LL Phase Two: Crossover Team Four

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Type: Story

Location: Stuttgurt, Germany

Objective: It is believed that Pagos has hired a group of demigod mercenaries based out of Stuttgart, Germany. Their abilities and nature are unknown at this time though are rumored to number around two dozen. Reports of their handiwork include several strange wounds throughout the bodies of several demigods and mortals alike in the area.

Team Members

  1. Audric Odilone/Wai (BC)
  • Note:? Wai isn't going to be active much and has given me (Hyu) permission to RP his character.
  1. Marina Sanchez/BachLynn23 (BC)
  2. Bela Lugosi /Sonofapollo (Camp)
  3. Caesey Ongsee/Hyu (Camp)
  4. Encarna Aragon/GirlofDelusion


Nearby Town

  • Marina: She waits outside a coffee shop, for the other BC member and the camp kids to show up at the designated neutral meeting spot
  • Audric: he walks towards the coffee-shop and sees Marina. He walks towards her.
  • Caesey: Caesey sees the two at the coffee shop and walks toward them, carrying a medium-sized sling bag. He says nothing to them and just sits at a distance.
  • Audric: stands next to Marina So this is our neutral meeting spot?
  • Caesey: He looks at them with striking eyes. "They must be that BC they're talking about." He thought.
  • Marina: She nods at Audric Yep, this is the meeting spot When Caesey walks up she looks at him and says nothing at first Can we help you with something?
  • Caesey: We still need one more member, yes?
  • Marina: Yea another camper isn't there?
  • Bela: She struts up to the coffee shop, and smiles wryly at the others. Well....hi.
  • Marina: Well that should be everyone, so any ideas how you guys wanna get there? plane or boat?
  • Bela: Whatever's fastest. Plane probabbly.
  • Marina: Ok well let's head to the airport then she hails a taxi
  • Caesey: How long will it take us to even get to Germany?
  • Marina: Gets in the back seat of the cab About 8 hours or so
  • Audric: Uhh...I'm Audric by the way.
  • Marina: Oh right, I'm Marina, I suppose we should get that out of the way now, all the god parent and species stuff. And for the record, I may be in the BC, but I promise not to hold it against you two for being with camp, I have my reasons for being with the BC just as I'm sure you have you reasons for remaining loyal to camp and the gods. I'm also a former child of Poseidon turned storm nymph
  • Audric: You're a storm nymph? I thought you were a demigod...anyways, when are we going to reach the airport?
  • Marina: Looks like we're here she buys 4 plane tickets with some of the money that she got from Evangeline and Heinrich


The plane lands in Germany

  • Marina: Gets off the plane so I guess we should rent a taxi to take us to Struttgart?
  • Audric: plays with sapphires Yup. We find those demigods and get outta here.
  • Marina: sounds like fun she hales a taxi and gets in
  • the taxi arrives at Struttgart
  • Taxi Driver: So where did you lot want me to drop you off (said in a heavy German accent)
  • Audric: The recent crime scene? What do you guys think?
  • Marina: Sounds good she gives the driver some instructions
  • they arrive at one of the most recent crime scenes
  • Audric: steps out of the taxi Okay, let's go check out the body.
  • Bela: She follows them out.
  • Marina: I doubt the body is still at the crime scene, don't mortals usually bury the dead?
  • Audric: Unless it's a very recent one.
  • Marina: Well as this crime scene was listed in the newspaper I doubt it's that fresh
  • Bela has received an urgent message and has had to go back home
  • Audric: We could still find clues from the scene though.

The crime scene is located in an aging German house, clearly constructed towards the end of the German Empire's heyday in the 1800s. The building could hardly be called a mansion, but its builders were clearly moderately wealthy and it shows. Although the house appears to have been maintained and is by no means a ruin, it also lacks telltale signs of being lived in.

  • Marina: walks towards the door and carefully opens the front door Doesn't look like anyone's around she takes a step into the house and looks around

The house is dusty and filled with cobwebs, and quite contrary to the exterior of the house it appears to have been neglected entirely. The furniture most likely dates from the 20s or 30s and shows signs of extreme aging. The only signs of recent disturbance are located in the kitchen where numerous footsteps have kicked away most of the dust and a clear outline of a body has been drawn in chalk. Despite these signs of activity, the house seems deserted.

