LL Phase Two: Crossover Team One

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Type: Combat

Location: Sydney, Australia

Objective: Pagos needs to return with Tamarisk to Wollemi National Park. Retrieving Tamarisk or eliminating the threat her abilities pose would be the task of any undertaking this mission, and given Pagos' significant powers, should not be taken lightly. Item Found: Tamarisk's Wand - This wand compliments the above mission, and although it can be traded away it is necessary to complete it.

Team Members

  1. Rolland Wallace/Nhlott (BC)
  2. Ileana Viorel /Oblivion26 (BC)Hasn't posted in over a month
  3. Ariana Solis/Jake (Camp)
  4. Kate Garnet/Shady (Camp) Hasn't posted since like 9/15
  5. Fiona Ash/Minxie (Camp)
  6. Dustin Smith/Jrite (BC) Went indefinitely inactive


Rolland walks out of the airport and looks out at the city

Fi: She steps out of airport and trails Rolland, then looks up at him, and turns away to face the city

Kate: Walks out quickly and looks around.

Rolland: So, I take it we'll be working together? I made temporary peace with the campers before, looks like I can again. Name's Rolland.

Fi: She looks up at him and speaks softly Hi there, Rolland. I'm Fiona.

Rolland: You seem timid. Why's that?

Fi: Overwhelmed, I guess. Looks out to the cityscape Everything's so pretty.

Dustin: Steps out of the airport looking grim

Kate: Nods at Rolland. I'm Kate.

Ileana: Finally gets through airport security and finds the others, and turns to her fellow BC members first Hello friends. Turns to the campers with an unimpressed face And...and hello to you too I guess.

Fi: She turns her head to Ileana Hii...

Kate: nods at Ileana.

Ariana: Ariana follows Ileana in, cracking her knuckles. She sees her fellow campers. Time to kick some a**! She then sees the BC Members and shudders. Do we need them? I mean, they hate us.

Kate: Yes, we do need them and they need us.

Fi: Smiles They don't seem too bad. So, who's got the wand?

Rolland: Walks up to Ariana and looks her in the eyes Yes, you DO need us, and if you have an issue, I'm MORE than willing to resolve it. I have the wand, Fiona.

Ariana: Ariana smiles, meeting Rolland's eyes. As least we don't have a bunch of babies on our side, eh? I don't mind you being here as you can keep up. Ariana eyes the group. That shouldn't be a problem.

Fi: She steps in between them I think we should get a move on instead of fighting, quarelling amongst our selves will not complete our objective. She takes out 6 flowers and hands them to the team members As long as we have these we will forget about our differences and focus on our objective solely. Deal?

Kate: takes the flower then raises her eyebrow at Fi. Not to be mean or anything but, I seriously don't want to carry a flower around.

Dustin: Takes his flower as well Fine

Fi: turns to Kate Fine, but if Rolland kills you, it is totally not my problem.

Kate: Who?

Ariana: Ariana sighs, looking at Kate. At least try to pay attention. Ariana takes a flower and thanks Fiona before tucking it under her armor. And I agree. We need to get there as fast as possible.

Kate: Glares at Ariana before sliding the flower into her back pocket.

Ariana: Ariana sighs again, this time sounding tired. She puts her hand on Kate's shoulder. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just anxious to go, or something.

Kate: Nods and her glare disappears but, she doesn't smile. It's okay.

Rolland: Since I'm a threat to your life, it's be a good idea to know who I am....

Ariana: Ariana snaps her head around, and she defensively moves in front of Kate. Why don't you just shut your mouth? We're not here to pick a fight with some wannabe badass. We're here to take out Pagos, so keep to yourself. You're not our current priority.

Rolland: He snaps his fingers and she sinks up to her waist in the ground What's that about a wannabe badass? I've seen the son of a bitch with my own two eyes, and put my ass on the line to get this He pulls out the wand. So, I know our "current priority" much better than you will ever imagine. So, I'd suggest shutting your mouth because not only do you not know who you're talking to, you don't know what you're talking about little girl.

Kate: Would you guys please stop fighting. Right now we've got bigger problems.

