:Why is it afraid of a Minotaur when it can cause that kind of damage? My best guess is that it can be harmed by mortal things, despite it's odd appearance. Perhaps it is a demigod?

Isaiah: I swear, at this rate one of you will end up eaten soon......

Sayuri: Ignores Isaiah's comment and turns to Bianca. I think a Demigod would make the most sense. If it was a monster, why would it attack with anything but its natural weapons, and why would it be so concerned with remaining unseen?

Bianca: Bianca nods. Monsters don't think with that level of complexity. What kind of demigod are we after though?

Sayuri: My first thought was a darkness or shadow manipulating demigod, but if this was the case then couldn't it have prevented us from seeing it at all? Why would it even need to ambush him in this way, afterall it was the middle of the night.

Laurel: You have a point. But then how did she surrounded herself in darkness? Maybe with this cylinder? It could conjure almost anything, right? Why don't you give it a try, Isaiah?

Isaiah: He shrugs Sure, why not? He pulls it out and uses the cylinder the same way as before, this time picturing himself shrouded in shadows.

Isaiah is surrounded by exactly what he pictured for a moment, before the shadows flicker and disappear. The cylinder makes a small mechanical sound.

Holly looks confused as she hears the mechanical sound.

Holly: That's weird.

Isaiah: Maybe it ran outta juice or something? He looks it over in his hands

Holly: It certainly is a possibility, but any item that has been enchanted to have run out of batteries before.

Bianca: Bianca walks up to it and taps on it. It sounds alright... try using it again, maybe?

Holly: I guess.She looks unsure.

Isaiah: Sure, why not? He tries the cylinder again.

The cylinder makes a similar noise, and nothing happens.

Isaiah: Hmm.....odd....

Bianca: Out of juice... maybe it relied on the demigod's energy for power. Now that they're separated, there's no way to recharge it...

Sayuri: Skeptically. I wouldn't jump to conclusions, we have no idea what powers this thing. For all we know, it doesn't even need power. Maybe it's just broken.

Isaiah: Of course I broke it.....Thing probably requires a subtle touch, and it's probably jammed or something now.....

Sayuri: Didn't Bianca say that the... whatever it was... had trouble with the cylinder also? Maybe it's the same problem.

Alexis, Aria and an unidentified girl walk toward the team, looking shaken and tired.

Alexis: Whispers to Aria Is that where she's leading us? I think I've seen two of them before, around The Sanctuary...

Aria: Hmmm. They seem vaguely familiar, but probably. She studies them, taking short, staggered breaths

Laurel: Nudges Bianca. Those two girls are walking on our direction, looking suspicious... You know them?

Isaiah: He quickly puts the cylinder away again The blonde one looks familiar, but the other, not so much.

Alexis: The blonde girl... she's from the Veritum Unitum. I saw her before. to the girl are those the people we're looking for?

Girl: looks at the people they just walked up on and nods her head

Alexis: Walks up to the group, sensing that the girl spoke the truth so far, and that she was not misled. Hello... I'm Alexis Benedict, a member of the Ortu Justitiae. To Bianca you're from the Veritum Unitum, correct? I think I met you briefly when I requested to acquire intel on... the current enemy.

Aria: Studies the group, as Alexis awaits a reply

Bianca: Yes. I am Bianca, from VU. What brings you two here? The same purpose as us, I suppose?

Alexis: Seeing as the only reason you'd join up with them would be a common goal, and we only share one, then yes, we are here for the same reason. Well, more like we were in Canada with the same goal, but then she meaning the girl was found, directing us to you guys. We had a third member on our team... but we are not sure of his fate. She sighs.

Bianca: We can only hope that he somehow manages to find us. How much do you guys already know about the mission and its details?

Isaiah: Yea, you happen to know anything interesting?

