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Type: Story

Location: Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Japan

Objective: There have been mortal news reports of strange occurrences in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu_National_Park in Japan of animals and people coming up dead with all their blood drained, considering the fact that we know both Lilith and Pagos have to do with blood control and such, we feel this is too strange to be a conincidence.

Team Members

  1. Lucas Hawthorn/Mr.Mikachu (Camp)
  2. Ariana Unknown/Unusual (BC)
  3. Percival Stefan/Dduffurg (BC)
  4. Allen Holt /Travel (Camp)


Lucas: Walks up to the Camp Entrance listening to music, drumming in the air, and sits down while waiting for the others

Ariana: Walks up and looks at him oddly, wondering why he was drumming the air Uhm, hi?

Allen comes out of the camp and see Ariana, and Lucus.

Allen: Howdy y'all. He said in a loud voice. How are you doing this fine morning?

Ariana: Looks at Allen, a bit in confusion You seem firmilliar.

Allen looks at Ariana, and tips his cowboy hat to Ariana.

Allen: I don't think we have met yet madam, but introductions seem to be in order. My name is Allen Holt, and I am son of Demeter. What is your name?

Ariana: That must be it. Sighs and shakes her head My name is Ariana Unknown, Member of the Broken Covenant, the Ortu Justitae. I'm also a child of Demeter.

Perci: Walks twards them

Allen: If that is the case Miss. Ariana it is mighty pleasure to meet another member of my kin.

Ariana: I'm not of your kind. You are a pawn of the Gods. I am not. Turns to Perci So, you must be the last member of the group.

Allen: Listen sis, I was just trying to be civil, so lets avoid the subject about the gods.

Ariana: Sighs a bit Fine. And, am I seriously the only girl in this group?

Lucas: Shrugs as he puts his headphones around his neck Guess so, mate.

Perci: Shrugs at Ariana Guess so.

Ariana: Sighs a bit Can we just go now, then?

Allen: I suppose we should if everyone is here.

Perci: Let's go then.

Ariana: Off to Japan.

Allen: Alright how do we get there?

Ariana: ...Plane?

Perci: Only if you'r paying Smiles

Ariana: I'll pay for my own ticket. You guys can pay for yours.

Perci: Ok, let's go

Allen: Wait how do we get to the airport.

Perci: .... Taxi? I'll pay

Allen: That fine with me.

Perci: Ok, let's go

Allen: I'll use a payphone to call a taxie. Allen goes to the nearest payphone and dials the number for the taxi to pick them up. After a few minutes someone pick them up. Howdy Y'all I was wondering if you can pick us up at 3141 Farm Road, Long Island, New York 11954. He pauses Madam I don't think the nice to refer to the myself or anyone else in the camp a bunch of weirdos. Allen pauses Well that alright, so do you think you can send someone here. Allen stays quiet for a second. Thank you, Madam I really appreciate it. Allen then hang up the phone.

Perci: The taxi's here so all aboured He climes in the airport please

After the rest of the group goes into the cabin, it doesn't take them long to get to the airport. While there they check into their flight had lunch and waited for their plane to start boarding.

Allen: So where are you from?

Perci: I don't know scratches his head you?

Allen: I grew up in New Mexico.

Ariana: That would explain the accent, I guess.

Perci: Trying to change the subject O, look the planes here Points

The group immediate hear that there plane was now boarding, which results in them grabing there stuff and heading off towards the boarding gate. After a few minutes they arrived at their seats where they will spend the next several hours in. Eventually after a peaceful flight they arrived in Japan, where you find the group exiting the hanger.

Allen: Boy do I feel dragged out after that long flight.

Perci: Yea, my ears still haven't popped hit his ear there we go

Allen: Alright y'all where do we go next?

Perci: Well, Fuji Hakone Izu National Park we just need a map?

Allen: Well for maps we can just go over there, points at a local store. but that isn't the main issue here.

Perci: Comes back with a map It's not far just over there points at the map

Allen: Yeah but from here it takes three hours to get their by car, so we can't take a taxi over their, and we don't know the bus systems around here. I think we should rent a car.