Ariana: Ariana's eyes glow and a bolt comes out from the sky, breaking up the earth around her. She floats out and sighs, rolling her eyes. I'm with Kate no that one. (OOC: This is assuming the ground is still hard around her, not quick sand)

Dustin: Guys enough...if you continue I'll turn you all into cockroaches.

Ariana: Right, well... we should probably get going now. Pagos isn't gonna wait for us.

Fi: Oh yea, well, lets go then

Rolland: Yea, let's. He retrieves a maor from the airport and begins walking towards Wollemi. Well? You lot coming?

Ileana: As long as you two save your childish fights for later, fine. Follows Rolland

Kate: Follows them.

Fi: Does the same

Dustin: I will meet you guys there Transforms into a Peregrine Falcon and flies off towards Wollemi

Ariana: Ariana follows the group.

as they near Wollemi they hear beeping coming from somewhere

Rolland: That gods-forsaken beeping!! What is it this time? He listens intently to determine where it's coming from.

Fi: Listens, then turns to Rolland and shrugs I can't tell

Rolland: This same thing happened last time, too.....Though it seems to be getting to me much more quickly this time......

the beeping appears to be louder the further in the park they go, but are still quite a ways from place where they found Pagos last time, but fairly close to the tunnel they made in the ground

Kate: Gods! That beeping noise is getting on my nerves.

Rolland: Wait a minute.........He walks towards the area they entered last time

Ileana: Rolland, perhaps we should be more catious than just walking over to a tunnel. The beeping could be an explosive...

Rolland: You mean the tunnel I created? I think I know what I'm doing...

Ileana: You never know. This is an apparently powerful, insane maniac we are attempting to stop.

Dustin: Lands next to the group, and transforms into his human form

Fi: Turns to Dustin and smiles How cool

Ariana: Ariana stands listening to the beeping noise, unsure of what to do.

Fi; Turns to Ariana Anyone mind checking the bunker? I'm not used to being off ground. She blushes embarrassedly

Rolland: I will....step aside, please. He walks into the tunnel

Ariana: Ariana raises her eyes when rolland says 'Step aside'. She follows him in, buzzing with electricity.

Dustin: Transforms into a bat and flies into the cave

Ileana: Rolls her eyes and grabs Fi by the shoulder C'mon, let's actually be of use and help bat-boy in the tunnel.

Fi: Follows Illeana into the cave

Ariana: Ariana looks around in the bunker and sees nothing suspicious yet. The electricity stops and her stance relaxes. At least we're alone...

Some indistinct noises can be heard up ahead.

Fi: Scans the room and gulps I hope

Rolland: He continues ahead of the others

Ariana: Ariana shrugs and looks at the group. Just kidding? She follows Roland silently.

Ileana: How about you kid around when it might not lead to our deaths....

Dustin: Continues to fly around the group using echolocation in hopes of detecting any problems

Ariana: Ariana rolls her eyes. I wasn't really joking, I was just wrong. It's a figure of speech. Ya know, to cover up that fact that I made a mistake. Ariana makes a face at Ileana.

Rolland: He keeps himself prepared for anything that may come out of hiding.

Ileana: Rolls her eyes at Ariana and unsheathes her katana in case of trouble.

Fi: Flicks her fans open

Kate: Gets her spear out and readys it.

Ariana: Ariana readies her spear-staff, coating it with electricity.

Rolland: He runs his hand over Avalanche in his pocket as he presses forward

Fi: She lowers he fans and turns to Rolland Do you sense anything?

Rolland: No...and that's what's odd. The earth's eerily calm here...

Ariana: Ariana raises an eyebrow. The calm before the storm...?

Rolland: Smirks Your desire to be important's showing....

Ariana: Ariana smiles back. Your desire to be a complete ass is showing.

Rolland: Little girl, please. Bear in mind, if this tunnel were to suddenly collapse on only you, suffocating you instantly, who'd really think I did it? Grins maliciously

Ariana: Like it or, Mr. tough guy, you need us. You can't plan on fighting Pagos or any of his army if you don't have us. So maybe you need to stop trying to show everyone up! At this point, we're all in this pile of sh*t together. Ariana covers her mouth as she realizes she has been screaming in an otherwise silent tunnel.

Rolland: Clearly you misheard me. He snaps his fingers and a fist made of earth erupts from the bottom of the tunnel into her gut,and before she can fall, another slams down from the top of the tunnel, knocking her over. Now, look what your unbridled fury has done. You've given away our position....