  • Marina: Wanna split up? One of us takes the upstairs, the other the downstairs?
  • Audric: looks around I'll take the upstairs.
  • Marina: Looks around downstairs in cabinets, in cupboards, etc.
  • Audric: he searches through bookshelves, cupboards, wardrobes upstairs
  • Caesey: He writes the word Flashlight on his notebook, which appears. I'd search on the deeper part, if you don't mind.
  • Audric: Yeah, sure. he continues searching through the bookshelves.

They find nothing of note.

  • Marina: Well I think this was a bust, any ideas where we should go next? We could try and find another crime scene I guess
  • Audric; I wonder why they even attack this person in the first place. Uh.. so.. where are we going to go?
  • Marina: There's a back yard, let's go out that way

As they exit the house through the back door, Marina accidentally kicks something across the floor. It appears to be a small vial, containing a few drops of deep black blood.

  • Marina: looks down and dabs her finger in one of the red drops and smells it smells like blood she looks around for more vials.

Another can be found in the corner, but its contents are entirely drained.

  • Marina: Hmmm odd, I don't see anymore do you? she looks all around the floor, in every corner and outside the door.

No more vials are visible in the surrounding area, though her searches uncover a hidden trap-door in the floor.

  • Marina: Well maybe instead of going out we go down, she opens the trap door.

The space below is surprisingly small, with room for only two or three people to stand next to eachother. This space is filled by a small workbench pushed to one side of the room and a sack in the corner of the other. On top of the bench, a row of additional vials can be seen along with a folded note.

  • Marina: she goes into the space and investigates the vials and the note.

The vials are empty, though the note reads as follows:

"Leon is on to you, get to the Altes Schloss. Destroy what you cannot bring!

~ Muller"

  • Audric: Marina, what did you see?
  • Marina: A note and more empty vials she investigates the sack on the other side of the area
  • Audric: Can I see the note?

The sack is full of yet more vials, and a small case labled "syringes".