Alexis: she notices their cylinder Well, that cylinder you guys have; it's a mist manipulator. It's activated by twisting I, for example, could see through it, seeing as I am a child of Apate... anyone with powers relating to trickery, illusion, deceit and so on could probably see through it, too. This girl, apparently a minor oracle of some sort, could see through it. The people on Pagos' side called it a "canister" for some reason. We found a note with some sort of prophecy piece, too... not sure if it's hers or not yet. It reads:

"The two that were once lost, must be reunited as one

With their powers combined, the war may be won."

Alexis: Is that your prophecy, oracle?

Isaiah: A mist manipulator, you say? What were they like testing it on this chick or something? Tryin to force the rest of the prophecy from her, possibly?

Girl: looks nervous around all the people and stutters a bit th....they had all of that prophecy. bu....but pagos I it w...wrong....bu....but th...there were others........a...and they k....kept forcing me them what I s....saw.....when they'd th....thing on in front of wanted to make it st....strong enough it would f....fooln e...everyone

Holly: Holly nods and sighs loudly. Are you okay? She asks the girl

Girl: just looks at everyone with big doe eyes, all scared and nervous

Holly: There is no reason to be afraid, we will not harm you as long as you are honest, and do not harm us in return.

Isaiah: Let me try.....He places a hand on the girl's shoulder Calm down. We're on your side. We're just trying to help you, and the majority of us aren't used to helping people, so bear with us here, ok?

Bianca: Bianca walks over and looks the girls in the eyes. I know it's hard to believe, but I've been scared just like you are. I've been in your situation. We're not going to hurt you. I'm never going to let anyone be treated as badly as I was, you can be sure of that. I want you to trust us, please; we mean you no harm. Bianca quickly hugs the girl. I'm Bianca, by the way. Bianca pulls out her notebook. Can I get you anything? Anything at all, really. You name it, and it's yours.

Alexis: She thinks they're overwhelming the poor girl, but decides not to say anything.

Sayuri: I don't know who this girl is, or where she came from, but I don't think barraging her with questions is going to help us here. We should probably give her some time to calm down and think through everything that's happened. That way we can get accurate answers, without scaring her so much that she won't give us any.

Bianca: Bianca backs off, looking concerned still ready to write if need be.

Holly: Hmm...Holly thinks for a second. Or maybe we just need a change of scenery.

Aria: Maybe we should let her calm down

Girl: w....what you n...need to know? she still looks insanely nervous

Bianca: Bianca writes the word "calm" in her book, and the group is surrounded with an aura of calmness and serenity. She speaks softly. Please calm down. Tell us your name.

Girl: It's....Sonia....

Bianca: Okay Sonia. How long have they been testing this for?

Sonia: Th....they've had for I think....over a y...year now....but I don't know...if they had anyone else b...before that, the canister was already made when they took me

Bianca: If you don't mind... if you're up to it... can you tell us exactly what happened to you? As much as you can remember, at least? I know it's tough, but it would really help us if you tried...

Alexis: Can you guys just slow down? Look, she's had a rough time and you're dropping all this on her at once. Why don't we call it a day and after she's had some rest, try and figure out what's going on... we still don't know what you have gathered, either.

Bianca nods.

Sonia: stands a bit closer to Alexis and bites at her lower lip nervously

Bianca: Bianca takes out a tent from her backpack and begins to set up. Sonia, do you need a tent for tonight too?

Laurel: A tent? I think we can get decent accommodation there... Points at a nice hotel (Not Four Seasons or Ritz, but good enough.)

Bianca: Bianca's eyes widen. I wonder if they have a buffet... she packs up and stares at the hotel.

Sonia: licks her lips at the sound of food, it probably looks like she hasn't eaten much in months or slept

Isaiah: Food would be pretty sweet about now....

Sayuri: I used to manage an organization larger than this group, I could easily give everyone a place to stay and things to eat. Just let me know if you want me to get the car.

Bianca: Bianca smiles desperately. So you can bring us to food? Fantastic!

Aria: Smirks Food would be more than great right about now

Alexis: Raises an eyebrow, immediately noticing the actual importance of Sayuri's words, especially as a daughter of Apaate Hang on, don't let your desperation not see these things through - what organization, exactly?