Kate: Would you guys shut up and quit fighting!

Ariana: Ariana stands and flashes lightning in front of Rolland's eyes, temporarily blinding him. I don't think you heard me, Rolland. We're teammates. Teammates! That entails helping each other, even if we don't seem to get along too well. Now can we stop, and focus on the enemy at hand? Some things are more important than our pride.

Ileana: As much as I hate to agree with campers, they have a point. This fighting only softens us up for Pagos.

Dustin:Shifts back to human form Ileana is right, Pagos is our priority at the moment, his job will only be made easier if we kill each other.

Rolland: Pride? You are yet again mistaken. I simply want to kill you, if I haven't made it painfully obvious.

Ariana: You can have your turn at me, right after we're finished with Pagos. For now, we need to focus on him.

'Rolland: There will be no turns. You will simply be dead. Or did you forget that you're underground? Where the sky can't help you, but the earth can kill you...

Ariana: Ariana ignores him and continues onward, reaching the central area of the bunker.

Fi: Pads along behind Ariana

'Rolland: Sighs, and pushes in front of them, erecting an earth-shield in front of them, scanning the room

Dustin: Walks in behind the others Anybody else have that ominous feeling that something bad is going to happen?

Ariana: Ariana raises her hand slightly. I get that feeling everytime someone mentions Pagos.

The central chamber looks much as it did previously, though another tunnel can now be seen leading away from the room. The other tunnel doesn't look new, but must have been hidden previously since it wasn't noted by the other expedition. Some small noises, sounding somewhat like talking, can be heard echoing from somewhere near its end.

Dustin: Looks down the new tunnel I am guessing whatever is down there probably is not a wombat

Ariana: Ariana nods to the tunnel and puts a finger to her lips, emphasizing silence. She tiptoes into the tunnel.

Rolland: He grabs her by the shoulder and holds up a hand. He then steps forward and the spot of earth he is standing on rises from the ground. He does the same for Fi before gesturing behind him, softening the ground so their footsteps don't make noise. He then draws Avalanche and moves his boulder forward slowly

Kate: Follows quietly behind.

Ariana: Ariana's staff is buzzing with electricity, giving the area around them a faint glow. She looks are her teammates and nods solemnly.

Fi: Smiles at Rolland thankfully Thanks, Rolland

Ariana: Ariana half-smiles awkwardly. Erm... yeah. What she said...

Dustin: Shakes his head and follows silently behind the others

The next room is substantially smaller than the one they just left, though also features a caved-in roof through which the light illuminating the room pours. Tamarisk can be easily made out against the bright light, but the other figure in the room seems to instead impose itself upon its surroundings and where brightness would normally be covering its head and shoulders, the entirety of its cloak remains a deep matte black; a seemingly impenetrable void of darkness. The cloaked man rises from a seated position and brings his considerable height to bear; turning to face the newcomers. Where the light would normally illuminate a face beneath the hood, the mans' face remains entirely invisible and shrouded in the same darkness that seems to surround, and almost radiate from, him. He raises his arms dramatically as if to encompass the chamber, and speaks audibly for the first time; his voice deep and gravelly, yet markedly adolescent.

Pagos: I'm sorry, I owe you a far more dramatic entrance, considering how far you've travelled just to meet me in person. Unfortunately, this small room will have to suffice. Come, Tamarisk, we ought to greet our visitors. He drops into a gracious bow.

Dustin: Looks at Pagos with fear in his eyes and silently debates on whether he should fight or save his own skin.

Rolland: He stares at Tamarisk, trying to read her expression for some sort of sign

Ariana: Ariana's face hardens at the sight of their enemy. She glances quickly between Tamarisk and Pagos, assessing the situation.

Kate: She stays calm but her body tenses up at the sight of Pagos.

Pagos rises from his bow and stands, as if awaiting their next move. Tamarisk still stands motionless.

Fi: Hello, Tamarisk and Pagos. She holds out a hand, slightly shivering in fear.

Pagos walks forward and shakes her hand, genuinely, before silently offering to do the same with the others.

Kate: She steps forward proudly and shakes his hand with her free hand.