Perci: Ok but you can drive

Allen: My Pa wants me to get my licenses when I am 18, so I only have a permit.

Perci: Ok, I'll drive

Allen nods.

Ariana: Nods Alright. Oh, and I was wondering who your God Parent is, you never told us.

Perci: Scratches his head Uhmmmm, Hyperion, lets go, all in the car

Ariana: H-How'd we get a car so fast?

Perci: Waves his hands Magic Laughs Now all in

Allen: That is good enough for me. Allen gets in the car.

Ariana: Seems a little uneasy but, gets in the car.

Perci: Are we ready to go then?

Ariana: I believe so.

They arrive at the park

Allen takes a deep breath.

Allen: There surely is nothing like being in the out doors.

Lucas: Sighs It's been a long time since I've been here

Allen: You been here before?

Lucas: Grins Aye, this land is like my second home!

Allen: That fantastic news Lucas, so I reckon you know you way around here pretty well.

Lucas: Shrugs I guess... if you count getting lost everytime I come here

Allen: Well then I reckon we get one of thoughs map. He points to a near by stand that is full of maps. While I will go over to that newspaper stand to buy one. Allen then goes over to the newpaper stand to buy a newpaper.

the newspaper suggests that the Hakone area of the park had been recently shut down to tourists due to the recent unexplained deaths of both tourists and animals in that area

Ariana: Well, looks like we know which area we need to look.

Allen: We better start head over their y'all.

Perci: Ok lets go he starts walking

Allen starts walking behind Perci.

Ariana: Also starts walking.

Lucas: Jogs up to catch up to them before looking around nervously

They reach the Hakone area

Perci: Looks around

Ariana: What are we supposed to be looking for?

Allen: Anything unusual, or a body.

Perci: We may need to split up, to cover more ground

Ariana: I'm OK with that, I guess. Would we be single or going in a pair?

Lucas: Pairs, it's safer if we get amushed

Allen: agreed.

there is a body propped up by some rocks, from the angle it can be seen it looks very very pale, head hanging down, eyes open staring at nothing

Allen: Allen eyes wander around when he see the body. Hey partner, I think I just found a body.

Perci: Walks over to Allen That's just.......scary He walks closer to the body to inspect it

Allen: You said it partner.

Perci: What in the name of Styx happened to him?

Allen: I can't say for certain, help me move the body so we can get a closer look.

Perci: Perci goes to pick the body up Gods it stincks he roles the body over and drags it to an opening

Allen:Well might as well take a look at it. Allen says as he examines the body closely.

Ariana: Is it like the other bodies? Stands a bit away from the body.

Perci Steps closer So what's the cause of death you think?

there is a deep gash in the woman's chest, the heart is gone, and her body is pale white from blood loss, but there isn't a lot of blood on the ground, so it appears as if the blood is just gone

Ariana: Sees the gash and the lack of blood. So, it's probably the work of Lilith or Pagos, right?

Allen: I reckon that you may be right.

Ariana: Any sign how long she's been dead? That could tell us how long ago whatever, or who ever, did this was here.

the body is cool to touch

Perci: He touches the body It's cold, over a week I'd say

Allen: Although our killer was here, it mean he or she isn't going to be here for a while, so where did they go?

Lucas: Shrugs Any of ye guys got tracking skills? Son of Apollo, no help here.

Perci: Also no help sorry, being a son of Hyperion and all

Ariana: Not really, as I am a daughter of Demeter.

Allen: Although the power of my mother Demeter can't help, but the lesson my father taught me can. Growing up at the ranch sometime predator would come in and kill and eat the live stock. My dad would go out track and kill them.

Perci: So you can find her?

Allen closely looks at the ground, before he begins to spot a trail.

Allen: Yep I believe I can.

Perci: Found anything?

Allen: I found a trail that lead in that direction Points at the direction where the trail lead Follow me, and stay close just in case.

Perci: He follows

Ariana: Also follows.

A man suddenly appears in front of them, clutching another man's shoulder. As he lets go, the other man falls dead, and he falls to one knee.