Sonia: remains by Alexis's side and says nothing >.< but is basically glued to her like whtie on rice

Laurel: She was the head of this group of mortals who are trained to hunt monsters. Her people was slaughtered, one of them was found dead with the mist manipulator...I thought you know about this.

Alexis: Oh, right... it was part of the intel. It must be the torpor. Let's just head to sleep already.

Sayuri: Right, give me a few minutes.

Walks off and returns with a car large enough to fit all of them. She drives them to her apartment building downtown. The front door opens into a small hallway, which then leads to a larger room seemingly towards the center of the building complete with a number of couches, chairs, tables, a large TV, and a small kitchen area. It appears fairly cluttered, and probably hasn't been touched since Sayuri's group left it. Two other doors lead further into the building, while another is clearly labeled with a stairs sign.

Sayuri: Upon seeing the mess. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot this was all still here... please make yourselves comfortable. There're rooms upstairs, take whichever ones you want but please don't disturb too much. I still don't know what I'm going to do with their possessions...

Sonia: stays close to Alexis and doesn't say anything

Laurel: Thank you, Sayuri. Heads upstairs to take a shower before bed.

Isaiah: He looks at the others, looking unsure of what to do.

Sayuri: Ummm... if any of you are hungry, I can make some food...

Alexis: I'm good, I ate on the plane. Takes the stairs and heads to sleep.

Holly: I am not that hungry, but thank you for the hospitality.

Isaiah: Food would be good.....

Bianca: Bianca rubs her tummy. I'm always hungry. And, if you don't mind... could I sleep on a couch, or something? It would freak me out to sleep in the room of a dead person...

Aria: What she said, to a higher extent laughs

Bianca: Bianca laughs along. I'll sleep on the floor if I have to.

Sonia: follows close to Alexis and finds a place to sleep near her

Isaiah: Looks like the OJ girl has a shadow....

The sound of breaking glass can be clearly heard from downstairs. Sayuri turns and looks at them.

Sayrui: I'm not hearing things?

Bianca: No, I hear it too. Bianca rubs her ring, and her notebook and quill appear in her other hand

Aria: I'll go check it out... morphes into a lioness and prowls downstairs

Alexis: comes down stairs what was that? I heard something break?

Sonia: is practically glued to Alexis's shadow

Laurel: Follows Alexis as well. What is it?

Isaiah: Worst case, it's a monster, and we can handle that, right?

Something appearing to be made of pure shadow slides out from behind a bookshelf and flows across the floor before coalescing into a vaguely-human figure. From a dark corner it reveals two glowing red eyes, and speaks in a strangely distorted voice.

Thing: You may want to re-think your rhetorical question.

AriaGrowls in response.

Alexis: draws her sword What the hell is that

Sonia: as she is just a mortal with oracle powers, she hides.

Bianca: Bianca's quill turns into a sword. This is the one, right? The one who lost the cylinder? The one who...Bianca gulps... the one who killed Zhang.

Thing: All of those things, and more!

Laurel: Ewww! It looks worse than I imagined. How did it get here?

Sayuri has quietly slipped away.

Bianca: Bianca looks around. Wait... where did Sayuri go? Um.... hello, Sayuri?! She calls out to her.

Laurel: Maybe she's getting some reinforcement. First thing first, how do we deal with this thing? Points to the Thing.

Bianca: Bianca gulps. We try not to get killed? She nervously jabs at the Thing with her sword, knocking stuff over as she lunges forward.

Aria: Growls and pounces on the thing

Alexis: She stands in front of Sonia protectively, her twin daggers in her hands.

The team members then confont the Thing directly, finding it to be someone wearing a large black cloak and surrounded in red mist. The cloak then falls off from over her and the red mist vanishes, revealing it to be a woman. The mysterious woman looks around, takes a vial of blood from her bandolier, and drinks from it. She then runs in their direction and shadow travels away, dropping the vial on the ground. The team members return home with the knowledge of this confrontation.

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