Dustin: Eyes Pagos with apparent distrust

Rolland: I'm not touching you....

Ariana: Ariana steps forward respectfully, feeling more curious than anything else as she shakes his hand. I can't exactly say it's a pleasure to meet you.

Dustin: Continues to look at Pagos Ok now that introductions are over with, perhaps you could explain to us why you are here.

Pagos: Steps back a little and nods. That is as good a place to start as any, though I expect that Tamarisk here can explain better than I can.

Tamarisk: Visibly worried. Before Pagos found me I was trying to develop ways in which to discover exactly what was happening outside this gods forsaken bunker. The most successful of these was a way in which plant-like drones could be created from a Human template and after some time I found a way to lure Humans here in order to use them as templates, and then release them again into the world. Pagos is interested in both this manner of control, and the way in which I created the drones. I've already explained to him that the control is extremely difficult to implement, and only works within a set area, but he is interested in expanding it anyway. As for the drones, well, you can see for yourself if he'll let you.

Fi: Bites her lip and looks to Pagos May we?

Ariana: Ariana smiles tightly. You don't seem like the type of man that hides his achievements, so why don't you go ahead and show us now?

Ileana: How about we not let them show us minions that could overpower us and make us prone to their control? That seems like a more logical idea...

Ariana: Ariana whispers to Ileana. We need to know what we're up against.

Ileana: Whispers back What's there to know? It's basically mind controlled people...

Rolland: So you want this person who has gone out of their way to exhibit that he is more powerful than we can ever hope to be to hit us with everything he's got? Bloody brilliant plan......

Pagos: Actually, I am the type of man who hides his achievements, and for a reason. Demonstrating to you what Tamarisk has created has no inherent value to me at this time. He crosses his arms. So, I would presume that the two of you who refused to shake hands are from Camp Half-Blood? From what I understand, your group is more prone to irrational fears than the "Broken Covenant".

Dustin: Makes a buzzer sound Oh I am sorry, Mr. Pagos you have lost this round of Demigod Affiliation

Rolland: Dustin, please. But you are incorrect. I too am affiliated with the Covenant.

Pagos: Interesting, then perhaps that stereotype is incorrect. What would you say, members of Camp?

Ariana: I shook your hand, and I gotta say that you should try moisteruizing. Crusty hands don't stop for the evil, you know. Ariana pauses. Why haven't you attacked us yet, Pagos? Aren't we enemies?

Pagos: Seems slightly annoyed that she dodged the question, but answers. Whether or not we become enemies depends entirely upon your conduct, and that of your fellows. Presently, I see no reason for outright animosity, but if you really have no interest in dealing with things diplomatically, we would most regrettably become enemies.

Kate: She steps forward. So are you saying that we should become allies?

Pagos: Unless you happen to have some sort of aversion to what I represent, then that would undoubtedly be in the best interests of everyone present.

Ileana: And what do you stand for exactly? Chaos?

Pagos: Almost apalled. No, absolutely not, I stand for its opposite.

Kate: Peace? How do you stand for peace?

Pagos: Chaos and peace are not opposites, girl. In a roundabout way, however, I do also stand for peace.

Dustin: So in short you stand for order and stability.

Pagos: That would be correct.

Ileana: An insane man trying to bring world order? Enlighten me, how does a person with little sanity bring about stability when he himself is a walking case of instability?

Pagos: Ah, so you are told that I am insane?

Fi: She eyes Illeana Insane obviously wasn't the best adjective.

Pagos: But you believe it anyway, I would assume. It is difficult to mask an uncovered truth with honeyed words alone.

Rolland: Insane, megalomaniacal, whichever you prefer. Semantics, really.

Ariana: Why don't you just cut to the chase, Mr. Pagos, and tell us about your "order". Is it the same kind that Machiavelli wanted? The same kind Hitler killed for?

Fi: We're not here to call each other names, so can we please get back with the objective?

Rolland: Good point, Fiona. Well our objective has more to do with the nymph than yourself, Pagos. He looks to Tamarisk Tam, I take it you're well?

Tamarisk: I'm fine.