Ariana: Her eyes slightly widen as she rushes over to the man on one knee Oh my gosh! What's wrong?

Perci: He sckwints his eyes What have you done to him He feels a fight coming so keeps his hand on his scythe

Allen: Allen narrows his eyes as he clutch on to his Seax Well Stranger what do you have to say for yourself?

He doesn't acknowledge the others, but simply turns to the dead man while stik crouching Ah, Simon.....much too early. Perhaps you should have paced yourself. Rest well, comrade. He places a hand on his head

Ariana: Sir, what happened?

Sokal: Many things have happened, but what's most important is that I've crossed paths with you.I have business in Japan, and I prefer to travel with my own kind.

Ariana: Your own kind?

Sokal: Surely you didn't believe that you at camp were the only demigods out there. I am Sokal, son of Kratos.

Allen: Well it is mighty pleasure to meet you Mr. Sokal, but may I ask you to tell us everything that happened to you and your friend?

Sokal: Everything is a bit much. I simply wish to travel with you. Once we reach our destination, we can part ways there. I mean, surely I've told you enough to do that, no?

Allen: I suppose so Mr. Sokal.

Perci: He didn't like this idea Sure he said

Sokal: Very well. Shall we, then? He wraps his arms with fresh bandages

Ariana: Uhm, Mr. Sokal, where is your destination?

Sokal: Please, don't call me Mr. And the same as yours....for now at least.

Allen: Off course Sokal, my name is Allen by the way. Allen extends his hand to Sokal.

Sokal: Charmed. He shakes, but when he hears the boy's knuckles begin to crack, he releases My apologies, I forget my strength sometimes.

Allen: It alright Sokal, Allen takes his hand back. these thing do happan quite often.

Ariana: Perhaps we should continue on now.

Perci: He smiles Great idea

Allen: Okay.

Ariana: So, let's go.

there is a scrap of paper crumpled on the ground a few feet away with this location written on it in blood

Allen: Allen notices the piece of paper and pick it up, he then read what is on it, and looks at others. Sokal, How far is Aokigahara from this location?

Ariana: Looks at the scrap of paper and frowns a bit, crossing her arms. Written in blood. That's not good.

Perci: Written in blood he shuders Creepy

Sokal: He snatches it and grins slightly as he whispers Gotcha, Morana....

Ariana: Uhm, Sokal, did you say something?

Allen: Who is Morana?

Sokal: Who's who, now?

Ariana: You whispered something. It sounded like Morana.

Allen: He did whispered Morana.

Perci: Who is she?

Sokal: I said no such thing

Allen: I say you did.

Sokal: I don't too much care what you say. I know what I did or did not say

Perci: But you did you whispered and I quote Gotcha, Morana....

Ariana: M-Maybe we should just drop it Even if he did whisper the name Morana, suddenly turns to Sokal and I'm not saying you did,turns back to the rest whoever she is isn't really any of our concern.

Allen: Sure she isn't, and I am certain that the blood that was used as ink, didn't come from one of the dead bodies we found earlier; Allen says sarcastically, but you are right we should move on.

Sokal He gets very close to Allen's face You wouldn't happen to be calling me a liar,would you?

Perci: He really doesn't like where this is going so he tries to change the subject Uhmmmm....so where do we go now?

Allen: Allen ignores Sokal snatchs the paper from his hand and quickly puts away. Well you, me and Ariana are going to Aokigahara forest.

Sokal: He picks Allen up by the throat, squeezing tighter than necessary It's not nice to snatch things from people, nor is it polite to not look at someone when they are talking to you..... Now please return that to me.....

Allen: Why? He says with a raspy voice We need to find who the person behind these killing and stop them.

Sokal: Because you're the one with your life in someone's hand right now, now, please give me the paper, and this won't get messy....

the brushes nearby rustle, and suddenly a girl, who looks like this only appears to have been injured, she's limping, there's a bruise over her right eye, a gash on her forehead, she collapses on the ground and looks up at Sokal with pleading eyes....

Girl you.....you found me....Sokal.......she looks up at him, tears in her eyes

Sokal: He sees her and drops Allen to runs to her My gods, Morana, are you well?