  • Marina: passes Audric the note just a lot of empty vials and syringes in the sack
  • Audric: Interesting. I am guessing the black-red blood was emptied for some reason. And then, this guy got killed for the reason why he was keeping the blood before he could get to the Old Castle. Does that make sense?
  • Marina: Sure, mostly, I guess, I guess our next stop is that place in the note.
  • Audric: Well then. The Altes Schloss it is. I think we should bring the vial with blood in it.
  • Marina: I think most of it spilled on the floor when it broke.
  • Audric: rolls the note into his pocket Ok then, we'll just leave.
  • Marina: Well we don't know what we are getting into, and with Bela having left us, I'm going to call in a friend iris messages Encarna, talks to her, asks her to get to Germany, Encarna informs them that she is in England and can be there in a few hours as the mission she was on failed anyway
  • Caesey: This Leon, as if he was being chased. And the one chasing him was after him for something. I think this object that needs to be destroyed is somewhat dangerous. What do you say?
  • Audric: I think Leon was the guy chasing this man. If the man is killed here, wouldn't the dangerous object could still be here?
  • Encarna: She intrudes, surprisingly calm, unlike her state of mind in the iris message. Greetings, comrades. Well, we're all comrades in these times, anyway... She seems to hesitate saying the former. Marina updated my on your current state, so I think I'll lay out what I think so far. In my opinion, the blood must be of some value... maybe we should bring some back for testing in either The Sanctuary or Camp. Leon must be the murderer and Muller would be the victim's partner. I'm betting that Muller and our mysterious victim must have been foes of Pagos, perhaps not to their knowledge. I have a feeling they thought Leon was their main worry. That's my assessment, anyway. I could be entirely wrong.
  • Caesey: I agree and all about your opinion. But there's one more thing: Altes Schloss. Though. in my opinion, I'm not sure if this Altes Schloss is a place. As said in the note it has a "the" before it. Maybe it refers to person or object, not a location. Can anyone speak German here?
  • Marina: I did some research on Stuttgart before we left, and that is a place, it is an old castle in centre of the city, as far as the blood, the only blood that was here was in the vial that broke and spilled out onto the floor, so I'm not sure what help that will be.
  • Caesey: What if that dangerous object could be in Altes Schloss? We could find more clues about our mysterious victim since he was told by Muller to go there.
  • Audric: We could find the John Doe's diaries or something that relates to him. I have a feeling that he had some connection to the mercenaries in our mission description.
  • Marina: Who's Jane Doe and what diaries?
  • Audric: Just a suggestion.
  • Marina: Ok but I have no idea what you're talking about, the intel we had said nothing about diaries or anyone named Jane Doe, so unless you found something while you were searching and didn't say anything, I don't know what you are talking about
  • Encarna: Hmm... I have cotton swabs and ziploc bags, that should do for the blood, right? Also, John Doe/Jane Doe? Aren't those placeholder names for an average American male or female?
  • Marina: I think that's what mortals use for people whose identity is unknown, like in murder cases and such.
  • Caesey: If what she says is true enough, this guy's just turning us around in circles.
  • Marina: Who's turning us around in circles? The only definitive clue I've seen is this note about this location here, the Atlas Schloss, an old castle in the centre of Struttgart, as I already stated, and these names Leon and Muller, I've seen no reference to any Jane Doe and no other clues leading us anywhere else.
  • Audric: I'm really sorry for getting you guys confused, we should really get back on track.
  • Marina: So as we were saying ages ago, next logical step seems to be to go to the old castle
  • Encarna: She goes upstairs and quickly takes a blood sample, returning to her friends shortly. Off we go, then?
  • Marina: Yep, are we walking or, it should only be a few miles or so.
  • Caesey: If we have much time left to spare, we could walk.
  • Marina: turns to Encarna Is your limo still here?
  • Caesey: Wait, she has a limo? Here!?
  • Encarna: My wretched mortal father is an ambassador of the Queen's in the States. I took what's rightfully mine from him before we parted ways, so yes, I have some perks. My limo is outside. Shall we?
  • they go out, geet in the limo and it takes them into the centre of Struttgart, Marina requests the driver drop them off out of sight from the old castle so they can scope out the situation before getting too close.
  • Caesey: Well, what do we do now? Split up again?
  • Marina: Couldn't hurt I suppose, do we have a way to signal/communicate if there's no water for an Iris message?
  • Caesey: I could try summoning walkie-talkies by writing in my notebook.
  • Marina: That would be good, that way if it's urgent we can still communicate.
  • Caesey: Okay. Give me a sec. He writes the word walkie talkie on his notebook four times and reads it out aloud. Four walkie talkies came out. He gives them one each. I guess that covers our problem. Should we split up into groups?
  • Audric: Takes one of the walkie talkies. Good idea.
  • Marina: Sure but it's a pretty big place (see map) where do we start?
  • Caesey: He thinks for a few seconds. Maybe we should scout the outside layout of the castle first and see if there are other buildings besides this one in front of us. Then we can report back here and try to find a good entrance where no one can see us by putting together what he had found.
  • Marina: So 2 of us go one direction 2 the other?
  • Audric: We have a huge place to explore, I guess so.
  • Marina: Who goes with who?
  • Caesey: We have 2 boys and girls here so I guess that the groupings would be obvious. Plus, this may help to keep our alliance together or even stronger.
  • Marina: So what exactly is "obvious" about having 2 boys and 2 girls?
  • Caesey: He sighs. I guess I should've tell it directly. We group into boys and girls.
  • Encarna: She rolls her eyes. Fine. I'd rather be with Marina here than your close minded arse. Just keep in mind, the note said the Altes Schloss, the Old Palace, so we should stick to this building before scouting out into the other ones. Chances are we'll find what we're looking for here.
  • Caesey: His expression turned irritated and annoyed but he tried not to show it. That would be fine enough.
  • Audric: pauses then speaks Yeah, Let's start scouting.
  • Marina: Encarna and I will head around to the right, you guys go left she turns to encarna glad to be paired up with her and they Lilith's Letter Phase Two/Crossover Team Four/Old Palace Right Side
  • Caesey: He turns to Audric. Better get going, then. (Old Palace Left Side)
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