Pagos: My "Order" is not so dissimilar from the society you live in today. You have governments, you have laws, and you have social contracts. What you do not have, however, is a method of enforcing these things or giving them any true value. On top of this, every level of your society is permeated by incessant division over the least relevant of issues. When true problems rear their ugly heads, you shy away and return to the same topics that have occupied you for the past thousand years and have no clear resolution, until the last moment. Essentially I am promising a system through which these problems can be solved, and the entirety of our species can finally move beyond its troubled past.

Ariana: Sounds like a heaping pile of BS to me... Nothing that perfect could ever exist.

Pagos: Indeed that would be the case, if no one tried.

Fi: Eyes Tamarisk, studying her carefully You miss it... Don't you?

Tamarisk: I do... but it's been a long time... the world has changed a lot since then, and have I with it...

Fi: She nods sympathetically, and gives her a sorry look Sorry, Tamarisk

Rolland: But surely you don't believe this one He gestures at Pagos can provide such a world?

Ariana: Tamarisk, please don't spend another minute helping him. He's clearly insane.

Kate: I agree with Rolland and Ariana.

Dustin: Simply looks at the opposite wall a bored expression on his face

Fi: Edges towards Tamarisk and Pagos I don't think you guys're insane

Ariana: Ariana's eyes widen. Fiona, you can't be serious.

Tamarisk: I don't think he's insane either, but that doesn't better my situation, nor yours.

Pagos: To me this seems an interesting topic for discussion, but moot question nonetheless. I have never seen any of your faces before, and I doubt you'll be seeing mine any time soon, so who's been making such baseless claims regarding my sanity?

Fi: What he said smiles softly

Ariana: Fi, knock it off. Do you want to see him hurt your mother? That's what he wants! He wants them gone, all of them.

Pagos: and, who might "them" be?

Ariana: Our parents. We know you don't support them.

Pagos: and why would I support them? What are they to you besides being your parents? They are nothing to me, certainly, besides being one of many hurdles on the path to peace.

Ileana: You're gonna bring peace to the world by how? Enslaving them in plants?

Pagos: No, obviously not, I wouldn't have gotten this far if I was an idiot. Tamarisk's capabilities are merely one of many means through which I will achieve my objectives. It isn't in my interest to disclose the sum of those right now.

Rolland: If you're done monologuing, our mission is to retrieve Tamarisk. As such, Tamarisk, I must ask that you come with us. If not, we'll have to kill you, as per our orders. Pagos, intervene as you see fit, but we will be gunning for you just as hard. He draws Avalanche.

Pagos: Are you so narrow minded that your mission occupies the entirety of your mind? Do you not even hesitate to question the orders you have been given? You should have realized by now that Tamarisk cannot go anywhere with you, she knows it as well as I do.

Tamarisk looks at the floor.

Ariana: Tamarisk, can't you fight it? Your will is stronger than his. Ariana draws he spear-staff, and reaches out to Tamarisk with the other hand. Please, Tamarisk. You have to try.

Rolland: No, there are several factors there. A. I believe and agree with my orders on a personal level, B. I couldn't give a shit about what you're saying if you paid me, and C. I see it as RATHER convenient that my orders do not include listening to your bloody stupid ravings of "peace"

Ariana: For once, I agree with Rolland. We make our own choices, Pagos.

Fi: Nods

Pagos: Sighs heavily. There are some that say that an open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and ungarded. There are others that say that a closed mind is like a craftsman without his tools; potential without catalyst. I stand within the latter category, and it seems that you stand within the former. It is my intention, perhaps not here and now, but in the long run, to see you and your fellows open your minds to the greater world and discover just how much potential you truly have. That is a matter of choice, and is indeed something you have complete control over. Other things are not a matter of choice, and I'm afraid that unless you advocate suicide, Tamarisk's will has no part to play.

Ileana: Unsheathes her weapons Damn speechs aren't gonna convince us of your damn "cause" Pagos. Now if Tamarisk won't come with us, then let us do it Rolland's way. She charges at Tamarisk with her katana and scythe ready to kill.

Ariana: Wait! Tamarisk isn't the one we want to kill! Stop Ileana! It's Pagos we want! Tamarisk doesn't deserve death. Ariana grabs Ileana before she gets too far. Pagos, the only mind we'll be opening is yours. And when we're done opening it, we'll stick a blade into it.

Illeana finds a very dark, and very solid, wall of shadow separating her and Tamarisk.