Allen drops to the floor, and looks confused as he stares at Morana and Sokal.

Morana: she starts to cry I was trying Sokal I really was, but they caught me, I didn't mean to do it, and then some other nymphs found me, and and and...........she breaks down sobbing

Sokal: He holds her close and tries to comfort her Come now, you're gonna be ok, I'm here now

Morana: she lays her head on his shoulder did "he" send you? she doesn't sound very happy the way she says "he"

Sokal: Sadly, but I'm here because I was worried about you. How are you feeling?

Morana: it....it's all my fault, they wouldn't have beaten me up if I wasn't such a freak

Ariana: Looks at the two of them and sighs Yes, yes Happy reunion, Sad memories and what not. Sokal I would greatly appreciate you introducing us to your friend, and catching us up on things. Looks at the whole group Before we get into any of that, however, we should try to deal with her injuries.

Sokal: This is my friend, Morana. Are you ok?

Morana: cringes away from the people she doesn't know I....I'll be fine, I've never seen them before, who are they? she looks up at Sokal

Sokal: They are.....our traveling companions....for the time being. Now, are you sure your...issue isn't bothering you?

Morana: shudders and looks down, ashamed to have "gone off the wagon" so to speak

Sokal: It's ok, it's ok. If you need any,I can hold you over, ok?

Morana: sighs you shouldn't have to, I should be stronger

Sokal: I get that, but do you need any? Morana, your life's at stake now. It's not the time to put on a brave face, ok?

Morana: sighs and nods her head

Sokal: He unwraps one of his arms and holds out one of his wounds

Morana: using the power of pagos's blood, she takes some of the blood from his wound and literally drinks it, after a minute, she looks a bit less pale, and a bit less shaky, but looks embarrassed and upset she had to resort to that

Sokal: Morana it's not your fault. I'm going to help you through this, ok?

Morana: nods and sniffles a bit, wiping some blood off her cheek after she finishes I...I wouldn't have....the humans, but....but they caught me killing an animal, they freaked out, one was going to shoot me

Allen: Human?

Morana: nods I'm.....I'm....a death nymph....b...but I was cursed

Sokal: He turns to Allen, staring daggers at him Is that a problem?

Allen: No! I was just thinking out loud is all.

Morana: she turns to Sokal are....are they more of "his" people? she asks about the others that Sokal is with and puts emphasis on the word his like she's both scared and disgusted at the same time

Sokal: Not that I know of, but believe me, I'm keeping an eye out.

Morana: sighs I haven't found the artefact yet as she moves the sleeve of her sweater inches up on her arm and fresh cuts/scars are on her arms

Allen: Artifact? His People? What are you guys talking about?

Sokal: Morana, have you been..........? Again?

Ariana: I'm getting really confused with this conversation. Can you two please explain what's going on?

Perci: I really think we should move on?

Allen: I agree I don't think we will get anything more than we have.

Morana: ignores allen and perci and looks at Ariana How do we know we can trust you? That you aren't spies for Pagos out to catch us in lies?

Ariana: She shrugs a bit. We can argue day and night about whether the three of us are trustworthy or not. I guess, you can't know. You have to feel if we're trustworthy. If you do not feel like we are trustworthy then, you can turn around now and Perci, Allen and I can continue on.

Morana: looks over at Sokal should we? maybe.....maybe they could help, somehow......

Perci: Can we move on please?

Morana:shrugs well if you guys can't help, I guess we'll just part ways

Ariana: Oh, we can help! If you need help, we'll do it happily.

Morana: bites at her bottom lip cautiously Well, you guys are against Pagos?

Ariana: Absolutely. That's one of the reasons we're on this mission.

Morana: Welll, not everyone in his organisation is for him anymore, some of us want out, but there's a problem with that, a way he can control some of us

Sokal: Control's putting it mildly.....

Morana: How much do you guys know about Lilith?

Allen: Well we know that she got her power when she was exposed by Uranus blood, which made her temporality insane but gave her the ability over blood. She was staying at camp for a short time, but at the moment her wareabout are unknown.