Pagos: And how exactly do you propose to do that, young demigod?

Ileana: She shoves Ariana away from her Stupid girl! This could've been over and done with! Looks at the wall of shadow How the hell does blood of a sky god give you powers over shadow?!

Pagos: My umbrakinesis is a gift of my birth, and no nothing would be over and done with but your life. I think we are both fortunate that isn't the case.

Ariana: Ariana brushes Ileana's hand away. You're welcome. Ariana looks back at Tamarisk. Tamarick, please try to fight him. I know it's tough, but try.

Tamarisk: If you really don't understand yet, this isn't a matter of mental control. My mind is my own, and that's exactly why I'm not willing to kill myself over this. I've spent hundreds of years cooped up in here, and I'm not about to end things now.

Ariana: So your death is the only way to be free? Ariana frowns.

Rolland: He drops to one knee and a huge fissure opens up beneath Tamarisk.

Pagos, with only a slight movement, catches Tamarisk with a tendril of darkness and carefully deposits her next to the fissure.

Pagos: So it seems we are beyond resolving things like civilized people?

Rolland: Rising to his feet Looks like it

Ariana: Um... quick group meeting? She glances uneasily at Pagos before whispering to the gathered group, quiet enough for Pagos not to hear. Look guys. Truth is, we need to stop the attacks and squeeze some info out of this guy, or it's mission failed. Make it seem like you care, please. It's the only way we're gonna get anywhere with this clown.

Fi: Got it, Ariana

Rolland: No, we can't get to the nymph, so it's mission failed no matter how we look at it. We're not after info, we're after her, dead or alive. Or am I the only one who actually remembers the mission?

Pagos: You are surprisingly quick to admit defeat, I must admit that I expected more...

Ariana: All of a sudden, Ariana's entire face lights up. She quickly turns from the group and takes out Tamarisk's wand. Oh Pagos! Look what I have here. It's Tamarisk's wand. As you well know, it has the same properties at tamarisk herself does... without all the hassle of dealing with a living creature. So let's make a trade: release Tamarisk from her bind, take out the blood, and you get the wand. You certainly won't have to babysit a wand... it's inanimate, obviously.

Ileana: Looks as Ariana as if she has three heads Are you INSANE?!

Ariana: Ariana glares at her and whispers. Look, it's all we've got. And maybe we have the upper hand this time. Trust me, maybe?

Pagos: Dismissively. Just let me know when you're done squabbling... Turns to face Tamarisk and begins speaking to her at a volume inaudible to the others.

Something shifts in the shadows behind the group.

Rolland: He snatches the wand from Ariana Do try to avoid picking my pockets, dog. He attempts to raise a wall of earth behind them in response to the sudden movement, while trying to avoid looking away from Pagos and Tamarisk

Ariana: Ariana spins around so that she's nearly back-to-back with Rolland. I'll keep watch of whatever happens here, just keep your eyes on Pagos. Ariana views their surroundings and takes in the fact that their sole escape route is where the noises are coming from. I don't like the looks of this at all...

Rolland: F*ck this....He pockets the wand, draws Avalanche and sprints full speed at Tamarisk.

The wall of darkness appears between Tamarisk and Rolland, and the shadows behind the group stir with increasing intensity.

Rolland: Mid-stride, he creates a small tunnel in front of the wall and he dives into it. It then opens behind Tamarisk. He then rises out of it and slashes at her back with Avalanche

Ariana: Ariana remains entirely focused on what's behind the group, oblivious to Rolland's actions.

Tamarisk makes a small noise of surprise and ducks, though entirely in vain as yet another wall of darkness separates her and the edge of Avalanche which impacts against it with a dull thud.

Pagos: Well played, Son of Helikon, well played.

Pagos glances over his shoulder and, whether faking it or not, notices the activity behind him for the first time. He eyes the shadows for a moment, and then turns to Tamarisk.

Pagos: Come, Tamarisk, it's no longer safe here...

Most of the darkness in the room distorts, and bends towards Pagos, encircling him in a cloud of pure shadow. Tamarisk steps into this, they vanish, and the shadows return to their prior state. All except the shadows lurking behind the group, which remained unchanged throughout the entire event.

Rolland: He screams in rage DAMMIT ALL!!! The tunnel begins to quake slightly

Ariana: Ariana turns around to see them vanish. Without thinking, she punches Rolland in the face. YOU COULDN'T HAVE HAD A LITTLE DIPLOMACY?! Maybe I had a plan to keep both Tamarisk AND the wand, you ignorant jerk. She snatches the wand out of his hand. As she reaches for it, she feels the tunnel shaking. Rolland that, better be you making the tunnel shake. If I have to deal with any other idiots, I'm going to be seriously pissed.

Rolland: He punches her in the gut, knees her in the face and takes the wand back, slipping it into his backpack and sealing it with mud You have ONE more time to speak to me like that or touch me, or I swear on my life I WILL F*CKING KILL YOU! YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF ME OR ANYONE HERE! GET THE F*CK OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE AND GET OVER YOURSELF! Before he realizes it, he has the tip of Avalanche to her throat as the tunnel shakes slightly more violently

Fi: Coughs, then steps in between the two, pushes them slightly apart, then inches towards Rolland's side I know there's lots of tension between you two, but we can't forget there's still an objective, and the next move is ours. looks up at Rolland So, what's our next move

Rolland: He recomposes himself Well, our objective was just hand carried out of here. The mission was take her with us, or take her down, which this zealot doesn't seem to understand. Well, the way I see it,our options are pretty much track them down, or report that we couldn't-......wait a mintue.....He begins to walk towards the central chamber.

The shadows that have been massing behind the group finally strike; tentacles of darkness stretching across the room and towards the team.

Rolland: SHIT! He rolls back towards the group and creates a pillar of stone in front of himself and Fi

Ileana: Slashes at the dark tentacles attacking her with her scythe and retreats a few steps Throw some fire at it or something! Maybe the light will kill it!

Ariana: Ariana hops backwards and throws orbs of lightning forward, creating a relatively large amount of light. She pulls out her crossbow, ready to attack if it comes closer.

Fi: Winces, then peeks from behind the pillar Is it dead?

The tentacles headed towards Rolland and Fi smash into the pillar and recoil, then throwing themselves at Fi as she shows her face. Illeana's scythe cuts some tentacles to ribbons, but these then simply recover and attack again; smaller in size but greater in number. Ariana's lightning sends volts of electricity through the solidified darkness, but its effects seem limited. The light created by the lightning has no visible effect.

Ariana: Ariana grunts, then charges a crossbow bolt with electricity before launging it at the dark mass. Anyone got any ideas? My stuff's not working here... She shoot a bolt of lightning forward.

The bolt does just about as much damage as anything else fired at the shadows, causing it to recoil, and then strike back again.

Rolland: Stay on the defensive? He creates a wall of stone in front of them and pushes it forward.

The shadows flow to the side of Rolland's defensive wall to attack the group from another angle; revealing, if only for the briefest of moments, a human figure behind them.

Rolland: He does his best to expand the wall to minimize room for the shadows, but the earth stops responding as his nose begins to bleed

Ariana: Ariana steps in front of the bleeding Rolland to cover him, and causes strong wind to blow against the shadows. Let's hope this slows them down...

Fi: Recoils and creates tall stocks barley, in attempt to slow the tentacles.

The shadows slow slightly, pushed back by their attempts, but still move forward menacingly.

Rolland: He drops to one knee as he takes a swig of nectar from a flask

Ariana: Ariana stand firm in front of Rolland. Still facing the shadows, she speaks to him. Got any last minute ideas? Can't you put these things in a pit or something?

Rolland: He takes another swig from his flask and touches the ground as a huge fissure forms in the direction of the shadows.

A slight, markedly female, cry can be heard as the fissure reaches under the shadows and opens beneath their rear. The shadows fade away, and a figure can be seen hurriedly getting to her feet after, presumably, leaping out of the way of the advancing fissure. She quickly takes a swig of something from a vial, before running forward and conjuring a row of vines that spring towards the group.

Fi: Her expression hardens, and she counters by creating a row of briers

Ariana: Ariana nods. Nice shot, Fi. With a clear target now, Ariana focuses her energy into one poweful lightning bolt. She releases it from her finger tips. The instant it leaves, Ariana hugs her stomach to breathe. She too takes a sip of amrbosia, but never takes her eyes of the girl.