Ariana: Yes, exactly. Please, Morana and Sokal, if there is anything you know about Lilith, or anything we can help you with, please tell us.

Morana: Well she's ummm, someone I once knew, tried to help me, this was roughly 14 years ago now, I'm not sure on all the details regarding her connection with Pagos, as Pagos isn't one to write his story down in a diary, and Lilith didn't speak much of her past, but they go way back, at least a few hundred years from what I've pieced together between bits she said in the past and bits he's said. Somehow he can use his blood, give it to others, and it enhances their, well our, abilities, but does not make us as powerful as him or Lilith. When Pagos found me, I was weak, I couldn't control my addiction at all, the blood lust was insatiable, in my weakened state mentally his deal sounded........well enticing and beneficial to me so I took it without question, but lately I've grown to regret that decision. I can't be sure, but we ran into someone awhile back that wanted out, he was planning on leaving, running away, he said he'd learned things, something about the blood giving pagos control over the people he gives it to, to the point he could kill us from any distance, it sounded insane, but a few days later he was found dead. I have no idea if it's true, but it wasn't something I was willing to gamble my life on, especially since I met she turns to Sokal and smiles We want out, but we're stuck.

Sokal: He grins and looks down Indeed. Knowing a puny man like Pagos has such power over me is quite.....unsavory....

Ariana: Interesting. Looks at Morana and Sokal And I will do my best to try and protect you both. I hope my fellow travelers will do their best to protect you as well.

Morana: perhaps, if we help you get intel, if you guys eventually defeat Pagos, then we'll finally be free. Pagos sent me here to search for something, there is something about Japan that seems very important to him, but he didn't' say why

Allen: Well maybe there something or someone here that in his best interested in finding.

Morana: no it's definitely a "something" he wants, some type of box he described, but he wouldn't tell me what was in it, only that it was sealed

Sokal: and he's getting impatient. He sent me after you already

Morana: I have an idea where it is, I believe it's here, I was headed there when I got side tracked

Allen: Well I reckon we should go to Aokigahara and find out what in there that could have caught his interest.

Morana: looks at sokal should we go with them?

Perci: I agree with Allen on this one

Allen: Allen then turns his attention to Sokal, and Morana. Whether or not you go us, I can't speak on behalf of anyone else, but I am grateful for your help.Pauses. But now I going see what is so interesting to that yellow belly varmint that he has to hurt you kind folks to do it.

Ariana: Nods in agreement Yes, Allen is quite right. I, too, am grateful for your help. Please, Morana, Sokal. We could really use your help, and it looks like you could use ours as well.

Sokal: Very well. I do not see why not

Allen: I reckon we better go over to Aokigahara right away, but I haven't have the darndest clue in how to get there. Have either of you folks, ever been to that particular forest?

Morana: It's roughly 50 miles north of us from here

Allen: Well if that true, then we will never be able to walk 50 miles, so it looks like we have to catch a ride. I mean if that alright with all of you.

Perci: Fine by me

Ariana: That does seem like a good idea but, we haven't really seen anyone around here, besides Morana and Sokal, for a while. Who is there to give us a ride?

Morana: well we ARE in the middle of a national park, first we have to walk back towards the main road, 127 should only be a few miles from here and it follows the coast, we should be able to find a ride there

Allen: Well then I guess we better start heading over there.

they arrive at one of the entrances to the national park a few hours later

Allen: Allen step out of the car, and admires the scenery. Wow it sure is beautiful out here.

Morana: looks around out of breath from the walk Well let's find a car, or get a taxi and get to the forest, shouldn't take too long if we find a ride

Allen: Well we can try going into that line. Allen says as he point to line where other tourist are waiting to catch a taxi.

they get in line for a taxi, and after a few minutes of waiting one pulls up for them, Morana gets in and tells the guy where they are headed

Sokal: Whispers to Morana as he gets in Do you really think they'll be able to help us?

Morana: whispers back I don't know but I'm tired of living like this, we just have to be careful, if he found out she shudders and moves closer to Sokal

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