The vines rise in defense of the figure, forming a shield in front of her. The lightning bolt strikes the shield, burning a smoldering hole into it, but not quite through it. The vines, now damaged, resume the attack.

Rolland: He wipes the blood from his nose and rises to his feet,wobbling slightly Hold onto something, people! He creates an earthquake within the tunnel

Fi: Grabs on the the pillar Rolland had created

Ileana: Grabs onto Fi You're gonna kill yourself Rolland! Don't be an idiot!

Ariana: Ariana frantically grabs onto the nearest person- Rolland- as the earth shakes. She tries to stand up straight, but is unable to because of the quaking.

A section of the chamber entrance collapses, sending a wave of dust and debris across the chamber and blocking the figure from sight. The collapse didn't block the entire tunnel, however, and clambering up and over the rubble would be possible.

Rolland: He walks forward, using his powers to toss larger chunks of debris in the direction the figure had been standing, while climbing over the rest of the blockage

Ariana: Ariana stands, calling on wind again to speed the rocks forward at an even faster rate.

The rocks fly over the rubble and out of sight, to no visual or audible effect, since the rock obstructs their view.

Rolland: Hmmm.....not seeing anything back here...

Ariana simply nods in agreement.

Fi: Cautiously inches towards Rolland.

Movement can be heard behind the rubble.

Ariana: Fantastic. She finally catches her breath and prepares for another attack.

More movement, and the sounds of shifting rubble, echo through the tunnel; followed shortly by the sound of quickly fading but ragged footsteps.

Rolland: He raises a wall of stone as far back as he can in an attempt to cut the person off.

The footsteps stop.

Ariana: Should we advance and attack?

Rolland Well, we don't know if I got 'em. If you want, though....

Ariana: Ariana crawls over and slowly peeks over the top of the rocks.

The figure appears to be injured, and a trail of blood winds from the rubble to her current position, standing before the wall Rolland had created.

Fi: Moves from behind Rolland, and approaches the injured person.

The figure turns for a moment, looking at them out of the corner of her eye, before downing another draught of liquid from a vial and shadow traveling through the wall. Hurried footsteps can be heard on the other side of it.

Fi: Runs up to the wall she shadow traveled through Ugh! Hits the wall with her hands, in frustration

Rolland: He tries to use his powers to smash the wall, to no avail. Dammit! Wait....He creates a tunnel underneath the wall Everybody under, people!

Ariana: Ariana follows Roland's instructions. Think we can find her?

Fi: Follows them

Rolland: Maybe, maybe not, but we're gonna try...

Clearly the figure wasn't able to travel far, presumably being exhausted through combat, and a light trail of blood starts at the edge of the treeline and leads deeper into the forest.

Ariana: Ariana trudges forwardm into the forest, trying to remain silent.

FiIn a hush, faint volume Where do you think she could've gone?

Rolland: I got nothing. But, He turns to Ariana care to drive her out?

The trail leads to a small hastily made clearing, complete with a tent, portable table, chair, and stove. Papers are scattered about, and a first-aid kit is open on the ground. The blood trail disappears.

FiShe swept the hair that was stuck to her forehead with sweat Wow... Convenient.

Ariana Ariana stomps her foot. That bitch! She could be anywhere now... she's probably watching us. Ariana closes her eyes and moves all of the wind around them. She uses the wind as another limb; she feels every solid edge that the wind hits, painting a picture of her surroundings in her mind. I'm trying to find her right now...

She finds nothing besides the obvious.

Rolland: He slams his fist into the ground to create an earthquake throughout the area.

There is an earthquake. Nothing out of the ordinary besides an earthquake in the middle of a jungle/forest occurs.

Ariana: Ariana loses her focus as the earthquakes bounces her around a bit. She's hard to find...

Fi: Why don't you try checking from above, you'd see more.

Ariana: Ariana smiles. Good idea. I mean, c'mon, why didn't I think of that? Ariana seems to shake her head in shame and shoots into the sky to get a bird's eye view.

After searching the camp for a while, they find vials of blood within the tent. Hidden inside the stove, they find what appears to be the missing middle section of Lilith's Letter. After retrieving these, the woman they were following gone, they go back home with the objects found.

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